New World

February 14, 2013
By PhiliEstrada, Reno, Nevada
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PhiliEstrada, Reno, Nevada
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As I wake up seeing a TV screen on the emergency broadcast network showing people being eaten alive by the dead, and I am stuck to the bed hooked up to a respirator that is like a helmet and needles in every one of my main veins pouring the drugs into my body. I pull the needles from my arms and legs slowly so I don’t bleed to death; I slowly get up removing the respirator from my head. I look around for something useful; all I see is a security guard’s outfit and a hand gun with a full clip. Not being able to remember anything about myself not even my own name, as I change into a muscle shirt and shorts and strap on the gun I found earlier.
I look around and see paper and blood everywhere spelling the word “help,” when suddenly the door slowly opens; I pull the pistol out and point it at the door. A figure covered in blood appears in the doorway. I put the gun down and say, “Are you okay?” Suddenly he rushes me and we are both on the floor I try to reach for the pistol but it is out of reach so I push the thing off of me I slide across the floor grabbing the pistol with my left hand and shoot the figure through the skull between the eyes. I sit there and only one question is on my mind: “How in the hell did I just do that?” I get up, look at the gun and go with the pistol ready to go.
I open the door and the smell of a million dead bodies hits me. I go out the door and grab a working flashlight, left by a partially-eaten body. Its eyes are intact as it looks at me, reaches for me. Without hesitation I just put a bullet between its eyes. I make my way down a long hallway and find a door that reads “Security only” in red letters; I break the glass on the door and reach through grabbing the door knob slowly open the door. I secure my gun and shine the flashlight on a pile of guns, safety armor, and bullets. I put on some armor to protect my neck, arms, and legs. Then it hits me like a ton of bricks that I might be the only human left on a lifeless Earth. Once I am fully suited up with a M16 strapped to my back, I keep the pistol locked and loaded, ready for anything to jump out and attack me.
As I exit the place where I was safe and protected to look for the kitchen for some food, so I can survive in this life less place that I call home. I keep my gun ready for anything to happen, trying not to make a sound with each carefully placed step. As I look straight ahead down the hall, the lights are red and I turn to see if everything is okay. I see three zombies; I shoot one in the head than hear 2 shots go off. I know the shots didn’t come from me.
As I turn with my pistol in one swift movement, and I see two people with guns pointed at me. One of them says, “What in the hell are you?” I put my gun away, and the other shoots me in the hand straight through, instantly the hole in my hand starts to heal over the hole in my hand. I look where the hole was in my hand, I look up at them, and they both rush me and try to attack me, I move as one is about to hit me. Then I bend and take both of their hands and make them hit each other, and then run to hide from them. The only thing on my mind was, “What in the hell am I?”
I make it to a janitor’s closet go inside and lock it. I try to concentrate on where I was shot, but then I hear gun shots going off and a cry for help coming from the other side of the door. I open the door and I see two of those things that attacked me earlier with one eye out of its socket, mouth dripping blood, and one arm completely chewed off, the other one eye missing a few fingers missing and teeth darkened with blood attacking the people who attacked me. I figure why don’t I help them out, so I pull out my pistol and shoot one of the monsters in the forehead and run and break the other one’s neck. I hear the bone snap. I look at the two people that tried to kill me and say, “Look, you both need help if you are going to survive this hell hole, so I’ll make a deal with you. If you help me escape this place I’ll help you survive.” I extend my hand; they look at each other and turn their backs to me to make a decision. Then they both reach out and shake my hand, and all of us start walk down a hall that is labeled “Danger,” we make it to an elevator that’s stuck.
As I start to pry the elevator door open when suddenly I remember how I got here: I am on a gurney with my left arm and right leg not attached to the joints where they bend, and on top of that I am shot in my lung and a blood spattered nametag that reads “Grimm,” but the last name is totally covered in blood. A young woman who calls me “Baby” is holding my right hand…
I snap back to reality and hear footsteps coming done the hall and tell the others to get behind me. They don’t listen to me I realize that the girl in my flashback is standing before us. She looks at me with a green colored eyes, wearing a blood soaked t-shirt, skinny jeans and converse runs up to me and hugs me and says, “Oh my God, baby I thought that you died.” I hug her back and crack a smile.
She looks up at me and kisses me. I am surprised by it, but I let it happen and I enjoy it. I look at her and tell her I can’t even remember who I am, but her kiss brought some of my memory back, like Grimm was my old nickname. My real name is Benjamin Reaper and she is my girlfriend Kimberly Jensen. I am happy that I have her back in my life. The two I made the deal with seem to warm up to me a little bit more by telling me their names one is Jake, the other Bob. Bob looks at me and says, “If you’ve been here the whole time where were you?”
I just look at him. I Look at Kimberly and say, “What has happened to me? Where did you hide?” As I get the elevator door open, we all step in.
She starts to get a tear in her eyes and says, “Some gangsters thought you were someone else and so they took it out on you and now you are basically a robot. I hid in an office with a locked door and a shatter proof window.”
I look at her, and take her face my hands and point it at mine and caress her to assure her I’m perfectly fine. I kiss her and watch her just look at me and.
She starts to say, “Baby I’ve missed you, I never thought I’d see you again, I thought I lost you.” She hugs me.
As I take Kimberly’s hand and we, Jake, and Bob get into the elevator to get to the first floor, but only the button for the third is lit up; so I press it. The elevator moves down and comes to a squeaking stop. The doors open slowly, and I hand Kimberly the pistol because I immediately start hearing footsteps from something heavier. I look at Jake and Bob and say, “Get Kimberly to a safe place now I’ll find you.” I kiss Kimberly and say, “I promise you I’ll make it back to you.” She smiles at me and shakes her head the three off them start to run. I turn and see a thing in the distance that’s average human height; the air grows colder smelling of a dead body that has been decomposing for 2 months I swing around the M16 and point it at the monster.
Getting ready. As it gets closer, it’s over seven feet tall with one arm the size of a tree branch and one eye dangling from its socket. I look at it as it stares me down with blood dripping from its mouth I take a shot and hit it in the head, but it doesn’t fall and growls at me. It knocks the gun from my hands, so I get ready to fight it with my bare hands on my own, it grabs me by my face and throws me through a wall I have blood coming from my mouth is my own because my back hit the wall than I hit the floor face first, I pick up a piece of fallen jagged metal and swing it at its knees and it falls, so I drop the metal I start hitting it as hard as I can with my hands. I pick the metal up again and as it is on its knees I take one mighty swing and cut its head clean off.
Then Bob, Jake, and Kimberly come from around the corner and Kimberly comes up to me and says, “I hope you are okay.”
I look at her with blood dripping from my mouth; I go and pick up my M16. And look at all of them and say, “It is safe let’s keep going.” As I take Kimberly’s hand and start to walk
After we all regroup in a closet we agree that we need food and it’s a good thing the kitchen is on this floor. I go out first and make sure it is safe for us to go through the hall and head toward the kitchen where S.W.A.T cops were, along with k9 units I pull out my pistol and keep it up like I am getting ready to fire. I look in an empty room with the flash light then I get tackled by a pit-bull with blood-matted fur, one eye missing, and skin over its ribs missing and a breath that smells like sulfur. My pistol slides under one of the tables and the dog tries to bite me. I smack its muzzle with a metal lunch trey and reach for my gun and shoot another dog through its mouth that appears on the other side of the table. I now turn my attention to the one that was on me and put the pistol in its mouth and fire. The dog’s brains are on the ceiling and not a zombie is to be found when I hear something fall in the kitchen.
I pull the pistol up from my side and keep it ready to fire when a pot hits the floor I turn and see a couple people hiding in a pantry closet; one is a young woman named Roberta about seventeen years old with her mother Danni who has a messed up leg and it is in a cast, they are holding each. I look at the both of them and put my gun down and say, “It is safe if you guys want to come with me?” They look at each other and shake their heads I say, “I found a wheel chair stay in here I’ll go get it.” I quickly grab the wheel chair I found and a cart the wheel chair for the Danni and a cart for food.
I walk next to them as I pushing the food and Roberta says, “See mom I told you someone was going to come back and help us.”
I interfere in the conversation and say, “Well actually I was already here in the hospital I just got out of my room.” They look at me in disbelief I shake my head to show I’m telling the truth. I open the door and let Roberta and Danni go in first than I push the food in.
The air starts to get thick with the smell of cheap perfume then I hear the sound of high heel clicks on the tile floor. I close the door and see a nurse with a bunch of needles sticking out of her arm, a broken ankle, broken arm, nails sharpened to a point, and a missing eye. The demented nurse lets out a scream so high pitch I can’t hear for a few minutes, and the next thing I know she is rushing me. I grab her neck and snap it off of her body. I open the closet door and say, “Let’s keep going.” as blood runs down my ear.
As I sit on the floor I divvy up the food among the six of us. We start eating, and I start to cough blood on the floor, drop my food, and hit the floor apparently my powers don’t work on internal injuries. Kimberly comes to my side and grabs my hand as she cries, “I won’t let you go again!” Kimberly tries to revive me. I blackout.
Suddenly I find myself in a dream with clear blue skies, a dog running in the front yard, a wedding ring on my finger, Kimberly on my side, and a little baby girl in my arms biting one of fingers, and I’m in a police uniform. So I get up and get my daughter some food, I go back outside and see that some sort of federal agent who is roughly six foot three, brown hair, blue eyes, and wearing all black has a pistol pointed to Kimberly’s head says, “ Hand me the baby and I won’t hurt your family.” I hand him my daughter and he hands her to one of his partners and he shoots her. My hand curls into a fist and I hit the one that just killed my little girl, and one hits me in the back of the head.
Waking up from the blow to my head and see a light shinning in my eyes and voices muttering over me then I hear a chainsaw. Kimberly is crying, “Stop!” The chainsaw starts going in my starts to dig in to my leg I start to scream. I get shot under my name tag. Blood spurts from my chest over my name tag and I am losing consciousness as they get through my left arm. They let Kimberly go and leave as I black out…
I wake up and Kimberly has me laying in her lap and brushing my hair back. Looking up at her I say, “Who died?”
She nurses my wounds and starts to slightly giggle and says, “I was so worried about you”
I take her hand and try to get up, but I can’t because I‘m tired. We all decide to lock the door and call it a night.

The next morning I wake up, and stretch I realize that Kimberly is not by my side. Getting worried about Kimberly, and she comes back from a walk around the tall room, I look up at her and get up to tell her something. I get up and hold her in my arms and say, “I know what happened.” I look at her and say, “I miss our daughter.”
She looks at me starting to cry and says, “I miss her too.”
Looking at her with her hands in mine I ask, “What was our little girl’s name? How old was she when those guys did what they did?”
Kimberly looks at me and answers, “Her name Jennifer. She was only one when they killed her and hurt you.”
I start to get tears in my eyes and say, “I promise I will go after those murders myself. You all stay here I want to do this on my own.” I kiss her and hug her like I’m going to war, “I’ll be back I promise.” I put on my blood covered boots, my shirt soiled with blood, strap my M-16 to my back two pistols on my hips, and a shotgun in my hands.
Kimberly grabs my hand before I walk out the door and says, “Do it for me, and I want you to be careful out there.” I nod my head and leave locking the door behind me. I start down the hall and strap the shotgun to my back and pull out the pistols. I find a stair case flooded with zombies and one lunges at me. I pull the trigger and start aiming for their foreheads, and I watch the lifeless bodies fall over one another, and I stop because of broken metal on the stairs to the first floor is blocked. I open the door to the second floor and see the people who put me in this mess in the first place; one has a shotgun to my face.
I put my guns on the ground and say, “You were the ones that put me in here.”
The one with the shotgun pointed in my face looks at me and says, “I left you with one less arm and leg.”
I come back with a smart ass answer of, “The abilities of hospitals now days.”
He shoots me in the gut, it only knocks the wind out of me but I fall to the floor as one of them says, “I saw where his group was hiding. What should we do? Kill them?” The boss looks at him and gives him a nod. They clear out the hall and head toward the hiding spot, and I start to get up and sneak up behind the one that shoot me, and break his neck.
Taking the shotgun from his dead hands, and walk carefully down the hall with the shotgun strapped to my back. I find two more one has my M-16 and the other has my pistols, so I do a little improvising. I throw a piece of debris at one he turns around and shoots the one with pistols in his hand ; the pistols slide near me as the other guy I spinning in circles looking for someone. I come up out of one of the shadows behind him and tie his feet together with a piece of fabric from the curtains. I drag him behind me I get the idea of tying his feet to a rail and hang over the first floor flooded with zombies everywhere.
Coming across a door that is labeled in white paint, “H.Q.” I hear a gun fire going off and a scream of horror. I rush in through the door and see Kimberly, Bob, Jake, Roberta, but Danni is the one ground bleeding out all over the tile floor. I pull out my pistols pointing them at the figure. I tell the figure above Danni to leave them alone and say, “Who are you? Why did you do this to me?”
The figure looks at me and says, “Is that any way to talk to your own brother? I paid those men to kill you and they didn’t do their job right, so I’ll have to do it myself.” He places his pistol on the ground and says, “Come on Grimm. One on one and no weapons.”
As I set all my weapons down and get ready to fight, I say, “First swing is yours.” The next thing I see is my brother running full speed at me and he jumps in the air taking one mighty punch at my face, but I move catch his arm and break his arm. He screams in pain and he tries to kick me in the ribs, I catch his leg break it and punch from his ribs, broken arm and break his teeth when he leans in then I grab a long piece of rope as he is coughing out blood I tie a knot at his wrists and throw him over the rail dripping his own blood.
My brother screams as the zombies grab his feet. I turn to see if everyone is okay, and they all hug me and chant, “Our Hero!” At that moment we all hear a growl that shakes us all, and we all look over the rail into the see of zombies to see a figure that is like fifteen feet, tall glowing red eyes, face half swollen up, ripped shirt covered in blood, and claws for fingers. I realize that creature is my own brother, and he looks dead in my eyes and says, “You can’t stop me little brother.”
Quickly I turn back to the room I left my weapons and grab them. I strap the M-16 and shotgun to my back, pulling the pistols in a position to fire as I yell to the others, “Leave. This is my fight!”
Kimberly looks at me and says “Remember I will always be right her physically and mentally.” She kisses me as they hide in the large room. I take a deep breath as my brother starts to climb the curtains I instantly start to fire the pistols in to his back making him growl in pain. He swings back at me I roll out of the way looking at him and ask, “What happen to you?”
He stares me down and says in a deep booming, “The same thing that happened to you, except it turned me into a monster.”
We stare each other down I swing the M-16 around and say, “Bring it.” He roars then runs at me full speed and I shoot him in the knees he stumbles to the floor. I put the M-16 back and climb his back and make it to his head and I hit him as hard as I can, he starts to cough blood and I don’t let up and then pull the shotgun from behind my back and shoot him in his face.
As I take claim easy breaths I start to go towards the others and get close to the door and say, “We are almost out of here” I open the door and I see a giant black creature walking on all fours and it turns its attention from them to me. I grab the shotgun, but it has me on the ground before I can even grab it fully, and it tries to bite me I keep it at bay by holding the muzzle shut and I look over at Bob and he has the pistols I yell, “Shoot it!”
When suddenly a bullet punches the creature in the eye and goes clean through the other side of the monsters head. As I lay there in amazement, and I start thinking he was the one that shot me with that kind of accuracy.
Bob looks at me and turns the pistol on me and says, “Why the hell couldn’t you have been the good boy you are and die back then.”
I raise my hands and say, “I don’t take orders. I give them.” He starts to shoot at me and as he does I swing the M-16 around and shoot him in the leg and he drops the pistol and I go grab it put it in his face and say, “This would be too easy.” I help him to his feet walk him over to the rail pick him up and dump him over it. He lands on his bad leg and I look at him and wave bye as the zombies reach him tearing his flesh off his bones, and start to eat him.
Kimberly comes running into my arms as I re-enter the room. Kimberly kisses me and I just smile and see she was truly worried about our future together, and I hold her to let her know I am 100% okay. I take a breath and let her go and drop to one knee and say, “I know this is a little different way of popping the question, but will you marry me again?
Kimberly looks at me with happy tears in her eyes and says, “I would love to baby.”
We go to kiss, and Jake comes up and says, “Touching, but how are we going to get out of here?”
I look around and see my brother’s body and an explosive as I say, “I got an idea.” I cut a hole in the body and stuff the body with the explosive. As I push the body over the rail I yell, “Get down!” The body goes over the rail and duck for cover as the body blows up. We all get up and see what has happened, and there is hundreds of dead bodied laying everywhere in the lobby. We find the curtain my brother climbed to get up here, and I am the first one down and see a clear path to the door as Kimberly, Jake, and Roberta follow me
I keep the pistol ready to go and fire as we walk past the dead flaming bodies, but I see one thing start to move so I point the pistol at it waiting to see what it is. It comes out of a pile of dead bodies it’s a doctor who was chased in to the area earlier.
He is bleeding from his arm, part of his face and gut as he looks at me and says in a hushed whisper, “Help me.”
I walk over to him and crouch next to him and say, “The only way I can help is by killing you. Do you understand that?” He shakes his head yes and closes his eyes I tell him open his mouth put the barrel of the pistol in his mouth and fire. His brains scatter all over the back of his jacket and the floor, and I walk back to Kimberly, Jake, and Roberta and say, “let’s get out of this hell hole.” We all place our hands on the door and push it open slowly.
As the door slowly opens and then we see the whole city has become nothing but zombies besides the four of us. We close the door and find something to lock it as we press our backs against the door breathing heavily. I look at all three of them and say, “What do we do now?”
They all look at each other in confusion and shrug like they don’t know. Suddenly Kimberly comes up to me and says, “Baby, we could all live here together as a family.”
Jake, Roberta, and I all look at each other and I say, “That is why I love you, and that is also the best possibility we have to survive.”
Jake is the same age as Roberta both 17, so Jake kisses Roberta as Kimberly and I look at each other. Jake stops and says, “I thought we we’re celebrating.”
Kimberly looks at me and says, “Well you can marry them. Can’t you?
I look at them as they look at me holding each other’s hands and smiling I say cheerfully, “Yes, but we will do this the broke way. Ok, now Roberta goes with Kimberly and Jake comes with me.” As I find a couple of walkie-talkies and hand one to Kimberly.
I break a glass to an office and open the door and see a closet. I open the closet door and see a tuxedo in a cover and I say, “You my friend are in some serious luck.” He just looks at it and shakes his head in agreement. I grab the walkie-talkie and contact Kimberly and say, “Did you have any luck finding Roberta a dress.” I wait for a couple seconds and she answers, “I found plenty dresses, and a new tux for you baby.”
I go I front of a painting that has the sun and garden as I say, “This will be the perfect spot for a wedding” and take a deep breath and relax myself from all this stress.
I look to my right and see Jake in the tuxedo that I found for him earlier as we wait for Robert and Kimberly to show up. Roberta comes down the stairs with a white veil over her face and the back of dress following as I set the red carpet down. Kimberly is not far behind wearing a blue dress to match the suit she had picked for me, and I go to put it on in the office I helped Jake in earlier. I change into the tuxedo and step out into the lobby and take my place back at the alter holding a bible in my left arm. We make it through both ceremonies without a single zombie to interfere and ruin it for anyone, and yes it was a real challenge to try to marry Kimberly and myself.
Roberta looks at me and says, “Do me and Jake get our own rooms?”
I look at her smirk and say with a smile on my face, “He wishes.”
As we all go to separate rooms to change into clothes to sleep in. I change out of the tux and find my shorts and tank top Kimberly walks in and says, “I’ve missed you and I want to cuddle with you.” as she is wearing a t-shirt and shorts.
I look at her and say, “Okay babe.” I lay on the bed with my arms behind my head. Kimberly lays her head on my right arm, so I move my arm from behind my head to on her side, kiss her cheek, smile, and hold her close to me.
Kimberly looks at me and says, “May I ask you something?”
I shake my head and say, “Sure.”
Kimberly sits up, looks at me, takes my hand, kisses me and says “Benjamin, I was wondering if you want to have another baby again?”
I look at her with shock on my face that turns to a smile and say, “I would love to baby. I kiss her and smile at her.
The next morning we both wake up at the same time and I realize we are both naked, so I put on my shorts and tank top. Kimberly wakes up kisses me with the blanket over her chest looks at me and says, “Where are you going?”
As I put my shoes on, kiss her and answer, “I am going to make us some breakfast. What do you want me to make?”
Kimberly says, “I want some eggs, bacon, sausage, ham, and coffee.” She puts on her clothes so she can help me in the kitchen. I take her hand as we head down the hallway toward the kitchen, and we both smile and kiss each other. We make it to the kitchen and I find eggs, ham, bacon, sausage, and coffee as she finds a clean fridge in the corner of the room with some pots and pans next to it, but just in case Kimberly goes over to the sink and wash the pot and pan just to be safe. I clear off one of the stove top for us to use too cook our food.
As I start too cook and look at Kimberly and say, “Do you want some toast too?”
Kimberly looks at me with love in her eyes and says with a little giggle, “I sure do baby.”
I finish the bacon and start the sausage as Kimberly tries to find us some silverware and plates to eat off of. Kimberly finds it for us just as I finish the rest of the food and start the toast and coffee, as we wait for our breakfast. Jake and Roberta walk in from separate halls and say at the same time, “What is that great smell?”
Kimberly and I roll our eyes at them as I say, “Go ahead. You’re lucky I made extra.” I grab mine and Kimberly’s cups for coffee, and butter our toast. I take Kimberly’s hand and walk over to a table in the corner and start to eat, and I hold her hand when we both finish our breakfast. Kimberly sits in my lap and uses my chest as a pillow and starts to fall asleep, and I sit still so she can sleep peacefully. I pick Kimberly up in my arm and carry her back to our room and lay her on the bed and kiss her softly, and she keeps grip on my neck so I cuddle with her and smile at how peaceful it is.
Kimberly is out like a light for the night so I look the picture she has of us holding Jennifer in her locket. We all looked so happy together as I start to cry a little missing Jenifer. Kimberly sits up and looks at me as I am crying and says, “Benjamin what is wrong?”
I look at Kimberly wiping the tears from my eyes and hold her hand and say with a frown on my face, “I miss our little Jenifer really bad. I never got to see her until I had those flashbacks.”
Kimberly comforts me by putting her hands on my face and points my face towards hers and says, “That is why I want to have another baby with you, and we can be a family again just the three of us. Okay?”
I smile at her and hold her hand on my face and say, “I think our first try in a while was the one we need to have another baby. Call it a hunch.” I grab a pregnancy test from the cabinet and hand it to her and smile.
Kimberly takes the test into the restroom, and as I wait for Kimberly to come out of the restroom Roberta and Jake come into the room and say, “What are you waiting out here for?”
I look at the both of them with a smile on my face as I look at them and say, “Kimberly might be pregnant.”
They look at each other as Jake looks at me and says, “What the hell? You guys get your own room together and we don’t.”
Roberta gets Jake to claim down as I look at him and say, “Kimberly and I have been married for years, as for you and Roberta have only been married for a couple of days.
Kimberly comes out of the rest room with the test in her hand and her head hung in disappointment looking at us as she starts to say, “Benjamin we are going to…Have a baby again.”
Roberta, Jake, and I all look at each other and start jumping up and down in excitement. I go to my knees and start to rub Kimberly’s tummy and smile as Kimberly smiles at me as I rub her tummy. Slowly but surely Jake and Roberta join us in a group hug to show they care about Kimberly as if she was their own mother. Jake looks at the both of us and says, “Congratulations on being able to get pregnant.”
Kimberly and I look at each other as she starts to cry and says, “I can’t believe we might have our own family again. I have wanted a baby with you since those people killed our first daughter.”
I look at her and say, “It all going to be okay now. Especially since we have each other again and we love each other.” I kiss her.
It is roughly afternoon and we start hearing voices coming from a radio saying, “Requesting back up near hospital please answer.”
I look over at Kimberly, Jake and Roberta and they all look at me and say, “Go help those poor defenses less people.”
I grab the armor I had on earlier to protect the others with, strapping the M-16 to my back, pistols in holsters on my boots, and shotgun in hand. I grab one of the walkie-talkies and start out the door.

The author's comments:

I take my first steps outside and one of the zombies starts to rush at me and I point the shotgun at his head as it is about three feet away from me and shoot his head clean off when I see a road flare across the street is one with a guy holding it up over his head from the looks of it he was a part of the SWAT team because his vest says, “SWAT” in white letters across the front of it. So I run over to him and ask, “Is everyone okay?” He shakes his head yes in response to my question. The next thing I know is that something is spitting fire at us from above it is a giant bird that got out of the testing area in the hospital so I try to shoot it out of the sky, but there is no way so I look at the truck that is flipped over and how low it is flying. I look on the ground and find a pointed pipe and run over to the ruck and jump off it as the bird circles back to give another attack. I jump to where I am even with the bird’s beck is open and shove the pointed piece of pipe down the birds mouth and it slams into the ground leaving a dent in the street.
I shoot the bird and turn to the people who I help just looking at me in amazement. I look back at all the and extend my hand saying, “Don’t worry I am on your side, and my name is Benjamin Reaper or you Grimm for short.”
The leader of the group looks at me and says, “My name is Charles Jordan and I am glad you are on our side. So where do you stay?” As he shakes my hand.
I point to the hospital and say, there are four of us in there right now, but we have lots of more room.” So I start to walk towards the hospital when I radio in to Jake and say, “I have saved the people open the door.” Jake opens the door.
Kimberly is the first to welcome me back home with a hug and kiss. I look at least twenty-five people some are old but most of them are in their twenties. So I look over at Jack and Roberta and say, “Looks like you two get your own room.” Jake smiles.
I go over too Charles and ask, “How many of these people can cook because we have plenty of food to share.”
Charles grabs a chair and stands on it and says, “Who can cook out of all of you?” We wait for an answer and see one hand shoot up and a kid about the age of eighteen. He comes up to where Charles and I are. I look at him and shake his hand.
We make a list of people we need so far we have a cook, second in command, and president. Now we need a doctor, nurse, security guards, and a priest. Right away Kimberly and I are moved from the first floor to a room on the top that is more like a pent house suit than a hospital room. Charles is on the floor underneath us along with his new girlfriend.
About half an hour later our new cook has lunch ready for almost thirty people. So I headed down towards the kitchen in a nice suit I had found in the closet to make it official that I was the president. I enter the kitchen and go back towards the cook named Jose. Jose is in a white chief’s outfit and he says in a strong voice, “President Grimm is here!”
Every one stops what they were doing and straighten up right away and stand in a straight line shoulder to shoulder. I make it to Jose and shake his hand and say, “Thank you for being able to keep all the people here in the hospital feed. You have been a real pleasure to have on this crew.” As a camera crew walks in to the kitchen to get the hot scoop about what the president was up to.
The press wanted to get a few words with being the first president of this colony. I hear the chatter on one of the radios sounding like an S.O.S. and I stop the conference and make my way to the room taking my suit off and get my armor and slip it on one piece at a time. It still has the M-16 strapped to the back and pistols in the holsters in the boots. I start to open the patio door and grab a climbing rope as I see a bus in an approaching matter.
I tie the rope to something sturdy and I take the pistols out of the holsters in my boots jump on top of the rail as I look down and see the zombies are where the bus is going to hit. I radio down to headquarters and say in to my head set, “Incoming group of people coming and I’m going to help them they are in a school bus so be ready to open after you hear my gun fire.”
Headquarters answers with a, “Yes sir.”
The bus crashes into the side of the building with putting a dent in I jump off the rail and point the pistols down at the zombies trying to attack the side of the bus that can’t open. I start to fire the at the zombies and the people on the bus make it inside safely as I am standing on the top of the bus and unclip the rope I find a piece of an old wire and a metal pipe and say, “Time to go old school.” As I wrap the wire around my left hand a couple of times and hold the pipe in my right hand. One of the zombies try attack I manage to hit him with the wire and pull him in by the neck and he falls to his knees and I swing with the pipe, and as the pipe hits its head I hear the sound of the skull crack as I start swing at other zombies.
I figure that to many zombies are around me and climb down grab a big rock take it on the bus through a broken window and I realize I have an explosive on me and I start the bus up pull it straight away and put the rock on the gas as my foot is on the gas and I open the doors and light the fuse on the bomb and jump off the bus into some shrubs. The zombies run after the bus as I am hiding in the bushes and the bus explodes as it stops. I look around and see a motorcycle and drag it to the main road and drive back to the hospital.
I radio to headquarters and say, “Open the door.” as I am popping wheelies on the motorcycle and the garage door opens.
I get off the bike and jump up and close the door because the people in the headquarters say, “Technical Problem doors won’t close.” I swear we need to get the door fixed.
I go back into the main part of the hospital and take off my helmet to a load of forty nine people off the bus. I look at them from my new podium and say, “Fair people this is a safe place we have plenty food, shelter, rooms for families, couples, and single people, but we do need a mechanic, doctor, nurse, and some teachers. If you have any problems please use tell your guards and we will get to you as soon as we can.” There are now six teachers, one cook, five waiter, two doctors, one nurse, and ten security guards in the community altogether.
Thunderous claps fill the hospital quick as people go to appointed areas they are supposed to go to. A little boy named Trevor comes up to me and shakes my finger and says, “Mister where did you learn to do that?”
I crouch in front of him and say, “Eating my fruits and vegetables.” As I mess with his hair. I go back up to mine and Kimberly’s room. I start to open the door slowly and see Kimberly is on the bed watching some old DVDs that were left behind by the last owner, so I sit on the bed next to Kimberly and kiss her as I stretch across her side and Kimberly smiles at me for being sneaky.
I take my armor off and find my shorts only with my sweat dripping off my nose because of how long I was outside I lay next to Kimberly and rub her belly. When a camera crew comes in and say before they put the cameras up so I can change, “A question came from some of the people has popped up so we need an answer. I put on a t-shirt and lead the crew to the patio and sit on some of the lawn chairs that were left.
They signal me when we are live.
“So mister president what do you think about the couples wanting to have children?”
I look at the camera and say, “It’s not my job to limit the people. It’s my job to keep the people happy however so the citizens may have children of their own just not to many where we would have to relocate.”
They signal me that we are done with the questions and shake my hand as they start to leave the apartment. I sigh in relief as I go cuddle up with Kimberly and rub her belly as she is watching a replay of me answering the question on T.V. and I say, “I look tired during my answer the question.”
Kimberly kisses me and says, “I don’t know about that baby.”
I smile at her with love in my eyes looking in to her eyes full of love. I kiss her as she holds my face with one of her hands when there is another knock on the door and Jake comes in and says, “Ben did you really mean it?”
“Did I really mean what?”
“That couples can have a baby if they want?”
I look at him and shake my head yes. He starts to cheer in happiness and I smile at him and give him a hug. Apparently my body guards are on break because all I know is that he could have been an assassin. I invite him and Roberta up to have dinner with us that night so I call Jose and say, “Cook everyone else’s dinner first because I and the Mrs. Reaper are having guest up for dinner.”
“Is there anything you would like sir?”
“I would like to have your services up here. It would really be appreciated.”
“Yes sir, you are going to have mine and my crew’s service tonight.”
We hang up the phone as Jake goes to tell Roberta so that they are wearing something special for the event. What it is not every day you get to eat dinner with the president is it? Plus it was his idea to dress up nicely not mine. Kimberly looks me like why.
I try to be cute and put on one of my “new” suits to model for her, but she just gives me the glare that she wanted to have some time alone since I was busy all day taking care of official business.
“You are so lucky I love those two kids so much, but tomorrow I want you all to myself okay.”
“Yes baby.”
We kiss and I grab her dress and help her to her feet. I look at her and see she wants me to take the day off tomorrow, so I look at her a serious look and turn off the radio so we don’t get any interruptions during dinner. Kimberly is sitting at the table ready to eat, and there is a knock at the door its Jake and Roberta dressed fancy and the security guards have metal detectors to make sure they are safe enough to enter the room. We all sit in the living room area watching a movie until food gets up to the room. Jose and his crew come into the room with a line of metal plates shielding the food.
Roberta, Jake, Kimberly, and I all make our way to the table as they set up the table, but one of the crew members says, “It should be president’s day tomorrow.”
As I look at them and say, “Its going to be president’s day tomorrow. So you all get the day off.”
They start serving our food with a smile singing their song about how they serve someone great and cultured. I honestly felt honored by their gesture and I felt better than I had before when I first woke up from the comma or what it what it was that I was in. Now I have a family I can call my own. This feeling of having this is fantastic to have a wife and a baby on the way.
We all sit eating steak, mashed potatoes, corn, and some beans. I smile at all of them as I look at them all telling jokes and laughing. I get up from the table to shake Jake’s hand and give Roberta a hug to show that I am so proud of them both with all my heart for surviving what we have been put through before all the people came here.

I get up the next morning and grab the box that has my new armor in it and kiss Kimberly before I leave to see what the new armor can do. Making it to the doctor I was last with yesterday saying, “Go get changed today is the day your real training starts.” I grinned and went to the rest room and change out of my shorts and tank top. I first slip the pants on followed by mask, shirt, and shoes I look in the mirror and realize I have a visor telling me heartbeat, temperature, weapons, and heat signatures.
I come out all decked out looking like a ninja in all black. The tests I have today go stealth, speed, strength, hiding, and lastly weaponry.
First I go to where my guards as the lights flicker on and off I hide where the black is than take them both out in a few moves hitting one in the face than throwing him into the others gut and kicking him the face, I stand above them they start to chase me but I jump down an empty elevator shaft and stand on the ledge as they look right past me and say, “No one could have survived that.” I sneak my way to and air duct and make my way back to the doctors and scare them all because I went one way and came back behind them.
Next I am in the parking garage and I have to escape in three minutes I, so I start to run full speed and slide under the door before it hits the ground as I am instantly in the next test area with a car flipped over on a couple of people in their car. I start getting ready to lift as a zombie attacks me but I manage to keep him away from the people but I do a back flip over another car and kick it at the zombie crushing him against a wall I quickly help the “people” in the car. The lights go off and I hide in a tree as the lights come back on. I don’t get caught by a single camera.
I make my way back to the doctor and he has some dummies set up. I jump off the plate form pulling my sword out in mid-air and cut one down the middle, and chopping two others in half, four rush me(by pulley). I pull a pistol out shoot as others come close. I chop at the same time as I shoot.
The buzzer sounds signaling that I eliminated all treats in the area. I look at one of the doctors and say, “I feel like a badass version of Spiderman.” They all laugh at me for saying that. I go change into my clothes again and take my armor up to my room as I look at my guards and see that Kimberly has given one of them ice packs for their heads.
I look at the both of them and say, “What in the hell happened to you two?” acting like I don’t know.
“We had a little bit of a run in with a…”
“With a?”
“Ninja sir.”
I shake my head in disappointment at them both and go in my room as Kimberly looks at me and says, “Did you do that to those two?”
As I smile and shake my head yes. I kiss her and say, “Sorry it was a test to see if I still had it and apparently I still have it.” I look at the ground and hold the box to my chest as I cross the room to put my suit in a special case made just for the suit. I change into a pair of shorts and go to lie next to Kimberly on the bed and watch a movie.
Kimberly hugs me and says, “Your birthday is coming up. Maybe I get to have you to myself.” Knowing she wants me to announce a hospital holiday of Independence Day.
I start to fall asleep with her in my arms as I say, “Tomorrow I am all yours.” I hit a button that allows me to talk into a microphone and make announcements. I announce, “Tomorrow is Independence Day a national holiday for everyone here in the hospital. That will be all.” I remove my finger from the button and wrap my arms around Kimberly and kiss her goodnight and fall asleep.
The next morning I wake up and do not see Kimberly near me as I hear the bath water run. I get out of the bed and walk towards the bathroom. I hear Kimberly throwing up so I knock on the door and say, “Is everything okay in there?”
She comes to the door with a tooth brush in hand and says, “I hate morning sickness.” As she goes over to the sink and starts to brush her teeth.
I walk up behind her and hug her as I say, “Well at least we are here together.” I kiss her check and I grab a t-shirt and as the body guards follow me to the kitchen and help me make Kimberly and I food. We manage to make eggs, bacon, toast, hash browns, pancakes, and coffee. We take one of the metal carts up to the room and open the door as Kimberly is in the living room watching a movie. I realize I forgot about my gaming system in the hospital room I had to stay in when I was attacked. I tell the guards to keep an eye on Kimberly as I go to the room and get the system.
When I get to the room it is still empty as I see my system with a note on it that reads…
“Mr. Reaper you forgot this here in the hospital room and yes all of us here have decided to give you the T.V. that was in this room to you
To our best patient
New Medical Staff at the Hospital of Mercy”
As I look at the T.V. unplugged on the bed. I radio one of the security guards to come and help me get the T.V. and the game system up to the room. Of course one of the guards that u attacked the other day is the one that is sent to help get it back to the room.
“How is your head feeling?” I ask
“It still hurts. A minor headache.” He answers
We walk down the hall where there is a lot of families looking at me with smiles reaching out to touch my hands. Saying how I am such a great leader. We make it to the elevator unfortunately the elevator has a faulty light. Instantly I start having flashbacks of what happened before all the people came to populate the hospital. We reach the top floor as it is time to do a shift change for my body guards.
I place the system on the top of the T.V. and open the door letting him in first. He sets the T.V. next to the one that was already in the room. I look at the T.V. and hook it up as Kimberly comes in and says, “What is this one for?” Kimberly kisses me on my cheek.
Kissing her back I answer “My new T.V. for my game system.” As I hook the system up to the T.V. I look at her and kiss her hand and I call the body guards to go get us some lunch. I have them go and make us burritos for Kimberly and I. Kimberly and I lay on the bed watching a movie that has zombies. Personally I thought it was a coincidence of it all, and the body guards knock on the door. So I get up and answer the door so we can eat our lunch.
The body guards bring in two treys of food on one metal cart that has a squeaky wheel. I take the plates off the trey and take them over to the treys that can fold out on the bed so we can eat in the bed and hit the button that brings the treys out with my foot. The treys come out of the wall behind the bed and set them right in front of us. I set the plates on the treys removing the top from the plates and I see that the guards forgot about our drinks but we are okay because we have a fridge that has some ice water in it.

We go to bed early and sleep peacefully through the night and I feel my body have a spasm when I wake up. I grab my new suit of Armor and head on down to the hospital to get some more training done.

As I make my way down to the elevator I see that the body guards are on the ground. I slip back into the house and change from my bed time clothes into my armor and keep my hand on my sword as I walk down the hall prepared for anything to jump out at me. The lights go off leaving the hall completely dark and my sensors in my armor turn to thermal imaging so I see the outline of bodies moving toward me.
One closes in on me quickly but I kick the gun out of his hands and send it flying into the air as I punch him into a couple of other people with guns and they start to get up and chase me as I jump down the elevator shaft that they can see through their night vision because they don’t bother to look down as the bodies fall to the ground with a splat. I go to get back up to the floor I get hit by a tranquilizer in my neck so I start to black out again…
I am in a hospital strapped to a gurney with one arm cut off and one leg cut off, as I bleed profusely from my chest a couple of doctors saying, “Even if he does make there is no guarantee that he will be the same way he was before.”
A man in a dark suit comes up to me places my hands over my eyes and feels my heart beat when he places his hand over my heart and says, “Doctors we can take it from here. Since you can’t do anything farther to help this young man.” He rolls me to a room that is marked “Special Services” they place the respirator on my head so I can steady my breathing as they begin to replace my arm and leg and dig the bullet out of my chest…
I am being razed to wake up in a dark room that I am chained to the ceiling by my hands on a pulley system that leads to a curtain to I don’t know. The figure appears in a chair to look at me and says, “You have been putting up a very solid fight against my monsters and zombies, but lets see how you do against my ultimate monster now.”
The curtains draw back to a monster that stands about twenty feet high, smelling of someone that has not taken a bath since they were about twelve years old and rolled around in their own waste with one fist that can punch a giant hole in a whale the size of a truck and a breath that could knock out an angry heard of bulls in one blow. They start to push me in front of the monster and he looks me square in the eyes. I kick him right in his eye and drop down from them dropping me about twenty-five feet above the ground. It quickly grabs me as I turn to see the evil smile of the man hat put me in here and he commands his monster to tear me in half.
Managing to get it’s fingers undone I reach for my sword and cut clean through two fingers on each hand than it puts me in to its mouth so I just take my sword and stab straight through the brain it falls with blood flowing out of its mouth as I fall out of the mouth I grab an explosive just in case to tried to escape from their grasp I throw it at the window of the man that sent me in here and pull out one of my pistols and hit the explosive right in front of the man’s face. So I see the smoke cloud flood in front of him to hear his voice yell, “You shouldn’t have done that!” followed by an evil laugh.
The man comes through the smoke and part of his face missing so I see pure muscle and bone I shoot him straight through the brain it knocks him down but he gets back up and grabs his sword from his holster that looks like a cane.
“Grab your sword the first one to fall before his opponent lives.” He says
Pulling out my sword I say, “Bring it on.” I charge with my sword up to attack and miss as he slashes me across my back, but I catch him across his knee. So we both stand he falls and he drops his sword near my feet. I pick it up and say, “You have made my life a total living hell. Now it is my turn.”
He smiles at me and says, “Too late we are both dead.” As he rips his shirt to show me the bomb on his chest hits five seconds I get a message out over the radio to my security force telling them where I am and I take the shirt as the bomb goes off in a huge explosion. The building falls on us both basically killing us both the last thing I do is take his sword and send it right between his eyes and I lay there waiting for help. I start to fade out of my attention when I see lights hovering over me and raise my hands towards them as the guards grab my shirt and say, “We found him over here, and he looks like he is in terrible condition.” I black out…

A few months pass…
I wake up in the hospital hooked up to an I.V as I see Kimberly is sitting beside me again as I try to reach out and hold her hand. She looks at me and shrieks in amazement that I was aware on where she was. I look back at her and say, “What is today?”
“May 7, 2019. You have been in a coma for three months.”
I look around in shock as I see that Kimberly is starting to show with our baby and I have a bunch of plants, stuffed animals, and cards wishing I get better soon. Kimberly gets up to go get the doctor to let him know that I am awake. As I wait for the doctor Kimberly told me that they had to vote on who would replace me and she won the vote.
The doctor finally comes into my room shinning his light in my eyes, moving his fingers in front of my face. I honestly feel like breaking his fingers off of his hand just so he stops messing with me. Kimberly brings a camera crew in and says, “Your first president Is back and he is taking charge.”
The next thing I hear is somewhat of a surprise to me because I hear the whole building start to bust out in cheers u really feel the love Kimberly kisses me and I remember how to do everything I knew how before. Kimberly signs me out of the hospital to go see Roberta. I wonder what has happened to Jake, as we make it to Roberta’s door I see a picture of Jake that says, “Not forgotten.” With his birthdate and death date on the bottom. I knock on the door Roberta slowly approaches the door and lets Kimberly and me in the room.
I look at Roberta and say, “If you don’t mind me asking what happened to Jake?”
“He tried to get the people back that did all this to you and they captured him so I don’t know if the C.I.A killed him, tortured him, or turned him into something evil.”
I run out of the room back to my room grab my suit put it on and see a building that has lights on. I turn on my heat sensors and see that Jake is still alive he is on the top floor by himself hanging from the celling by his wrist. I call and tell Kimberly, that I will be home late. As I find a rope I can use to climb down the building as the sun goes down. I hide in a bush in front of the entrance with body guards standing at the door I climb over the door frame jump down throwing one into the other head first than one gets up tries to pull his gun out and shoot me, I kick the gun out of his hand and kick him in the face and shove the other’s head through the wall. The door opens and I go through the door as guards are standing at the end of the hall I throw a smoke grenade between them it blows up and I kick one into the other as they go flying into a janitor’s closet. I rush to shut the door and lock it breaking a key in the lock.
Finding an empty elevator shaft a guard spots me and yells, “Hey you!” I quickly pull my sword out and cut the cord and I instantly get shot up the shaft I pull out my pistol and keep it pointed at all the doors as the guards keep coming I manage to kill all the guards that kept their eyes on the shaft for me to come out. I make it to the top floor shot one of the power boxes at the end of the hall and all the lights go out.
“Who did that?” I throw a grenade into a group of people keeping an eye out for me but I blew up their whole plan. I make my way to where they were at and there is blood and guts all over the walls, ceiling and floor. The ones on the ceiling start to fall into a hole in the floor, so I balance myself on a little ledge trying not to fall into the hole. I make it across the hole and make it to the door where Jake is.
Jake is hanging there as I open the door and take my mask off to show him who I am. He hangs there with a little smile on his face, and I grab my sword and cut his chains putting my mask back on Jake stands up on his own and say, “I went through all this for you.” Swinging at me with his chains and one connects to my arm.
“What are you doing? Fine it looks like I will have to take you out of here nice and tamed.” I put my sword in its holster and my pistol back in my boot as the chains wrap around me and he throws me into the air as he does I spin the chains off grab and wrap one around a pole and I manage to get him to spin himself into his own chains and I tie him in it. I find a rope and tie it to a door as I throw him over my shoulder and climb down him.
I find a car and throw him in the backseat shutting the door as I turn to open the front door and thank god that they left their keys in the car and push the keys in the ignition as I hit the gas zombies start to come after me as I radio the guards in and tell them to open the gate. I get to the gate as and get out and close it as Jake stares at me and I open his door. He looks at me and gets out slowly as he says, “You are the hero of all these people.” As he claims down he looks at me and asks, “Am I supposed to be good?” I nod my head yes.
I take him up to his room where Roberta is waiting for a gift. I knock on the door and I forget I am in my ninja suit so I leave Jake sitting on the floor as I find somewhere dark to hide at so she won’t know its me, but I peak around the corner to see her kissing Jake and untying his chains. I quietly and quickly head back to my room as Kimberly I laying down waiting for me to lay with her and she says, “Did you bust into the C.I.A. Building today just to bring Jake back?”
“Yes I did.” As I take my mask off and grabbing some shorts to change into for bed I neatly Fold my suit and place it in the dresser. I lay with Kimberly and hold her hand and rubbing her stomach as I say, “I hope this baby comes out healthy, happy, and strong willed.”
Kimberly smiles at me and says, “The baby will be if it is like you Benjamin.” I just smile and laugh. Looking outside I see a giant ball of fire coming from the C.I.A. Building shot straight up into the sky. They never put the fire out I think to myself and turn my attention to my lovely wife a sleep on my chest and arm I can tell that she missed me the whole time I was in a coma because all she had was Roberta to keep he comfort and some of the single people here in the hospital hitting on her, But she did not want any of those guys she missed having me with her in this big room and she didn’t feel right talking to them because she wasn’t really comfortable with any of them. On top of that she is going to have a baby who should know who their real dad is.
I have appeared to have gained some powers I didn’t know about in the beginning of all this. I have found out I have the ability mind control; shield the ones I love, and the ability to move things with my mind. I of course get called down to the doctors again, so that they can test my powers and see if I can control them. I go down to the hospital where I learn I have different powers I never knew I had in the first place. I learn I can read minds; control Earth bound things like rocks, stone, dirt, and boulders.
I try my new powers in a court yard near the hospital with my suit on and I hear a big bus swerve down the road and the roar of a monster that is really big. I pick up a big rock and smack a huge creature in the face with it to let the people hide as I fight. It is as tall as a small house with blue eyes and green skin that smells like a used baby’s that has just been used.
The monster turns its attention from those people to me and I stand there waiting for it to make the first move. It takes one giant step on the road and I lift it with my new powers and make him land on his face and the concrete lands on his head. The people get out of the car looking at me and say, “Are you Reaper?” I shake my head yes and they say, “You know a place where we can go to be safe?” I point at the hospital.
I radio into the hospital, “We got some people coming into the hospital open the gate in about five minutes.”
“Roger that.”
The people in car look at me and smile at me and shout, “Thank you Reaper!”
I just shake my head and wave my hand at them as I say, “I hope you have a great stay at the hospital.” I smile as they drive past me and go to the hospital. Then I hear a sound of the monster I hit earlier start to get up, so I quickly turn to see him getting up I grab my sword and stab him in the eye pull out one of the pistols and shoot where the blade landed and kick myself off of the eye as he falls to the ground and brains splatter all over the ground. I walk back to the hospital, and start to think to myself that we need an army to protect us from those C.I.A. people from experimenting on my people again and turning them against me.
As I get back to the hospital I see the door to the garage has been left open and I hear people screaming. I go in and see that some of my security guards on the ground bleeding from his neck, arms, waist, blood squirting form his mouth, and one of his eyes missing. I hear something that sounds like a bunch of footsteps running down the garage I quickly shut the door shot the guard in the head, and the lights go out all at once and the footsteps stop. I set my visor to night vision to see the zombies better, but they cannot see me so pull my sword out and see a hoard of thirty zombies which is good for me because I need the practice.
Slowly I creep up behind a zombie and cut his head clean off with one swipe of my blade his head hits the floor and the hoard turns on him because his body is bleeding so I take swipes with my blade at their heads killing about thirteen more so I have seventeen more to kill. I creep around the whole garage to find a couple more by a fence trying to reach through for a couple of kids playing hide and seek, , but I cut their arms off and swipe the heads off in one swipe at the same time. The last group of zombies comes at me and I start chopping their heads off as they start charging at me.
The lights turn on again I look at my sword and it is dripping blood from the tip of it, as I grab a water hose and rinse my sword off making sure it is all clean I hear one of the security guards say over the radio, “President Reaper are you okay?”
I take off my mask look at the camera and say, “I am just fine.”

I walk down a hall with my with my sword in hand and my mask in my other as people look at me walking down the hall. One little boy tucks on my hand and says, “You are our hero can you put your mask back on so we can cheer for our President louder.”
Slowly I come down to the little boy’s level putting my mask back on and hugging him to say, “I will always be a hero little guy.” I run down the hall and jump into an elevator shaft climbing the walls and pull out the cover to a vent to go to back to my room with Kimberly.
I get back to the room and Kimberly is lying on the bed and I jump out of the vents in front of Kimberly. Kimberly gets up standing in front of me and takes my mask off to kiss me and hugging me to make sure I am okay I hold her and say, “Baby I am okay.” As I rub her belly to make her smile. I go change out of my armor and I go to lay with Kimberly and watch T.V. that has me fighting those zombies earlier. The reporter is standing in the spot I was in when I fought hose zombies and says, “Today we recorded a hero saving all of us who lives here in the Hospital.” They play the footage of me killing the zombies.
I look at Kimberly and say, “I thought that the cameras did not work.” As I watch myself chopping their heads off. I cover my face in my hands as I sit up saying, “I can’t believe I got caught on camera.” As Kimberly sits up to comfort me by holding me and rubbing my shoulders and I start to relax.
I look up as they freeze the masked figure with sword ready to chop the zombies apart and the reporter saying, “Who is this Dark Defender.” I have gone from being the president to being a Superhero in the span of a few hours, and these people don’t know I am. I am a role model to the kids that all live in this hospital and I am happy to be their role model. I lay down and start to fall asleep.
The next morning I get a call over my radio that says, “We got a group of people running from a monstrous hoard of about 70 zombies.” Quickly I grab my suit putting it on over my shorts and jump out the window as the wind hits me I see that the people have kids so I let them go by me and I pull my sword and pistol out as the first zombie comes in my reach I swing the blade cutting his head off, and I turn with my pistol in my hand to see this monster standing over seven feet tall with a giant hammer in his hands covered in blood.
He smells like a batch of fish that have been sitting out in the sun for a few months, one eye missing, the other dangling from its socket, messed up right hand, and teeth blackened with blood as I see him running for me full speed. I pull my sword out and graze his leg it doesn’t seem to affect him, and so I grab my pistol and shoot him in the head four or five times but he doesn’t fall. He catches me with his hammer one time as hard as he can in the ribs, as I go flying through the air I lose grip on my sword and it lands in a car’s windshield and my pistol all the way up a tree. I get up and uncover my mouth and cough out blood as he comes running at me to hit me a second time I fix my mask and catch his hammer stopping him.
It growls and leans in at me, so I use my mind to move a piece of ground and bust it over his head I quickly react and grab his hammer to hit him in the head, but he catches the hammer coming down with one hand so I let go and run over to my sword. I get to my sword and stab him in the heart so he drops to his knees and as I do I, but he throws his hammer at the people before the monster dies.
I run as fast as I can diving in front of the hammer the people duck out of the way, and it hits me in the ribs for a second time, but this time I hear something break this time. I start to black out again, but this time I see my mom who has been dead since 2009 reaching for me, as he hand touches me I see one of the hands of the people I helped take my mask off and pick up like I am another person as they answer the radio going off. I black out for a little bit.
I wake up in the hospital with my ribs bandaged, an I.V. in my arm, and a respirator around my face I have little kids surrounding my bed with Kimberly leading them in prayer. I go to sit up, but I am in too much pain. A little moan comes out of me and immediately Kimberly looks up at me and hugs me so do the little kids chanting, “Dark Defender.” Kimberly looks at me taking the respirator from my face and kisses me quickly then puts it back on me as the kids all say, “Ewe!” I just look behind all them and holding my breath seeing the cards that they all brought me.
“Thank you all for caring about me so much.” I say as I take breaths in between the words I hug all the kids back they all laugh.
I smile for the first time in a while, as the parents come get their kids and shake my hand since it is not every day you get too meet the president. One dad comes up to me with his little boy’s hand in his and says, “President Reaper I want to thank you for keeping this place safe for all of us here in the hospital, and being a great president.”
I shake his hand and just smile at them through my respirator and they leave. Each family member that the child lives with right now, as they all leave me and Kimberly alone I never truly realized how quiet it is here at night. I smile at Kimberly as I take off my respirator and say, “What have the doctors told you about the condition that I am in?”
She looks at the ground and says, “The doctor said you might be like this for a couple months.”
“That’s what they said last time.” I smile at her and kiss her, as I hug her. She leaves and it is time for me to go to bed as I lay down I turn on the T.V. and wait till I fall asleep. I slowly start to fall asleep so I turn the T.V. off right away and turn over and fall completely asleep.
The next morning I wake up and see Kimberly wanted to sleep with me because I am scooted over with a couple of pillows for her and my arm around her. I kiss her cheek and say, “It is time to wake up Kimberly.” Slowly Kimberly turns over to hold me in her arms, so I turn on the T.V. and turn it down low to let Kimberly sleep and to see what the people are talking about the Dark Defender is president reaper or vice versa. I grab the button to call the nurse so I can eat breakfast.
The nurse brings in the trey of food and says, “Mr. Reaper sir, some people have been reported missing and we have only fond bones of arms down there. Are you going to be a hero again?”
I look at the nurse and say, “May I eat first? Thank you.” She leaves my armor on the hair next to the bed and I feel so much better I take the bandages off my ribs, eat, and slowly put on my armor leaving my mask off. Kimberly Wakes up and says, “Where are you going? Mr. Hurt-Ribs.”
I kiss her and say, “We have got something in the basement eating people, and I am going to go take care of it.” I radio to the guards saying, “I need back up meet me by the Basement door in about fifteen.”

We make it to the basement door at the same time and I put my mask on as a camera crew tends to follow me so the people can all see what is down there live. The camera goes over my ear and syncs into my visor, so the people see what I see when we get down there. I flip a switch and lights lite up the hall way and I instantly see bloody hand prints all along the walls and I swing my M-16 ready to fire as the security guards finally get the clue when one of them get snatched by a monster with arms that can stretch and wrap around a whole person.
He moves quickly I don’t see him on my camera or in my visor. I quickly turn to the guards and yell, “Night vision now.” They all get it read as I hit the light switch turning the lights off and I turn on my thermal camera. I see all the people than I look up and see the thing standing upside down on the roof and I shoot it with the M-16 the monster runs away from me on the roof, but I follow it and the guards follow behind me.
The monster goes around a corner and I look to see that there is a nest of about twelve eggs lying on the floor, so I grab an explosive that has a detonator so I set one of the eggs up and with the explosive as the one that laid those eggs grab me and tries to make me into an egg I yell at the guards, “Get down and cover your eyes.” I throw the detonator; the monster catches it and all the eggs blow up. I struggle to pull my sword out, but I do and cut the arm off that has a hold of me.
“Get up, uncover your eyes, and open fire.” I command
The monster gets filled up with bullet holes and falls to the ground I spin in mid-air sideways and chop its head off. We all make our way back out the way we came from we open the door and we are all covered in blood from head to toe, and Kimberly is the first one to come up to us she hugs me and says, “I am glad that you are safe.” I take off my mask and kiss her waiting for the camera crew to take my helmet to take the camera off my helmet, but they want me to keep it if they want any other action footage.
I take Kimberly’s hand and walk towards the elevator so we can get back to our room so we can get some sleep before tomorrow because we both have busy days. I pick Kimberly up in my arms like when we first got married, but this time I doing it because she needs to rest on doctors’ orders. I lay Kimberly on the bed and go change in to my new shorts as I hear the blood curdling scream of the monster I killed earlier. As we relax people are getting interviewed about me being in the hospital, and Jake is getting interviewed he takes the microphone and says, “Reaper is my hero, because he saved me from the C.I.A and kept my family together.”

I walk out on to my patio and look at the sky to see something fast heading for me I get Kimberly up and move her into the hall way as I close the door and turn to see it has gotten closer. I quickly change into my suit and the rocket hits the roof and I fall to my back and hear a sharp whistling sound in my ears watching guys descend from a helicopter with guns on their backs.

The author's comments:
End of book one

I get up and notice my visor is broken and see blood all over the walls what is left of the walls and bodies lying everywhere on the floor. I slowly get up and I notice that I have a knife in my arm, and it is in the main vain in my arm. So I leave the knife there and hold my arm to see if everyone is okay and I look down through a hole in the floor in front of the door. The other floors are littered with dead bodies.

I make my way around the hole holding my arm and I walk down the stairs and see Kimberly laying down still breathing and not bleeding, but hiding in a closet and I notice that she is the only one that survived the attack from the C.I.A and I realize we that we are all that is left. The rest have either been taken or killed, and the only thing on my mind is where Jake and Roberta are? I pull the knife out of my arm and instantly cover it up as I wait for it to heal over the bloody wound, and Kimberly gets to Jake and Roberta’s room to see Jake laying on the floor motionless, not breathing, full of bullet holes, and Roberta is nowhere to be seen.

I go in to the room slowly and quietly still holding my arm checking to see if has healed yet, and it has I lower my hand pulling out my sword. I point my sword at Jake’s motionless body as it starts to move so I quickly chop the head off and I feel like I am about to cry because he was truly like a son to me. Kimberly looks at me placing her hand on my shoulder to comfort me than the next thing I know I am crying into her shirt while I hug her with one arm I say, “I can’t believe I just did that.” I let out a scream of pain and dropping my blood covered sword to the ruble of the room.

I see a note on the front of the door and it reads. “Come alone and you get the girl that is like your daughter and your grandchild. It is already too late for Jake.”

I look at the note and look at Kimberly and say, “I have got to do it if you want to have a true family again.” She just nods her head and kisses me as she starts to cry. I pick up my sword and she waits for me in what is left of mine and her room, and I go to the lobby to see 30 soldiers standing around Roberta with her hands taped and her mouth taped shut as she is tied to a pole. I take one step towards them and they slowly back off.

“Get away from her!” I yell

The leader of the C.I.A comes out and says, “Good you came alone, but the only way you are going to get her back is if you beat one person in a fight. The crowd parts and out steps a man that has been mutated be on being a human or monster he is a hybrid.

He has a chain around his neck being lead out by five guys pulling on the chain and jabbing at him with the butts of their guns. They slowly take the chain off his neck and he lets out a ground shaking roar to show that they have power and command anything and anyone they want. I pull my sword out and I run at it missing my swipe he grabs me by the face and throws me in to a group of C.I.A soldiers, and he approaches me slowly than picks me up over his head throwing me ribs first in to a support beam.

He runs straight at me I manage to get up and stab my sword straight through its heart and twist the blade in it. I take the blade out of the body as it begins to fall looking at the leader and say, “I kept my word, now keep your word.”

The leader says, “One more challenge. Me.”
As he takes off his suit and shirt as one of the men slide a night stick across the floor and it lands right by his feet. I look at him and he runs at me I dodge and take the first swipe across his back and he falls to his knees as I grab one of my ninja stars and throw it between his eyes as he turns to look at me. The rest of the people look at me and I say, “Let her go now and you can all get out of here.”

They untie Roberta and help her down as they all go out the door quickly and quietly without one word being said. Roberta runs into my arms and says, “Thanks for saving me again.” We both walk up the stairs and see Kimberly is waiting for us both she hugs us both and I look to see that the C.I.A has left us alone at last. Or so I think…

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"Hand down, Man Down"- Mark johnson

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Favorite Quote:
"Hand down, Man Down"- Mark johnson

the book i am writing conects to this one though, and i hope you enjoy this three part series.

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Favorite Quote:
"Hand down, Man Down"- Mark johnson

I am working on a book right now, it is not the second part to this one.


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