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New World

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As I wake up seeing a TV screen on the emergency broadcast network showing people being eaten alive by the dead, and I am stuck to the bed hooked up to a respirator that is like a helmet and needles in every one of my main veins pouring the drugs into my body. I pull the needles from my arms and legs slowly so I don’t bleed to death; I slowly get up removing the respirator from my head. I look around for something useful; all I see is a security guard’s outfit and a hand gun with a full clip. Not being able to remember anything about myself not even my own name, as I change into a muscle shirt and shorts and strap on the gun I found earlier.
I look around and see paper and blood everywhere spelling the word “help,” when suddenly the door slowly opens; I pull the pistol out and point it at the door. A figure covered in blood appears in the doorway. I put the gun down and say, “Are you okay?” Suddenly he rushes me and we are both on the floor I try to reach for the pistol but it is out of reach so I push the thing off of me I slide across the floor grabbing the pistol with my left hand and shoot the figure through the skull between the eyes. I sit there and only one question is on my mind: “How in the hell did I just do that?” I get up, look at the gun and go with the pistol ready to go.
I open the door and the smell of a million dead bodies hits me. I go out the door and grab a working flashlight, left by a partially-eaten body. Its eyes are intact as it looks at me, reaches for me. Without hesitation I just put a bullet between its eyes. I make my way down a long hallway and find a door that reads “Security only” in red letters; I break the glass on the door and reach through grabbing the door knob slowly open the door. I secure my gun and shine the flashlight on a pile of guns, safety armor, and bullets. I put on some armor to protect my neck, arms, and legs. Then it hits me like a ton of bricks that I might be the only human left on a lifeless Earth. Once I am fully suited up with a M16 strapped to my back, I keep the pistol locked and loaded, ready for anything to jump out and attack me.
As I exit the place where I was safe and protected to look for the kitchen for some food, so I can survive in this life less place that I call home. I keep my gun ready for anything to happen, trying not to make a sound with each carefully placed step. As I look straight ahead down the hall, the lights are red and I turn to see if everything is okay. I see three zombies; I shoot one in the head than hear 2 shots go off. I know the shots didn’t come from me.
As I turn with my pistol in one swift movement, and I see two people with guns pointed at me. One of them says, “What in the hell are you?” I put my gun away, and the other shoots me in the hand straight through, instantly the hole in my hand starts to heal over the hole in my hand. I look where the hole was in my hand, I look up at them, and they both rush me and try to attack me, I move as one is about to hit me. Then I bend and take both of their hands and make them hit each other, and then run to hide from them. The only thing on my mind was, “What in the hell am I?”
I make it to a janitor’s closet go inside and lock it. I try to concentrate on where I was shot, but then I hear gun shots going off and a cry for help coming from the other side of the door. I open the door and I see two of those things that attacked me earlier with one eye out of its socket, mouth dripping blood, and one arm completely chewed off, the other one eye missing a few fingers missing and teeth darkened with blood attacking the people who attacked me. I figure why don’t I help them out, so I pull out my pistol and shoot one of the monsters in the forehead and run and break the other one’s neck. I hear the bone snap. I look at the two people that tried to kill me and say, “Look, you both need help if you are going to survive this hell hole, so I’ll make a deal with you. If you help me escape this place I’ll help you survive.” I extend my hand; they look at each other and turn their backs to me to make a decision. Then they both reach out and shake my hand, and all of us start walk down a hall that is labeled “Danger,” we make it to an elevator that’s stuck.
As I start to pry the elevator door open when suddenly I remember how I got here: I am on a gurney with my left arm and right leg not attached to the joints where they bend, and on top of that I am shot in my lung and a blood spattered nametag that reads “Grimm,” but the last name is totally covered in blood. A young woman who calls me “Baby” is holding my right hand…
I snap back to reality and hear footsteps coming done the hall and tell the others to get behind me. They don’t listen to me I realize that the girl in my flashback is standing before us. She looks at me with a green colored eyes, wearing a blood soaked t-shirt, skinny jeans and converse runs up to me and hugs me and says, “Oh my God, baby I thought that you died.” I hug her back and crack a smile.
She looks up at me and kisses me. I am surprised by it, but I let it happen and I enjoy it. I look at her and tell her I can’t even remember who I am, but her kiss brought some of my memory back, like Grimm was my old nickname. My real name is Benjamin Reaper and she is my girlfriend Kimberly Jensen. I am happy that I have her back in my life. The two I made the deal with seem to warm up to me a little bit more by telling me their names one is Jake, the other Bob. Bob looks at me and says, “If you’ve been here the whole time where were you?”
I just look at him. I Look at Kimberly and say, “What has happened to me? Where did you hide?” As I get the elevator door open, we all step in.
She starts to get a tear in her eyes and says, “Some gangsters thought you were someone else and so they took it out on you and now you are basically a robot. I hid in an office with a locked door and a shatter proof window.”
I look at her, and take her face my hands and point it at mine and caress her to assure her I’m perfectly fine. I kiss her and watch her just look at me and.
She starts to say, “Baby I’ve missed you, I never thought I’d see you again, I thought I lost you.” She hugs me.
As I take Kimberly’s hand and we, Jake, and Bob get into the elevator to get to the first floor, but only the button for the third is lit up; so I press it. The elevator moves down and comes to a squeaking stop. The doors open slowly, and I hand Kimberly the pistol because I immediately start hearing footsteps from something heavier. I look at Jake and Bob and say, “Get Kimberly to a safe place now I’ll find you.” I kiss Kimberly and say, “I promise you I’ll make it back to you.” She smiles at me and shakes her head the three off them start to run. I turn and see a thing in the distance that’s average human height; the air grows colder smelling of a dead body that has been decomposing for 2 months I swing around the M16 and point it at the monster.
Getting ready. As it gets closer, it’s over seven feet tall with one arm the size of a tree branch and one eye dangling from its socket. I look at it as it stares me down with blood dripping from its mouth I take a shot and hit it in the head, but it doesn’t fall and growls at me. It knocks the gun from my hands, so I get ready to fight it with my bare hands on my own, it grabs me by my face and throws me through a wall I have blood coming from my mouth is my own because my back hit the wall than I hit the floor face first, I pick up a piece of fallen jagged metal and swing it at its knees and it falls, so I drop the metal I start hitting it as hard as I can with my hands. I pick the metal up again and as it is on its knees I take one mighty swing and cut its head clean off.
Then Bob, Jake, and Kimberly come from around the corner and Kimberly comes up to me and says, “I hope you are okay.”
I look at her with blood dripping from my mouth; I go and pick up my M16. And look at all of them and say, “It is safe let’s keep going.” As I take Kimberly’s hand and start to walk
After we all regroup in a closet we agree that we need food and it’s a good thing the kitchen is on this floor. I go out first and make sure it is safe for us to go through the hall and head toward the kitchen where S.W.A.T cops were, along with k9 units I pull out my pistol and keep it up like I am getting ready to fire. I look in an empty room with the flash light then I get tackled by a pit-bull with blood-matted fur, one eye missing, and skin over its ribs missing and a breath that smells like sulfur. My pistol slides under one of the tables and the dog tries to bite me. I smack its muzzle with a metal lunch trey and reach for my gun and shoot another dog through its mouth that appears on the other side of the table. I now turn my attention to the one that was on me and put the pistol in its mouth and fire. The dog’s brains are on the ceiling and not a zombie is to be found when I hear something fall in the kitchen.
I pull the pistol up from my side and keep it ready to fire when a pot hits the floor I turn and see a couple people hiding in a pantry closet; one is a young woman named Roberta about seventeen years old with her mother Danni who has a messed up leg and it is in a cast, they are holding each. I look at the both of them and put my gun down and say, “It is safe if you guys want to come with me?” They look at each other and shake their heads I say, “I found a wheel chair stay in here I’ll go get it.” I quickly grab the wheel chair I found and a cart the wheel chair for the Danni and a cart for food.
I walk next to them as I pushing the food and Roberta says, “See mom I told you someone was going to come back and help us.”
I interfere in the conversation and say, “Well actually I was already here in the hospital I just got out of my room.” They look at me in disbelief I shake my head to show I’m telling the truth. I open the door and let Roberta and Danni go in first than I push the food in.
The air starts to get thick with the smell of cheap perfume then I hear the sound of high heel clicks on the tile floor. I close the door and see a nurse with a bunch of needles sticking out of her arm, a broken ankle, broken arm, nails sharpened to a point, and a missing eye. The demented nurse lets out a scream so high pitch I can’t hear for a few minutes, and the next thing I know she is rushing me. I grab her neck and snap it off of her body. I open the closet door and say, “Let’s keep going.” as blood runs down my ear.
As I sit on the floor I divvy up the food among the six of us. We start eating, and I start to cough blood on the floor, drop my food, and hit the floor apparently my powers don’t work on internal injuries. Kimberly comes to my side and grabs my hand as she cries, “I won’t let you go again!” Kimberly tries to revive me. I blackout.
Suddenly I find myself in a dream with clear blue skies, a dog running in the front yard, a wedding ring on my finger, Kimberly on my side, and a little baby girl in my arms biting one of fingers, and I’m in a police uniform. So I get up and get my daughter some food, I go back outside and see that some sort of federal agent who is roughly six foot three, brown hair, blue eyes, and wearing all black has a pistol pointed to Kimberly’s head says, “ Hand me the baby and I won’t hurt your family.” I hand him my daughter and he hands her to one of his partners and he shoots her. My hand curls into a fist and I hit the one that just killed my little girl, and one hits me in the back of the head.
Waking up from the blow to my head and see a light shinning in my eyes and voices muttering over me then I hear a chainsaw. Kimberly is crying, “Stop!” The chainsaw starts going in my starts to dig in to my leg I start to scream. I get shot under my name tag. Blood spurts from my chest over my name tag and I am losing consciousness as they get through my left arm. They let Kimberly go and leave as I black out…
I wake up and Kimberly has me laying in her lap and brushing my hair back. Looking up at her I say, “Who died?”
She nurses my wounds and starts to slightly giggle and says, “I was so worried about you”
I take her hand and try to get up, but I can’t because I‘m tired. We all decide to lock the door and call it a night.
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PhiliEstrada said...
May 17, 2013 at 11:34 am
please comment and let me know what you think about my books
PhiliEstrada said...
Mar. 8, 2013 at 5:33 pm
the book i am writing conects to this one though, and i hope you enjoy this three part series.
PhiliEstrada said...
Mar. 8, 2013 at 5:22 pm
I am working on a book right now, it is not the second part to this one.

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