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The Secret

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The next day, I managed to have the first conversation with my desk mate, the boy who was crazy about taking notes.
  “How many notebooks do you have? You seem to be taking notes all the time.” I approached him while he was still writing in his notebook.
  “I don’t know.” He answered.
  “You must have thousands of them.”
  He didn’t reply. Then I was struck by a weird idea.
  As soon as he left the classroom to go to the restroom, I leaned my body and looked inside his bookcase——At least dozens of notebooks. Jesus. Being sure that he didn’t come back, I took out one of them and read the content. Each page was like a hive of some insect, with a network of variously slanting lines and the thick and thin strokes of letters. I hated class notes.
   I glanced at the notebook on which he was writing just now and realized something strange. Then I compared both two notebooks. Even though the handwriting was slightly different, but the content was exactly the same.
   It was quite weird. I took out another notebook and found the same thing. All these dozens of notebooks contained the same content.
   Spending so much time on copying down identical notes over and over again? What the hell was he thinking about?
   The next class was Mathematics. I couldn’t help glancing at my desk mate’s notebook. As usual, he turned to the blank part reserved for Math and immersed himself into writing. I recognized the things he wrote down because I intentionally inspected the content in the same place of another notebook.
I suddenly realized the key point of this weird phenomenon.
It was not my desk mate’s notes were repeating, but it was our lessons. What we learned every day, every week, even every year was repetitious. But none of us had ever realized this. It was impossible not to find out that we had already studied the knowledge.
I looked at my textbook. There were some notes scattered here and there on the page. I turned to the previous pages, nothing unusual. Then I looked at the cover, still the familiar title “Mathematics”.
They always handed out new textbooks on the day of first snow. We always took them for granted and thrown our old textbooks. They said there wouldn’t be any exams, so we didn’t need to keep them, as long as we had absorbed the knowledge.
But they didn’t know my desk mate’s abnormal habit of having his own notebooks and never throwing them away. They didn’t know there still remained one proof of repetitious time.
I bounced out of my seat. I had to find Alex.

According to Nicholas, the house with the dark room was at the end of the back mountain road. Jesus. I’ve never realized there was such a dreadful place at the end of it.
I stepped onto the familiar deserted road; I felt like a solitary soldier who went to his death unflinchingly, worthy of the title of heroes. In the dim light of night, I saw the sinuous road stretching into the starry sky. The beauty of this road was very subtle; I always had an inclination for subtle things. Careless guys like Alexander would never find out such tender beauty.
But now I was going to save him, given up all the beauty of my life. Or found them. I was not sure.
The house was actually an elegant-look mansion. It must be the only modern building in this district, which made it incompatible with the desolate surroundings. It was designed in art nouveau style, with two layered roofs and a curve at each corner. It was painted red outside and had quite a few wooden pillars holding it up at all sides. Usually, this mansion was hidden behind the hill, so I never imagined such an edifice existing here.
Cold, strong winds blew constantly on my back. I took a deep breath and approached this mansion quietly. Since the room was very small and dark, it might be located in the basement. I hid behind a clump of bushes and tried to figure out a way to get in.
Winds riddled through the window and the curtain was floating. I crawled to the window and observed the inside through the curtain. It seemed like a meeting room with several desks and chairs. I slipped over the windowsill.
There was no one there. Actually, the whole mansion seemed to be empty. Yet I should never lower my guard. I sneaked deeper into the room and saw the stairwell. Downstairs was total blackness and I couldn’t tell if there was anything waiting for me there. I gritted my teeth and walked down slowly.
A door appeared. I tried to push it, unlock. Then I entered the room; it was a cluttered basement, a cluttered room, with no free space and no place to move. I saw the small door at the end of the room. I walked past the rubbish scattering around me and opened it.
I should have realized there was something wrong with my rescue plan. It proceeded too successfully.
Alex was not there.
A hand reached out and seized my arm with strong force.

Chapters:   « Previous 1 ... 3 4 5 6 7 8 Next »

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