The Journey with the Goddess Athena

January 30, 2013
By Vanessa18 PLATINUM, Berwyn, Illinois
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Vanessa18 PLATINUM, Berwyn, Illinois
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It’s been hard living without him in my life. It’s only been months since I’ve lost him, but it feels like years have gone by. Angel was much different from any other guy I have met. He was special. Sometimes it would feel like when I was with him it was all a fairytale.

It was April 17, 2007, the day of my birthday. To me it felt like nothing special. I’m only 13 now, what could possibly happen to me. My friends brought me a cake to class along with candles in it. The class singed happy birthday to me, although it didn’t sound so great, but it was the thought that counts. At the end of the song my friend Sam told me to make a wish because these candles were special and will make you wishes come true. I didn’t believe it at all, but he wouldn’t shut up about it so I just made one little wish. I wished that maybe I could meet an amazing guy someone who isn’t a jerk like most of the guys I go to school with.

Moments later there was a knock on the door. Mrs. Moore answered the door. It was Mr. Smith, the principle and some other guy was with him who I’ve never seen before. Turns out he’s a new student name Angel Winds. I thought it was kind of a different name yet cool at the same time. He was tall, skinny, with blond hair that slightly covered his eyes. His eyes seem much different too. I couldn’t tell if they were contacts or not. They almost look like they were bright blue, white, or even gray. All the girls seemed to have fallen into a spell when they saw him, but I didn’t. He could have just been like all the other guys here. Angel had to sit behind me since there were no other seats available. The other girls seemed jealous and for some odd reason when Angel walked past me, he looked at me with a smile which seem magical and much different from other smiles I’ve ever seen.

Days start to go by, since Angel has come to this class. My friend Sam says he talks to Angel sometimes and says he seems like a cool guy to talk to and that maybe I should try talking to him since I don’t have many friends. Sam told me how Angel isn’t like other guys here at the school. I didn’t know if he was just making it up or not just to get me to talk to him. I didn’t want to listen so I haven’t talked to him. Weeks started to go by. Sam had told me some more things that caught me off guard. He told me that Angel has been asking about me when they would hang out. Wondering if I would hang out with him or something. No guy has ever asked me that before and once I found out about this I knew I had to do it. It felt like a once in a lifetime shot. So I said yes. That’s when things started to become more different for the two of us.

Months started to go by as Angel and I started hanging out and talking more. Turns out Sam and I are the only people Angel really talks to, which I don’t mind; it just makes me wonder why we are the only two he talks to. I guess were not all that wired to him. Angel isn’t as bad as I thought. We both kind of like some of the same things. He likes to write, listen to music a lot and other things too. He also into the nature kind of stuff, which I like as well, but I don’t get to do some of that stuff so often. He’s an only child from what I can tell and he doesn’t really speak of his parents. He only told me that he’s living with some friends of the family and that his parents have been away for a while. He’s never really told me where he’s from as well only that it’s somewhere, where most people don’t know about and that it’s a secret place. I wanted to know more, but I didn’t want to push it so I left it alone.
There have been many strange things happening now. For one, Angel and I are now dating which I never thought would happen. It feels like I‘ve known him almost all my life. He seems to understand me. It almost felt as if the magic candles from my birthday really worked. I started to open up to Angel more about myself which I was glade about, but I wasn’t so happy when I realized Angel hasn’t really been doing the same back for me. There would also be time when Angel would show up to school late or no one would see or hear from him in days and then out of nowhere he’s back. It doesn’t make any sense to me. I have to get to the bottom of this before things get more out of hand.
The next day, after school I wanted to go on a walk with Angel to figure out what’s going on with him. I think he knew something was much different from today than any other day. We decided to walk along the trail going to the woods to talk where he had asked me out. I began to ask him about what has been going on and wondering why he’s been acting strange. When he was just about to confess there was a small crack beyond the trees. I thought it was just a deer, but Angel knew it was something else. He told me to hide somewhere and to cover my eyes? Why would I have to cover my eyes…I guess in case if things got bad he wouldn’t want me to see. I heard voices of grown men. It sounded like three or four guys and it’s almost as if they knew Angel, but they called him by a different name for some reason. I wanted to look to see what the men looked like, but I was scared to. They kept talking about the secret place Angel wouldn’t tell me much about. “You have to come back” one of the men kept saying. Come back where? Home? Maybe they were Angel’s brothers, but he’s never told me about having any siblings so I opened my eyes to see what they looked like.
And when I did they were trying to grab Angel and take him away. I tried to yell for him, but it felt as if someone to my breath away. As I was watching what was going on something strange happened. When Angel was fighting back, his body started to change in front of my eyes…Like a different form of body. Wings shot out through his back and he pushed the two of the guys away from him so hard, they flew back and hit the tree and broke it into two. He picked up one of the other guys as if he had super strength and threw him in a different direction. The last guy shoots outs wings from his back too and started to fight Angel in the sky. There were bright lights coming from left and right like thunder. In a blink of an eye it was over. It was hard to see who was still standing from the brightness of the lights. Once I could finally see clearly I knew it was Angel still standing.
He walked to me very slowly asking me if I was okay. I still couldn’t speak so that’s when he explained everything about what had just happened. Angel was not from here that’s for sure and he was much different from others. He’s a goddess in a different body form and where he’s from they call him Athena. He’s from a place called Mt. Olympics. His family lives there which is why they are nowhere to be found here. The people he that he is staying with is servants of his father who look after him to make it seem as if they are his parents. I didn’t know what to say to all of this or what to think. I wasn’t scared of him, but I was just speechless. He explained why those guys wanted him to come back home. He was needed at home, but didn’t want to go back because he met me and he heard what I said when I made that wish on my birthday. He told me I could not speak of this to anyone, which wasn’t going to happen. He said more people will come for him to force him to go back to his home land, but he didn’t want to leave me. I felt bad about knowing that I’m keeping him away from his duties. He said he didn’t want to hurt me and he didn’t want people to wonder if he does leave where he has gone. He knew they would try looking for him and start to question me. We had to come up with something, but we didn’t know what for sure.
I finally got to go to his home here on earth. On the outside it looks like a normal house, but on the inside it was much greater than a normal home. It looked so royal. Shinny things everywhere, paintings, statues and other things that I’ve never seen before. Angel told them that I knew about his double life and about what happen in the woods. We all knew Angel would have to go back to his home land even though I didn’t want him to go. He told me to tell people he had got into a car crash. He also said his father’s servants would arrange the fake funeral for Angel. It would have to be a closed casket. If people asked they would say Angel’s conduction was very bad. They would put something heavy in it to make it seem as if a body is in there. I didn’t want to leave, but he had no choice. He told me he would always be watching over me and would be in my dreams. He gave me his necklace that has his name on it along with wings on the side of his name. I didn’t understand before why his name was Angel Winds, but I understand now.
They left during the night so no one would see them. I said my good byes to him once more and then he was gone. It was months after all of this had happen. People at school would always say how they were sorry for my lost. Even though I knew Angel wasn’t really dead, he was still gone. We had the faunal June 3. He told me in my dream I had recently that I would see him soon, but he doesn’t know when for sure and that I may not even know it’s him when I see him because he will have a different form.
Years started to go by. I haven’t seen Angel in my dreams anymore…I still have the necklace he gave me. Every time I had a birthday that past I would wish to see Angel again, but it never seem to come true. It’s April 17, 2012. I am now 18 years old. My parents bought me a cake with candles and I made the same wish once more for Angel to come back, but nothing happened. I felt like giving up at this point. I didn’t want to eat cake so I went into my room. I decided to pray to the gods. I remember when Angel told me it’s better to pray to the gods. I said my prayer over and over. Then there was a knock on my door. It was my mother saying something came for me. There were a dozen roses on the table for me along with a card. I opened it and it said:
“Happy Birthday Vanessa. May all your wishes come true and know that I’m still here and that I love you. Love your guardian Angel.”

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