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The Cube

Author's note: I was inspired to write this from a school project. i got an idea, and ran with it. i hope...  Show full author's note »
Author's note:

I was inspired to write this from a school project. i got an idea, and ran with it. i hope that people can enjoy my work, and inspire them to really think.

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Chapter One

Once upon a time… no, just kidding. This is no fairy tale. This happened, or so i'm told.

Aiden got home from school late, since he decided to walk instead of run.  He was exhausted, and had practically a book’s worth of homework. Before he had the chance to step inside though, he noticed a box on his doorstep. The return address just said “The shadows of New York.” Aiden assumed it was more spare computer parts for his mom or something, so he brang it inside. Before he could set it down on the table, it started shaking. Startled, he dropped it. He slowly opened it, and it stopped shaking.

Aiden murmured to himself “This is weird...”

He hesitantly peered over the edge. It was a small, glowing blue rectangular object with sharp edges.

Slowly, black words scrolled over the top of the cube-thing. Aiden, who was getting freaked out, sprinted to get a pen and some paper. He started to quickly write down the words, not yet processing what it was saying. Suddenly, the cube (which is what he decided to call it) went blue. Aiden sat down heavily on the couch. He started to read. Hello Aiden. I've been waiting for you. Watching you. Don't fear, i'm here to help. I have deemed you worthy of the future. You are smart, with a good heart. Look at me daily. I will not fail.

Aiden looked back at the cube. It wasn't glowing anymore. It just looked like a regular household object. He brought it to his room, stuffing it back on the shelf. Sure, it was interesting, but he had so much homework to do.

The next morning, he woke up to his alarm. He was slumped over a physics textbook with the lights still on. He sat up, and realizing what time it is, lept out of bed. He tapped the clock, but the alarm kept going. He did it harder. Still a loud alarm. He looked up at the clock. It was off. He listened to the noise, and went towards it. It was coming from the back of Aiden’s closet. He remembered yesterday, and pulled the cube out. Good morning Aiden. Please flip me over. He did. You will win a new computer. You will get a letter from Yale university. Water will be spilled on your shirt. Aiden would have laughed if it wasn't so ridiculous and idealistic. Except for the water part. Stupid cube. Stupid prank. It's probably just Josh trying to get back at me. He thought. He shoved his schoolwork into his backpack and started the walk to school.

1st and 2nd period were boring, as history and Latin usually are. During the break between classes, he logged onto his phone, when an advertisement popped up for a new free computer. What are the chances? He laughed to himself. Finding nothing interesting or new, he headed off to his classes. At lunch, he sat down with his best friend, Kayla. they started talking about that awful new teacher again. Kayla stood up to go get rid of her tray, elbowing his water bottle, which spilled all over his sweatshirt. He tugged it off, and she screeched in an unnaturally high tone, which no one else seemed to notice.

“Oh crap! I am so sorry Aiden. I'll go get some paper towels.”

She ran off to do so. Aiden started at the table, awed. What a crazy coincidence. He thought.

When Aiden got home, he went to his desk immediately and pulled out the mountain of work. Gotta love high school… he rolled his eyes. He heard the rumble of the mail truck, and went outside to see if he got anything. He grabbed the pile from the mailbox and went back inside. He shifted through the papers. “Bill, bill, another bill, advertisement, newsletter, actual letter, bill… wait, actual letter?” Aiden put the others aside, opened the envelope and started to read.

Dear Aidan Keegan,

You have been accepted into Yale University…

He stopped reading, frozen. Oh my god… i have a glowing box in my closet that can predict the future. He realized. Then he smiled. Wait… that means… He ran outside, and saw a box marked FRAGILE.  He ran inside with it. Aiden practically tore it open, finding a shiny, top of the line laptop. He grinned, set it up, and started doing his homework. On the computer. Obviously. 

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