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Scarlet's Halloween

May 22, 2014
By bryanna.v, villas, New Jersey
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bryanna.v, Villas, New Jersey
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Favorite Quote:
conflict between material and spiritual science creates physical and mental exhaustion, but when matter and spirit are harmonized, all stress and fatigue disappear.

Author's note: what inspired me to write this well I t was in the October and I was hooked up with this book called scarlet and after I was done reading the book my teachers told me and my class to write what ever we wanted in our journals so that's where scarlet's Halloween came from.

chapter 1

“Scarlet! On Halloween, can I take you to a haunted house?” John yells while trying to catch up with me. He’s always the type of kid that loves to try and give ya a good scare.

“Oh, ok. Well let’s get Much and Rob to join us then.” I reply. I don’t like being alone with John because he acts flirty weird if you know what I mean, but that’s only when we are alone.

“Ok, but Rob is hard to scare.” John mumbles, mainly to himself. On our way back to the tree house, John was going on and on about how he wanted me to go with him; only me, nobody else.

“Hey! Rob we’re home!” I yell, so he could hear me from all the way up to the top of the maple oak tree that we live in. The tree is the tallest and thickest tree in the King John’s Woods. We carved out the inside of the tree so we could live in it because the new king, King Richard, did not want us to live in the village, so we lived in the woods.

“Ok. Much made dinner! I’ll be down there in a second!” Rob reply. Rob is such a gentleman. He’s so nice, smart, and polite. Another reason why we live in the tree is because Rob is Robin Hood, and he use to be the Lord of Lesley until King Richard came, killed his family and threw him off his land.

“Let’s go people. Foods getting cold!” Much yells. It was hard for him because he only has one hand. He lost his hand when he stole an apple from a food stand in the market. For punishment, the owner cupped off his hand. Much is also smart, funny and a really great cook, not to mention, our only cook.

“Ok, we’re coming.” John said impatiently.

Chapter 2

After dinner, John asks Rob and Much if they want to come with us to the haunted house.

“Ok.” They said together.

“What’s in the house, do you know?” Much wonders.

“Zombies, bats. You know the usually.” John replied with an evil grin.

“Za... Za… zombies! Ba… ba… bats!” Much says in horror.

“Ok, let’s go,” Rob said. “I wanna see you scare Scar and Much.” I roll my eyes. Rob has this thing where he doesn’t show his feelings… well; sometimes he does, but only with me.

“Ok, let’s go!” John replies as he was pushing us up and out the door.

Chapter 3

As we are walking, John told us a story about the house we’re going to.

“Tuck, told me about this house. Well, first, do you know the Masons and how they vanished?” We nod. The Masons were nice people, until they got on the bad side of the sheriff. John continues, “Tuck says that their souls are lost in the house, but their bodies still walk around!”

“Like zombies!” Much screams in terror.

“Yup.” John nods with a evil grin.

Chapter 4

“Ok, we’re here.” John said with a wide grin that creeps me out.

The house was tall, abandon, scary, and it looks like one of those creepy houses you see in a nightmare. All of the windows and doors are boarded and locked up.

“Scar, climb up and find a broken window. Climb though it and find a way to let us in.” Rob orders me. So I did what I am told and jump up on a tree and lean forward upon on a brick that’s attached to the house and I start climbing up like a spider. As I’m climbing up, I look up to see the sky; its dawn. Then I turn my head to look down and I see the boys trying to figure out how to open the front and back doors. Hours went by then I finally found a half broken window. Starting at it I realized the only way is to brake it with my fist. So I made a fist and punch the window a couple times. After I broke the window enough to climb though I look at my fist and sadly I have glass between my knuckles. Blood is trickling down in between my fingers and down on to the floor. It hurt, I climb in the window and as I step onto the creaky, dirty floor, bats fly out of nowhere! I scream and duck. Then I turn to watch the bats fly out the window and out to the moon. It definitely looks like Halloween. I look down and saw the blood still dripping down out of my knuckles, so painfully, I grab the pieces of glass and pull them out one by one; it hurts so badly. I turn back at the window and see the bats hovering in front the moon in the midnight sky. It looks eerie. Then I turn to look around the room and it looks like a library; a dusty, old, broken library. It’s very dark; I had to feel my way around.

“Is this a switch…? It is!” I whisper to myself. Flipping the switch to turn it on… it didn’t work. I continue to feel around and felt a rusty old, door handle. Opening the door and starting to walk through it. By then, my eyes adjusted to the darkness around me, looking around and to see a dark, rickety stairs. I head to it and start to walk down the creaky steps. Then I hear this, “Uhhhh.” It’s a freighting, deep moaning sound. Scaring me so much that I scream and scramble down the steps as quickly as I can. The moans growing louder and louder behind me if it’s catching up to me.

When I got down the stairs the room around me is in complete darkness. In the darkness, I franticly look for a place to hide from the moaning creature. I finally found a door and open it. As soon as I opened it, a window broke to the left side of me, which I scream by it again. It was pitch dark. I can’t see a thing. I felt someone grab my shoulder, my heart is racing, and I stand there frozen like a statue. Then I scream again.

“Scar, are you ok? What’s wrong?” I hear Rob ask me. Rob was outside. He was the one who broke the window because he was heard my screams.

I nod, than I realize he can’t see me, so I say, “Yeah,” in a shaky voice.

“Uhhhh,” came that scary, moaning sound again.

“What the hack is that!” Much screams in a frantic voice. I can feel him climbing on my shoulders.

“I-I don’t know,” John replies in a fright.

“I’m going to check it out. Stay down here and look around. I’ll be back.” Rob orders.

“Ok,” we reply then we split off.

It makes me worry about Rob because that moaning thing is somewhere up there. As I am walking, the floors creaking; the walls are dusty and buggy. The wall paper is peeling off the walls. The air smells moldy. Some of light comes from the door that John just opened. As I start to peel the curtains apart to bring in some more of the moon’s light the fabric starts to disintegrate in my hands. As the moon illuminates the rooms, I’m able to see a dining room, so I head in it. There is a table in the center with 3 chairs on each side. They must have a big family. I barely knew the Masons. I only know Godfrey Mason, he’s still alive.

Old, moldy food still is on the table… gross. The place looks like it still holds the memories of what was here. It stays the same as they left it. I wonder how it really happened.

“AHHHHH!” comes Rob’s screaming voice as he fly’s down the stairs. We all run back to Rob. He is unconscious. John kneels down touching Rob and making sure if he has broken something. John moves his hands up towards Rob’s head and touches his head and starts moving it around to see if he has a broken skull. He didn’t, but he has a minor concussion. He also has broken his right arm and left ankle, a bloody nose, and a busted lip. Other than that he’s fine.

Much says with concern, “What made him fall?”

“I don’t know, but he’s kind of fine,” John replies to Much.

“What do you mean… kind of find?”

“That means he has a concussion, two broken body parts, a busted lip, and a bloody nose.”



“Well any way we have to find out who did this to him. He can’t just have fallen backwards like that.” I said that to speed things up.

“Yeah,” John and Much reply as they sat Rob up against the bug infested, peeling wall.

“How about we just pick up Rob and take him home,” Much said a little nervous as he looks down at Rob, feeling bad for him.

“Well, you can Much,” John says in frustration, as he turns to me.

“Scar, help Much take Rob back and dress his wounds,” John orders.
I roll my eyes and said, “Fine.” I don’t like it when he takes control when Rob’s not around, or in this case, unconscious.

Much and I pick up Rob and walked out of the house.

Chapter 5
John is staying behind in that weird and creepy house.

We don’t say anything though the whole walk. All of sudden Much stops walking.
“What’s wrong? Let’s go, Much. We’re half way h…,’’ I said, but Much interrupts me.

“Shh… listen carefully?” he whispers. I listen; then I hear a crunching sound on the leaves behind us. I turn around and see a tall figure. We see a zombie like creature that starts to morn while limping towards us. The clothes are wrinkled, ripped, and dirty. The hair is disheveled, and muddy, even so the whole body is filthy. In fact, I squint my eyes to get a better view, and I think I see Mr. Mason!

“It’s a zombie! Run Scar!” Much screams in terror. We run like the wind back to the tree house, but the thing is right behind us!

“Much, let go of Rob! And climb up on the tree house as fast as you can! I’ll meet you up there,” I told him. He quickly nods, let’s goes of Rob, runs to the tree house, and starts to climb up.

I run to the tree after he starts climbing. When Much gets to a notch on a tree he sits down. I put my foot onto a branch and start to climb up to get away. I look behind me to see how far away I am from the creature. It’s not very far away. It’s a Struggling to get up to the next branch with Rob dead a sleep on my shoulders. I look up to see if there’s a place to put Rob. Then I see Rob’s hammock. Climbing up to a point where I can have my balance to try to throw Rob up on his hammock. When I did he latches on to the middle of the hammock and dangles there. Making sure he is safe dangling there like that. I start to finish climbing up as high as I could on the spiky, sappy tree branches. Then I feel something grab my ankle. I look down and see the zombie! He tries to tug me down, but that wasn’t really working because I’m holding on to a thick, sappy branch.

Struggling, squirming, and kicking, I try to kick the zombie off of my ankle. I look up at Much for some help, and see him grab a dagger from the tree that is jammed in the wood bark next to the notch he is sitting on. I left it there a few years ago when I was mad at John, I tried to throw it at him but it missed and we left it there. I see him grab the tip of the knife and close one of his eyes and starts to aim at the zombie.

“Wait! Don’t throw it!” someone screams. I look at the voice’s direction and I see that it is Tuck the tailor running towards the zombie, his black, curly hair bouncing up and down in the air, soo majestic, and his ratty old clothes falling off him, He’s insane! Why is Tuck running towards the zombie? I turn to look up at Much, and he looks down at me; both of us confused. At that moment I feel the zombie (or so I thought) let go of my ankle.
“What the heck is going on?” I demanded. I jump down off the tree and I look at Tuck for an answer. Out of the corner of my eye, I see something running towards us, behind Tuck. I squint to see who it is and realize it is John running towards us to see what’s going on.

As John comes closer, Tuck smiles a shy smile. Huh?

Tuck explains, “I….umm well…I told John that if he wanted to scare you guys he should take you to the old house and make up a story to tell you guys. We wanted you to believe him so you would go with him to the old house. Then I told Godfrey, to dress up like his father and act like a zombie to scare you, Much and Rob,” Tuck explained with a little nervous laugh.

I remember Rob and Godfrey were hanging out in the village when his family disappeared.
“That explains how Rob fell off the stairs and got hurt,” John yells to us when he was a couple meters away. “That wasn’t part of the plan!”

“Ok, that was an accident. I walked up to Rob, but I didn’t see him till I heard him scream. Then I saw him step back and tumble down the stairs...I - tried to grab him,” Godfrey explains while watching John catch up to us. When John reaches us he helps Much down as we watch.

“Ok, so none of that was real, right?” Much says in a shaky voice.

“Yes! You scaredy cat. Let’s just get Rob inside the tree house, and I’m sorry for getting some of you guys hurt,” John apologizes with a weary smile

Chapter 6

Ok, tonight is the weirdest night of my life! For now anyways.

Sitting down on a log near the fire, eating dinner with Much, I watch Rob wake up from the fall down those stairs.

“Hugh… what happened?” Rob mumbles, while rubbing his head with his free arm.

“Hold still. I’m putting on a cast on your arm; than I have to wrap up your ankle. And please don’t play with your bottom lip,” John says, smacking Rob’s hand when he was trying to touch his lip.

“What happened?” Rob asks again, but more persistent. It took a long time to explain the story of what happened to Rob.

After we finish explaining, Rob screams at John in outrage, “So it was your plan to make me fall off those steps!”

“What! No! I was trying to scare you; not hurt you!” John protests.

Rob rolls his eyes, turns to Tuck, and yells furiously, “Ok whatever! Tuck you’re my best friend! Why would you give him an idea to do something like that?”

“I know, I’m sorry, but I wanted to see you get scared Rob… Everyone has something to be scared of.” He replies calmly. He has a point.

Rob rolls his eyes again and then turns to Godfrey. “You have a lot of nerve to scare me like that,” he says with a sly smile. We all have a shocked because Rob never gets scared of anything.
We tried so many tactics in the past to scare him. Godfrey has a small congratulatory smile on his face and he is blushing because he was the first one to scare him.

Rob continues with a witty smile on his face, “Making me fall down those stairs…. Oh thanks for that by the way,” he says with a sarcastic smile and we kind of laugh at that a little, but we knew he forgives us.

“You’re welcome.” Godfrey jokes back and we laugh.

“Well goodnight guys.” I say heading to my sleeping spot.

“Good night.” They all say in return.

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Favorite Quote:
conflict between material and spiritual science creates physical and mental exhaustion, but when matter and spirit are harmonized, all stress and fatigue disappear.

i hope some of you guys would like this. i know it's very short. i didn't really expect this to turn in to a book. and i'm really thankful that it was acept it. thanks!