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Never Safe

Author's note: This is just a little something I have began writing. Feedback would be great! I will add chapters as I write.
Author's note: This is just a little something I have began writing. Feedback would be great! I will add chapters as I write.  « Hide author's note
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Chapter 2

The emanating smell of bacon through my nose is what woke me the following morning. I took another whiff of the air as I opened my eyes and also noticed a hint of delectable eggs and... the scrumptious smell of French toast! My favorite of all breakfast foods. I threw my blankets off in a frenzy and automatically bounded down the stairs and screeched around the corner on the hardwood floor. I huffed a little as I looked at my dad's back at the stove.
"You know, you sure do know how to wake a person," I said with a smile.
My dad turned around and said with a wink, "And you sure know how to scare a person in the morning."
"Ha, ha, you're hilarious," I said as I smoothed my crazy hair down with the palm of my hand.
"Oh you know you're always beautiful," he said sincerely as he put my breakfast plate on the table. I sat down at the table and looked at him with a smile.
"That's only because I look like you."
"Boy, you sure know how to make a fellow blush," he said with a laugh. "But you also got some of your mother's features too."
It's true that I did look more like my dad. I had the same chocolate brown hair that my dad had, though mine was pretty long and actually had the perfect type of wave/curl to it, which I parted on the left side. I was actually happy with my hair. I also got my dad's "perfect little cute nose" as my mom liked to call it. And also his high cheek-bones. From my mom, I got the "perfect smile and lips" as my dad liked to tell her. Also from my mom, I got her deep, arctic, ice-blue eyes.
"I'd say I'm half and half between your guys' features."
"Agreed," he said as he joined me at the table. Talking about my mom always seemed a little hard on him, so I didn't bring her up too often. The memories were just too much for him.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

At this point in time, you guys are probably wondering about my mom, right? Well when I was three, my mom just seemed to disappear, but my dad told me that she had gotten into a car accident. I thought it a little odd though that there had been no funeral for her, but my dad had no reason to lie right?

* * * * * * * * * * * *

After breakfast, I took a peak out of the kitchen window. The sun was peaking over the tree line and was beating off of the soggy ground. I turned my head slightly to the right and looked out at the beach. The beachy sand was darker than normal, soaking in the rain from the night before. I walked towards the door and snatched my sweatshirt off the hook before heading out the door. I slipped it on and walked down to the beach in just my neon orange pajama shorts and light green sweatshirt.
I wiggled my toes in the damp grass with every step I took towards the sand. The birds were welcoming the morning with their sing-song chirps. I took a deep breath and could smell the wet leaves and muddy ground; quite refreshing in the morning. A squirrel stopped in front of me and chirped at me before running off with a big acorn in his mouth. I smiled and took a step into the beach sand. I dug my toes and my foot down into the mud and enjoyed the feeling of the grainy sand surrounding my foot. I continued walking forward and dipped the tips of my toes into the water. It was nice and warm; room temperature. I stuck both of my feet in the water and walked along the edge. Every once in a while, I would kick and splash a little.
After a few minutes I stopped, closed my eyes, and tilted my head up to the sky. I could feel the warm sun beating on my skin and took in the warmth. That's when I heard a stick crack from somewhere in the woods. I quickly turned to where I heard the noise and peered in. I didn't notice anything out of the ordinary and just shook my head to clear it. I turned around in the water and began walking back towards my house, keeping my feet treading water. No more than a few seconds later, I heard a loud crack of a branch. I turned back to the noise and peered inside yet again. I could've sworn I saw a quick movement, maybe a big animal? I wasn't sticking around to check out.
I began running as fast as I could back to the house. My heart felt like it was beating out of my chest, my lungs felt like they were on fire, and I began to sweat. By the time I had slammed the house door shut behind me, my legs felt like jello from both my fear and from running. My dad came running into the hallway and looked at my frantic, exhausted state.
"Is everything okay? What happened?!" He asked quickly.
"I'm- I'm not sure, I think maybe... an animal... in the woods... scared me..." I lied through labored breathing.
He calmed down a little and raised his eyebrow sarcastically before saying, "You know, the woods is normally filled with animals."
I gave my dad a shaky laugh before walking up to him and smacking his arm lightly. "You're such a jerk dad," I replied sarcastically.
"But you love me anyways."
"You know I do," I replied as I began my journey up the stairs. I was still shaking a little, because there was a little part of me that said, maybe that wasn't an animal...
When I got up to my room I began rummaging through my closet, trying to find an outfit that would suit me for the day. First, I had to make sure my plans would fall into place. I pulled my cell phone out and dialed up MaryAnn.
"Hello?!" She answered perkily.
"Hey there, so I'll make you a deal," I stated.
"Oh no, not one of your deals, they usually end up better for you than for me."
"You know me so well, but this time it's fair for both of us."
"Alright, shoot, what's your deal?"
"I will go shopping with you if you go camping with me tonight." I knew she hated the outdoors, and she knew I hated shopping, so the way I looked at it, it was a pretty fair deal.
"Alexaaaaaa," she groaned, "are you serious?"
"Dead serious. If you want to go shopping and get me into dresses, you will spend a day and night in the woods with me."
"Ugh, I hate your deals. Fine, I'll take this deal up."
"Good! Pack and come pick me up in an hour?"
"Sounds like a plan, see you in a bit."
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kcasey17 said...
May 9, 2013 at 7:56 pm
Leave some feedback guys! Please (: it really helps me to figure out what I can do better or what I should keep doing.

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