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Vampire Tales

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Chapter 1

I wake in a nightmare of what used to be, you breathing on the side of me. You holding me close, I wake up to your breathe. I wake to hell. I loved you and you must've hated me. I try to move your arm from my body but you tighten your grip. I finally break away "crash", I am now on the floor with broken glass coming from my sides and my back. I can't breathe, I try to scream for help but no sound utters from between my lips. I can only see black. "Beep, Beep", I hear a sound coming from the distance. I see a shadow, it is approaching me, "Please don't kill me," I plead, "Please."

"Beep, beep," the sound just doesn't seem to stop, and the shadow is in front of me. I hear a sound, not the sound I have been hearing before. A different sound kind of like a human voice. I can't yet make out what the voice is saying, I can only understand every other word.

The voice seems to become clear, it is saying, "Desiree, wake up." I open my eyes just a dream, not a dream, a nightmare. My eyes are open fully and I can see Amber's smile, a smile of blood, seems she just ate breakfast.

"Get up, time for our first day at school as seniors." It's never a first day, I have been a senior and graduated from high school, over 350 times. In my lifetime, you may now know I am a vampire, people before this time used to call us demons, bloodsuckers, they say we eat human blood, some of us do, but my family doesn't. To eat a human, it's like eating yourself. So instead we eat cow, chicken and pig. Like humans a memory of what we once were. My name is Desiree Marie Livingston, and I was born this way, my father was a white merchant, my mother a slave.

My dad said when he first saw her, he knew that it was love. They met, they fell in love and had me. My dad said he was turned into a vampire by a witch, and my mother asked him to bite her, so they could be together forever, and they have been. They have found more children to raise like me, Amber is the one. Her dad killed her mother when she was seventeen. I went to school with her and decided she needed a family and in order to be in my family, she had to be adopted. She's been a vampire for only 102 years, she is still new at it. She is also married to my brother Mike, common name for a not so common creature. "Get up, Dessy, school time."

My thoughts lost, the door opens and Mike is in the doorway, she runs into his arms, their lips meet. I love them together like a Cinderella story. Tyler is behind him. He walks into the room, I was once in love with him. I think I am still in love with him. I love everything about him including his control. Elizabeth sneaks behind him and wraps her arms around him. I turn my head, I scream "Everybody out". No questions ask, they are all out of my room.

A knock on the door is another sound I hear. "Who is it?" I ask.
"Jaden," a voice comes from the door.
"Come in."
He opens the door, gets on the bed, and asks me, "Do you still love him?"

I almost say no but by the look in his eyes I knew he knew the truth. I get off the bed and go to my closet. He sneaks behind me and plants a kiss on my neck.

"You can still love him Desiree, but you will always be mine," he said in a whisper. I turn my face until it matches with his face perfectly and we engage in the most breathtaking kiss I have ever had. The door opens in, comes Tyler. I see him and scream. "Don't you knock." He looks at me confused and says, "I just came because mom wanted me to ask you and Jaden if you all were ready." I push Jaden away from me and say, "Just a second, I will be ready in a minute." Jaden lifts my head into a kiss and whispers on my lips "Mine".

I smile, Jaden leaves as well as Tyler but not before Tyler says, "I still dream." I remembered our first date after he was a vampire, he said, "My parents wanted me to become a farmer, but I still dream that I could be more than what they made me." Amber screams into the room, "Mom wants to know if you're ready." I close my eyes and say, "I was born ready."
Chapters:   1 2 3 4 5 Next »

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