The Journey of Lenion

January 22, 2013
By TitaniumWolf, Taylor, Texas
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TitaniumWolf, Taylor, Texas
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The sound of water splashing around me filled the air. Everyone was so focused on the planting the rice; no one took notice tot the smell of brimstone clouding the air. I could barely make out the sight of the fire quickly burning the town of Krynn. With the smell of fire and the sight of the town being over ran so quickly, I knew that it couldn’t be just an accident, they must be under siege.

“Quickly!” I shouted. “The town of Krynn is being sacked, we must help them, someone call The Gurdians!” but no one got up, no one even looked at me. I grabbed the closest person to me and I noticed it was a friend of mine. “Zhan, we must help those people!” I yelled at him.

“No, we do not have the resources to pay them or even do their quest,” he responded with no emotion.

“But our friends are in that town, how can we not do anything!”

“Quiet! We will not call The Gurdians, we will farm and pay The Trilords” suddenly yelled the head Chief, Kragen, of our village.

Kragen has ruled our village for four hundred years. He is a full-bred elf, just like all of the leaders that rule villages of this valley are. There are five villages here, including ours. Each village has a full eleven chief who rules over half-elves in the village. Each village has an amount of rice that they must pay tribute to The Trilords or else they will be killed. Some times the villagers would try to hire help against The Trilords rather than paying them. The “help” they would hire is called The Gurdians.

The Gurdians are legendary warriors who fight alongside wolves. They’re expert marksmen with bow and arrows, master swordsmen, and great users of magic. They fight for the weak but will require payment in the form of quest. This payment hasn’t been done in nearly thirty-eight years. The Gurdians have a symbiotic and cerebral connection with their partners, who are wolves.

The partnership that the Gurdians and wolves have is a strange one, the wolf picks the Gurdian. Wolves are the Gurdians greatest friends, not pet. They do everything together such as: they eat, sleep, and even bathe together. They marry once the Gurdians marry, usually the Gurdians’ wolf of the broom/bride. When one of the partners die, wolf or Gurdian, they are set into what is called a dark dream.

The dark dream is when either the Gurdian or wolf is killed, once this happens the surviving partner is filled with every memory and feeling that the comrade had. They will have a burning rage to avenge the fallen brethren/sister till they or the murder dies. The person who kills wolves or Gurdians are usually Trilords or part of the Trilords company.

The Trilords are three evil lords who individually have different strengths. Marex has control over the dark magic; he has a limit of how much Nevas will allow him to have. Thanx is a master swordsman who has amazing strength but isn’t that smart. Ralax is one of the greatest bowmen in the universe and can create amazing battle tactics but is deaf. Nevas is the dark force that takes control of weak souls and uses them to its advantage, if you bow down to him and convert to his will, and then you become a dark elf. A dark elf is a corrupted half/full elf that has given his/her soul to the dark side and is soulless. Sense the dark elf is soulless he/she must devour other souls; they will eat the farmers or Gurdians/wolves soul to suffice their missing soul. The also very much enjoy the taste of blood with rice.

“We must help them Kragen! They would do the same for us, why do you not think we can do the Gurdians’ Quest?” I screamed.

“The Quest requires people to leave, and we can’t spare any man power this close to harvest time.” Said Kragen, “ if Krynn couldn’t pay the rice they were required to, then the Trilords will ask for more.”

Thinking about what he just said, then I thought about what will happen if we can’t make-up the extras. “Sir, me and you both know that at this rate we will not make the new quotient, we may not even make the original.” I whispered.

“I know, that’s why we must have all hands on this farm, I need you here Lenion, you’re our best picker and planter.”

“But I feel like I can do something to help them.” I said as I looked at the town, I suddenly couldn’t help myself. I ran home.

My house was one of the smallest houses in our village. There are twenty houses and one giant house in a tree. This house is Kragen’s. He says that as a full elf he feels the need to be in a tree. I think he’s crazy. The other houses in the village are about normal sized; they house about four to five people. Everyone here has married, everyone here has kids, everyone here is happy. Everyone except me.

Walking into my dark house I see that my clothes are scattered across the dirt floor. The palm roof needs to be repaired, my room its self is barren with my bed only and the wardrobe that is dusty and holds a broken mirror. “ I need to clean this place up one day,” I thought to myself. Walking to my bed, I get on my hands and knees to pull out the chest. “I haven’t opened this since you gave it to me father.” I said out loud to myself and to my father, who was killed along with my mother when we couldn’t make our quotient for the Trilords’ tribute. Opening the chest revealed a sword, a normal short sword that was made for my father, a bow, which was crafted for my mother and two sets of armour. They had worn these when they were part of the watch, a group of people who were barely trained and tried to defend the towns from attacks. They were no match for the Trilords’ company.

The Gurdians were created during this time. The story is that wolves came down from the surrounding mountains and spoke to the matured elves or full elves. They told them that there was a way to defeat the Trilords but to do so they had to team up with the wolves and create a strong bond. The secret behind destroying the Trilords is a secret only Gurdians know. No one knows were the Trilords are or where the Gurdians are. To contact them we must ring a bell in our town. When my father was dying he gave me a last dying wish to avenge him and mother, to kill the Trilords and to end their reign of terror.

Walking out into the open from my house, I could feel the leather trying to adjust to my body. My father was a big man and his armour wouldn’t fit me so I had to wear my mothers’. The way that mothers’ bow around my bow arm was perfect, the way that her quiver held onto my back felt right. Fathers’ sword sat in its scabbard waiting to be used again. “If Kragen won’t help those people, I’ll do it my self.”

I made my way through the empty pathways of the village, trying to get used to the feel of the armour and the weight. I went to the stables, it smelt of horse manure and hay, I could hear neighing of horses and someone moving around inside. “Everyone should be still working on the rice patties,” I said a little to loud.

“Come in Lenion,” said a voice from inside. I walked in already knowing whom I see. “Kragen, I must help those people in Krynn, you won’t stop me.”

“I know,” He said staring at me.

“You told me I couldn’t leave though because you need me here.” I said confused.

“It would seem Krynn needs you more, when your father named Lenion I knew that you’d have a journey ahead of you, ride into Krynn, defend them. Just like your mother and father would’ve. You know before they joined the watch and had you I tried to stop them from joining because they had a kid, nine-teen years… only eight years ago the acc…”

“Kragen, I must go now if I am to help Krynn. “ I said not wanting to discuss the fact of my parents dying in front of me.

“I’m sorry I know you don’t want to talk about this, and you must hurry to Krynn so use my horse.”

“Kragen, that’s Talagor, your horse. I can’t take her.” I said.

“Lenion, take her and hurry,” he said as he pushed the horse to me. I climbed on to the black horse. “Now go!” He slapped the horse. We burst out of the stables, I grabbed the reins and began the journey to Krynn, “Father, Mother, I will not forget everything you taught me.” I said to myself.

As I was riding towards Krynn, I saw dark clouds looming over it. “I must not be scared.” Father taught me that fear is a weapon without steel. “ I must not be afraid,” I said to myself. I could hear screams coming from the town; I stirred Talagor to the town. The closer I came to the town the more of the ruined and burnt parts I saw. “Woah,” I said to Talagor; as I got off my horse I pulled the bow out and began to load an arrow as people of the village ran towards me. “Warrior, where is your battle wolf? Who called upon the Gurdians?” said one of the villagers.

“I’m sorry, I am not a Gurdian. I will defend you all though. Run, quickly to my village, Anzora,” I said. “I’ll defend you, go now.”

“How can you defend us, you’re a child with no training.” Said another villager.

“My mother and father…” looking past the villagers I saw a dark figure aiming at a villagers back, “Pull back, aim, release. Feel the arrow fly to its target,” the words of my mother flooded my head. Without a second thought, I pulled the bow up, aimed at the man’s chest, and let the arrow go. The villagers ducked in fear as my arrow struck home. The dark elf fell to the ground. “Run now!” I shouted. The villagers didn’t say anything this time they just ran. Before all of the half-elves left one stayed behind, the Chief of the village. “When they first came in, we noticed their were only five of them, two looked to be bowmen, two more held no sword or bow, and one with a great sword who was massive.” He told me.

“Thank you sir,” I said back to him as he left for my village. I looked towards the burning town. “There may be more villagers, I’m out numbered. I have to save as many as I can though.” I walked towards the first corpse, the first person I’d ever killed. The bowman was deformed and disgusting, his face deformed by Nevas’ power. “I am not killing people, I am killing soulless creatures.” I said.

The arrows he had on him were heavier than mine as was his bow. I threw him and his belongings into the closest house that was on fire. Sticking to the shadows cast by the fire, I crept around the burnt houses, watching as people fearfully ran away. I studied the way they were running from and headed that way. There was a sudden explosion of fire ahead of me. “The Trilords will kill you all and Nevas will have your soul!” yelled a dark elf that had fire in his hands.

“I need to get him before he hurts someone or burns more of these houses,” I thought grimly. Looking for a higher elevated area to shoot down from, He threw a fireball to my left, the house that was standing suddenly burst with hellfire. “Perfect, now I don’t even have to move, with the air blowing towards me I should have cover now…” as I thought that the smoke from the fire clouded the area around me, pulling a rag around my mouth and nose I was protected from the smoke. Slowly, I stood up swallowed by the gas, I could hardly see but the magic user’s hands were still on fire giving me a beacon to shoot at. I pulled the bow up, took aim, and shot. I knew I hit my target when I heard ”oof” and then a thud as the body hit the ground. Coming out from my cover, I stared at another lifeless body, another person killed by my hands. “No these are not people,” I said to myself.

After dragging the body into the flames I crouched down hid behind another building, “two down and only three left.” I thought.

“AHH! Someone help me!” yelled a young voice. Looking towards the sound I saw a young elven boy, dressed in a green tunic with red pants that were splattered with dirt, chasing him was a tall dark figure with a short-sword drawn and a bow across his body. Without a second thought, I ran straight out drawing my own short sword to confront this man. The dark elf swung down towards the young boy as the boy tripped, I barely got there in time to parry the attack, surprising both the little boy and the dark elf. “Stop this insanity!” I yelled at the man.

“Die fool!” was the only response he had, along with a ferocious downward swing. I dodged to the left returning with a sideswipe of my sword across his chest, he parried and stepped back. “Don’t allow your enemy a chance to recover or to study you,” My fathers’ words racked through my head. I moved a step forward doing a diagonal attack and stomped towards his right foot. Blocking the sword attack gives the dark elf no time to move his foot from being stomped on, as I stomp his foot I move my body into his knocking him off balance and thrust my sword into his chest killing him.

The boy looked at me, eyes filled with dis-belief and fear. “Tha… thank you sir, “ He said to me.

“Run to Anzora,” I told the boy.

“I’ve never been out of Kr…” I grabbed the boy and cover his mouth pulling us both behind the corner of a building, I pointed to Anzora, he nodded understanding. I watched him run off. The building behind me was crumbling, I could smell fire spreading inside, “I must move.” I thought. Running towards the way I sent the boy put me behind the house that was burning. Keeping to the shadows I tried to get a better view of the man I had seen, but he was nowhere to be seen. “Jump to the left,” said a commanding voice. Listening I did, just as a fireball flew by me. “Die little man, Nevas’ will play with your soul.” Said the dark-elf in a demonic voice.

“Your choice to change into a dark elf why!?” I said as I got up.

“For power beyond belief, to crush small people like you, now die!” He began to aim a water bolt at me. He shot multiple bolts at me, I attempted to dodge them all but three hit me. I was injured and on the ground. Standing over me he looked down at me. “Are you ready to die?” He raised his hands towards me and was about to cast a spell towards me when out of nowhere a shadowy figure tackled him. I heard screaming and growling, looking at where they had landed there was blood pouring out of the man and the figure stayed on all fours. It looked at me and I saw it was a wolf. Staring at the wolf I couldn’t help but be awed. I was staring at a full-grown wolf, who’s was it? Why was it here? “Hello Lenion,” said the mysterious voice more calm than before. Looking around I was searching for a Gurdian or some one there to be the commander. “ Lenion, I am the voice, I am your fathers’ wolf.

Staring in disbelief I couldn’t believe what he just told me. “ I had… I thought… I…” I was speechless.

“Enough, This town is burning,” He interrupted my thoughts. “We will talk back in your town, don’t worry about that “swords man” I took care of him.” I understood what he meant. The wolf turned and ran towards Anzora.

Before heading towards Talagor, I searched for other survivors in the town and found none. I rode silently into Anzora with the grim thought of all the ones I couldn’t save from the Trilords Company. Coming into the town I stopped to see the burning town of Krynn. The fields were burning, the rice was burning, the bodies of the people who couldn’t escape were burning. Angrily, I stirred Talagor into a fast trot into the stables. “What angers you Lenion?” Said Kragen, he looked as though he’d been waiting. It seemed like forever but only half a day had pasted.

“I couldn’t save them all Kragen!” I yelled both at him and my-self.

“You can never save them all, but your can avenge them and help the living by living happily.”

“Kragen,” I had major questions raking my brain. “Was my father a Gurdian did he really have a wolf?”

“He was, along with your mother.”

“Then why am I half elf weren’t they half elves?”

“Your mother was a human,” This was such a surprise I couldn’t help but gasp, I’ve never heard of a human in the elven world. That was crazy to think that they’d come here, they are afraid of us.

“I don’t understand. How could my father have mated with a human they age one year for every two of our years. How could a Gurdian become a Gurdian? How did she get here and why did she come here? Why couldn’t I tell she was a human?”

“Your parents were put under a curse.”

“What!” I said with my mouth wide open and eyes and ears focused on Kragen, I clung to every word he said.

“Your mother was picked to be an ambassador to our eleven kingdom, when she came here through a portal, the Gurdian and the Watch were fighting one of the Trilords Marex, the magic user. He set a strong curse on everyone there; He was weakening because this used a lot of his aura. Everyone near him was affected and was turned into a half elf or was knocked out. The wolves’ were unaffected by the curse but were put to sleep for a time period. When a half elf becomes a full elf their magic is truly unlocked and their strength is increased. When they were turned back, this was reversed. Many people died through the change. Your mother being a human was strengthening. She grew stronger, smarter, and gained control of water.”

“Kragen, if this is all true how did my mother and father meet how old were they when this happen?”

“She nursed your father and his wolf back to health, during this time they fell in love. They moved here and became part of the watch before they died. I never knew their true names but your father changed his name to Ghat and your mother changed her name from her human name to Eameane.”

“They accepted her into the ranks of the watch and into the villages?”

“No one knew she was actually human except your father and his wolf, Backe. I didn’t know until you were born and they told me all of this.”

“Thank you Kragen but I must rest I was injured during one of the fights. “ I have to talk to Backe. Before I left I cleaned Talagor’s stable, took of the saddle, and cleaned him. “Thank you for being brave and allowing me to ride you into that fight.” I said to the horse. She neighed back to me and stomped her foot in approval. I was sore from the water bolts, two had hit me in the leg and one in the arm, and they weren’t deadly but made me extremely sore.

The walk home seemed to be ever lasting, I knew the wolf would be there but what would he say? Before I got to my house a little boy stopped me, it was the boy from the town. “Everyone is going back to Krynn to try to scavenge some stuff from there, I wanted to thank you for what you did,” He said with a large smile.

“Thank you,” I told him. With that he went back to the caravan-leaving town. “If only I could’ve saved you all,” I thought as I entered my house.

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