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Aztec Secret (Book two)

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Puberty Again?!

Waking up to my heart beating 100 miles a minute and not being able to slow it down or remember how it happened, except someone in my dream saying he is my “ancestor” and that I will be going through a different change that no human could handle.” This is where the story begins of something weird that happened to me, my name is Jason Philips and I am 17 years old I am a Mexican but have the whitest name around I stand at 6’6” tall with short black hair with brown eyes.
I already mentioned what happened to me this morning, shortly after I get ready for school as usual, I go down stairs and grab some pop tarts and went out the door, locking it behind me. I turn around and see the prettiest, smartest, neighbor and my best friend named Alexis Johnson.
Alexis comes up to me and hugs me and says “Do I need to be worried about my best friend in the whole world?”
I look into her eyes and see she is sincerely considered about me, so I answer “I don’t know.” I tell Alexis everything because she is my best friend, and she gets worried about me. We start walking to school when she starts to wrap her arm around mine and take my hand as we walk to school; we make it to school just in time for the bell for our first class to start.
Alexis hugs me and starts to go to class, I look at my schedule and notice we both have math together for first period, so I don’t know how it happened but I had energy like I was young again, I poke her left shoulder and appear on the right side, she looks at like wow you are hyper . Alexis go to class the teacher has a seating chart with me and her sitting next to each other, so of course that made me happy, I sit than Alexis sits next to me I smile when she does so does she and she looks me in the eyes and says, “Jason I was wondering if you wanted to hang out with me at lunch?”
I say “Yes, I would love to Alexis.” After I answer the bell rings so we walk out together and she kisses my cheek. My friend Rodger comes up to me and says “What’s up my brother? Besides your feelings for Alexis.”
We both walk in to the locker room and find our lockers from last year I look at him and say “I don’t know.”
Well you remember how I said I had all that extra energy; well we had to run the mile and I had the fastest time at 6 minutes and 23 seconds. I stand like I haven’t even broke a sweat, shortly after Rodger comes up behind me and jumps on my back going ”Where did that come from?” I look at him and shrug as I turn to go to the restroom. I look up in the mirror and for some odd my eyes have gone from a golden brown to a minty blue like a wolves eyes, so I run the water and run some on my face I look in the mirror and see the guy that was in my dream; it makes me jump and I hit my back on one of the stall doors.
Just then I don’t know what came over me but I yelled “Who are you? And what do you want with me?”
He looks at me and says in a booming voice “I am your ancestor, and you have my blood flowing through you, soon the world will be in trouble and you are the only one who can save it.” Just as he says that Rodger comes into see if I am okay and he heard everything that was said and faints. I pick him up with one arm over my head and take him to the nurse, I sit in the chair next to his bed and my hand starts to turn into a wolf’s paw so I put it in my pocket, than Alexis comes in and it is third period and she is an aid for the office. Alexis comes into the nurse’s office to come check up on me, she sits next to me placing her hand on my knee like she has feelings for me.
Alexis says “Jason we have known each other since we were in kinder garden, but for a while I’ve liked u and wanted to be more than that.”
I look at her and my eyes wide say “If only you knew what I am, you wouldn’t say that.”
She pulls my paw out of my pocket and she places it on her face, and says “I don’t care what you are; I still have feelings for you.”
Alexis leans into kiss me, so I lean in to kiss her as I do my k9 teeth start to grow to a sharpened point. Our lips touch and as soon as we kiss my eyes hands and teeth start to turn back to normal, Rodger wakes up and looks at us as we are kissing and says in excitement “ It’s about time that you two got your feelings figured out.” We stop kissing and I look at her.
I say “Alexis since we have how we feel figured out, “Does this mean we are dating?” Alexis looks at me and says “yes we are.”
I smile. The bell rings and I take Alexis’ hand and carry her backpack for her and her mom sees us and says out of excitement, “It took you guys long enough to date. Tommy would you like to come over for dinner?”
“Sure what are you having?”
Alexis’ mom says, “Hamburgers, milkshakes, and homemade fries.”
“Okay just let me go get cleaned up.”
I run next door and up the stairs leading to my room to use my restroom and change. I grab a nice pair of pants, a dress shirt, tie, belt, black socks, and dress shoes from my dresser. I go to turn on the shower full blast take a quick shower washing my hair and the rest of my body as the mirror steams up with the heat from the hot water. I take my hand and clear the mirror off, but I look and my ancestor is there.
I just look at him and says, “What is it now?” with a look of I am busy in my eyes.
He looks at me and says, “You were supposed to start your training.”
“I will tomorrow.” I say as I get changed and putting on underwear followed by my shirt buttoning it up all the way pulling my pants up over my shirt to tuck it in and tie my tie as I put on my belt, sock and shoes my ancestor again trying to bug me again so I cover the mirror in my room as I see Alexis leaning out her window watching me get dressed as she grabs a notepad and writes “What is the reason for looking so good?”
I open the window and say, “Your dad.” Her eyes go wide, and she closes her window as I head down stairs she starts to get ready. I go out the front door and grab this morning’s newspaper for her dad and cut a rose off our bush in the front yard slowly walking over to the front dad her dad pulls up, looks at me and says, “Good you brought the paper, but who is the rose for?” I knock on the door Alexis answers the door and in a blue dress and blue heels.
Her dad says, “How sweet the neighbor is in a play and my daughter is going with him.”
Alexis looks up at him and says, “Not exactly.” as she wraps my arms around her waist her arms around my neck and kisses me and he realizes me and his daughter are now dating. He hugs me and shakes his head in approval. We go inside and I hand Alexis the rose she hugs me and puts it in a vase with water. Alexis takes my hand and leads me to the table I pull the chair out for her and slide it in towards the table as she sits and I quickly sit next to her. Alexis pulls my hand on top of the table holding it to make sure that is out in the public that we are dating.
Alexis’ dad looks at us both and says, “When did all this happen?”
“Today at school well Rodger was in the nurse’s office.”
I just hold her hand as she starts looking deep into my eyes with a look of I didn’t want to wait another day for you. So her little brother Mike comes in and says, “Ewe they are holding hands.” Mike is only seven years old.
Alexis holds me like when her dad figured it out and says, “You think that is nasty.” She kisses me again, and that makes her brother cover his face and we stop to see that her parents have brought us our food, and Alexis says, “May I and Jason eat in the living room?” giving her dad the face no dad can resist. Her dad shakes his head yes as Alexis and I grab our plates and go sit on the couch placing our food on the coffee table.
I sit down and she sits on my lap with my plate of food feeding me. She just laughs when I start to play with the food. I finish my food and take a spoon full feeding her and she does one thing I regret. She took some of her potatoes and placed them on my neck and slowly licked them off, and as she does my eyes close brown and open on pure force as my eyes are the minty shade of blue again.
Quickly I pick her up and place her on the couch I start changing as her parents enter the room so I cover my face and say, “Thank you for inviting me over for dinner. We should really do it again sometime soon.” as I bolt out the door. I find my way back into my house and make it to my room and shut the door behind me, and I look in the mirror to see I have long black hair covering my face and running down my back quickly I strip and feel my hands turn to paws, teeth start getting longer, ears point, my face becomes a snout, and I can’t stand on two legs. I try to yell, but the only thing that comes out of my mouth is a howl.
I look in the mirror to see that Alexis is standing in her window looking at me in shock she opens her window and mine is already open as she climbs through she slowly approaches me with one arm extended towards me. I move towards her and lick her hand as she pets me on my head, and she looks at me as she sits on my bed I sit next to her and lay my head and one paw in her lap. A mental message goes from me to her saying, “I will be her to protect you and keep you happy.”
“Really you care about me that much?” I shake my head yes as she scratches behind my ear, and I my leg starts to shake. I lick her hand as she hugs me and kisses my nose. I start to change back into a human as I grab a pair of shorts to put on she says, “I didn’t know you cared about me that much Jason. I lean in for a hug, but she kisses me and climbs through my window.
The next thing I hear is Alexis yell to her dad, “Can Jason stay the night tomorrow?!”
“Yes, but he is sleeping on the couch.” He replies
I look at Alexis and she smiles at me to say, “See you at school tomorrow.”
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