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Love Bites

Author's note: This happens to be the very first story that I ever wrote when I was about twelve, and I am...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: This happens to be the very first story that I ever wrote when I was about twelve, and I am eighteen now. I went through and changed a few things around. Please, let me know what you think about the story and give me some feedback. It is also the first story I have ever wrote and finished.  « Hide author's note
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Something Interesting

Great! Time for school again. Don't get me wrong, I like to go to school to hang out with my friends, and to get a better education and all that, but these past two weeks have sucked. In English, we have to write a short story every week and read it in front of the class. My day to read every week is on Thursdays. Take a guess what day it is today? Of course. It's Thursday.
People may be thinking: Well what's so hard about writing a story and reading it in front of the class? Well, here's a little bit about me: I hate being the center of attention, and I am quite shy. Can you see why these past few weeks haven't been going so great?
Well, I can't stay home, so I might as well get up and get the day over with.
I took a quick hot shower, brushed through my hair, and went to my closet wrapped in a towel. After going through my closet and drawers, I decided something casual. I have to read my story in front of the class today, so I have to at least look a little nice. I ended up wearing my favorite faded blue jeans, white tank-top, and light blue flannel shirt.
I looked in the mirror on my way out the door and saw for the millionth time why I've never really been popular or noticed; I'm too plain. I'm not like most girls with the blonde or brown wavy hair and gorgeous sparkling eyes. I have plain, straight brown hair, plain brown eyes, not many curves(I'm not complaining. At least I have some curves), I’m skinny (still not complaining), and I'm only 5'6". I look more like my runaway dad than my mom, though my personality comes from her.
The reason I called my dad a runaway dad, is because he left when I was 2 and my sister was just a week from being born. Nobody knows why he left. Maybe it was the pressure of taking care of two kids, or something. I don't know. I don't have many memories of him though. At least I got to meet him. My sister never had the chance.
About my sister, her name's Zoey, and she just turned 15 a couple months ago (which makes me 17). Unlike me, my sister looks like our mom. She has wavy brown hair, awesome curves, she's 5'5", skinny, and has sparkling blue eyes. She's very pretty. She's a very popular kid in school with a lot of friends. She's had a boyfriend, but it didn't go too well. I think he was just going out with her for her body and she never realized it. I’m glad she finally realized it was time to break up with that guy. She had a hard time getting over it, but I’m glad she did it. As I was walking down the stairs, I could here Zoey roaming around in the fridge.
"Morning Zoey. Did you want me to make something?"
Zoey is a morning person and is up at 5:00 every morning. Probably to look perfect for school, which she doesn't even need to try hard for. I, on the other hand, usually get up at 6:00 every morning. That leaves me with enough time to get ready, and make breakfast for everybody. My mom and sister can’t cook at all, they’re both terrible at it.
"I was actually wondering if you could whip us up some of your delicious omelets?"
"I'm on it."
"Thanks Alice."
Yep. My name is Alice. Kind of an old fashioned name, but I like it.
"Did mom go to the hospital early?" I asked.
Our mom is an anesthesiologist at the hospital here in town. She loves her job. She's been working there for 20 years.
"Yeah. She told me to tell you to have a great performance."
"Oh yeah. Because that's so easy for me to do."
"Oh come on Alice! Your story was great when I read it. You’re an excellent writer! You just need to get up there and be yourself."
"It's easier said than done. Being myself includes hating to be in front of the class."
"Ugh! You're so stubborn."
I made me and Zoey an omelet and got us some orange juice. That's when I noticed that Zoey looked upset.
"What's wrong Zo?"
"I actually have something to ask you."
"You can ask me anything."
"Well, I was wondering if you could give me a ride to and from school from now on? I don't want to ride the bus with Michael anymore, even though I won‘t ride with my friends anymore either."
Once she said her past boyfriends name, it spiked my anger. That boy just makes me so mad! If he ever does anything to her without her permission, he's going to regret it!
"Is he bothering you? Did he do something?" I was getting up out of my seat to go over to his house and do who knows what to him.
"No! He hasn't done anything wrong. I'm just not fully over him yet. I don’t want to see him anymore than I have to.”
"Of course Zoey. I'll give you a ride from now on." My anger was gone and replaced by concern and protectiveness. “I rather you be happy anyways.”
"But if he ever does do anything to you, let me know. I’ll take care of it.”
"That’s what scares me Alice.”
“What? Me getting hurt?”
“No! I’m scared for him! Who knows what you’ll do.”
That got us both into a laughing fit. My sister knows me so well. After that was over, Zoey said, "Thank you sis. I love you so much." She came over to give me a hug and I told her I loved her too.
I washed our breakfast dishes and put them away. I headed up to my room to pack my backpack and brush my teeth. That's when I realized that I badly needed a visit to the library. I'll have to tell Zoey that we're staying after school so I can visit the library.
I ran down the stairs to meet my sister in my 2000 Malibu. Then, we headed off for school. This is my temporary car. Once I have enough money saved up, I am hoping to buy my dream car! The 2014 challenger.
"Hey Zo? I hope you don't mind, but I have to stay after school a bit to visit the library."
"No. It's fine. I knew I'd have to stay after for all of your library trips. Way ahead of ya. I have a test to make up anyways.”
"Thanks Zo."
It was pretty much silent the rest of the way to school. We lived in a small town, so it didn't take long to reach our destination. The town was so small that I could name almost everybody at our high school.
All of a sudden, I saw a car there that I’ve never seen around before. I had to go see that car. Is it the car I think it is? As I drove up, I realized that it was the 2014 challenger. It was a titanium, metallic color with black stripes up the middle. It was gorgeous. There must be a new kid today.
“Zoey, look at that car! It’s beautiful!”
“Oh yeah. Just terrific.” As you can tell, Zoey could care less about cars.
“Wonderful sarcasm Zo.”
“Sorry. I’m just not as into cars as you are.”
As much as I hated to, I had to park on the other end of the parking lot. I would’ve loved to just park right next to it and stare at it all day. In this town, this is a once in a lifetime thing. Something exciting is happening. I wonder what the new kid is like. Probably some stuck-up, rich jock.
Throughout all my thinking, I didn’t even realize that we were at the main entrance already. This is where Zoey and I have to split up.
“See ya later Zo.”
As I was walking down the hall, I saw my two best friends Trisha and Nicole. I walked right up to them and immediately started talking about the car.
“Did you guys see that car? The challenger? It was so awesome. My dream car. I just want to sit in it and touch it...” I realized I was babbling on, so I shut my mouth.
“Other than the car,” Nicole began, “ did you see the driver? What a hottie!”
Of course Nicole would already know about the new kid. Especially if it was a guy. She can get any guy she wants. She’s 5’9”, skinny, has flowing blonde, wavy hair to the middle of her back, and striking blue/green eyes.
“No. I haven’t seen him yet. I just got here.” I said.
“Well you’re in luck,” Trisha said, “because his locker is right next to yours.”
Trisha is more of the quiet type like me. Like Nicole, she‘s pretty. She’s got straight black hair to her shoulder blades, she’s 5’6 1/2”, skinny, and has deep brown eyes. I was plain next to them.
“Really?” I asked.
“Follow us. We’ll escort you to see the hottie at your locker.” Nicole said while looping her arm through mine.
Once we turned the corner, I saw the back of the guy. From here, he looked tall and muscular. I have to admit. He was hot. He has untidy hair so dark brown that it was almost black.
“See you later Alice! It’s about time you talked to a guy.” Nicole said.
“I ain’t going over there right now. Are you crazy? I’ll wait until he leaves. You know how I am with guys.”
“Well, you have no choice because you have to go to your locker, get your stuff, and be in your class in....” Nicole glanced at her phone, “5 minutes.”
“Nikki, Trish? You guys are evil.” I said sarcastically.
“See ya later.” Trisha said.
“See ya guys.”
As they walked away, Trisha looked back and mouthed the word, “Sorry.”
Well, I can’t hold this off forever. I squared my shoulders and went to my locker. As I got closer, I realized that he was tall and muscular. He was about 6’3” and very muscular. As I approached my locker and was putting my bag away, I tried unsuccessfully not to look to my right. But it didn’t matter because he started talking to me anyways.
“H-hello.” I couldn’t help stuttering back for two very good reasons. Reason number one, I always stuttered when I talked to cute guys. Reason number two, he had one of the most beautiful voices in the world. You couldn’t help but practically melt when you heard his voice. His eyes were just as gorgeous. They were a perfect shade of emerald green that you could just loose yourself in.
“Do you know where the calculus room is?” He asked.
“Y-yeah. It’s right down this hall and to the left.”
I felt so stupid for stuttering! I sounded like a shy 3rd grader.
“Sure.” And with that, he walked towards the calculus room.
That was so embarrassing. I bet my face is so red right now. That’s when I felt totally stupid. I just gave him directions to my first class. I grabbed my stuff and walked towards the room.
He only sits two seats away from me? Oh no! When I sat down, I swear I heard him chuckle to himself. Great!
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