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Who are You?

August 18, 2016
By Little_Devilish, Sacramento, California
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Little_Devilish, Sacramento, California
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The author's comments:

this is just a short shory i wrote for school realy quick and "have to publish into a contest," so.... pease dont judge to harshly.

Who are You?

“Maya! Wake up!” I heard my mom yell down stairs.

“Coming! I’m coming!” I yelled back while wiping my eyes. I got up slowly and started to take my shower and get dressed. I was done in a few minutes and headed down stairs, greeting my mom.

                Two: I looked at my mom and felt two. But maybe I should explain: my name is Maya, and I can see how “dangerous” someone is, for example a baby is a one and a trained assassin is a seven. When I look at my mom I see a two.

My mom gave me my toast and i was out the door. I ran to my car, if i'm not there early, i'm late in my mind.

I got to school quickly and parked near the exit, i then waited for my friends and did some homework i didn't want to do last night, i may hate to be late, but i hate homework more.

After about 15 minutes my friends carpooled up and greeted me, one, they were ones. They were twin sisters i called thing one and thing two, before both girls erupted into a loud argument i didn't really want to be apart of, so i quietly ignored them.

“Maya! Maya! Maya! Were you listening at all?” one of them said to me, “no i can't understand a thing you're saying when both of you are screaming at the same time, how can i be listening?” i replied sarcastically.

“The hot new transfer student walking right past us to the office! How could you not see him?” the other one yelled at me in exasperation. As if i had the same sensor for hot guys as they do.

I look over at the new student, who was indeed attractive but i wouldn't call him to die for like they would, but the thing that caught my attention was the fact of what he measured as in my senses: 10.
How the hell does a 10 exist! When i was younger i went to a military facility so i could test out my “gift”, but no one else knew the exact reason i wanted to visit, i've kept it to myself. When i was there i was testing my gift on every one there, they were all 5’s through 7’s.

I excused myself from the girls, both complaining, saying i needed to do something, i ran to him, but stopped a little far away so he wouldn't hear my footsteps.

“Hello, my name is Maya. are you new?” i asked him this in a way to show not as much interest in him as i had to throw him off.

“Well hello Maya, my name is Charles, but my friends call me Charlie.’ When he spoke i noticed how warm and polite this boy's voice was.”I’m i considered a friend?” i asked this flirtingly

“Only if you show me to the office,”he replied immediately before chuckling softly, that's when i noticed how drawn into his voice i was..

“Of course! Its this was,”i replied laughing back just as softly, before walking he to the office and inside. “Excuse us, miss, this is Charles and he needs his schedule and his locker combination,”i said before he could say anything.
“Yes, of course dear, i heard a new student would be coming today,” she disappeared into the back looking for his papers before returning a short time latter, ”here you go sir.”

He let me see his papers and i was surprised to see we had almost all the same classes together,but he didn't have ny kind of history classes, must have tested out of them all together.
We walked to our classes together and later that day we even had lunch together.

“Would you go on a date with me?” he asked quietly. And i didn't know why, but the more time i spent with him the more i felt as if i might me falling for him, and i don't know how that's possible.

“I would love to,”i answered.
“Lovelie, i will meet you by my car after school?”
“See you there.”

“Where are you talking me?” i asked with surprise.

“Somewhere you have never been before,” was his only response

We were driving for a very long time and after a while we were in the mountains, definitely somewhere i haven't been before.

Finally we parked and got out, i looked around and only saw trees,”where are we?”i asked, but got no reply.

He stopped suddenly in a clearing and i looked around. There was a beautiful picnic set up in the middle of the clearing, “Did you do all this for me?” i was slightly scared, not of him, or even the fact that he was a 10, i was scared because no one had ever done this for me and i didn't know what to do.

“Of course, only the best,” he said with certainty.

“But why? We just met?”

“Does that mean you don't like it,” he said in a hushed, sad, tone.

“No! I love it, it's just that no one has ever don't this for me before!” i went and sat down on the blanket, he looked at me for a second, before he smiled slightly and joined me. Se talked about nothing for a while, and laughed at each other's stories. After some time i noticed he wasn't eating, after i voiced my concern he just said,”how do you feel about me.”

I decided to answer honestly,”I haven't really figured that out, but i don't think i can imagine a world without you in it.” he looked at me with an emotion i can only describe as….. Hope? What is he hoping for?

“Do you believe in the monsters under your bed,Maya? The creators with stories that roam the night?” i can't believe what i hearing. What is he getting at?

“Is that why you're a 10?” i knew he wouldn't understand what i meant and that i would have to explain it to him.

“Wat does tht mean?” i started to explain it to him:” ever since i was born i've had this ‘gift’ to be able to rate a person's danger level to me and those around me. For example a newborn baby is a 1 and a military soldier is a 7. But i've never seen a 10 before. Well before today that was. So this is my question: Who are you?”

Charlie was silent for a couple f minutes and i started to feel scared, after a little more time had passed he looked up from the ground and said something to me that would change my life. “I'm the monster under your bed, and you are my soul mate.”


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