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Look Ahead

November 3, 2016
By lily.e.m, Palestine, Texas
lily.e.m, Palestine, Texas
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     One hundred years from now in Washington D.C, after the nuclear war, World War III, the earth is badly destroyed and much of the population is dead. Most of the survivors, who escaped the bomb in an underground shelter, are dying of cancer and radiation poisoning. Others, however, physically change to become immune to the excessive amounts of radiation surrounding them. Women are now seen is society as leaders, and the President of the U.S, Laurie Gibson, is a woman.

     A little boy named Max, who changes differently than the others, develops precognitive dreaming and has visions that symbolize future events. With his parents gone, he is cared for by his sister, Cora. When tragedy strikes and her life is on the line, he has to use his new skill to find a way to save her and the others. 


Look Ahead

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