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The Journey of Lenion

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The help

The sound of water splashing around me filled the air. Everyone was so focused on the planting the rice; no one took notice tot the smell of brimstone clouding the air. I could barely make out the sight of the fire quickly burning the town of Krynn. With the smell of fire and the sight of the town being over ran so quickly, I knew that it couldn’t be just an accident, they must be under siege.

“Quickly!” I shouted. “The town of Krynn is being sacked, we must help them, someone call The Gurdians!” but no one got up, no one even looked at me. I grabbed the closest person to me and I noticed it was a friend of mine. “Zhan, we must help those people!” I yelled at him.

“No, we do not have the resources to pay them or even do their quest,” he responded with no emotion.

“But our friends are in that town, how can we not do anything!”

“Quiet! We will not call The Gurdians, we will farm and pay The Trilords” suddenly yelled the head Chief, Kragen, of our village.

Kragen has ruled our village for four hundred years. He is a full-bred elf, just like all of the leaders that rule villages of this valley are. There are five villages here, including ours. Each village has a full eleven chief who rules over half-elves in the village. Each village has an amount of rice that they must pay tribute to The Trilords or else they will be killed. Some times the villagers would try to hire help against The Trilords rather than paying them. The “help” they would hire is called The Gurdians.

The Gurdians are legendary warriors who fight alongside wolves. They’re expert marksmen with bow and arrows, master swordsmen, and great users of magic. They fight for the weak but will require payment in the form of quest. This payment hasn’t been done in nearly thirty-eight years. The Gurdians have a symbiotic and cerebral connection with their partners, who are wolves.

The partnership that the Gurdians and wolves have is a strange one, the wolf picks the Gurdian. Wolves are the Gurdians greatest friends, not pet. They do everything together such as: they eat, sleep, and even bathe together. They marry once the Gurdians marry, usually the Gurdians’ wolf of the broom/bride. When one of the partners die, wolf or Gurdian, they are set into what is called a dark dream.

The dark dream is when either the Gurdian or wolf is killed, once this happens the surviving partner is filled with every memory and feeling that the comrade had. They will have a burning rage to avenge the fallen brethren/sister till they or the murder dies. The person who kills wolves or Gurdians are usually Trilords or part of the Trilords company.

The Trilords are three evil lords who individually have different strengths. Marex has control over the dark magic; he has a limit of how much Nevas will allow him to have. Thanx is a master swordsman who has amazing strength but isn’t that smart. Ralax is one of the greatest bowmen in the universe and can create amazing battle tactics but is deaf. Nevas is the dark force that takes control of weak souls and uses them to its advantage, if you bow down to him and convert to his will, and then you become a dark elf. A dark elf is a corrupted half/full elf that has given his/her soul to the dark side and is soulless. Sense the dark elf is soulless he/she must devour other souls; they will eat the farmers or Gurdians/wolves soul to suffice their missing soul. The also very much enjoy the taste of blood with rice.

“We must help them Kragen! They would do the same for us, why do you not think we can do the Gurdians’ Quest?” I screamed.

“The Quest requires people to leave, and we can’t spare any man power this close to harvest time.” Said Kragen, “ if Krynn couldn’t pay the rice they were required to, then the Trilords will ask for more.”

Thinking about what he just said, then I thought about what will happen if we can’t make-up the extras. “Sir, me and you both know that at this rate we will not make the new quotient, we may not even make the original.” I whispered.

“I know, that’s why we must have all hands on this farm, I need you here Lenion, you’re our best picker and planter.”

“But I feel like I can do something to help them.” I said as I looked at the town, I suddenly couldn’t help myself. I ran home.
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