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The Withstanders of Hypnotism and Other Short Stories

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The Withstanders of Hypnotism

Part 1

Until then, I didn't know that I would be saving the world for most of the rest of my life. This mysterious teacher named Ms. Green came in one day with this weird and clunky cap. It had blood red spirals on it. I didn't understand, why would she need a cap like that? I saw after a while that whenever she put it on someone for whatever reason, they started acting strangely. It was like they were under a spell or something. The next day was where things flipped. She cornered me in the hallway. I knew something was wrong, so I wished I could use kung fu or something. Sadly, I didn't have any martial arts skills. She put the cap on my head when nobody else was looking. Then something unexpected happened. There was a distant rumble, a flash of golden yellow, and the cap flew off. At the same time, Ms. Green went flying into the wall and landed on the floor with a sickening crunch. The cap went up in a small explosion. I ran away from school at that moment and pumped my legs until they burned, but thankfully I saw a Target and ducked in. I thought I could hide in the store, but while hiding between joggers on racks, she found me. Man is she creepy. Ropes bound me. There was a gag in my mouth. I was being carried off. But then there was a flash of gold, a distant rumble, and I was suddenly free. She was gone. I cautiously went home and thought about it. About what happened. Twice.

I figured that it must be some anti-hypnotism power or something. Everybody knows that most power can be transferable. I decided to try it on my friend. The next day, I sort of "leaned on him" to change my shoes, but I was really concentrating on transferring whatever happened to me. I saw Ms. Green corner him later on, and there was a flash of light, a distant rumble, and the cap exploded. Ms. Green was out cold. He was befuddled. I came to explaining everything. First things first because hypnotism has no chance against me.

Part 2

I decided to gather a secret army within the school. Instead of weaving through small spaces between people in the hallways, I bumped into a lot of them on purpose. The more I did of what I started to call the transfer, the easier and quicker it was each time. By the time I was done with the week, I had an idea. I couldn't keep bumping into people forever, so I thought maybe I could send the transfer out in waves or pulses. I concentrated really hard, and I started to see golden-colored waves I was creating. Nobody noticed, though. I had covered the whole school in 5 minutes. The transfer also suddenly added knowledge of what Ms. Green was doing, so when I called a meeting, everybody knew what I was talking about. I explained everything that we have to do. Every day, we met so we can learn to harness our powers, which had a lot more to them. We could create these swords or something like them. Finally, we met on the battlefield. We shouted a battle cry. They moaned like zombies. Our swords rang out as we fought. The other side quickly got tired, so we pushed them back until I found myself face to face with Ms. Green. There was a flash of light, a distant rumble, and an explosion. The pressure was too great to bear, so she disintegrated.

Part 3

While I was lying in bed, I had a vision. It was not easily comprehensible, but I depicted what it meant. After I had the vision, I called a secret meeting. Oh, the good old times. The people who fought for me 6 months ago were here once more. I told them about what I was thinking about the vision. How Ms. Green was in a glass box and had wild animals guarding her in the Sahara. We started thinking of ways to get there because a flight was out of the option for a whole school. Some of us remembered about an assigned reading in ELA we had about underwater trains. We went to downtown Minneapolis and bought train tickets to New York. We got comfortable enough and started on the journey. The train started slowly, the started going faster and faster. I yelled, "I thought it was illegal to go at top speed!" I went to check with the driver, but before I fully entered the c***pit, I saw that he was moving robotically. I knew something was wrong. I ran back. I noticed that we were the only ones on the train. The feeling of dread grew heavier as I was hustling back. I came back screaming the words jump off of the train. We all jumped out safely. Within 300 ft., the train crashed and exploded. Another train was pretty close. We were lucky the conductor was friendly, so he picked us up for free. Soon, we arrived in New York. We got off at the station and found out the earliest underwater train was at 11:20 A.M. We decided we had enough time to quickly see the Empire State Building and go to the top. We arrived at the bottom of the magnificent building. The elevator ride was long, but when we got to the top, it was immediately forgotten. The view was stupendous, for we saw most of Manhatten. I checked my watch for the time and saw that it was 10:55 A.M. We headed back to the train station. By the time we got there, it was 11:10. Then I had another vision. I was behind the glass box. The sand suddenly started to churn rapidly...My friends shook me awake. "What happened?" I said groggily. They told me that one second was with them and the next second I collapsed. I told them what I saw in the vision. Two minutes later, we boarded the train and watched it go underwater. We wandered then the length of the train to see what it had. From that, we found out why it cost so much. While I was walking, I found a strong board made of thick cherry wood. I hid it under my bed in the sleeping car.

The next day, I woke up sleepily. I wasn't sleepy anymore when I saw who were chasing us. They were two wild leopards probably under some spell. I ran to the c***pit, shoved the pilot out of the way, and slammed on the brakes. The leopards crashed into the back of the train, stunned. I shot out of there at top speed, but the animals were back on our tail. The pilot was fighting with me until he saw what was happening, then he fainted. After a few minutes, we finally got away. I got out of the c***pit, went back to my friends, and explained why I woke them up at top speed. We trained all week for the rest of the ride. I pulled the wood out and painted a target on it. Our power sort of had a defense part to it, too. We could shoot these tiny darts with a good poison that slows and sometimes stops the hypnotic commands. We shot at the target until we were tired every day. It took us a couple of days after training to reach the Western Sahara. We walked across the desert for days on end. Finally, we reached the place with the commotion. The lions and tigers were roaring as we were formulating a plan behind a couple of tall sand dunes, watching them. I explained, "Okay, here's what we're going to do..." We attacked the wild animals. A lion came roaring at me and smacked me out of the way. When he pounced, I shot a dart like we learned on the train. He was spazzing for a few seconds but came to his senses. I looked back at the glass box and knew it was going to happen, that she was coming back from disintegration. The sand swirled once more, just like in the vision, and Ms. Green stepped out of the box, which disappeared. She muttered some words and opened a portal. She was wanting to get away! After she jumped in, The portal was starting to close. It took most of my strength to stop the portal from shrinking. Everybody was starting to jump in the red portal with gold lining it. I was the last one in. We suddenly appeared at our home. The animals disappeared, probably where they belong. I fought Ms. Green one on one. It looked like she was beating me until I pulled out this contraption I was working on after the First Battle. Six arm-like things came out of the gun and started extracting this red lightning-like stuff and forming it into a ball. I took that baseball-sized ball and fed it into a test tube. Meanwhile, Ms. Green collapsed. She should turn into a normal person with no recollection of what she did to us if the gadget worked. It was the first time I had to use it.

Chapters:   1 2 3 4 5 6 Next »

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