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Jack Raze, The Hero of the Universe

December 14, 2015
By Max_Brown, Scottsdale, Arizona
Max_Brown, Scottsdale, Arizona
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Jack Raze, one of the only free beings in the universe, is excited to become one of the Elite 12, the highest rank of space fighter in the rebellion. Their missons are nigh impossible, yet they have never failed. There is an opening after one of them was shot down in a mission, a rare occurence, and Jack is hoping to fill the space. He knows he has a chance and is determined to prove himself. After making the squadon, his first mission goes awry and Jack ends up alone on a desert planet with his mentally handicapped brother. Will he find a way home? Will his brother survive? When he returns, will his world already be conquered by the Imperidon Empire? All of these questions can be answered in this short gripping novel.


Jack Raze, The Hero of the Universe

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