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The Infection

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The Start

Seven years ago, Sarah Neckell and her assistants developed a bacteria, that when mixed with plant seeds, could create plants resistant to nearly every climate. The resistance level of the plant depended on the species of the plant, so some plants were more resistant than others. Sarah was called a hero by the world, as this saved millions from starvation. The bacteria seemed to have a small side effect on the plants, a slight change of their color. It also caused young girls to grow faster than normal, but not taller. Sarah never asks for money for this “miracle bug”, and freely gave it to every country that would accept it. Few countries did, for fear of a hidden side effect, or religious reasons. The food these plants produced was tested by government agencies around the world; all found that the food was safe for human consumption. But Sarah was a very paranoid doctor, and government test meant nothing to her, for they were conducted poorly, in her opinion.
Six months before the US or any government started their food testing; Sarah informed the US government about her breakthrough. She requested seven death row inmates to test upon; and after explaining what she needed them for, she was granted them. Sarah was also given a high security lab to conduct her research, in Sutton Nebraska. This was all given on the condition that the inmates were never let out. Every day for a year, the inmates were given food produced only by the resistant plants. They were asked to record anything strange, as well as their thoughts. The inmates were also required to do various exercises during the day. Sarah watched carefully, and for a year nothing happened. Three months had passed since food from the revived plants hit the market. This food had a nickname, zombie food. No one could explain why people everywhere went crazy over this food; it was the same as the normal equivalent. It might be due to internet rumors, that said zombie food that many health benefits.
Six months had passed since governments around the world had given it the green light. One year, since Dr. Neckell had started her research. Sarah was hoping that nothing would turn up in the next few days, so the food could stay up for sale. She gave her two assistants a week off, and they quickly hurried away, it was their first time off in a year.
The assistants came back a week after their departures to find a trashed lab. Broken glass, overturned desks, lights flickering on, only to quickly flicker off. Papers were scattered everywhere, and the smell, a horrid smell neither of the assistants had ever smelled, reeked in the air. One of the assistants gagged when he looked into the nearest cell, with its glass viewing wall broken one could easily see the rotting, mutilated body that inhabited the cell.
“Something ate it” he choked out. The other assistant was horrified when she looked over at the body,
“We need to find the Doc” she whispered. They nodded in agreement, and spilt up, one headed for the emergency alarm switch, the other to the interior of the lab. Before long the assistant that went into the lab ran, in a panicked way, towards the other assistant.
“Something’s h-!” and she was cut off.
“What did you say?” the other asked, he walked towards the last sound she made. The lights off in the section in the lab flickered on; long enough for him to see what was in here with him. There on the floor two inmates feasted on his friend. The assistant didn’t scream but he ran, ran a mad dash for the door. He approached the entrance and started typing in the pass code to unlock the door. As if on cue, as he punched the last digit in, one of the inmates lurched out of the darkness, and stood between him and the door. He heard the ripping and tearing of his friend in the distance, and knew this was his fate, if he couldn’t escape. He could see the inmate clearly now in the daylight. Blood dripped down his face and off his chin, into a crimson puddle on the floor below. He was hunched over and his eyes, his whole eye, were now a dull, glazed, and yellow. He dragged his nails on the floor, creating a high-pitch screech that chilled the assistants’ bones. I’m being hunted he thought as the inmate lunged at him, raking his nails into the assistants left temple. This blow knocked him to the ground as the inmate started a series of swipes to the head. This is how I die he thought, strangely calm, and blacked out.
He was awoken by an officer, who was violently shaking him. It took the assistant awhile to understand the officer was asking if he was alive. He opening his eyes and felt the warm blood that covered his face, drenched his hair, and covered the upper half of his body. With all his strength he flung what little remained of his hand on the officer’s shoulder and croaked, “Stop zombie food”, and died. After hearing this, governments around the world banned the sale of zombie food, and burned the remaining crops. Their thought was that, enough of the foods consumption would create something similar to what two inmates turned into. They though that only constant, long term consumption would cause this, so they thought.
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