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Into the Future

Author's note: My teacher has inspired me to write this because she loves zombies.
Author's note: My teacher has inspired me to write this because she loves zombies.  « Hide author's note
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The Basics

I am surrounded by zombies. Yes, you read that right, I said zombies. They have taken over the world roughly 2 months ago and now we must defend own world. There is one zombie to my left. I turn and slice his ... her, I am not sure which; they are ugly, the flesh is melted almost all the way off. Anyway it lost its arm and then its head. I do a quick twist and slice another head off of one, blood splatters all over my face and my white shirt. Gosh dang it, I just washed zombie blood out of this last night! But don’t worry the blood has nothing to do with turning into a zombie, it’s their infected, rotten teeth that will turn me. You can say I have been at this zombie killing business for a while now, I am pretty good.“Behind you!” yells my partner, Adrian. I turn quickly and stab it in the eye and down it goes. See, I told you I am pretty good.
I bet you are wondering, what are the steps to be a zombie, let me tell you, you have to pretty stupid to want or even accidently become a zombie. So, this is how to become a zombie incase you were curious;
Step one: Be stupid and walk outside the protected houses we (Adrian and I) have worked so hard to put bars and metal sheets on the windows, walk outside the triple gated area around the houses, do this preferable alone.
Step two: Go towards, not away, from the herd of zombies.
Step three: Instead of running back towards the guards around the 30 plus houses that are, yes, zombie proof, run in the other direction.
Step four: fall down while running and since you didn’t think to bring a weapon with you, don’t defend yourself and let the nasty, infected zombie bite a spot of his .. her choice. If they do not decide the eat you to your death or if you somehow get away then the infected area will get bubbly, hot then melt away and the rest of your flesh will do the same. Gross, right? So, please listen to the guards, listen to the curfews, and DO NOT EVER go anywhere alone or without a weapon. We didn’t risk our lives putting up the fence and gates around the houses just because we were bored, no it was to help save the humans from hell’s bite. The fences are set up like prison fences: fence, 10 foot around dead space, fence, 10 foot around dead pace and yes another fence.
Adrian and I have been clearing out the zombies around the “community” all morning. We aren’t like those stupid movies and shows that just let the damned build up around us. Others are helping of course and we have people inside the fence ready to shoot any zombie the gets too close. I have made it clear to everyone though, we do not use guns unless we are seconds away from dying. This is a rule because the noise attracts more zombies, duh of course. Also, we need to save our bullets; we have enough to last for years but come on no one knows how long this will last. Now I know I said we have people ready to shoot the zombies even though there is a rule against it but their guns have silencers and the ONLY guns that have them.
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