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Author's note: I wrote this last year for national novel writing month in november on www.nanowrimo.org
Author's note: I wrote this last year for national novel writing month in november on www.nanowrimo.org  « Hide author's note
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Castle Rose

Castle Rose was a street just like any other. There was a cute little house on the corner of the street and there was an old red fire hydrant in front of every second house. And then there was my house. It was large, three stories’ to be exact, and dark, and closed off from the human world. My family and I were the only “people” who had ever lived in the magnificent building. First in my family was my mother, Sydney, she loved to roam around the large house doing this and that. Then there was my father, Aron, he was strict but still the nicest guy I had ever met. I also had a sister, Scarrlet, who was 17 and also my best friend. My brother, Wesley, who was 16, was more of an enemy. He became an enemy by the common sibling blackmail.
“Breakfast is ready girls,” called my mother from the bright and yellow kitchen. I felt someone’s hand tug on my shoulder. “Ash, ash wakeup, Ash.” Whispered Scarrlet whom, I shared an old fashioned looking room with. “Can you smell it?” asked Scarrlet. ”Yeah, it’s our favorite. Pancakes! ” I replied. We jumped off my bed and raced out the door and down the ice cold stairs in our pajamas. Scarrlet wore an old silk gown with lace around her neck and sleeves. While I wore grass green pajama pants and a long sleeved top with polka dots that matched the pants. My father, mother and brother were already seated at the long narrow ten person dining table. Piles of pancakes, a bottle of maple syrup and a pitcher of freshly squeezed orange juice were waiting to fill our five hungry stomachs. I loved eating human food just because it’s fun to pretend to be something you aren’t. “Bless us O’Lord for these thy gifts which we….” The words were soothing and I found some comfort in this daily routine.
Scarrlet walked with me to the driveways entrance. The entrance of course was a large gate where the driveway met Castle Rose’s dark cracked asphalt. Our mailbox danced back and forth on its rotting wooden post as the wind pushed it. I opened the metal box careful not to break it. A large manila envelope sat inside waiting to be opened and read. I pulled out the envelope, opened it and read aloud: “We would like to invite you to the annual Halloween party at Mary J’s house. There will be food, refreshments and make sure you wear a costume.” We looked at each other thinking the same thing, vampire costumes.
Scarrlet ran ahead of me yelling for mom. “Mom get our costumes out of the attic for Mary J’s party.” She yelled it at the top of her lungs. “Don’t you guys love Sundays,” said Wes in more of a statement rather than a question, as we entered the front door. “You just like Sundays because for the football games on TV.” I replied. “Oh come on Ash, you like football too.” Wes pleaded to me. “Sure, whatever helps you sleep at night Wes.” He rolled his eyes and practically skipped away, because nothing was going to rain on his parade. “She’s not here right now can I take a message.” It sounded like Wes’ voice on the phone in the kitchen. Being the calm person that I am, I slammed into the kitchen door, catching Wes completely off guard. I grabbed the phone from him and answered it. “Hello, this is Ashley.” I said, excited hoping it was for me. “Oh, hi Kevin.” I listened to him and considering that he was one of the most popular boys at school, I made a quick decision. “Sure I’ll go with you to Mary j’s party tomorrow night. Pick me up around seven okay, bye.” Before I had time to think Scarrlet was in the kitchen with her mouth hanging wide open. “OMG, did Kevin Garway just ask you to Mary J’s party?” she asked. “Yes.” I replied with a huge smile on my face. “Now hold on just a minute, don’t you guys think that it’s a little suspicious that Kevin, a popular guy, would just suddenly ask you, an outcast, to Mary J’s party.” Asked Wes with a concerned look on his face. “Maybe he really does like Ash though Wes,” suggested Scarrlet. “Let’s do our homework right now so that we won’t have to worry about it tomorrow. Ok Scarrlet?” I said. “Yeah sure, come on Ash lets go upstairs.” She replied.
School was usually pretty easy for us. But no one ever talked to us, because somehow everyone knew we were different and we accepted that. If one of us got assigned a partner on a project then we would do it and put their name on it. Every year we went to all of Mary J’s parties and we would dance and pretend that we were normal. If there was a slow dance I always had Wes and even though we always fought I looked up to him and he set an example for me. Being different wasn’t bad all the time, because sometimes we would sneak out to the forest when we supposed to be at school and use our special “abilities” to have fun.
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