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State of War

March 29, 2016
By Dragline2060, Sioux City, Iowa
Dragline2060, Sioux City, Iowa
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Mitch was an accomplished football player in highschool, an extrordinary pilot in the Air Force, and now he is one of the senior officers stationed at the O'Neil Base located on the moon.  He and his team oversee all of the mining operations that take place around the base.

    When NASA captures an asteroid and redirects it into orbit around the moon, Mitch is elated when he and his team are selected to mine it for precious metals.  Shortly after they get to the asteroid, a series of events unfold that leave the moon base crippled, and Mitchs' team stranded, unable to make it back to the moon.  Could this just be the product of bad luck, or is there a foriegn power with an agenda that doesnt involve our astronauts coming home alive?

James S.

State of War

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