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Journey For Future Time

Author's note: I wrote it out of the love i have for fiction. When I went through depression at such a young...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: I wrote it out of the love i have for fiction. When I went through depression at such a young age, my teacher and personal friend of mine told me that I needed something to pull me away from the dark depths of what I was falling into. The book brought me out of that hole and into a new begining of imagination and courage to express myself and my writing skills. Enjoy.  « Hide author's note
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The Stone Of Ecstasy

They hurried back to the house quickly at a light jog, Nick leading her. “Nick, please, tell me what’s wrong! What’s going on?” asked Robin, having difficulties keeping up. “Whoever this man is, he is an evil one at that. I’m sorry to have you in such a rush, but we must get to Mike! He knows more about the stone then I do!” replied Nick as he sped up. They reached the house moments later and hurried through the garage and into the kitchen.
“Mike! Mike get you bag!” shouted
Oh No! What can they do?
Nick. He didn’t look as frightened as he had before, now that they were inside. “What’s going on?” asked Jeremiah, standing from the couch as the two entered the den. “Where’s everybody at?” asked Robin a bit strained. “Faith, Matt and Vlad are upstairs and Taylor and Tim just took off to the store.” Robin sighed and looked at Jeremiah. “Get Faith. I have bad news, and you’ll need to comfort her when she hears them.” Jeremiah noticed the serious tone of her voice and nodded, rushing upstairs. Moments later, the gang was together in the rather large and cozy den, thought the air became thick and awkward with sorrow as Robin explained to Faith what Nick and herself has just seen. When Robin revealed the torture, Faith could not hold back her fear as tears fell freely from her eyes.
Jeremiah hugged her tightly, keeping her close to his chest, rocking her. “Faith, do not fret! He has only taken them as his prisoners! That means he does not intend to kill them! Believe me, they will be alright sweetheart.” Said Nick, kneeling, so his eyes were on the same level as hers. Faith nodded, but the tears kept coming.
“Jeremiah, take her up to her room and let her get some rest, huh? Do not worry at all Faith, everything will be fine, we will make sure of it.” Nick smiled a fatherly smile and socked Faiths shoulder lightly. Jeremiah helped Faith to her feet and kept an arm around her, Nick standing as well. Faith looked at Nick and suddenly kissed his cheek, looking in his eyes solemnly. “Thank you.” She said, before she let Jeremiah lead her upstairs. “Alright guys, what did you want to talk to us about besides that?” asked Matt as he ran a towel through his hair. His black hair was shaggy and wet, and he wore only black jeans with no shirt.
“In the vision, Marcelo demanded a very sacred stone, one of death, and despair, if used improperly. The Stone of Ecstasy.” Said Nick, looking at Mike. Mikes eyes widened as he retrieved a book from his bag. The book was old and worn, the leather belt holding it closed was a bit withered and faded. Mike loved to read magical books, even though he could perform none of which he read besides potions. He was a master at that.
He unlatched the belt and started to flip through the pages quickly, but carefully, for the pages were yellow and faded. “That’s a pretty old book dude. What of it?” asked Matt as he walked to Mike’s side, reading over his shoulder. “ It has information on the Stone of Ecstasy.” He said, scanning the paper. “Well read it Mike!” said Nick hurriedly. “Ok, ok.” Mike took a breathe and began to read”
“The Stone of Ecstasy was created by one of the most important sorcerers of all time: Nigel Florence. He created the stone from an asteroid containing a very rare moonstone which is known as ‘blood stone’ for the deep red it was. It is extremely rare, which is perhaps why he took a liking to it. Though sounding marvelous, something so beautiful can also be very dangerous.”
“He explored its uses and tampered with its power until learning it’s valuable secret: It possessed the tranquility to freeze time and space, and control all of its wonders. His intentions were for the better, not the worse. He dreamed of a day we would discover things beyond what we see, and have the privilege to study them as much as we wished.”
“Before he could put his dream into action, he became very ill. He knew that soon he should perish, so he passed away his precious stone to an unknown figure, judging by his will. No one knows the whereabouts to this day, and the secret remains hidden in legend perhaps forever. Let us hope it rests in peace.”
He continued to scan the page, then began to turn through the pages.
“So he could practically move something in space that could cause world domination?” asked Robin, looking at him with a frightened expression. “Yes. He could do global damage and extinction if he wished.” Replied Mike. “This is what it looks like.” Mike turned the book round and held it up so everyone could see.
The stone was blood red, and beautiful. It hung from a golden chain that shone as bright as the stars, and the stone itself was incased in a golden sun on one side, and the moon cradling it on the other. Small diamonds rested in the sun, while small blue rubies entwined with the moon.
“The extra stones were placed there to help keep the stones power well controlled.” Said Mike, pointing them out for everyone. “So we know what he wants and why, and obviously he’s hot on its trail, and so were Joe and Teresa.” Said Robin. “So that must have been why they left! Maybe they left to go get it and protect it!” said Matt, looking at Mike. “Of course. Why else would they have gone?” asked Robin. “No other reason can be explained.” Said Nick.

Once Tim and Taylor got back, and Faith was well enough to come downstairs with Jeremiah, Vlad following, they explained the ordeal all over again from the beginning. They listened intently, and pretty much asked the same questions that were asked before: Why was he doing this? When? Where is the Stone?
That night, Taylor, Robin, and Vlad were in the kitchen, whipping up a large pot of chili for dinner. “So are we going to fight?” asked Vlad as he chopped tomatoes quite beautifully.
“Quiet about that, Vlad. We are not going to do anything unless we need to. For the meantime, were going to stay together, and just figure everything out.” Replied Robin with a smile.
They ate dinner quietly, and cleaned up the dishes the same way. They sat in the living room and listened to the wood of the fire crackle. “I hope Josiah is alright.” Said Faith, guilty for leaving her only brother. “He should be fine.” Said Robin, standing as she looked out the window. She didn’t show it, but she was a little worried with how Rachel was accepting their disappearance. Robin left no trace of where they were going, and everyone else swore they hadn’t either.
“Robin, what are we to do now that we left?” asked Tim, looking at her. Robin sighed and looked down at her jewel, which she held lightly in her fist. “I… I don’t know.” Tim sighed and stood, grumbling something that sounded like “waste of time” under his breathe.
“Look, it’s not my fault, okay!? I can’t make things happen with a snap of my finger!” snapped Robin. “Well Robin, maybe leaving wasn’t exactly a good idea after all. Yeah were independent now but we have no more leads then Vlad, and no offense V, but you haven’t given us anything but a name and a sob story!” said Tim, looking at Vlad.
“Look, I told you all I know! He kidnapped me and blind folded me so I couldn’t remember where I was going so I couldn’t get away! Sorry I don’t have laser vision or some shit like that!” he spat, his eyes turning a bit red in anger.
“Robin, all you did was bring us here and act like we could do something because you were running away from your problems!” Robin looked at Tim. “What are you even talking about?” she asked confused. “Rachel was going to send you off, so you had us all come here so she couldn’t send you off you selfish ass!” Tim snapped, his temper getting a hold of him. Robin looked at him with pure hurt on her face, not believing he could think of her as such a person.
“Timothy Ray! What the hell is your problem you ass! Robin didn’t do it for her, she did it for all of us, so you shut the fuck up and sit down!” growled Jeremiah with a wolf’s agitated stare. “But you have to admit, us leaving after Rachel telling her she was going to send her off is strange, don’t you think?” asked Tim, looking from Robin to Jeremiah. “I didn’t even come up with the idea, Faith did! I took care of where we were going and how we were going to get there! How could you think of me as someone like that!?” Robin snapped, her eyes brimming with angry tears.
“Because you’ve always been the one to stand out in the crowd!” said Tim. “I’ve been in the spotlight maybe once or twice in my life, but for all the wrong reasons, Tim! Do you really think I wanted to run away? Do you actually think that I am so cold as to use leaving the house to find our parents as an excuse!? If you do, then your one sick bastard!” spat Robin, anger burning fierce in her eyes and deep within her heart.
Tim got quiet looking her straight in the eyes. “You are nothing but a little bitch.” He said. That was it. Jeremiah suddenly flew from the couch and bashed into Tim, throwing him to the ground. “No, don’t fight!” shouted Faith, rushing towards the boys. Taylor hurried and grabbed her wrist, pulling her back, knowing it could get rough.
Matt stood, shouting at Jeremiah as Nick began to try to calm Tim with his mind powers. Mike groaned in irritation and stood, yelling at the boys to stop.
Finally Matt grabbed Jeremiah and held him by the arms tightly, Nick catching Tim just before he could lunge again. “Stop! You two are being ridiculous!” shouted Faith, standing between them.
“But he started it!” shouted Tim, fighting against Nick to get back at Jeremiah. “Because you wouldn’t shut the Hell up as I suggested!” shouted Jeremiah, trying to pull from Matt’s grip. “Shut the Hell up both of you and listen!” shouted Taylor. She stood and looked at Jeremiah. “You need to calm down and take a breather.” She told him, then looked at Tim. She walked up to him and poked him in the chest. “Listen bub, you need to get a hold of yourself and apologize to Robin. That was hurtful and untruthful what you said, and she deserves a truthful apology!” Tim looked into her eyes and looked down, slowly pulling from Nick’s grasp. He looked back up, and seemed confused. “Where is Robin?” he asked.
Everyone looked where she was supposed to be, but she wasn’t there. The door was left ajar, and by the singe mark on the handle, she was angry. “Shit, Robin!” shouted Jeremiah, running out the door. Matt and Tim followed, Matt telling everyone to stay put.
Robin trudged through the forest angrily, disintegrating anything in her path. Flaming tears fall down her face as she suddenly falls to her knees, blue flames engulfing her. She controlled fire the best, her favorite element besides earth.
She screams in anger and agony as she lets her flames explode into a raging bon fire, though nothing around her is perished. The fire does not kill the life around her, and she lets it all out. The light from her blinding flames can be seen from miles, commonly mistaken as a star, or perhaps car head lights.
She screams once more, cursing God to the fullest, waving her arms in the air, throwing flames towards the sky. They looked like shooting stars, or comets.
Then with a deep sorrowful moan she falls over in agony, her flames going out. She clutches the ground tight as she sobs into the hearth.
Images of her and her family at the beach stirred in her mind, the day she made her first sand castle with her mother and Jeremiah, and when she and Jeremiah finally morphed when they had been fighting about the fallen kingdom.
Then she was with Malcolm. It had been days before the party, and they laid within their old tree house. They held hands in a friendly way as they glanced up at the stars through their sunroof they made. “Were always going to be best friends, hm?” asked Robin, squeezing his hand. “Through Hell and high water, I will always be there for you. You will never have to be afraid of the world, because you’ll always have me in yours.” She blushed for some reason at his comment, then suddenly rolled over on him. “Tickle time!” she began to tickle him, and they both laughed as the war began.
“I found her!” shouted Jeremiah as he came upon the smoking Robin. He touched her and cringed, her body a bit warm. He waved his hand above her lightly and wrapped his arms around her, holding her close. Her eyes were droopy and she was muttering thing’s he couldn’t quite make out.
“Robin, snap out of it. Big brothers here, I’m here.” He cooed, stroking her hair as he rocked with her gently. Matt and Tim came up behind them, falling beside them to their knees. “Robin I’m sorry, I’m so sorry!” exclaimed Tim. “Shh! She’s been through enough.” Said Jeremiah with a growl to his voice. He held her tighter, keeping her warm as her heat began to dial down quickly. “She let her flame out. She could have died.” Exclaimed Jeremiah. Matt got stiff and touched Robin’s forehead lightly.
Tim’s eyes filled with tears. “I didn’t mean anything I said, I guess I was just mad and…Oh God Robin!” exclaimed Tim, crying lightly. “Tim, we know you didn’t mean it, but that was a terrible thing you did back there. You have to have faith in your family, your friends. You have to stop trying to believe everything is so easy. Face the facts: were on a tough trail, and losing a member isn’t going to help us any more then screaming and blaming things on others.” Said Jeremiah nobly.
Tim nodded and stroked Robin’s hair, silent tears falling.
Robin’s eyes began to stir, and they opened a bit. “Hey kiddo, you feeling okay?” asked Jeremiah, looking down at her. “Y…yeah, I’m okay…” she trailed, though her breathe was short. “If you had let your fire burn any longer, you would have died from lack of oxygen, sissy. You have to be careful, no matter how mad or upset you are.”
Robin nodded weakly, coughing a bit. “Robin, I’m sorry…I didn’t mean to … I just… I don’t know.” Said Tim, looking down at her. Robin stayed silent, looking away from his pleading eyes.
“Is she okay!?” asked a voice from behind. Faith and Taylor came fourth from the woods. “We told you to stay at the house!” said Matt, looking at them furiously. “Were fine. Mike and Nick are getting Vlad settled, and we decided to come and check on you. Were a team bud, whether you like it or not.” Said Taylor, kneeling beside Robin. Her eyes widened. “She let her fire out?” she gasped unbelievingly. Faith looked at them in shock. Matt nodded up at them as Jeremiah and himself helped Robin to her feet, an arm around both of them.
She stood a bit clumsily and coughed more, but she was coming more into focus then she had been moments before. “I’m okay, don’t get your panties in a bunch.” She said with a bit more strength, grinning as she saw Faith and Taylor laugh at her joke.
“Think you can stand?” asked Jeremiah, keeping a hand on Robin’s shoulder as she stood by herself. “Yeah, I’m feeling alright.” She replied, giving him a thumbs-up. Jeremiah and Matt let her go as she stood straight by herself, stretching her back out. Everyone smiled, glad she was okay.
“Robin, I really am sorry.” Said Tim, though he kept his distance. Robin looked up at him, her face blank, then sighed. “I just don’t understand you sometimes baby brother. What was the deal with the hating on me?” she asked. Tim looked down, then said, “I’m tired of not having a lead on any of this. I guess you can say I got caught up in the moment of the thrill, and my vamp blood got to boiling.” He said, looking into her eyes. She saw the glint of red on his pupil gave him a stern look. “You haven’t fed, have you?” she asked, stepping forward as she touched his forehead. He was icy cold, and a bit sweaty.
“Yes, I have, but I think the shock of the moment might have done something to me and Matt.” Said Tim, looking at Matt. Robin looked at Matt closely and noticed the red in his eyes as well.
“You guys need to feed tonight, whether you like it or not.” She demanded angrily. “Robin…trailed Matt, then suddenly stopped, looking past Robin. “What?” she asked, turning around. There was barely enough time for the group to scatter as dark figures came charging from the trees, some of them falling from the trees as they came fourth into the moonlit spot. No one could believe what they were seeing. The first to speak was Taylor, and her voice was filled with shock and awe. “Shadow Men.” She whispered. Then suddenly, as if her voice was a signal, the creatures darted forward for the fight, screeching at the top of their lungs. The group stood at the ready as they clashed with the dark magic of the evil creatures, their own good, powerful color clashing with theirs powerfully.
Matt dislodged a tree from the ground as well as Tim, and they suddenly began to play immortal baseball with the creatures, smashing them and knocking them into oblivion. The Jeremiah and Faith went dog, biting into the more violent ones, and Robin and Taylor fought side by side with magic, for Robin was too weak still to go dog.
As they fought, they realized there was no use in staying and finishing the army off. They kept coming . Every time one sliced in half, two came fourth from the smoke that was left from their remains. “Retreat! We have to get back to the house!” shouted Matt as he took another bat at an oncoming group. Everyone turned and began to retreat. They ran fast, only feet away from the house. Robin suddenly gasped and clutched her chest and fell, her breathing deep and troublesome. “Robin , come on, you can do it!” shouted Taylor, pulling Robin’s arm around her as she helped her up. Robin gasped and grunted in pain as she began to speed up, when suddenly the two were hit by a large force. Robin flew one way, and Taylor the other. Robin moaned in pain as she was grabbed by the scruff of her neck, being pulled to her knees.
“Say bye!” said the Shadow Man who held Robin tight. Taylor raised her hand to fire at him, but he knocked her out with a sleeping gas, as well as Robin, who was already out from the pain. He clutched to her tight as they disappeared. Taylor lay forgotten on the ground.
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Naomii Lee said...
Jan. 11, 2013 at 3:47 pm
i know i didnt notice it until i read it over lol i have a boggled mind uhg but thank you (:
jetta.ck This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Jan. 7, 2013 at 7:40 pm
Great story so far... Just make sure you don't switch tense! That's a big issue in your writing. Good job, otherwise. (:

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