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The Test Killer

October 6, 2015
By AKMedlin SILVER, Macon, Georgia
AKMedlin SILVER, Macon, Georgia
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"Why let others set your parameters if they don't even know your name?"


Every year, from ages six to sixteen, students take a test that prepare them for their final test at age sixteen. The final test is composed of a right brain lobe transplant, which inevitably erradicates creativity in the society. When protagonist Ronnie Vicks goes into her testing room, she is shocked by the truths of her final test, which has yet to be revealed to her. During her test, something goes wrong and the doctor preforming her transplant is called away for a life-threatening emergency, and the on looking scientist is left with the responsibility to finish the transplant; however, the scientist cannot follow through. While in recovery for her "transplant", Ronnie and the scientist named James become close. Once Ronnie's recovery process has been completed, she goes to James' apartment.

The two unavoidable lovers believe they are safe from any harm, but that is quickly proven wrong. A man– who is referred to as "the shadowy figure"– comes to James' apartment looking for Ronnie because he figures out that her proceedure was never completed. Ronnie and James flee the city of government captivity that night to an escapey village. Ronnie and James are constantly running from the restraining grasp of the government, fighting for a love that is forbidden within the boundaries of the city.


The Test Killer

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