January 12, 2015
By Camille Pinsonnault, Pasadena, California
Camille Pinsonnault, Pasadena, California
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The year is 2064. Teenager convicted of violent felonies have two options: life in prison, or a procedure that completely erases their memory. Anna has never been as compliant as the other convicted teen felons who had their memories erased. She sasses her doctors and rolls her eyes at displays of weakness. The tattoo on her wrist is the only thing connecting her to her past, but her doctors tell her to ignore it. Her new foster family is supportive, and Anna does her best to comply with the government and stay out of trouble, but bits of her previous identity begin to fall into place. Although she tries to ignore them, Anna finds herself becoming intrigued by who she once was, as well as intrigued by Weston. A boy who claims he has the answers to all her questions. A few decisions later and Anna is in much deeper than she ever thought. With potential consequences looming over her head, she has to decide if she is willing to risk it all.

Camille P.


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