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The Secret

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“Gotcha!” Nicholas giggled.
“Damn it! You scared the s*** out of me!” I roared at him, hiding my sweating hand.
  “You deserve it. I told you this was not something that you should involve in.”
  “Alex is my best friend.” I thought and reversed my statement, “Actually, my only friend here.”
  He looked somewhat disappointed, but didn’t say anything.
  “Why you are here?” I asked.
  After a while, he spoke, “ It seems that he is not here.”
  “Obviously. You didn’t answer my question.”
  “Then the thing turned serious.” He turned back and stepped onto the stairs. I saw that he was half smirking, as if he was on a joke.
  “What do you mean?” I followed him.
  “I will first show you something. Then you can understand it yourself.” He looked at me again. It was a strange expression, with pity and frustration.
  We ascended to the raised walkway under the eaves, and wooden doors were slid open to reveal an elevator. The rusty hinge on it manifested the many decades it had gone through.
   Nicholas suddenly turned to me. His face became solemn and melancholy. He stared at me; the gaze seemed as if he would never see me again.
   “As soon as you asked me about the address of this house, I knew your plan. So I followed you here. I just…didn’t want to see another person falling into the same tragedy as I did.” He said, in a low and gruff voice.
   “What tragedy?” I felt like he was telling a riddle.
   “Now, I need to confirm again. Do you really want to be a stupid explorer? Do you really want to throw yourself away at eighteen?”
   “What the hell is wrong with you? You look exactly like a f***ing witch!” I got fed up with his tone of speaking and pushed him away, “ I think I have made myself clear. I want to save Alex, and also save myself. It is going back to the f***ing monastery that will kill me.”
   He didn’t say anything, but pressed the button on the hinge and pulled the handler. The elevator door opened. I was kind of confused, but still walked inside. When I looked back at Nicholas, he seemed to be hesitating.
  “Well, you know what, you really don’t need to go with me. I can handle this by myself. Thank you for…” Before I could finish my sentence, he rushed in the elevator.
  The beaten-up elevator crunched down and came to a halt finally. There was another basement and an iron door stood at the end. A password-protected door.
   We glanced questioningly at each other. He seemed to be as confused as I was.
   “You must know the password. You had been here before, hadn’t you? Otherwise, you would know neither the existence of the elevator nor this basement.” I suspected his confusion.
   “Last time, I was carried here by those guards. An officer-like man opened this door and I saw the things behind it…” His eyes bleak down.
   I stared back at the 9-palace password and searched in my memories. Number. Special number. A number that can indicate…time. Wait. My mind went back to our dorm, to the doorway outside the dorm, and finally to the calendar.
   “I might know the password.” Then I went one step closer and typed in 2084.
   The door unlocked. Before I could have time to feel a sense of achievement, the scene behind the door stunned me at once.
   It was a laboratory. All kinds of reagent bottles scattered around on the immense table in the center of the lab. There was an operating bed beside it, which seemed out of place. But then I saw exam lights, scalpels and other basic necessities for the hospital. There were many bottles of anesthetics on the bed. When I walked pass the bed, the familiar chills came back to me, not caused by the cold weather this time. I saw heavy iron chains fixed on a metal bar on each end of the bed.
   Before I touched them subconsciously, Nicholas dragged me away. He didn’t look well. The complexity of his facial expression made him seem to be painful and sarcastic simultaneously.
   We opened another door. This time it was an archive. A dim light was cast from the depth of the dark room. Nicholas motioned me to look at one of the preserved files. I took the one on the top of a few mildewed books piled up next to the door. The pages had curled up from and the paper was yellow and coarse. It was a photocopy of a contract, which was signed in 2075. The handwriting was faint but I could read the last several lines:
   “We are willing to present this organization with the eligibility to preserve our sample product Alexander Regal 2. Before it is utilized for any accident happened to our children, this contract will always be in effect.”
Sign: Williams Regal
     Annabelle Regal
“Why Alex’s name would appear on this contract? What the hell do they mean by “sample product”?” I waved this file towards Nicholas, who didn’t talk for a long time. He just shook his head and said I should try to read the first line.
   I looked back on the page and tried my best to discern the first line:
  “We are very honored to be given the opportunity to collaborate with National Genomics Institution. What we are doing will definitely create history. If this program can keep going on, our world will totally change. We won’t have any death, disease or poverty. We, human beings, will all live in equality and peace. We will be truly fearless. Because we bear in mind that there’s always a chance for us to start over.”
   “What f***ing is this bullshit talking about?”
   “Do not stop! Continue!”
   “ We also appreciate all the patrons who give us countless help on developing the cloning project…”
   Wait. What did I just see?

Chapters:   « Previous 1 ... 4 5 6 7 8 Next »

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