February 27, 2013
By HannahBelle PLATINUM, Effie, Louisiana
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HannahBelle PLATINUM, Effie, Louisiana
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Favorite Quote:
"Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world." ~ Albert Einstein

Looking left and right, I searched for any signs of movement. Everything was clear. Even the trees were still just like the stars in the sky. They only light that shone was from a street lamp a couple of yards away and the cars that passed on the nearby highway. The other house in the cul-de-sac were dark. I turned to the glass window in front of me. A thin screen blocked the window. I pulled a knife out of my pocket. Its hilt fit perfectly in my hand just like hers would. I wiggled it underneath the screen, popping it while keeping it intact. I grabbed it and placed it behind a nearby bush. Putting my knife back in my pocket, I walked back to the window. My heart began to beat rapidly. Smiling, I slid my fingers underneath the cracked window and gently pushed up. It silently obeyed and soon the window was opened ready for my to enter. I climbed in as carefully as I could so I wouldn’t make a sound.

Once inside, I turned around and closed the window. I was immediately captivated by her smell. Minty rosemary and spearmint filled the air. Turning around, I saw her grey walls with white floor boards. I small growl warned me of an awoken creature. I looked over at her velvet chase. A small black and white dog stared at me with big brown eyes. The little dog slowly got up and trotted over to me. I bent down and help out my hand. Her cold black nose sniffed my hand. Once she stopped sniffing, she sat down and wagged her tail. I smiled and petted her. Her fur was soft and fluffy like a marshmallow. She jumped onto her hind legs begging me to pick her up. I gently lifted her to my chest. She snuggled against me and licked my nose. I returned the affection by giving her small kiss on her fluffy head. Still holding the sweet little dog, I went to her black bookshelf. It took up the space of the entire wall.Textbooks filled the shelves ranging from her high school textbooks to veterinary textbooks from many differently colleges. On the top shelf, however, there was one book that didn’t fit in. The worn out cover had a red wolf howling with a girl’s figure running threw a mystical woods. It looked like the girl was running from someone or something. I picked it up. It was called “Blood and Chocolate” by Annette Curtis Klaus. I read the back of it. Interesting, I thought. It was about a female werewolf who falls for a human but her pack didn’t agree with their love. I quietly placed the book in my jacket.

I turned to my left to find a set of white bunk beds. There she was sleeping on the bottom. My beautiful angel. Her round face looked as if it had been carvel out of the finest pearl marble in the world. Her dark eyelashes rested on her rosy cheeks which were the same color of her perfect, forbidden lips. Long brown waves flowed like a river on her pillow. I walked towards her and sat on the floor, gazing at her beauty. Her exposed neck curved so perfectly. I traced an invisible line from her hair line to her shoulder. Her skin was so soft and smooth like silk. I saw her shiver and a ghost of a smile appeared on her face. I wondered what her voice sounded like or her laugh. Would it be a booming laugh or a quieter one? Did her eyes close when she laughed? What color were her eyes anyway? A deep ocean blue or a bright emerald green? Maybe big sweet brown puppy eyes. In mid-thought, I saw her raise her hand in her sleep. She covered my huge hand with her smaller, more delicate one. Her touch sent chills down my back and my heart wanted to burst. How badly I wanted to scoop her up and take her now. I gave her one small kiss, feeling the warmth that radiated fro her cheek on my lips.

“Soon, my love,” I whispered. “Soon.”

A buzzing noise woke me up. I looked over to my desk. My phone was lit up and seemed to be having a seizure. I groaned as I picked it up and turned it off. I smashed my face into my pillow. Jolie, my small black and white shih-tzu, jumped on my back. I felt her tail wagging. I turned over and sat up. She immediately jumped into my lap and begged for my to pet her. I grabbed her and hugged her close. There was nothing in this world I loved more than my small companion. I scratched her back while feeling the softness of her beautiful fur. Eventually, I let go over her and gave her a quick kiss before getting out of bed. I walked over to my closet and grabbed a plaid skirt and a white blouse. I quickly changed and walked over to my mirror which hung behind my door. I straightened my blouse and tucked it into the ugly plaid skirt. The plaid skirt looked a little short but that was because I had long legs. In the reflection, I saw Jolie laying down on my bed with her big brown eyes pleading wit me. I couldn’t help myself. I walked back to my bed and grabbed her once again. Her tail began wagging again as she licked my face with her little pink tongue. I kissed her on her head and put her down on the wooden floor.

I headed to the bathroom to apply some blush on my pale complexion. A girl with chocolate waves flowing down her back and violet eyes stared at me. I never could get over the color of my eyes. They were so strange and beautiful. Most people thought I wore contacts. My mother has the same color but they were softer. Her eyes were more like a lilac while mine were a deep plum with a tiny trace of a gold outline round my pupil.

“Vivienne!” my mother called. “Breakfast!”

Shaking my head, I rushed down the hall and into the kitchen. My mom’s tall, skinny frame stood over the stove. Her long black hair was up in a loose bun. She seemed to belong to an ancient kingdom as their beautiful queen or empress. I sniffed the air as I sat behind the counter.

“Egg omelets this morning?” I asked.

She turned around, hearing my voice. I saw her swollen belly. It seemed to get bigger every day. Her lilac eyes met mine with a warm but tired smile.

“Yep. Gotta have protein for this little devil,” Mom said.

My mom and dad had found out seven months ago they were going to have another baby. I have to admit I was shocked. When I was little, I had begged and pleaded for a little sister but they always said they had one perfect child. Why have another? Well seventeen years after their first child, they were going to have another one and this one was going to be a boy.

“He kept you up all night again?” I asked.

Dad walked into the room. He was just an inch taller than my mother. He had brown wavy hair with soft, kind brown eyes. His face was more squarely with a strong jaw.

“Sure did. You’re mother didn’t get an ounce of sleep,” he said.

He went to the coffee pot and grabbed two cups. He poured the dark liquid into each cup. I watched the steam floated out of the cups like a witch’s pot. He picked them up and placed one by my mother.

“Thanks, Leo,” my mother said and smiled.

He gave her a quick kiss on the cheek and sat next to me.

“So how did you sleep?” he asked, taking a sip.

“Ok. I had that dream again,” I told him.

“About the guy sitting next to you and watching you sleep?” he asked. He stared into my eyes. I saw a tiny slip of worry.

“Yes, sir. Only this time, it seemed clearer,” I commented.

The guy from my dream popped back into my mind. I had seen him with such clarity it scared me. Brown hair with a red tint framed a handsome face with high cheek bones and a strong jaw. Bright silver eyes stared back at me with such intensity and love it felt almost real. Most of the time, he never did anything but stare. Last night, though, he touched me. Not inappropriately. He just traced a line on my neck and I think kissed my cheek. I hadn’t shied away from his touch. It felt so wonderful, so right.

I shook my head.

“What happened?” he asked.

“Well, he just sat there and stared like always,” I lied.

I watched as my dad’s eyes began to darken into a dark fog color. He was deep in thought. I could have sworn I saw tiny wheeling turning. My mom silently placed an egg omelet in front of Dad and me. I grabbed a fork a began to eat wondering why my dream had Dad thinking so hard. After a long silence, his eyes cleared returning to their shining silver.

“I was probably just one of those reoccurring dream. Plus, its normal for teenage girls to dream boys,” he concluded.

“Sure do,” Mom piped in, smiling. “I use to dream of this tall handsome man with brown hair and amazingly clear silver eyes.” She winked at Dad.

I smiled and turned my attention onto the half-eaten omelet. I finished and looked at the clock. It was 7:30! I was going to be late for school. I hurriedly drank my orange juice and ran to my room. I grabbed my Blue Jansports book sack and rushed into the kitchen. I planted a quick kiss on both of my parents cheeks and yelled “Love you” as I slammed the door behind me.

At the end of my driveway, I see Jeremiah waiting for me. He shoots me a wide smile. I smiled back. His hair was doing its usual messy but stylish look. His light blue shirt was untucked with his yellow and navy striped tie hanging loose around his neck.

I pointed to his uniform. “I do believe that Mrs. Jackson is going to have a heart attack,” I commented.

“Good morning to you too. Did you sleep late again?” he asked as we briskly walked to school.

“No. I actually woke up on time, thank you very much!” I replied. I tried to act offended but my smile gave me away.

“Oh really? Then why are you so late this morning?” he questioned.

“I was enjoying my wonderful home made omelet. Had to savor the sweet goodness.”

“I can imagine. Your mom should have been a gourmet chef! Those lamb chops she made a coupe of months ago were so good! Almost like God’s angels delivered them to your house.”

I laughed. “Why don’t you go spend a day with her and learned the art of making lamb chops?”

“Have you seen me cook?”

“As a matter fact yes I have. You nearly burned the Spaghetti-Os to a crisp.”

“And that is why my plan is to go to your house every time I hear the words ‘Lamb’ or ‘chops’.”

I shook my head and chuckled.

“Have anymore dreams last night?” Jeremiah asked.

The smile on my face fell. “Yeah. Same dream,” I answered.

“Anything change?” he inquired.

“Not really. But the dream is becoming more vivid each time,” I replied. “And I saw him speak but I couldn’t hear what he said.”

I saw Jeremiah look at the ground, thinking. “This is getting really creepy. You’ve been dreaming about this same guy for two years and its slowly getting more clear. Now he’s talking but you have no idea what he saying.” His big brown eyes meet mine. His eyes are normally a clear, smooth brown but his worried eyes look muddy. “Have you told your mom and dad?”

“I’ve tried,” I said. “But they think its one of those silly reoccurring dreams and that its normal for me to dream of guys.”

Jeremiah frowned. “I don’t know. It just seems really weird.”

Suddenly a loud ring filed the air.

“Oh crap!” I shouted.

With Jeremiah close behind, I took off towards the school. I was only twenty feet from the mountainous brick building. Bennet Private High resembled an small castle with its grey bricks and oak doors. The main building was a huge square with tall cylinder portions on the corners. On top of each cylinder, a silver pole stood proud with the American flag swinging on the right and the school’s crest hanging on the left. The emerald grounds in the front were perfectly cut with no plants besides the dark green bushes that hugged the brick wall.

I hurriedly climbed the few stairs in the front and raced through the hugs oak door that was left opened. I could hear Jeremiah panting behind me. I stopped in the building and waited for him to catch up before passing by the front desk. Mrs. Thermopiles, a tiny plump woman with grey hair and a pointy noise, sat behind the desk. The desk was in the middle of the entry hall with two corridors on both sides. There were a couple of nice benches with leather cushion in the sitting area along with a coffee table full of Reader’s Digest and World Geographic magazines. I walked up to the front desk to find Mrs. Thermopiles with the same sour expression on her face. Once she noticed us, her expression worsened as she frowned at us.

“You’re late,” she said.

“No really?” Jeremiah sarcastically replied.

I elbowed him in the stomach.

Mrs. Thermopiles gave him a glare that would shoot lasers if any could. “And why might you two young people be late today?” she questioned.

“Oh, you know the usual. Making out behind a tree and vandalizing the school. That kind of thing,” Jeremiah retorted.

“”Jeremiah!” I said, shocked. “I’m sorry, Mrs. Thermopiles. We were doing none of those things.” I gave Jeremiah a glare. “I wasn’t watching the clock while eating breakfast and took too long. I’m so sorry. We won’t let it happen again,” I promised.

She huffed as she grabbed two small sheets of paper. She signed her name on the two slips and handed them to us. “Make sure it doesn’t,” she responded.

I thank her before we head down the right hall with our penny loafers hitting the tile floor. I stop in front of the first wooden door and punch him in the arm one last time. He gives me a mischievous grin before I disappear into my first period class.

On the green grass, I lay, feeling the hot rays caressing my skin. Even with my eyes closed, I could see the light that was emitted by the sun. I heard the soft breeze whistling through the branches of the huge oak trees. Taking a deep breath, I smelled the sweet aroma from the mysterious woods that surrounded the quad on three sides. I listened to the birds chirp until their singing was drowned out by my energetic classmates. Turning my head and opening my eyes, I watched my classmates separate into their groups and settled down on the grass either underneath trees or out in the open sun. While they ate, they talked, laughed, and fooled around. My mood sank as I saw them smile among their friends.

From the corner of my eye, I saw Jeremiah walking this way. A smile creeped on my face, lifting my mood. Before Jeremiah moved here two years ago, I had no friends. I learned at a young age that people don’t like strange or out-of-the-ordinary things especially girls with plum colored eyes. My classmates avoided me as much as possible and talked to me if it was necessary. That’s why it was a shock when Jeremiah had come to talk to me on our first day of sophomore year. He was a handsome brown-eyed, blond hair guy with a lean, muscular body. He could have easily fit in with the jocks and other ordinary people. But he chose to be an outcast with me so I never questioned it. Why would I? I had finally found a person willing to talk to me and be my friend.

Jeremiah plopped down right next to me.

“Whatcha doin’, chica?” he asked with a goofy smile.

I closed my eyes. “Enjoying nature.”

“Today’s a great day to do that.”

“Not great, perfect.” I opened my eyes and smiled.

I sat up and glanced back at the other teenagers. I heard their laughter and caught parts of their conversation. Most of it was gossip and other nonsense but I still wanted to be apart of it.

Jeremiah followed my longing stare. “You don’t want to be apart of that.”

I looked at him. “Yes, I do.”

“You’re not happy to have me as a friend?” he joked.

“Of course, I am! I love you, Jeremiah. You’re my best friend and I don’t know what I’d without you. But I just want to feel normal. I want to have girl friends.”

“Why?” he questioned, giving me a curious glance.

“Well, because I want to talk about girl stuff.” I blushed.

“What kind of girl stuff?” he pressed.

I blushed even redder. “You know like make-up, clothes, and... um...boys.”

“Like oh my gawd!” Jeremiah said with a high pitched voice. “Did you see Liam in gym today. Like oh my gawd! He was so H-O-T, hot!”

I burst out laughing.

Jeremiah continued, “And did you see Rachael’s make-up? It looks like a clown drew all over her face!” Suddenly, he looked at me with a shocked expression and grabbed both my shoulders. “Oh...my...gawd! And did you hear about Lauren hooking up with Tom last saturday night at Marla’s party? I mean, come on. She’s dating Jared for heaven’s sake!”

I couldn’t breath as tears were falling down my cheeks. My stomach starting aching from Jeremiah’s impersonation of a teenage girl.

“See? I can be your best guy friend and your best girl friend,” Jeremiah winked.

Calming down, I smiled at my best friend. “So you want to go shopping after school? I saw these adorable heels that would totally match your outfit.”

Jeremiah looked down, examining his outfit. “Hmmm are we talking pumps or stilettos?”

“Something even better,” I replied mysteriously. “Pink wedges.”

His hands flew to his checks and he squeaked. “Like o... m... g! Perfect!”

I laughed again and this time he joined in. We laughed until our bellies began to ache. Our eyes filled with so many tears I knew we wouldn’t be able to see. I heard Jeremiah snort and I laughed even harder. Eventually, we calmed back down and wiped the tears from our eyes. I smiled at him and he gave me one of his rare half smiles.

“But seriously, Jeremiah. If I could have anything, I would want a friend that is a girl,” I told him.

“I’ll tell Santa for you,” he said.

I smiled. I opened my mouth to say something when I saw it. A black shadow just moved in the woods. I froze, searching the dark trees for any sign of movement. The green leaves swayed on the branches as the wind slowly blew. The grass moved back and forth like tiny dancing fairies. But everything else was perfectly still. No birds, no squirrels, no raccoons, no nothing. It was too still.

“Viv!” I heard my name shouted.

I looked at Jeremiah as if I was awaking from a dream.

“You okay?” he asked. I could hear the worry in his voice.

“Yes.” I looked back at the forest. “I just...I thought I saw something.”

“Like a raccoon?”

My mind started to clear “No.” I shook my head. “It’s nothing.”

Jeremiah gave me a strange look. “What did you see?”

I looked into his warm eyes. “I thought I saw a black shadow. It must have been my imagination.” I stood up as the bell rang. “Just forget about it.”

“Ok,” Jeremiah agreed but still gave me a worried look as he got up to. I knew he wouldn’t. He would bring it up later.

I gave him a big bear hug. “See you after school.”

I exited the big oak doors with Jeremiah by my side. As we walked out, Mrs. Thermopiles stood by the door scowling at all the ‘undisciplined twits’. Jeremiah gave her a wink and she glared at him.

“Her stare is as beautiful as sunset of mud and as warm as Pluto,” he commented.

I slapped his arm but couldn’t stop from smiling. “That’s not very nice.”

“Oh I’m sorry. Let’s be more realistic. She is as beautiful as a sloth and as cold as ice,” he corrected himself.

As we turned the corner, I slapped him again and gave him an icy glare.

He looked at me shocked. “What? Isn’t honesty the best policy?”

I shook my head. “You will twist anything, wouldn’t you?”

“It runs in the family,” he grinned.

Both of Jeremiah’s parents are powerful lawyers who were currently running for offices in the state. I’ve only met them once when Jeremiah and I first became friends. They welcomed me with fake smiles, shiny teeth, and reserved small talk. Other than that, I’ve only seen them on TV or red, white, and blue billboards. Jeremiah avoided his house as much as possible because of the huge loneliness of their million dollar home.

“So, changing the subject...” Jeremiah said. “What about that shadow at lunch?”

I sighed. “Leave it alone. It was probably my imagination or some forest animal.”

He frowned. “You really think so?”

I met his brown eyes. “Yes, I do.”

He smiled. “Well if you think so... Feel like a shopping trip?”

Grabbing his arm, I beamed. “Let’s go!”

“But first, I have to go home and changed because I mean, I look like a hot mess!” He jokingly scowled at himself.

“Hot, no. Mess, yes” I teased.

Jeremiah jerked his head to the side, failing to hide his grin. “Well then!”

I bumped my hip next to his. “‘Honesty is the best policy’, right?”

He chuckled. ‘But seriously, I do need to change. I hate this uniform. I look like a lawyer’s son!”

“But you are one,” I said.

“True. But I don’t want other people to think I’m a lawyer’s son.”

“I believe it’s too late for that,” I commented, pointing at a billboard.

A brown-eyed man with slicked brown hair and a strong jaw stood next to a slender blonde woman with blue eyes and a high cheek bones. Jeremiah sat in a chair between his parents with his father’s huge hand on his left shoulder and his mother’s tiny hand on the other. To anyone, Jeremiah looked like a happy kid, proud of his parents. No one but me would notice the slight downward curl in his smile or the tiny squint of his eyelids.

Jeremiah grimaced. “I hate when they bring me into their campaign. I don’t even approved of their policies!”

“I know,” I said, patting his arm. “But you are their child.”

“I wish I wasn’t,” Jeremiah said quietly.

I watched his eyes turned into a nasty muddy color as he blankly stared ahead, consumed by his hatred for his parents. I hugged his side as we walked to our houses. He never told me specifically what his issues were with his parents. I had tried t get him to talk, hoping it would make him feel better but he never said a word. I felt so helpless when he got in this mood. There was nothing I could do to get him out of it. Mostly to make myself feel better, I would hug him until he came out of it. And that is what I did. As we walked home, I put his arm around my shoulder and hugged his side. It was very quiet as I worried about my friend while he was in this dark state of mind. As our driveways came into view, I was starting to regret pointing the billboard when he finally came out of it. The muddy color was starting to clear and go back to its original warm chocolate color. I sighed with relief and gave him a smile. His smile was weak but it was a smile.

“Sorry,” he said as I let him out of my bear hug.

“It’s okay. Better go change, Mr. Hot Mess. Meet in fifteen?” I smiled at him.

His smile grew and he nodded. I watched him walked down his semi-circle, cobblestoned drive way and head into his parent’s mansion through a pair of glass door surrounded by some of the most gorgeous roses I’ve ever seen. I walked past a line of tall bushes and turned into my driveway lime stone. My parents were rich being that my father owns a multimillion dollar company and my mother is the only descendant from an old family with old money. But there were more conservative with their money than Jeremiah’s parents. They believed that a house that has more than four bedrooms and two and half bathrooms when only three (now four on the way) is being to selfish. So, they built our 2200 sq. foot house in this prestigious neighborhood because my mother had a reputation to uphold. Even though my parent were rich and spent money on our home, they were frugal. My parent’s would not give me anything if I didn’t earn it or if they thought I didn’t need it. For example, I didn’t have a TV in my room because they don’t see a logical reason for me to have one when there is a sixty inch plasma, high definition TV in the living room with DVR.

I use to complain until I walked into Jeremiah’s home. He had everything a teenager could ask for: a surround sound stereo, plasma TV with a leather couch, XBox Connect, Wii, a Playstation with hundreds of games in alphabetical order, and a closet filled with the today’s most expensive and fashionable clothing. But even with all these things, he was lonely and depressed. So I learned to appreciate my small room with an ordinary iPod dock and small red chase.

As I walked into my house, Jolie ran and jumped on my leg. Bending down, I picked her up and cuddled her into my chest as I made my way to the living room. I saw my mom sprawled out on the couch with her head titled to the side, facing the TV. Bisquit, my mom’s grey shih-tzu, lay on the armrest like an Egyptian Sphinx guarding their ancient royals. My mother’s raven hair fell across her beautiful face, no longer in its original bun. I watched as her swollen belly lifted up and down in a peaceful rhythm. Her eyes were shut and she had a small smile on her face. Placing Jolie on the floor, I walked over and grabbed a blue blanket that was resting on Dad’s recliner. I covered her up and planted a small kiss on her cheek. I turned around and headed to my room with Jolie close behind. Shedding my uniform, I replaced it with a nice lilac colored blouse, my favorite pair of Levi blue jeans, and black converse. I added some more blush and mascara when I heard a sharp bark. I turned around to see Jolie sitting on the floor with her tail wagging as fast as a hummingbird’s wings.

“I’m sorry, little girl. But Mommy’s going out,” I explained.

As if she understood, she bent her head low and whined. I picked her up and hugged her.

“I’ll be back,” I said, placing her on the ground.

I walked out my room and into the kitchen. Finding a paper and pen on the counter, I wrote a small note telling my parents where I was going and who I was going with. Signing it, I placed it on the refrigerator next to Dad’s note about being late for dinner tonight again. I remember when my dad always made it to dinner. He would cancel his meetings or just get up and leave. But for the past two years, he’s been extremely busy. His excuse is that his company has some grand idea that will make millions if its done properly. Even though I trust my dad, I know he’s lying. I’m not saying his cheating on Mom because he is still as in love with her as the day they first met. You can just tell by the way he treats and looks at my mother. But I know for a fact that his company doesn’t have any huge project. I trust my dad though and hope that it will all stop once my baby brother is born.

Glancing at the clock, I noticed it was time to meet Jeremiah. I grabbed my purse off the counter went out the door. I walked on the lime-stone, listening to the crunching sound made by my footsteps. It was somehow soothing to me especially with the sun warming my skin once again. I turned to my left and looked for Jeremiah. I saw him by his front door pacing while on his phone. I leisurely walked down his driveway. As I got closer to him, I heard him talking in a language that sound that sounded ancient and beautiful. I watched as his face grew bored and he was nodding his head.

“Vale,” he said.

I raised an eyebrow.

“Family,” he said, sighing in exasperation.

“What did they want?” I asked curiously.

“To tell me that I have a cousin that is going to move over here for a little while,” he replied.

“Who?” I questioned.

“Delia,” he answered with a smile. “She’s actually one of the fun members of my family.” I opened my mouth. “And she’s coming because her parents are traveling to Tokyo for business.”

“Oh. When will she be here?”

“Late tonight.”

I was shocked. “Already?”

“Well, it has been planned for a few weeks now. My parents just decided to tell me.” Jeremiah rolled his eyes.

“And she’s going to our school, I’m guessing,” I said.

“Sure is. Don’t worry though. She’s not a prep, goth, emo, jock, or anywhere near normal. She’s like us. Unique outcasts,” he reassured me.

I smiled. “Maybe she could relieve you of being both my best guy friend and best girl friend.”

Jeremiah wiped his forehead dramatically. “Phew! That takes some of the pressure off my shoulders!”

I giggled. Looking at Jeremiah, I said, “Let’s postpone this trip until tomorrow. We can bring Delia along with us.”

“You sure?” he asked.

“Yes. Plus, you need to get everything ready for her,” I commented.

“True,” he said thoughtfully. “Mind helping?”

“Of course not,” I said with a smile.

I stood in front of Jeremiah’s driveway. The sun was above the horizon but hidden behind the tree line across from his house. Tiny rays slipped threw like tiny staircases to heaven while making the woods look like a mystical wonderland full of promised adventure. But this beautiful sight didn’t calm me. I tapped my foot nervously. Jeremiah’s cousin, Delia, arrived last night and I was extremely worried. I never had the skill of making friends or talking to people for that matter. Its hard to do when they look away or stammer an excuse out. I glanced out the mansion again as my anxiety grew.

Just when I thought it would burst, I saw the glass door open and Jeremiah stepped out and waved me over. I walked cautiously towards him as my heart beat rapidly. I could hear my beat as clear as I felt the cool morning air. I walked up to him and gave him a nervous smile.

“Morning,” I said.

He grinned and waved for me to come in. He held the door for me as I entered the brilliant foyer. It was large and very open with windows letting in the first rays light the room. I heard my my feet click on the pearl white tiles. In front of me there was an archway that lead to the white stairs. There were too that curved and meet three feet from each other like those stairs in a palace in Europe. Jeremiah closed the door behind me and I turned to him.

“She made it ok?” I asked him.

“Oh yeah! She got here about 10. She’ll be down any second,” he replied.

I was mildly shocked. “She doesn’t want to stay here today so she can get settled in?”

He shook his head. “She’s one of those people who likes to rush into things. There’s only one speed for her.”

“Oh,” I said a little worried. I was anything but fast. I liked to be on time but I don’t like to rush. I like to stay and smell the roses.

“Delia!” Jeremiah called.

“I’m coming!” a smokey voice shouted.

I watched a beautiful girl with honey colored skin walked down stairs in the mandatory uniform. Her short blonde hair spiked framed her round face perfectly. Mischief glowed brightly in her sapphire eyes. I was a little taken back; her wicked beauty was a little scary.

She looked in my eyes and stared. I watched her face, waiting to see any sign of disapproval or terror that normal people usually gave me. I watched her eyes examine my purple ones. Eventually, she smiled.

“You must be Vivienne,” she said, holding out her hand.

“Hi, Delia,” I greeted while shaking her hand.

“Your eyes are crazy gorgeous! Jeremiah wasn’t lying.”

I was shocked. No one had every told me my eyes were pretty expect for my parents. “Umm...Thanks,” I smiled.

Jeremiah put and harm around my shoulder and lend against me. “Delia, I must say you look like a good little catholic girl.”

“Then we must be twins!” Delia squealed.

“Oh hell no! Hold my purse!” Jeremiah said while pretending to hand me a purse.

I giggled and so did Delia.

“So what time do we need to be the Hellhole?” Delia asked.

Jeremiah looked down at his watch. “In fifteen minutes.”

“Guess we need to start walking,” I said.

“Lead the way,” Delia said, motioning for us to go.

I smile at her and guided her out the door.

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This book has 2 comments.

on Apr. 8 2013 at 10:37 am
HannahBelle PLATINUM, Effie, Louisiana
30 articles 0 photos 13 comments

Favorite Quote:
"Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world." ~ Albert Einstein

Thanks! I'm working on it. I've been super busy lately but I will try to finish it ASAP. :)

on Apr. 8 2013 at 7:28 am
FallenAngel170198 GOLD, Bundaberg, Other
13 articles 0 photos 47 comments
This is great :D Keep writing please! I give it 5 stars :D I love Jeremiah :D he's just an awesome character and does she get to meet the mysterious man of her dreams that watches her sleep? Hurry and post another chapter! Would be greatly appreciated :) <3


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