Blither Reign

January 24, 2013
By staarshine, Flemington, New Jersey
staarshine, Flemington, New Jersey
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Space can be a dark and lonely place.

Although, it is just the place for seventeen year old Naomi Jenkins to escape to. The dregs of foster parents and metalite fumes trap Naomi on a deadbeat planet that is no place for her dreams of the stage. Foul mouthed and quick with the auto-wrench, Naomi is begging for some off-planet adventures.

But just when the freedoms of space are within her reach, Naomi is pulled into military service, fighting alongside the men and women who decimated her home planet. Naomi has lived a hard life, having lost everyone she ever held dear, but will the tangle of politics finally set her life right again?


Blither Reign

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