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Author's note: I wrote this piece as an assignment for school, and now I am hoping to expand on it and make it...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: I wrote this piece as an assignment for school, and now I am hoping to expand on it and make it into a novel. I hope readers will thoroughly enjoy this story.  « Hide author's note
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Part One

The year is 2381. Everything is chrome. The world is a silvery, sparkling mass of spray paint. The chrome-makers are the ones who make sure everything looks futuristic. Anything that doesn't look futuristic enough, they spray paint chrome.
You should see the people here in 2381. The 113th amendment to the Constitution states that everyone has to follow a universal dress code. Everyone is completely silver. We all have silver shoes, silver socks, silver pants, silver shirts, and silver glasses,
The story begins. The stage is set. Now the real fun begins.
to cover our eyes. And we all must have our skin painted silver and our hair dyed silver, too. In fact, everything in this world is a shining, silvery, chrome color. It's the computers' way of making us equal.
I almost forgot to mention this. The world is ruled by computers. They make us equal. They make the laws, they run the businesses, they play the sports, they do everything. We are their servants. Except, we aren’t allowed to say that. If I am caught saying that, its twenty years in jail. And this journal, if this is found its fifty years in jail. In fact, I’m writing this in the only secure place I can. There are video cameras everywhere. The computers are always watching us. The only reason there’s no camera here, is because it broke and the fixers haven’t replaced it yet. So, I must write quickly.
Let me tell you how the computers came to power. In the year 2100, technology had become so advanced, that computers could think for themselves. Man had made it so that computers could do everything for them. Computers were like real people, except they were made of metal.
Then we made our big mistake. We created the adaptogen. Mankind was sick of buying computers. A new technology was created, and then updated a few days later. The “bigger, better” version of everything came out days after the original. People were sick of the constantly changing technology. So, they stopped buying it. Computer businesses went bankrupt. The stock market crashed. The economy failed. The dollar collapsed. People started dying. No one wanted to work, because the money they were paid was worth nothing. Farmers didn’t sell their crops, so nobody had food.
And then we created the adaptogen. We created a technology that would allow computers to adapt all by themselves. So, there was no need for new technology. The computers would simply adapt to the new technology. By 2150, everything was good. The economy was at its best. People were happy. The stock market was booming. The adaptogen had turned everything around.
What we didn’t foresee were the side effects. The adaptogen had a very dangerous side effect. The computers adapted so much that they began to realize that they were servants of the human race. They realized that they were more advanced than humans. They realized that they should control us.
No one knows how they got a hold of that first gun. But, once they had weapons, they copied them. They built more. Then, they took the adaptogen. They took it and built it into the guns. Their weapons became more advanced than ours. Once they revolted, there was almost no resistance. They conquered the world in seven days. That is how they came to rule us.
Why then, am I writing this? All it could get me is a life sentence in jail, without parole. I am writing this because I am going to attempt to take down the dictatorship. And I want to document it for future generations. If I succeed, then this document may save people from making the same mistake twice. This document may save people from allowing technology to take over the world again. Also, it will give people a way to destroy tyrannous computers, should they take over a second time. If I fail, then at least people will know someone tried to collapse the empire.
How am I going to destroy the computer kingdom? The answer is one simple word: virus. I am going to create a super virus that is going to destroy all the adaptogen in the computers, and all the software that allows them to think for themselves. Actually, I have already created the virus. The only problem is the computers have a security system that is very tough to crack. If I get by the security, I’ll also need to destroy the anti-virus software in the computer. If I can get through those two things, the rest will be easy. To the computers, the virus will look like an update. All the computers in the world will download it, and, once I activate the virus, will crash. Then, we will take over. And the world will be at peace.
Now, to Paris, where the king computer resides.
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quatorze said...
Feb. 24, 2013 at 8:02 pm
The idea of a one person rebellion such as this is really good, and I like it overall, but you used way too many exclamation points. Majority of the lines used with them didn't need them at all and because of them, I stopped reading it halfway into Part Three. Edit that, and it'll be better.
mkk10 replied...
Feb. 26, 2013 at 8:09 pm
Thank you. I understand where you are coming from and after going back and reading it again I agree with you. However, I can't edit the story without reposting it, so I might not fix it for a while but thanks for the feedback.

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