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The Secret

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Who created this school?
  Why were we brought here?
  Why we?
  The armed guards abused another student during breakfast. This poor one accidentally drank soup from the bowl of the boy sitting next to him. He cried as those huge guys started kicking him from all directions:
  “I am really sorry! I don’t know…that was his bowl…I was considering a geometric problem at that time! Give me a break! I swear…”
  As soon as the bell rang, all the other students, whether finished their breakfast or not, stood up immediately and poured out of the dining hall.
  In the sea of people, I suddenly saw Alex. He was very conspicuous because he was rushing against the flow of the crowd. Then he stopped in front of the armed guards who were still surrounding the boy and punched one of them in the face.
  The other guards hurtled forward in outrage. I saw Alex falling onto the ground. His slight form was soon drowned in the crowd.
  He was trying to protect the errant boy.

  I got a rude shock on what I had seen and I found myself unable to move my foot even a bit. I just stuck there stupidly, watching my best friend being knocked out by men three heads taller than him. They surrounded him and beat him as hard as they could, then used a razor blade to slit the sides of his uniform up to his hip. They dirtily smiled and pinched his thigh. Alex seemed like an emaciated child among these obscene guys. He kept screaming and tried to kick their faces until they stunned him with a hit on the head.
  Then I realized if I didn’t do anything, Alex would certainly be beaten to death. So I tried to pass through the huge crowd. A hand caught me.
  “Don’t be stupid.” Said a voice behind me. I looked back and found it was Nicholas.
  I shook his hand off hard, but he caught me again. Then he dragged me to go outside the hall, without saying a word.
  “What the f*** are you doing? Alex was going to die!” I roared at him and headed back to the hall as soon as he let go of me.
  “They won’t kill him. Hitting a student to death is beyond their duty.”
  “Who the f*** knows what will those beasts do to him? Why should I believe you?”
  “I know for sure. I have done the same thing before.” He turned his face away.
   I was stunned and didn’t know what to say. Who the hell was this legendary boy?
   “They kicked me, hit me, and knocked my teeth out. Then I was taken to Mrs. Manager. She sentenced me to confinement in a small, dark room. I stayed for weeks, or months, I don’t remember, and was set free.”
   “Was that all? Then you came back to school as usual?” I suspected the validity of his story.
“They didn’t provide me with food or water. I was survived those dark days?” He replied me with a sneer.
I felt uncomfortable with his crooked smile. I could barely imagine what kind of life he had experienced in that dark room, cold and hungry.

The whole day’s of classes was like a nightmare. I could hardly hear what teachers were talking about. I just sat there with my mind flying to the dark room in which Alex was staying. When I thought that no one would ever notice he was gone, I felt more anxious for him. I could understand the environment of this school, but these days, in all the gloom and doom of the thoughts spinning around in my head, I felt uncertain about my own living situation. My life was like an ongoing nightmare, without an exit for me to wake up.
The most terrible thing was, I didn’t know how many years I had been in this situation.
Maybe it all started since the day I entered this school. But I didn’t remember when I arrived here.
After dinner, I went back to the dorm. I stopped in the doorway, looking at the calendar hanging on the same position of the wall. The number 2084 came into my view. I stared at it for a long time and figured out what Alex was trying to tell me at that night.
They never changed this calendar, which was the only resource for us to be aware of time. Therefore, every year was the same. Every year was 2084.
Time was the key to the secret.
When I realized this, a shiver traveled down my spine.

Chapters:   « Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Next »

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