World of Creation

December 13, 2013
By Aziink BRONZE, Trotwood, Ohio
Aziink BRONZE, Trotwood, Ohio
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There once lived a boy on a hostile planet called Unigonia which orbited the 62nd Sun in the Spectral Spiral Galaxy far from the Milky Way. Now, this boy didn’t have a name. As a matter of fact, none of the Unigonians had names. Each citizen was classified and organized harshly under rule of the Unigonic government. Long ago, dating back to its creation, the early Unigonians split the masses of people into sectors and were each identifiable by codes. Each sector was located in the harshest rustic areas of Unigonia where families had small and shallow homes with limited resources. Everyone was forced to work strenuously whether out on the earth or in the factories and, of course, were paid little. The richest leaders of Unigonia had their homes built in the most scenic of places with all they could ever need. To them, it wasn’t so much as for the money and power, but to maintain one of the earliest Unigonian believes that everything in life should be kept orderly. Yet, they were oblivious towards the absence of freedom and tranquility for every Unigonian.
The name Unigonia was given to this planet by Blokea (blow-kay), the first Unigonian, ever to walk Unigonic grounds. Uni is the Unigonic prefix for “one” or the “first” of something. Gon came from the word Gonoblus which meant “globe” or “planet”. Unigonia was the first planet ever created in the Spectral Spiral and this was something our 14-year-old boy, known as 11Z7 knew very well. Better yet all the children in Unigonia were taught these things in school. The government did not allow any child the influence of alternative education outside of their systems.

Azrien I.

World of Creation

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on Dec. 20 2013 at 9:34 pm
1-800Peppermints, Charlotte, North Carolina
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Favorite Quote:
"Adventure is not outside man; it is within."
-George Eliot

You have a really good start, and it sounds great, but it kind of drags a little at the beginning.  Mybe find a way to make the beginning more engaging.  Aside from that it's a great story. :)


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