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Never Safe

Author's note: This is just a little something I have began writing. Feedback would be great! I will add chapters as I write.
Author's note: This is just a little something I have began writing. Feedback would be great! I will add chapters as I write.  « Hide author's note
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Chapter 1

I always thought I had a normal life; normal school, normal friends, normal family; I had no idea how completely wrong I was. My life was nowhere near as normal as I had thought it out to be. Little did I know, I had a lot more ahead of me.

* * * * * * * * * * * *
The rain pounded down onto the windshield as the wipers furiously swiped back and forth only clearing the window for a split second. The sky was pitch black without the brightness of moonlight. The dark grey clouds moved along in a hurry, dropping loads of rain along the way. I turned to look at MaryAnn in the drivers seat and shook my head with a smirk as I saw her worried expression. Her hands were clenched onto the steering wheel, her body tense, and she had a tight look on her face. I knew that she dreaded driving in bad weather, especially in thunderstorms which freaked her out in general.
“MaryAnn, remind me why we have to do this again? Especially in this weather.” I asked her.
“I am in a caffeine kind of mood tonight, so I thought to myself, ‘hey why not get my good friend Alexa to go with me to grab some coffee at our favorite cafe?’. I know how much she loves me so I knew she would go.”
“Well, it sounds like you know your friend very well,” I replied with a quick smile.
She glanced at me quickly with a smile before looking instantly back at the road and said, “I should hope so, I’ve only known her for 11 years.”
That is a true fact; me and MaryAnn have known each other for eleven years. We became friends when my dad and I first moved here around the time I was in first grade. I remember that day like it was just yesterday:

MaryAnn was sitting at one of the little tables drawing on a piece of copy paper. I was the new girl so I wasn’t quite sure how to approach her. I grabbed a few markers to go and color with her and as I was walking up behind her, I tripped and got red marker all the way down the back of her brand new, crisp white dress. She ended up getting so mad at me that she was trembling and stomping the ground, throwing a tantrum. The next day, I brought her in a chocolate bar that I had my dad buy for me.
"I had my daddy buy this for me, I hope you like chocolate. I'm sorry I marked on your dress."
Her pigtails bounced around as she hopped down from her chair and looked me straight in the eyes. "That chocolate bar isn't going to get the stains from my dress out."
"Just have your mommy buy you another dress."
"They can't! They said they won't!" She said, stamping her foot.
"Who needs dresses anyways? You can't play around in them very well."
That's when six year old MaryAnn reached over and yanked on my ponytail. I cried out and grabbed both of her long blonde ponytails and yanked on them. We both fell to the ground, flailing our arms and legs trying to hit each other wherever we could. Our teacher ran over to us to break us apart, scolded us, then made us sit in the desks in the back of the room together during play time. We had to sit there until we learned to get along. We sat there for who knows how long complaining about each other. Eventually, we got sick of complaining and arguing and MaryAnn accepted the chocolate bar. She even ended up giving me half. Ever since then, we've been the greatest of friends.

“Hey, that chocolate bar got you to forgive me eventually,” I said sarcastically.
MaryAnn laughed, reached over and pulled my hair a little before saying, “I’m a sucker for chocolate, what can I say?”
“So it wasn’t because you felt that instant friendship that we were destined to share? Or was that just me?” I asked, laughing with her as we pulled into the cafe and parked.
“No, I think that one was just you.”
"Oh, what a bummer," I said sarcastically as we got out of the vehicle and linked arms while running into the coffee shop. As soon we walked through the cafe door and heard the tinkling of the bell signaling our entrance, the smell began to emanate all around us. The sweet, dilectable smell of various coffees and mochas were surrounding the cafe. We took a deep breath, enjoying the smell, and sat down at our usual booth in the back corner across from each other. Seems like we were the only occupants that liked coffee during this time of night so the waitress came right over to us.
"You ladies might as well just live here for how often you're here," the waitress said with a smile. I never asked her real age for the fact that she might think it rude of me to ask, so I'm guessing she's in her sixties or seventies. She had the grey hair that was slowly turning white up in her usual bun and she walked with a little limp from a knee surgery she had a few years back. She always wore a smile on her face, her cheeks were always rosy, and her eyes always inviting. She was kind of like a grandma to all of the regulars in the cafe which was owned by her granddaughter now. She handed it down to her on one condition; she had to let her remain working there until the day she passed.
"Oh it's getting there Lucy," I replied with a quick smile back. You couldn't help but be happy around her.
"Well what will it be for you two ladies tonight?"
"The usual for both of us please," MaryAnn stated.
"Alright, I will be right back with your orders," she said as she smiled and walked away.
"You know, some days, I really wish she was my grandmother," I heard MaryAnn say.
I rolled my eyes at her and moved my eyes to look out the window. I let my eyes follow the clear raindrops on the glass of the window as they ever so slowly slid down to the bottom of the glass. I continued to watch a few more drops when something caught my eye; a glimpse of someone looking at me before disappearing behind the building across the street. I couldn't tell if it had been a man or a woman, young or old, but I could've sworn someone was just out there looking at me in the dark shadows of the building from the lamp-light. I squinted my eyes, trying to get a better look, but had no such luck.
"Earth to Alexa, are you there?" I heard someone call in the distance. Then I saw a hand wave in front of my face. I snapped out of whatever it was I was so interested in and glanced back at MaryAnn.
"Sorry Alexa, I could've sworn there was..." I trailed off as I looked back towards her.
"There was...?" She prodded on.
"Nothing, never mind," I said, putting a smile back on my face. Maybe I had just been seeing things, trick of the eye.
"Well, as I was saying, we should go shopping tomorrow."
"Really? Like you need anymore clothes," I said sarcastically.
"Hey, nobody said we were going for my benefit," she was saying as Lucy came back and set our drinks down before walking away.
"I don't need anymore clothes either," I replied quickly.
"Alexa come oooooonn," she dragged out. "A few more dresses and skirts is what you need to complete your closet."
"MaryAaaaaannn I barely ever wear that type of clothing. Besides, they're difficult to play around in," I said with a laugh. I took a sip of warm, soothing hot chocolate that tasted like heaven and leaned back in my seat, glancing back out the window. I could still feel the trail of heat the hot chocolate left from my mouth all the way down to my stomach.
"Pretty please Alexa?"
"I will sleep on it alright? Is that fair?"
"Fine," she said, defeated with a little pout.
I began watching the innocent little raindrops again as they pitter pattered onto the window and slowly glided down the glass, leaving a trail. That's when I saw the quick movement again, this time on the other side of the building. Just another quick glimpse was all I got; gave me the impression I was seeing things yet again. I quickly glanced back at MaryAnn who was oblivious to what I had seen even though she too, was glancing out the window.
I shut my eyes tight and rubbed my temples as I said, "I think I'm overly tired MaryAnn, I keep seeing things out the window."
"Or maybe you're just crazy?" She said with a quick shrug.
I rolled my eyes at her once again and started to chug down my hot chocolate, letting the hot fluid slide down my throat. The fiery trail started again; it started in my mouth and made its way all the way down to my stomach.
"Is that a sign that you want to leave?" She asked with a light laugh.
"That would be great, please."
MaryAnn chugged down the rest of her drink and we made our way over to the cash register to pay for our drinks. Lucy stopped us as we were half-way there.
"Don't you ladies worry about it tonight, they're on the house."
"Oh no Lucy, thanks for the offer, but it's okay, we will pay," I said.
"No, no, no girls, it's on the house, please don't worry about it."
We both said our thank you's and gave Lucy a big hug before leaving the cafe and sprinting back towards our car. The rain continued to pelt us until we were safely into the shelter of the car. As we headed towards home, I glanced out the back windshield, but instantly turned my look back to the front; I saw someone watching me again, this time in the shadows of the cafe. Maybe I'm not crazy or tired after all, maybe it's really happening.
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