Journey For Future Time

October 22, 2012
By NaomiLee BRONZE, ravenden, Arkansas
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NaomiLee BRONZE, Ravenden, Arkansas
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Author's note: I wrote it out of the love i have for fiction. When I went through depression at such a young age, my teacher and personal friend of mine told me that I needed something to pull me away from the dark depths of what I was falling into. The book brought me out of that hole and into a new begining of imagination and courage to express myself and my writing skills. Enjoy.

The author's comments:
If you wish for the rest, just ask! this is a full book I have written.

Beep, beep, beep! Robin stirred in her sleep. “Mm... five more minutes!” She mumbles, pulling her pillow over her head. Still, the obnoxious noise continued on.
Robin sat up and looked around the room she shared with her little brother, Tim. She glanced at their bedside table and realized it was their alarm clock.
She pushed the snooze button and, then saw the time. Crap! 7:40! She jumped out of bed and threw her pillow at the still snoring Tim across from her bed.
He groaned. “What?” he dragged out tiredly. ”Get up dork; we’ll be late for school!” Robin snapped, grabbing some clean clothes from her trunk. Tim half heartedly began to get out of bed, but somehow tangled himself in his blanket and crashed to the floor with a loud thump!
Robin hurried out of the room and down the hall, banging loudly on her sibling’s doors. “Get up!” she shouted. Robin’s older sister and guardian Rachel came from her room, fully dressed.
Rachel is 20 years old, and has long black hair with brown eyes like her fathers. She is quite the motherly type, and is constantly worried about her sibling’s. Her nature: She was the best sorceress there was in the family.
Robin gaped at her. “Have you been up this whole time?” she asked, infuriated. “Nope, just used a little help this morning.” She said with a giggle.
“But you said no magic in the morning!” said Robin, her eyes glowing a dull red from anger. “Yeah for you guys!” replied Rachel with a laugh. Robin smiled sarcastically, then snapped her fingers quick, and the clothes she held were now on her body.
Rachel rolled her eyes then said, “ I’ll let it slide because your late brat! Mathew Ray and Jeremiah Patrick, get the Hell out of bed before it
crashes down on you! It’s the last day guys, come on! Timothy, you too!” Matt came out of his room quickly and wore his regular dark clothing. Dark jeans, dark shirt, dark hoodie. It all matched quite well with his pitch black hair.
Matt was 17 and he was a pretty good sport, though he liked a lot of dark things. No evil things, he couldn’t hurt a fly if he could help it. He just liked the night, considering he was a vampire, you know, they tend to like the dark. Even though he could go out in the day because of their fathers wolf genes, he preferred to be awake in the night rather then day if he could help it.
“I’m up, but numb nuts in there isn’t.” he said with a low chuckle, jogging down the stairs and into the kitchen. “Hold on Rach, I got this. You go get wee Timmy up!” said Robin, stretching and popping her knuckles.
Robin is 16, and a very interesting individual. She has long straight, beautiful blonde hair and bright mysterious blue eyes. She was a major tomboy at heart. She loved to wrestle with her brothers, and she ran faster then most of the family. She has a special nature: she is half wolf and half witch. She can transform into a wolf, and does very well with her magical abilities.
Robin cracked her knuckles, stretched, then suddenly morphed into a beautiful sleek wolf. She scratched the door to Jeremiah’s room open and snuck inside. Moments later, there was a shout, and wolf Robin came backing out of Jeremiahs room, dragging him by his pajama pants!
Rachel and Tim came back just in time to see the funny sight, and began to laugh hysterically. Robin morphed back to a human and bowed. “Thank you, thank you!” she exclaimed with a grin. “Why did you do that?” asked Jeremiah angrily. “Were late! Use magic to dress, we have no time to dilly dally!” said Rachel.

Jeremiah snapped his hands and he was dressed instantly, his binder in his hand. Jeremiah was also 17 like Mat, but Mat was to be 18 soon. They were a year apart. Jeremiah is like Robin: half wolf, half sorcerer. He has short dark brownish blonde hair and brown eyes.
Tim is the youngest, 15. He was not a wolf, nor a sorcerer. He was also a vampire like Matt, but he could care less if it were day or night. He has shaggy blonde hair and bright blue eyes. Some people mistook him as Robin’s twin, but Robin refused to even think of having a twin.
The family rushed down the stairs and met Matt at the door. He handed their truck keys to Rachel, and the family rushed to the vehicle, hopped in, and was on their way to school.
___________________________ (o) ___________________________

As you can tell, the Marsh family isn’t exactly the, how you say, “average” family. They are magical indeed. For two years, they have been risen by their sister Rachel. Ever sense the night of their parents disappearance, their family was broken.
It had been a sorrowful night. Not only had they experienced the most unfortunate loss of their parents, but Robin also lost her best friend.
On a pleasant, warm autumn’s night two years ago, the Marsh family had been invited to a splendid party. Tim, Matt, and Rachel decided to stay home, but Robin, Jeremiah, and Robin’s best friend Malcolm Charleston had gone to the event with Robin’s parents. Malcolm was tall, with black hair and greenish blue eyes. He was a fine wizard, and a very nice person to befriend.

After the meal that was provided, the lovely party of five decided to stroll the corridors. “Oh how wonderful the meal was!” exclaimed Robin’s mother, Shine. She had sparkling blue eyes and long, luxurious blonde hair. She was a talented potion’s master, but her secret was of being the half vampire she was.
Her father had been a vampire, her mother but only a human. Shine was magnificent in every way. She aged regularly, but she did have her blood thirsty urges every other moment in time.
“How wonderful it was, indeed! They have my five star rating!” exclaimed their father, Jonathan. He was a marvelous man, of that. Long ago, he had saved his wife from the clutches of vampire hunters, fell in love, and made her his wife, his duty to protect and serve her, for the rest of their lives. He was a wolf with jet black hair and brown eyes.
“I’m surprised Jerry took so long! Usually he inhales his food!” said Malcolm with a laugh. Everyone laughed including Jeremiah, who gave Malcolm a good sock in the arm. “I could have just been the big bad wolf and eaten you!” he said jokingly as the group stopped to admire a few paintings upon the stone walls.
As they chatted about the beauty of it, footsteps were heard coming from down the hall towards the party of five. “Ah, Jonathan! Thank you for attending my dinner party! My word Shine, just as beautiful as ever!” he exclaimed, shaking Jonathans hand. “Well Maxwell, the family could not resist! Well, Robin and Jeremiah could not miss it! Mathew, Timothy, and dearest Rachel decided upon time for themselves.” Said Jonathan.
“That’s quite alright. Who may be this young fellow who has accompanied you?” asked Maxwell, smiling brightly at Malcolm. “Oh my stars, my dearest apologies, Malcolm! Maxwell, this is Malcolm Charleston, a close friend of the family. You know his parents, Baily and

Patrick Charleston, yes?” asked Jonathan. “Yes, I do believe I know them! Spitting image of your father!” said Maxwell, shaking Malcolm’s hand. “Everyone tells so.” Said Malcolm with a smile.
“Well Jonathan, I hate to rush, but the wife and I wish for you and Shine to attend a short meeting before the main event of the evening.” Said Maxwell with a smile. “As you wish, old friend!” said Jonathan. “Children, stay out of trouble! We’ll be back shortly.” The children promised and the adults trudged off.
“Let’s go outside you guys. Hopefully it should be warmer out there.” Said Malcolm, shuddering with a smile. “You guys want to race to the fountain in the garden?” asked Robin, a sly grin on her face. The boys laughed at her. “What?” she asked. “Dude, you’re in a dress, and heels. You wouldn’t have a chance!” said Jeremiah with a laugh.
Robin looked down. She had a pretty flowing red dress on that tied behind her neck, and wore a golden chain that cradled a red jewel in the middle. Robin balanced herself and removed her heals, then let her hair down from its bun. “Let’s go kiddies!” she said with a laugh. The three stood in a line. Robin counted, then started them off!
They raced head to head, Robin holding her shoes and part of her dress. “I’m going to win!” shouted Jeremiah, laughing at Malcolm. “No you won’t!” said Malcolm with a laugh. “I win!” shouted Robin. The boys stopped and looked at Robin in shock. She had beaten them to the fountain!
“But how did you…?” trailed Jeremiah. “You know you slow down when your not paying attention, right?” said Robin with a laugh. The boys moaned in agony at their loss to a girl. Robin continued to laugh, the suddenly gasped as something grabbed her around the waist and pulled her into the water of the fountain. “Robin!?” shouted the boys, rushing to the edge where she disappeared.

They looked for a moment, then suddenly each boys were pulled by their necks hard, and they fell into the water! They sputtered back to the surface, looking around for their attackers. Suddenly, five figures rose from the water, one of them Robin. The other four were the Atari’s, their magical friends!
Jeremiah blushed as he saw Faith, the oldest girl. He was quite fond of her.
The Atari’s were a big family, like the Marsh’s. First was their eldest son, Josiah, who was Rachel’s age. He was tall and his hair was dirty blonde, his eyes brown. Josiah was a wolf.
Then came Faith, the eldest of the girls, Jeremiah’s age. Faith was very pretty with her long blonde curly hair and grey eyes. She was half wolf, half witch, like Robin. They were great friends.
Zeth was born not long after Faith, being sixteen, and he was born with a very interesting feature. His hair was brown like normal, but his eyes were gold! He was also a wolf, like his brother.
Last to come into this world was Hope, and her red hair, brown eyes, and freckles were passed to her by her great grandmother. She was Tim’s age.
They all greeted each other and splashed each other, having a great time. Soon, though, they withdrew from the water, soaking wet. Robin waved her arm, and they were all instantly dry. They thanked Robin for her keen mind.
They knew it should be time for the main event soon, so they hurried into the main hall, where they had left their cloaks and jackets. Everyone found theirs with ease, except for Robin. “Where’s my cloak?” she asked herself, looking around curiously.
Suddenly from behind he, two arms wrapped around her with her cloak and clasped it in front of her. Robin gasped as she was spun around, then looked up. “Malcolm!” she whispered, trying to give him a mean
look, though she was blushing. He laughed and gave her a soft smile, then they all started towards the main hall.
They walked through the oak doors and were welcomed by beautiful music and everyone dancing in a wild and cheery circle. The beautiful gowns were amazing as they twirled and swayed to the tune.
Faith cheered and lifted the edge of her dress and cloak, then joined the circle, grasping the hands of her parents, Joe and Teresa Atari.
Everyone became part of the circle, and they danced for what seemed like hours. Finally, the music began came to an abrupt halt, and everyone began to clap and cheer. The band immediately started up again, but this time it was a slow, sweet tune. The crowd broke into couples, and the lights dimmed slowly.
Hope was lead away by a charming young man with red hair and freckles like hers, and she smiled as they swayed together. Zeth and Josiah disappeared into the crowd with twins.
“Want to dance?” Jeremiah asked Faith nervously. Faith smiled. “Sure. Let’s make it funny!” she said with a laugh, wiggling her hips. She took his hand and they became one with the crowd.
Robin chuckled, for she had heard Faith, and retreated to an abandoned table. She sighed and fixed her hair a little, then slipped her cloak off, laying it on the back of the chair. She was a little warm from all the excitement.
“He, hem?” groped a voice from in front of her. She looked up and saw Malcolm standing there, a smile on his face. “Would you like to dance, me-lady?” he asked with a pretty smile, holding out his hand. She chuckled and smiled. “Sure.” She said, taking his hand gently. He lead them to the crowd and spun her around, pulling her close to him. He locked hands with Robin with one of his hands, then wrested his other hand on her lower back.

Robin smiled and said, “Wow. Nice charm you got there, Shakespeare.” Malcolm laughed. “You know, I like this.” He exclaimed. “Me too. I can dig it.” Said Robin with a chuckle, her cheeks blushed up a little.
Malcolm continued to stare into her eyes, then smiled. “You know,” he whispered, “there’s something I’ve kind of wanted to ask you.” “Ok. Fire away.” Said Robin.
“I’ve always… well, I…” he stuttered, then sighed. “Never mind.” He said with a smile. Robin leaned back a little, frowning. “No, tell me what’s up.” She said, concerned. Malcolm blushed, then said, “I’ve always kind of, well, thought of you more then a friend.” He looked away, fear of rejection. Robin looked down, smiling at the ground. Malcolm got worried. “What?” he asked.
Robin looked up, then suddenly reached up and kissed him lightly, caressing his cheek. Malcolm gasped through his nose and held Robin’s hips lightly. A moment later, they pulled apart. She giggled and snuggled to his chest, Malcolm hugging her close. They swayed in there little heaven, two hearts together as one in the beauty of the moment.
Then their heaven crashed as a loud bang came from the corridor. Robin’s head shot up. She clutched Malcolm’s shoulders in fear. “What was that?” she asked.
Suddenly the lights went out, leaving the crowd in mostly darkness besides the light of the moon through the windows. People started to murmur quietly, some conjuring light form their hands, others calling forth candles and flame.
Suddenly the ground began to shake, and Jonathan came running through the crowd with others, shouting “Down! Everyone down!” Malcolm kneeled to the floor shielding Robin as the windows shattered. Robin shrieked in fear. After mere moments, the shaking stopped. They stood upright and looked at the damage.

Glass covered the floor, and a cold breeze blew through the shaken crowd. “Robin! Malcolm! Are you alright?” asked Jonathan, rushing towards them. Jeremiah and Shine following him. She held Robin to her, then let her go. “Yes, were alright. What was that?” asked Robin.
“Something has gone wrong somewhere, somehow! We have no knowledge of the whereabouts of the quake came from, but…” started Jonathan, then suddenly the ground began to shake again. “I don’t think it’s over Jonathan! Everyone, down!” shouted Shine. The ground shook harder then before, the whole castle shaking in the effect of the quakes.
The crowd retreated to the floor again. Malcolm covered Robin’s head and his own as debris feel from the ceiling. “Jerry!?” shouted Robin, looking for her brother. “I’m here!” he shouted over the wind, grabbing Robin’s hand and holding it tightly.
“Just focus on my jewel, we’ll be alright!” he shouted again. She locked her eyes on the similar red jewel that was nestled in the golden bracelet that Jeremiah wore. The siblings were very close. For some reason, they just clicked together well.
For their 7th and 8th birthdays, their parents had bought them each a magical trinket. Jeremiah got the bracelet because he was a boy, and Robin the necklace because it was more seated for a girl. The stones always told each other if their occupant was afraid, or in danger, or hurt. It also had special powers of its own that they could use, but they had yet to really look into those.
Suddenly, her focus was broken by many shrieks of terror. She looked up and screamed herself at the sight. People were being sucked up from the ground! Before she knew it, Malcolm suddenly began to float upward. Robin flipped on her back to get a good grip on his hand and almost fainted at what she saw.

On the ceiling was a giant black hole, taking people into its depths! Robin held tight to Malcolm’s hand, not letting the hole take him. She began to rise a little as well, but Jeremiah slid behind her quickly and held to her tight.
“Let go!” shouted Malcolm. “No! I won’t let go, I won’t lose you!” she shouted, holding his hand tight with both of hers. “If you don’t, you two will be sucked in as well. Let go!” he shouted. Robin still held tight.
Suddenly she heard her fathers voice, screaming her mothers name. “Shine!!” She looked in the direction of his voice and with horror watched as he tried to fight to keep himself and his wife on the ground, but it was of no use. Shine screamed in horror as the two flew into the hole, disappearing from sight. “MOM, DAD, NO!” shouted Robin, tears in her eyes.
Then, as if it never happened, the hole disappeared and Malcolm fell on the floor besides Robin and Jeremiah hard. “Mom, Dad!!” she cried, tears streaming down her face as she stood quickly. Many of the guests began to call out for their now gone friends and loved ones. Some cried, and others ran for help.
Joe and Teresa Atari rushed to them, looking worried. “Where are the others? Are you alright?” asked Teresa hurriedly. “Where are Shine and Jonathan?” Joe asked Robin. Robin couldn’t take it. Tears fell quick and hard. Joe’s face softened as he realized they were no longer with them. “Mom, Dad!” shouted Faith, running into the awaiting arms of Teresa. “Oh Faith, my dear! Hope, Zeth, Josiah!” she exclaimed as they appeared one after the other.
“Robin…” trailed Malcolm, trying to comfort her. “LEAVE ME ALONE!” she shouted, kicking her shoes of as she ran through the doors and out the hall. “Robin!” shouted Jeremiah. Malcolm and Jeremiah hurried after her, and quickly found her standing silently by the garden fountain. “Robin, don’t run off like that!” said Jeremiah worriedly.
Robin held up a hand and shushed him, pointing through the brush wall. They heard murmuring voices, and spotted feet under the hedges. “Something’s not right.” Said Robin, crouching down as she moved in closer so she could hear the mysterious guests words. “Robin!” snapped Jeremiah, but the two boys had no choice but to follow. Malcolm and Jeremiah crouched and followed close behind.
“We did not receive as many people as we should have liked, but it is a great start my friend.” Said a deep, cold voice. “Yes sir, I agree we have done quite well!” replied a much younger, squeakier voice then the first. The three children moved a bit of the brush so they could make out the strangers.
The two were crouched over a small golden box, eyeing it excitedly. “Marcelo, sir, we are most certainly on our way! Exclaimed the smaller of the two. He was a young man about his mid 20’s, and his face was dented with scars and cuts. He was hunched over a bit. The other man was quite tall and was tan with a scar across his eyes and a wicked grin upon his face. His hair was jet black with silver dots in it.
“Yes, Aster, we have. Finally, we may take over this world as our own, and punish those who do not believe in our plan!” exclaimed Marcelo, opening the box. A bright green light came from within it, followed by screaming and pleas for help. Robin gasped as she heard a familiar shriek, one she had heard only moments before. Her mothers.
This man had imprisoned the missing people in his box! “He’s got Mom and Dad!” she whispered frantically as she stood and jumped from the hedges. “Robin no!” snapped Malcolm, but it was too late, the boys stepped forward as well, ready to defend her. “Let them go!” demanded Robin. The two men looked at them in shock, then turn and began to run away from them.
“No!” shouted Robin, running after him. Jeremiah and Malcolm followed closely. Jeremiah and Robin suddenly went wolf, jumping on
the big man as he tried to escape. Jeremiah bit into him, and a putrid blue liquid seeped from his wound into his mouth. It was a horrid taste, but Jeremiah was a strong fighter. Malcolm began to throw curses and charms at Aster, keeping him away from the others.
Suddenly Marcelo yelled and threw both the wolves off. They flew through the air and hit the ground hard, each whining in pain. Then, before Malcolm could think, Aster hit him with a spell they had never seen before, and he fell to the ground, his eyes wide open as he screamed in pain. The wolves fazed back to human. “Malcolm!” shouted Robin, crawling to his side. Jeremiah stood to fight again, but the men had escaped. “Damn!” shouted Jeremiah angrily. Robin stroked Malcolm’s cheek. “Malcolm, Malcolm are you alright?” she asked. Malcolm looked into her eyes, then suddenly his body began to disappear. Then, as if part of the wind, he disappeared.

The author's comments:
This shows the family's struggle with what happened, and how they have changed in such little time.

The Marsh’s jumped from the truck hurriedly. They had just arrived in the school parking lot. “Alright y’all, I don’t want any trouble from you guys today. No phone calls about graffiti,” Rachel looked at Mat, “No spit balls,” she glared at Jeremiah,” No food throwing”, she glanced at Tim, “and no fighting, PERIOD, for you missy, or I WILL have you sent off.” She finished, glaring at Robin.
“No problem boss.” Said Jeremiah with a solute. Robin glared at Rachel. “What’s your problem? I got in one fight and now you act like I’m going to flip out on everyone.” She snapped. Rachel sighed and looked at Robin. “Just be good. It’s the last day, Jesus Christ! Love you guys. See you later.” Said Rachel, walking back to the truck.

Robin scowled angrily and looked at her brothers. “Just keep the temp down Rob. You’ll be alright.” Said Mat, waving to them as he walked towards the ball field for P.E.
The belle rang just as Robin and Tim made it to their first class that they shared: Algebra class. Tim was able to skip a grade because of his natural knowledge, so him and Robin stuck together a lot in the classes they had together.
They went to their seats quickly, Tim next to Robin. “Morning guys! Late start?” asked a familiar, friendly voice. Taylor Bay, Robin’s best friend, smiled at the two. She was a witch. Her mother and herself had moved into the Marsh’s town from New Mexico.
It was funny, because when they were little, they didn’t even like each other until they both realized they had the same power. Taylor had curly black hair and a nice tan skin. Her eyes were brown and speckled with green. She was Robin’s age. She sat on the other side of Robin.
“What’s wrong Rob? You look mad.” Said Taylor. Robin told Taylor about what Rachel told her. Taylor’s eyes widened. “She wouldn’t split up the family!” she said. Robin sighed. “Who knows.” she said. Taylor began to talk to Robin about it, reassuring her things would be okay.
Tim looked at her as she talked and couldn’t help that his heart skipped a beat when she smiled. He had liked her for a long time now, but he was afraid of ever actually asking her out. He could see it now… “Hey Taylor, you want to do something sometime?” She would look at him and laugh, then everyone else would laugh, then he wouldn’t have any pants on like in the dream….”Tim? Timothy?” “What?” asked Tim, coming out of his daze.
Mrs. Fits, the teacher, had been talking to him while he was day dreaming. “I asked you if you knew what the day was.” She said,

looking at him, showing that she was irritated. “Hum… the … last day of school?” he asked. The class cheered at that.
“Why yes, it is. Today we will be taking our final exam. It is located on your desk with a sharpened pencil. You have exactly one hour. You may begin.” Said Mrs. Fits, starting a timer.
The sudden sound of pencils scratching along paper began. Robin really didn’t feel like she should waste her time in school. She jotted down most of the answers easily, for they were easy for her to do. Before she knew it, she was done, and now had to wait 45 minutes until the hour was up.
She sighed in boredom and laid her head on her desk. She snuggled into her sleeves and closed her eyes, listening to music in her head. She didn’t really dream of anything, she just thought. She thought about what the summer was going to be like, and what she wanted to do. But mostly she thought of who she wanted to do things with.
Malcolm. She imagined them playing on the beach, or playing basketball like they used too, only this time she could beat him with her ‘charm’. She chuckled quietly to herself, then felt a bit sad. She missed him terribly, always remembering the little hugs and nudges that showed her he cared.
Moments later the timer and the belle in the hall went off, and everyone cheered. One step closer to summer! “Please turn in your work pages. Have a great summer.” Exclaimed Mrs. Fits unenthusiastically.
Robin and Taylor left the room, seeing as Tim had already disappeared to his locker. “ Was that hard or what?!” asked Taylor. “It seemed ok to me.” Said Robin with a small smile. “Are you alright? You look kind of sad.” Asked Taylor, concern on her face. “Nah, I’m ok. Just tired, that’s all.” Said Robin. “Ok. Well I’ll meet you at our lockers in a few minutes,

ok Rob? I got to go to the bathroom.” Robin understood and started towards her locker while Taylor went the other way to the bathroom.
She reached her locker and opened it, getting out her and Taylor’s English books. She thought she’d save them some time so they weren’t late. Just as she grabbed them, they slipped from her arms and they fell on the ground. She moaned, leaning down to scoop them up. Suddenly, a noise caught her ear, and it flickered in. Voices heading her way.
“Don’t worry guys, she’s mine today. She can’t say no to this!” said the voice. Robin knew that cocky tone anywhere. “Fuck! Please not me again!” she whispered, grabbing her books as she stood. She slammed her locker shut and turned to walk away, but it was too late. “Hey baby.” Said Luke Maze, a popular jock in school.
He always had had it out for Robin, because she was the only girl who never fell head over heals for him. His friends, or ‘posse’, as he liked to call them, came up behind him. They were Chance Lee and Scott Jareds, his right hand men. “How many times do I have to say stop calling me that!?” snapped Robin, glaring up at him.
Robin and Taylor absolutely loathed Luke and his boys, for Luke was spoiled and rotten to the core. He never stopped until he got what he wanted.
“Awe don’t be that way darling! I’m just a guy who knows what he wants when he wants it, and you are on the menu.” He said, trying to take her hand. She yanked it away and turned to leave, but Chance and Scott stood in her way. “Mm feisty! I like that!” exclaimed Luke, touching her arm. She whirled around and said, “I swear to God you touch me again, I’ll kick your ass!” She walked around him and started to walk away when he suddenly grabbed her from behind, holding her close. “You aren’t going anywhere.” He whispered in her ear, turning her face, trying to kiss her.

“Let go!” she screamed. She pulled away and tried to punch him, but was suddenly grabbed from behind by Taylor. “Robin no!” she whispered frantically. “Let me go! She shouted. Jeremiah and Tim suddenly appeared behind the boys. “Is there a problem here?” Jeremiah asked Luke.
Just trying to talk to a sweet ole thing that’s all Jerry.” Replied Luke, going to touch Robin’s face. She tried pulling away from Taylor so she could hit him, bite him, something, but Taylor held tight. She knew her friends temper almost better then Jeremiah, and she wasn’t going to let it get the best of her, let alone let it get her sent off.
“That’s my sister punk! You don’t touch her!” yelled Tim, stepping forward. A group of people surrounded them as the belle rang. “Get them!” said Luke. Chance grabbed Tim and slammed him against the locker, and Scott held Jeremiah from behind. “Now why don’t you tell your pal and brothers you’ll see them later before someone gets hurt, hmm?” asked Luke, looking at Robin with a nasty grin.
“No!” shouted Jeremiah, turning and knocking Scott down. Tim took that as a signal to jump in, so he threw Chance against the lockers this time and started to fight with him. Luke stood back for a moment, watching the boys fight. “TAYLOR LET GO! STOP!” shouted Robin, pulling hard against Taylor.
The crowd shouted in anticipation. Fight! Fight! Fight! Jeremiah finally knocked Scott unconscious, then turned to deal with Luke, but he hadn’t been watching. Luke suddenly grabbed Jeremiah’s shoulders and kneed him in the gut. Robin had had enough. “HEY LUKE!” she shouted. Luke turned to face her, which was probably the biggest mistake of his life.
Robin pulled fast and hard, escaping from Taylor’s grasp, and punched him hard in the face. Blood shot from his nose like a fountain, and

everyone was silent, for the deafening crack of a shattered jaw echoed through the hall. Luke fell to the ground, spitting out a few teeth with a big pool of blood. Robin went to attack more, but stopped when she saw Tim go pale at the sight of the blood.
He covered his nose, refraining from the smell. “What is going on here!?” asked a loud voice. Principle Anderson walked into the circle and almost fell over at the shock of seeing the three toughest guys in school on the ground.
“What happened here!?” he asked. Robin stepped forward to confess, but Jeremiah stepped in front of her. “Big boy here thought he and his gang were going to call me and my brother names, so I wrestled them up. Got a good shot at Luke too.” He said in a cocky voice. “No you di..” started Robin, but Taylor covered her moth before she could finish. The circle knew Jeremiah wasn’t the one who inflicted the devastating blow, but they were all pretty scared of ending up on Robin’s bad side.
Luke probably wouldn’t have protested to it either, for being knocked unconscious by a girl wouldn’t exactly seem tough.
Mr. Anderson waved to some boys in the crowd. “You two, help me get these boys to the nurse. I’ve got Luke. Mr. Marsh, in my office, NOW!” he instructed as he bent to help Luke up. Robin pulled Taylor’s hand away and looked at Jeremiah with furious eyes.
“Jeremiah what are you doing!?” she whispered frantically. “Saving your ass! I won’t let Rachel separate this family.” Said Jeremiah. “TO MY OFFICE!” said Mr. Anderson angrily. Jeremiah gave her a soft smile and turned, walking towards the office. “Now I assume everyone has a class to attend!? Go on! Scoot!” Mr. Anderson spat at the crowd. The crowd began to break up as Mr. Anderson finally got Luke to walk.
Only Tim, Taylor, and Robin remained. Robin turned around and looked at Tim and Taylor angrily. “Why didn’t you guys just butt out!? I can


take care of myself!” she spat. “ I didn’t want to lose my best friend, and I’m pretty sure Tim didn’t want to lose his sister.” Said Taylor grumpily. “I am tired of being treated like a baby in this damn family!” said Robin. Tim sighed and looked at the girls. “Well, we ought to head to class.” Said Tim. The girls agreed and they started off to class, Robin in between Taylor and Tim. It’s like I’m a prisoner. She thought angrily to herself. “You are in our family.” Said Tim, who had overheard her thought. “Stay out of my head maggot.” She spat back.

The author's comments:
Uh Oh!

For the rest of the morning, everyone was avoiding Robin, Tim, and Taylor. They gossiped about the fight, and many times Robin caught a glimpse of people mimicking her powerful swing. Jeremiah was still being held in the office.
At lunch, the three sat at their usual place for lunch, Matt joining them. “So I heard of what happened. Why aren’t you in the office?” Matt asked Robin, taking a bight of his salad. “Because Jerry decided he was going to lie and take the blame for me, and theses two over here had me held back and shut up.” Said Robin, waving her fork at Taylor and Tim.
Matt sighed and looked at Robin. “You’ve got to control that anger sis. I hate to say it, but maybe you do need to get some kind of help, or take up a sport or something. I don’t want you sent off, I mean, you’re my little sister, but if Rachel gives the ok, we have no control what happens or where you go.”
Robin sighed and looked at the table. “He was grabbing me and tried to kiss me, then tried to make me go with him against my will. Of course I


was going to do something about it. Can we just drop it?” she asked, taking a slow sip of her coke. Matt got quiet, and they finished the rest of their lunch in peace.
For the rest of the day, Robin couldn’t help but worry about her brother. Would they want to send him off because of his temper, which wasn’t even his to claim? Would Rachel ground him forever? Soon, the end of the day came around, and the belle that signaled summer was here rang cheerfully in the hall. Everyone cheered and said their goodbyes, but Robin didn’t. She stood and hurried out of class, wanting to find Jerry as fast as possible.
“Robin wait!” said Tim as he and Taylor caught up to her. “I can’t come over right after school, but I can probably come over later on when I get my chores done. I love you girl, everything will be okay.” Said Taylor. She hugged Robin, then hugged Tim, though Tim didn’t expect a hug. She gave them a small wave and hurried down the hall. Tim stared after her. Robin rolled her eyes and grabbed his wrist, dragging him along.
The two made their way to the back of the school building, where they usually waited for Rachel to come pick them up. Her truck was already there, but she wasn’t in it. Robin moaned and laid her forehead against the cool brick wall.
“What’s got your panties in a bunch rob?” asked Matt, who was leaning against the wall with his hood up. “I feel so freaking mad! When Jeremiah comes out of there, I’m going to beat him to a pulp! I feel stupid, like I’m a failure! He’s getting punished for my actions, it isn’t fair!” she said angrily.
“No, it isn’t.” said a female voice from behind Robin. Robin turned around and saw Rachel standing there, Jeremiah behind her. “Jerry!” said Robin, hugging Jeremiah hard, then she turned away from him and looked at Rachel slowly.


“I know it was you who hit him. Yes, I know Jerry and Tim had a part in it. Kind of figured. Robin, I hate to say this, but I think it’s time you started to act right and grow up. He has a fractured skull and a completely shattered nose!
A normal human boy can barely do that, let alone a human girl! You could have killed him with that force! I’m sorry, but I have no choice. I’m enrolling you in camp this summer to get over your anger and that’s final.”
Everyone looked at Rachel in shock. “No! It’s not fair! When a guys hurting your family and trying to sexually harass you against your will obviously your going to do something about it! You can’t do this!” said Robin angrily, looking into her older sister’s eyes.
“I can do whatever it is I please. Get in the truck, and we’ll discuss this more when we get home. NOW!” snapped Rachel. Robin pushed past Rachel and jumped in the truck, Jeremiah and Tim piling in the back with her as Rachel and Matt took the front.
Jeremiah wrapped an arm around Robin’s shoulders, and Tim gave her a reassuring smile as they rode home silently.


They pulled into the driveway 30 minutes later, and filed out of the vehicle quietly. “I had a stew on before I left, so it should be done.” Said Rachel. Matt suddenly grabbed Rachel and motioned for the family to stop. “Someone’s in the house.” Exclaimed Tim, hearing the same sounds of rustling feet as Matt did.

“I’m ready to kick butt.” Said Robin as she quietly jogged up the stairs. “Robin, don’t you dare!” spat Rachel quietly. Robin rolled her eyes and suddenly kicked their door open. “Police! Put your freaking hands up!” she shouted, moving into the door.
“Robin!” screamed Rachel angrily. The rest of the Marsh’ rushed in after her, Rachel shutting the door behind her. “Ah, we surrender!” said a familiar voice with a laugh. The Marsh’ stood in shock, then Robin smiled as Josiah Atari came from the kitchen, Hope, Faith, and Zeth standing behind him. From the looks of it, they had teleported here.
“Hey!” said Robin happily as she met Faith and Hope halfway to a hug. Everyone began to greet each other warmly, hugging and laughing as they seated themselves around the living room. “You scared me half to death you mangy mutt!” said Rachel with a laugh, looking at Josiah. “Well Rachel, that was not the impression we wanted to give you. Oh, and nice kick on that door Robin.” Said Josiah with a laugh, giving her a
fist bump.
“Yeah, well she didn’t need to do it. She just wanted to show off.” Said Rachel irritably. Robin glared at her with a death stare, her anger flaring brightly. Robin never liked to show off, she just like the idea of scaring the robbers.
Faith noticed the thick rage between them, and cleared her throat. “So, what have you guys been up to lately?” she asked with a smile, looking at Jeremiah. He blushed and stuttered, looking down at the ground. “oh nothing just chilling like villains.” Said Mat with a laugh, leaning back in his recliner.
Faith giggled and flashed a smile at Jeremiah, then looked back at Robin. “So what’s the point of the whole awesome drop in all of a sudden?” asked Tim. Josiah sighed and looked at Robin. “Well, Mom and Dad left the youngsters in my care while they went off to Europe
on an emergency meeting somewhere. For some reason, though, they didn’t want us staying at the house, they wanted us to come here. They sent a note,” he said, retrieving a green, scaly envelope from his pocket,” and said you would understand when you read it.” “Can I see? That looks like the new edition of dragon hide envelopes!” said Robin excitedly. “Sure kiddo, but it will only open for Rachel I guess. Mom put a charm on it.”
He tossed the envelope to Robin. She caught it. As soon as the envelope touched her fingers, she shuddered and dropped it, making a little screech.
“What is it?” asked Hope worriedly. Robin bent down and slowly, cautiously, picked it up from the floor, looking at it curiously, a bit of sadness reflecting in her deep blue eyes. “I…” she trailed, then suddenly tossed it to Rachel. “I’m going out to the barn to work on Indigo.” Said Robin hurriedly. She jumped from the couch and disappeared through the hall. “That couldn’t have been any weirder. Anyways, I’ll read this later. Meanwhile, you guys are always welcome in our house! We’ll have to work out a bunking situation, but we’ll be ok!” said Rachel with a smile.
“Thank you Rachel! I trust we’ll be good house guests, right?” he asked, looking at the silent Zeth. “I promise I won’t clear out their fridge.” He said with a laugh. “Good to know! Well Josiah, would you mind going to the store with me? I need to pick up some stuff for dinner.” Said Rachel. Josiah smiled and agreed to accompany her. They left.
Jeremiah kept glancing at the front door. Where was Robin? Was she okay? He stood, going to look for her. “Where are you going?” Jeremiah turned around to see Faith looking at him. “To find Robin.” He said plainly. “I’ll come too. She looked upset.” Said Faith, standing and following Jeremiah. They walked out the front door and circled behind the house. There, they saw a big barn in front of the woods they lived in
front of. It was old and worn, but they usually used it for storage purposes. The two walked to the barn and heard something metallic fall to the ground. “Robin?” asked Jeremiah, walking in first.
Robin was bent over a blue mustang, her arm deep down in the hood. It was her car she had received from her dad when she was younger. She loved the car so much, she had even given it a name: Indigo, after it’s beautiful color.
“Yeah?” she asked, coming back up. Her bare arms were covered in dust and oil, and she held a wrench she had dropped. Jeremiah smiled as he looked at the care. Faith gaped at it. “It’s so beautiful!” she exclaimed with a smile, giving Robin a thumbs-up on the work she did.
Robin gave her a soft smile. “Thanks.” she exclaimed. Jeremiah detected a quiver in her voice, a sign of something bothering her. “You seemed upset when you left earlier. Are you alright?” asked Jeremiah, looking at his sister worriedly. Robin sighed and looked down at her wrench, fiddling with the tip carelessly.
“When the envelope touched my skin… all I could think about was Malcolm. Like, boom! He was there. The very instant it touched my skin. It scared me… and I think maybe there’s something wrong.”
Robin looked at Jeremiah and Faith. Faith suddenly gasped. “I knew it! I knew there was something wrong!” she exclaimed, pointing at Robin. “What do you mean?” asked Robin.
“A lot of things have been going on at the house lately. Mom and Dad have had meetings in the cellar with some people we haven’t met before, and once I walked in on them arguing late one night when I was going in the kitchen for a drink. I had listened to some of the argument, but not the whole thing. All I caught was Dad saying, ‘it’s not safe to talk about anymore! It’s barely safe to go outside anymore if you’re magical! Hell, even humans would worry if they knew who he was and

what he’s planning to do!’ Then Mom hushed him because she said she heard me coming down the stairs.” “Well then who could they have been talking about?” asked Jeremiah. Faith shrugged. “I really don’t know. I can’t think of anyone dangerous or as evil as this guy sounded. Believe me, if you would have heard my dad’s voice, it would have given you goose bumps for a week!” exclaimed Faith, shivering at the thought.
Robin sighed in confusion and leaned against the car, closing her eyes. “All I know is, I didn’t like the feeling I got from that card, yo. As far as I’m concerned, that card, and whatever’s in it, is bad news.”

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Can there perhaps be an answer?

Chapter 4: Discussion Time

The three walked back to the house an hour later, all a bit befuddled by the information they had just shared with each other. Could there possibly be something wrong? Who was this supposedly awful, evil man that seemed to even frighten Faith’s noble and courageous father?
As they jogged up the steps onto the back porch, they noticed that Rachel’s truck was back. They went inside just as Josiah and Rachel entered the house with grocery bags. “Ok guys, start sorting and putting away!” exclaimed Rachel with a laugh as they dumped the massive bags on the table.
Everyone gathered in the kitchen and helped put the groceries away, Rachel retrieving the ingredients she needed for the lasagna she was going to make “Thanks guys.” Said Rachel with a smile, as the three went to retreat to the living room.
“Robin, wait. Come here.” Said Rachel. Robin rolled her eyes and walked up to her sister. “What?” she asked. “Just because we have
guests at the moment, it doesn’t mean we won’t discuss the camp.” She said firmly. “No matter what, I’m not going, so, yeah. Deal with it.” Said Robin, and before Rachel could respond, she went into the living room. Rachel sighed and began her lasagna.
Robin entered the living room and found everyone there except for Josiah, who had retreated to help Rachel with dinner.
“Hey Robby! You alright girl?” asked Hope. Robin smiled and nodded as she slipped on her hoodie and looked at Matt. “Mind if I borrow your car? I’m going to go to Taylor’s.” Matt smiled and tossed her the keys, then got back to the game of chess he was playing with Zeth.
“I want to go!” said Faith excitedly, standing. “Me too! Anything to get out of this house.” Said Tim, standing as he slipped his jacket on.
Robin rolled her eyes and smiled. “Alright, but don’t fight over the front seat.” The three burrowed into the car, Faith losing the rock/paper/scissors game for the front seat, being forced in the back. The drive there was quick. As they pulled into Taylor’s driveway, Taylor was coming out the door. “You guys stay here, I got to talk to her.” Said Robin. She climbed out of the car and was greeted with a warm smile from Taylor as she jogged down the stairs. “I was about to head to your house! What’s up?” she asked.
Robin looked back at the car, nodding her head towards Faith in the back seat. “Is that Faith Atari? Cool, when did they come over?” she asked, remembering meeting Faith on birthdays and such. “They were at our house when we got home. When we get to the house, we need to talk about something. Do you think your mom would let you stay over?” asked Robin. Taylor heard the uneasiness in her voice and smiled. “I don’t think she’ll have a problem with it. I’ll just call her when we get to your house.”
Robin smiled and they headed back to the house. When they got there, Mat was outside, watching the sky as the sun began to sink slowly.
Robin tossed the keys randomly at Matt, and he caught them, though his attention wasn’t on them. “Love it when you do that bro!” said Robin laugh as the four went into the house.
Rachel and Josiah were curled up on the couch, holding hands. Faith made a gag noise and acted as though she were going to throw up. Rachel looked up and laughed, sticking her tongue out at her. “Hey Taylor. You going to be another guest tonight? Your always welcome.” Said Rachel with a laugh. “I texted Mom a minute ago. She don’t care.”
“Well, everyone’s in the basement. We conjured up some living space for our guests, just head on down.” Robin cut in. “That’s ok, we were going to go on a walk, just me and Taylor. Just around the house.”

Rachel gave them the ok, and the two walked outside, Tim and Faith going into the basement.
Matt wasn’t on the porch anymore. “Must have gone hunting, huh?” asked Taylor as the girls started their walk around the house. “Probably. Anyways… something’s been really bothering me.” Robin told her about her small experience with the envelope. Taylor look confused. “That’s weird. So Malcolm kind of just flashed before your eyes?” she asked. “Yeah. It scared me, and it’s still gnawing at me.
Do you think something could be wrong?” asked Robin. Taylor sighed and patted Robin’s back. “I’m not sure. Maybe we should talk to your brothers about it, and Faith, seeing as she already knows.” Robin looked at Taylor. “Your right. We probably should.” She said, looking up at the stars. “And...” trailed Taylor. “What?” asked Robin. “We won’t know if there’s something wrong for sure unless we get that note.” Robin nodded. “I really don’t know what I would do without you. We’ll have to wait until Matt gets back, then we can meet up in my room and discuss it.” Taylor nodded at Robin’s words, and they raced back to the house.
Josiah and Rachel retreated to Rachel’s room a bit after dinner, and Matt showed up a while after with a vile of red liquid for Tim. “Drink up buddy! You need it.” Said Matt with a serious tone.
Tim took it and sipped the blood lightly, keeping it with him as Robin, Taylor, Faith, Jeremiah, Matt, and himself retreated to Robin and Tim’s room. They all made themselves comfortable, and looked at Robin and Taylor.
“So what’s up?” asked Jeremiah. Robin looked at Taylor, and re-explained her story she had explained to Taylor. Tim and Matt looked confused. “So, he kind of just flashed before your eyes?” asked Matt, looking at her. Robin sighed. “Not exactly. It brought up a memory of
me and him at the dance before…” she suddenly became quiet, and her eyes widened. “What?” asked Taylor, shaking her friends shoulder.
“Did Rachel read that note?” asked Robin quickly, looking at Faith and Jeremiah. “Yeah, she had me put it in Dad’s desk drawer in his old study.” Said Jeremiah. Robin stood and rushed out the door, Taylor following after her as well as Jeremiah. She opened the door to her father’s study and could still smell his cologne around the room.
She trudged over to his desk and opened the drawer, moving some old files around until she found the envelope and the note, which were open. She took out the note and tossed the envelope aside.
Her eyes began to scan the paper.
Joe and I need you to take the children in for a while. They are no longer safe in our home. WE are no longer safe. The Magical Council has fallen, and we must go to war to help bring it up again.
A terrible deed has fallen upon the magical society we live in, and we must help defeat it. I must go. I cannot share much information with you but I would like to say this: Be careful, and stay more secretive then
ever. If we do not return, Josiah will receive a letter from an anonymous source. We love you and the children. STAY SAFE.
Robin stared at the page longer, then suddenly gasped in pain and fell to her knees, her head exploding with a white hot pain that could have burned thousands. “Robin!?” asked Jeremiah, falling beside his sister. She gritted her teeth hard not to scream, and kept her eyes closed.
She was running after something. Two figures in front of her. She grabbed the taller one and he turned, revealing his face. Images of Jeremiah biting the man, Malcolm in her arms.

That laugh over and over and over again. She opened her eyes suddenly and took in a large deal of breath. Leaning over her were Jeremiah and Taylor, and they looked very concerned. Robin could barely stand as she pushed off from the ground, balancing herself against the desk. Jeremiah put an arm around her waist and steadied her. “Robin, are you alright?” asked Taylor, concerned. Robin looked at them, then looked into Jeremiah’s eyes. “Marcelo.” She said, walking off quickly out the door and towards her room. Jeremiah placed the note back in the desk and himself and Taylor followed after her. She burst into her room and said, “Marcelo! The man who took Malcolm, the one Jerry and I told you about! It’s him! He’s doing something, and it’s dangerous!”
Everyone got silent and looked at her. “Yeah, I remember you telling me about that!” said Faith, remembering the night of the accident. “Yeah little sis, we remember, too! Especially sense Jerry was covered in blue blood when you guys got home.” Said Matt, motioning between him and Tim. Tim nodded in agreement.
Taylor looked at her best friend. “Do you think it could be possible?” she asks, crossing her arms, a little nervous at the thought. Robin shrugged and began to rub her aching temple. “I don’t know, but
It seems as though it could be! When I read the letter, the whole fight between that Marcelo guy and us three replayed in my head, and it felt like someone was stabbing my brain with a brander.” Replied Robin.
Jeremiah looked at Robin. “Did you see Mom and Dad?” he asked, his eyes hopeful. Matt and Tim perked up as well a little. Robin shook her head with a sad sigh. “No.” she said.
Jeremiah nodded, knowing it wasn’t her fault, and put an arm around her shoulders. “Why don’t we all go downstairs and watch a movie? Just rest up a bit and thin this through, huh?” he asked, rubbing her

shoulder. Robin wanted to debate more, but nodded in defeat, for her head was pounding in pain. Robin gave some pajamas to Taylor to put on, then told everyone she’d be down in a moment. She closed her door and changed into a tank top and pajama pants, then looked up at her wall as she grabbed her blanket. Something caught her eyes, and she was suddenly looking into Malcolm’s.
She jumped, then sighed at the picture. It was her and Malcolm on her 13th birthday, and she had thrown her arm around his neck for a picture. She smiled, then lightly kissed her fingers and placed them on his picture. “I really hope your okay.” She whispered, then left the room, closing the door lightly.

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Chapter 5: Intruders
The friends had decided to watch a movie in the living room. Robin seated herself in her father’s old recliner, while Matt and Tim sat up a mat on the floor. Taylor sprawled across their small love seat, and Faith and Jeremiah snagged either ends of the couch.
Matt flipped through the channels and left on a Will Smith movie. Robin recognized it as her favorite movie Independence Day, and she curled up under the blanket she had retrieved and snuggled into her recliner.
The others started up a conversation about something Robin was unsure of as she began to drift off in the warmth of her recliner.
It was dark, cold, and slimy. Where am I? She thought, feeling the slimy walls for a light switch or something. She gave up the search and snapped her fingers, her hand quickly engulfed in harmless bright flames. She looked around and saw only stone and muck covering the walls of what looked like a cellar.
She continued to walk through the darkness until she came upon on large oak door, about 6 feet tall with a large knocker on it. She took the handle and knocked lightly, letting it fall back against the door quietly. The door suddenly flew open, and hooded figures ceased her. She screamed, but it was muffled by the cold hand closed over her mouth. She had known about these kind of men only in fairytales. They were Shadow Men.
In fairytales her mother used to read to her and Tim before bed, the Shadow Men were shadows of innocent men that had their shadows ripped from their souls by a dark sorcerer, then were twisted and tampered with to learn evil, and to serve only their creator. She struggled against their arms, but they were quite strong. They suddenly held her arms and forced her to look down. They were suspended in midair! What she saw below them made her heart stop. Thousands of people dressed in rags and dirty things were trapped beneath the dome like force they stood upon.
Suddenly they began to move, the force upon which they stood falling closer to the miserable people below. They stopped just above their heads, the Shadow Men cackling as the group they were above cowered in fear of being smashed by the invisible field. Then suddenly, a woman reached up and pressed her hands against the glass and looked into Robin’s eyes. “Mom!” exclaimed Robin, yanking her arms away from the men as she fell to her knees and placed her hands over her mothers. They looked into each other’s eyes. Robin smacked the field, trying to break through. Suddenly, they began to rise. “No! No, MOM!” she shouted, smashing against the force with the strongest of her magic.
She felt the elevation go faster, and suddenly she was thrown backwards into oblivion. She suddenly jerked awake with a gasp, clutching the recliner arms. She glanced around the room and saw Taylor curled up under a blanket, sleeping, Faith on the big couch doing the same. Jeremiah, Matt, and Tim were on the floor, sleeping on a mattress they must have dragged down to the living room while she had slept.
She glanced at the wall clock. 2am. She sighed and smacked her dry lips as she stood and trudged into the kitchen. She took out a coke and popped it open, taking a big swig then turned started to rummage for something to eat when she heard it.
Someone was whispering outside. She closed her eyes and morphed her ears to dog style, listening more intently.
“The girl has seen things, you know she has! Father has even witnessed the visions she had!” exclaimed a male voice, maybe about Matt’s age. “Maybe Father was wrong!” exclaimed a smooth cool voice of a female maybe 15 years old. There was a pause, then she heard a loud smack. The boy must have hit whoever he was with. “Tony!” shouted another older voice angrily, obviously on the girl’s side. “Do you dare question Father’s wisdom!?” snapped Tony. She heard the girl whimper a no. “Never say those words again.” Said Tony. The girl growled, obviously angry at her own weakness, and she heard her shuffle in the grass. He must have knocked her down. The older voice spoke again. “We must exterminate the girl and her family. We cannot risk the chance of her telling them what she has seen, and it getting out to the world.”
The other two agreed, and she heard their steps in the darkness, as if she were walking with them. She recognized another pair of footsteps, four people instead of three. She couldn’t wait any longer, for they were at least 30 yards from the house.
Robin rushed into the living room and shook Tim and the boys awake, then awakened Taylor and Faith. “What is it Robin? It’s 2am..” dragged Jeremiah, sitting up in just his pajama pants.
“I heard voices outside. Their planning to ambush us in our sleep and kill us, I heard them!” she whispered frantically. She explained how she had awoken and ventured into the kitchen for a drink when she heard them. Tim grabbed a jacket, slipping it on over his pajamas.
“Matt, you go one way, I’ll go the other. You guys stay here and watch the house while we look.” Said Tim, looking at Matt. Mat remained shirtless in his jeans as he nodded. “I’ll go with you to cover more ground. As you know, I mastered hovering, so I can move almost as fast as a vampire.” Said Taylor, suddenly floating above the ground as she slipped her jacket on. “Alright, you go with Tim, his areas bigger. If you guys need us, just whistle and we’ll come.” Said Matt as he slipped out into the darkness.
Tim held the door open for Taylor then nodded to Robin and closed it tight. Robin listened intently for the intruders. “Should we wake up Rachel and Joe?” asked Jeremiah. Robin suddenly went very pale, and opened her eyes. “Their right outside. We have no time!” she whispered. She looked at both Jeremiah and Faith. “One.” Said Faith. “Two.” Exclaimed Robin. “Three!” shouted Jeremiah as the three rushed out the front door. They stopped in the middle of the yard back to back, keeping a tight formation. From the forest came a tall boy with jet black shaggy hair, and a girl with bright purple hair following him.
A man about 30 came from another section of the woods, with shoulder length black hair braided back, and another boy with orange hair followed. They all had the same sickly yellow eyes that glowed in the dark. Robin gasped. “Full vampires. By the looks of it, bad kind.” She whispered, knowing the sign of a deranged vampire well: their eyes.
“Well, it seems you have awakened on our visiting!” said the young boy with black hair. Tony. Robin narrowed her eyes at him, clenching her fists tightly. “Why have you come to kill us?” she asked her face fierce and leader like in the moonlight. Tony chuckled and stepped forward. We were sent on an impulse by someone who shall remain hidden. My my…” he trailed, stopping in front of her. He reached a hand out and touched her chin. She flinched away and growled, her eyes flashing a bright blue. “So beautiful... what a shame. The things I imagine doing to you are numberless. Your scent…” he trailed, baring his fangs, “is most tempting to me.” Suddenly, he pulled her to him, clutching her bottom tightly with on hand, holding her off the ground to himself. His other hand rest upon her neck, craning her head back. “Let me go you bastard!” she shouted, punching him hard in the face. He growled and threw her on the ground, lying on top of her. Jeremiah went to pounce; the older man grabbed him from behind and held him tight, the girl grabbing Faith. “Stop!” shouted Faith, kicking and writhing in her capturers arms. The girl held tighter.
“Oh…so delicious…” trailed Tony, moving Robin’s hair from her neck. She struggled hard, kicking hard. She tried to transform, but was held tightly. She screamed in pain and stayed human. She looked into Jeremiah’s eyes, sending him a message from her mind. He understood, and so did Faith, catching a glimpse of the message. Not yet. Her eyes screamed, not wanting to give her plan away. She trembled in fear as Tony brushed his lips against her skin. He shuddered and slipped his hand under her shirt, wresting his hand over her bare stomach.
“Don’t kill me please!” she begged, then was suddenly flipped onto her back. “Shh… let me speak.” He said, holding her arms above her head.
Robin quieted, her breathe trembling. “What you said earlier was not very nice… do you agree?” he asked, stroking her face lightly with his cool hand.
“Oh yes, I agree. I’m sorry, don’t kill me!” she plead, tears brimming her eyes. Tony chuckled and his eyes flashed red with thirst. “Any last words?” he asked with a cackle. “Yes.” whimpered Robin, then suddenly she smiled. “Put you hands up boy!” she shouted, then her, Faith, and Jeremiah whistled as loud as they could. The shrill sound caught their capturers off guard, which gave them an advantage.
Robin jumped up and slammed Tony to the ground with immense force, and Faith and Jeremiah did the same with their capturers. They each grinned as they held their prisoners with triumph.
Matt, Tim, and Taylor came rushing out of the woods up to them. Matt grabbed the man and held him tight, for he was strong enough to imprison him, and Tim took the Tony easily. Faith kept the girl in her arms, tight and secure, even though she was strong.
The boy with orange hair only stared in fear. Jeremiah grabbed him before he could escape, and held him towards Taylor and Robin. “Please don’t hurt me! I never wanted any part in this!” he exclaimed. The boy sounded younger then he looked. “How old are you in human years?” asked Taylor. The boy looked into her eyes with truth. “13, but my mum always said I looked younger.” He said with a British accent. “Where are you from?” asked Robin more kindly.
“London! Their father had tricked my mother into letting him have me as his own!” he said frantically, big tears rolling down his face.
“Wait, what do you mean by he tricked her into letting him have you? Who is this him…uh…” trailed Taylor, not knowing the boys name. “My name is Vladimir Pole, Vlad for short. The man looked into my mum’s eyes and kind of sweet talked her, then suddenly she had no recognition of who I was! I cried and plead for her to remember me, but she struck me across the face like I was an animal and let that awful man take me away!” Vlad began to tremble and cry lightly, the true boy coming from within him. “Let him go.” Said Robin, giving Jeremiah a serious look. Jeremiah let Vlad slip slowly to the ground, where he began to cry even harder.
Robin wrapped an arm around his shoulder and gave him a squeeze. “Who is this man, and why did he do this to you?” she asked calmly, pushing Vlad’s hair from his eyes. He looked up into her eyes, his eyes now a pale blue. Robin knew he did not have much vampire blood in him, but he was like Matt and Tim.
“Vladimir, don’t you dare defy your father’s name! He has granted the gift of the choice between death and immortality! If you dare defy his name I will be sure to end you!” shouted Tony, trying to pull himself free from Tim. Robin waved her hand fast, and a bright light smacked hard against Tony’s ancient skin. He cried out in pain, then began to growl and fight harder.
Vlad began to cry harder, cowering in fear at Tony’s words for only a moment, then he dried his tears a bit and looked at him with a fierce look. “HE IS A MONSTER YOU TWIT! HE IS NOT MY FATHER, NOR WILL HE EVER BE! I CURSE HIM WITH ALL MY MIGHT! I SHALL RATHER BE MURDERED THEN STAY WITH MARCELO FOREVER!” he screamed in anger.
Robin looked at Jeremiah. Marcelo was familiar… But there was no time to think, for there was a screech of rage as Tony kicked Tim’s legs hard, knocking him down to the ground as he lunged for Vlad. Robin threw herself between Tony and Vlad, grabbing Vlad by the shoulders and swinging him around her and throwing him into a tree hard.
“Vlad, run for the house and wake up the grown ups inside after locking the doors!” she shouted. Matt’s capture turned and growled as they squared off into a fight. Faith was wrestling with the girl, throwing punch after punch as the girl tried to bite into her.
Robin glanced up from her fight and saw Vlad as he disappeared into the house. Robin ducked from a nasty punch that Tony threw at her, and grabbed his wrist as she pinned him to the ground with both of her hands.
“AH!” Robin looked up and saw the girl slash a hidden blade down Faith’s arm, digging it deep. Robin had made a bad mistake: she took her eyes off the enemy.
Tony suddenly rolled over and held her down, both hands over her throat. “I would never drink your dirty blood you mangy mutt!” he spat. Robin squirmed and fought, but soon her vision became blurry, and there was a weird pounding in her head. The last thing she saw was the mysterious girl being attacked by a big creature, then darkness.

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The gang is taking off!!!!

Chapter 6: Got To Go!

There was a soft voice, and hand caressing Robin’s cheek lightly. She opened her eyes slowly, her vision very blurry. She blinked a few times, and was looking into the eyes of Matt. “Hey Red Riding Hood, how you feeling?” he asked with a small grin. “I have a headache…” she trailed, than suddenly remembered the night’s happenings. “Faith, Vlad, where is everyone!? Are they okay!?” she asked, sitting up and looking around her room. “Their fine, their downstairs…” he started, but Robin had already stood. Though extremely dizzy, she rushed down the hall and took the steps two at a time.
She jumped the landing and found Faith on the couch, her arm wrapped in a tight bandage. Tim had a small scar across his cheek where he must have been cut, but all in all everyone was seated around the room looking fine.
Taylor was sitting on the small couch, her mother sitting with her. Taylor saw Robin and smiled brightly, rushing forward and wrapping her best friends in her arms tightly. Jeremiah, Tim, and Faith saw her and wrapped their arms around them, happy to know they were all okay.
Matt trudged down the stairs moments later. “Where’s Rachel and Josiah? Vlad?” asked Robin, noticing that they were not present. Matt nodded towards the door. “Outside talking to the authorities. They want to take Vlad and his siblings into custody, and get them to confess who they were sent by.” He said. Robin walked to the door and threw it open, rushing into the yard. The four intruders including Vlad and Tony were being held to the ground by wizards who had come to the Marsh’ aid. One of them she recognized as Maxwell, Jonathan’s old close friend.
Rachel and Josiah were talking to him. Rachel looked close to tears, and Josiah had a reassuring arm around her. Vlad looked up from the ground and saw Robin coming. “Hey!” he said with a smile, then his face was suddenly shoved into the ground by the officer holding him. “STOP!” shouted Robin, running up to the officer.
She pushed him away hard and helped Vlad up. “DON’T YOU DARE EVER TOUCH HIM AGAIN!” she shouted. “Robin, what are you doing!?” shouted Rachel. “Vlad is not one of them! Hell, he barely even knows what’s going on!” said Robin, stepping in front of Vlad to defend him. “Robin, he came with them!” said Rachel. “Shut up! He woke you up! If it wasn’t for him, I might be dead right now! Faith might be even more injured!” shouted Robin, motioning towards the house.
“Robin,” said Maxwell, “we must take him with us to question him. He is under age, and has no one to go to.” He said with sad eyes. “No, you do not. I know the rules from when Dad was still on the force. ‘Under the assumption the under-age convict has no remaining family member and/or close family friend, another individual may have the right to step forward and take responsibility for him’. I’ll take responsibility for Vlad.” Said Robin, wresting her hands on his shoulders.
Maxwell looked at the steaming Rachel and quiet Josiah, then back at Robin. “She’s right. Vladimir Pole, you may rest in the arms of Robin Marie Marsh until further notice. She will be 17 soon, and in the magical law and mortal law, that is an acceptable adult age.”
Robin smiled brightly at Vladimir as the officers took off his hand-cuffs.
“Meanwhile, our investigation is through. We will leave officers behind to keep an eye on you and your family, and we will be notified if there are any disturbances to your family or home.” Said Maxwell. Rachel thanked Maxwell and so did Josiah, then Maxwell turned around and disappeared into thin air.
The three officers disappeared with their convicts, and five were left standing. “We will position ourselves around the property, and will check in with either one of you every few hours.” Said a tall man, who’s name was Officer Swanson. Rachel thanked them and the men split up around the yard.
Rachel turned and looked at Robin, her eyes throwing daggers. “House. NOW.” She ordered. Robin rolled her eyes and led Vlad inside, Rachel and Josiah following. Robin held the door open and let Vlad in, then threw the door hard at Rachel, who caught it and sighed.
“Hey, Vlad! Why don’t you come sit with me and Matt?” asked Tim with a smile. Vlad hesitated, then made his way to the couch, sitting with them. He smiled when Matt socked his arm lightly, showing him he was accepted.
Robin sat beside Taylor, who was holding hands with her mother. Rachel and Josiah were the only ones that stood. “Last night was unacceptable.” Said Josiah, looking around the room at the teens.
“Worse things could have happened. You could have lost your lives to those fools! You are damn lucky that Vladimir here was kind enough to help you!” he scowled.
“Sorry for saving your butt’s while you slept… won’t happen again! We promise we’ll let you die next time!” said Faith with a sarcastic smile. Josiah’s face reddened and he gave her a cold stare. “What you did was stupid and unruly!” Faith rolled her eyes and crossed her arms.
“So when are we going to go after these guys?” asked Robin. Rachel looked at her. “No more fighting.” She said. Robin rolled her eyes. “We can fight just fine! Faith’s arm is already healed!” said Robin, looking at Faith. “Yeah, that’s the awesomeness of being a wolf, duh!” she said, waving her bandaged arm around. “No, I mean no fighting, PERIOD.” “WHAT!?” shouted Robin and Faith together. Jeremiah stood, his facial expression angered. “So you expect that were just going to leave this whole situation alone!? Rachel, somebody came to our house aiming to KILL us, and your just going to sit around like everything’s fine and dandy!?” he asked, his voice raising a bit.
“It was nothing bad! They said they were just hooligans looking for a fight!” said Rachel. Robin laughed and stood, looking at her sister with anger burning in her eyes. “Your going to believe the bad guys!? We have proof right here!” Vladimir, what was your mission?” Robin asked Vlad, looking at him. Vlad stood and looked at Rachel with a serious face.
“Our creator, Marcelo, sent us here to kill you. I was to keep watch, because I’m the ‘new guy’. They were told to disposal Robin and your family because Robin was seeing things, and he knew she would have to tell somebody sooner or later.” Vlad looked at Robin. “He said you and your brother barely know who he is.” He looked at Jeremiah now.
“He said that you all had met some time ago, and he couldn’t risk you knowing that he was still planning world domination over all magical beings and mortals.” Everyone looked at Robin and Jeremiah. “Who…?” trailed Rachel, looking at them curiously. Robin’s eyes widened as she looked at Jeremiah. “Malcolm.” She whispered, then shouted, “The man who took Malcolm and all those other people! The man we fought the day of the accident? Remember Jerry!?” Jeremiah looked at his sister.
“Of course!” he shouted. Robin and Jeremiah looked at Rachel and explained the whole battle between the five years ago.
Rachel sighed, looking at the two. “I don’t believe any of you.” She said, looking at the three. Vlad looked at Robin, his eyes full of hurt. Robin and Jeremiah couldn’t stop staring at the woman they had thought to be their family. “We have living proof… and you don’t believe us?” asked Robin, her voice shaky.
“I believe this man exists, but come on! You and Jeremiah escaping from someone as powerful as that? Robin, I know losing Mom and Dad was hard, it was hard on all of us, and I know how much Malcolm meant to you, but you heard what the psych said!
The battle was a fictional movie in your heads! It could have never happened!” she said, tears building in her eyes.
“BUT IT DID HAPPEN RACHEL!” cried Robin, her eyes burning red with fury. “YOU JUST WANTED TO LOOK GOOD IN THE MOMENT AND YOU KNOW IT!” shouted Rachel, looking at both Jeremiah and Robin.
Robin suddenly threw a blast of magic at her sister. Rachel caught it and was thrown back into the wall. Robin ran past her and up the stairs into her room, slamming the door. Josiah went to Rachel’s aid, helping her to her feet. Jeremiah gave her a cold stare before following Robin upstairs. Faith sighed in disappointment at Rachel and Josiah, then took Vlad’s hand and lead him upstairs so she could find him some new clothes.


Robin, Faith, Vladimir, and the other teens were gathered in Robin’s room, quiet at the moment. Taylor’s mother took Taylor home, but promised they would be back soon to check up.
Vlad was sitting on Robin’s lap as she did his hair. It was curled and knotted in some places, so she had decided to comb through it and trim it a little. He was a true child at heart, for he loved the video games she had found for him that he was now playing, and even made cute action noises along with the game.
“You realize we can’t just leave this to Max and his guys, right?” asked Faith, looking at her friends. “Obviously, we can’t. Rachel doesn’t understand that this is a personal battle, man.” Said Tim, scratching his cheek thoughtfully. “We believe you two fought this Marcelo dude. I mean come on, why the Hell would you have cuts and bruises if you hadn’t?” asked Faith.
“Well, the windows shattered, and someone said there was a strong wind throwing people around. Maybe Rachel just wants to believe that the fight was just a figment of your imagination. Maybe she just wants to forget what happened and go on with her own life.” Said Matt sadly, crossing his arms as he leaned back into his spot on Faith’s cot.
“She’s always been a wimp when it came to war. Don’t get me wrong, she’s a great fighter, but she would rather hide behind lies instead of fighting for the truth.” Said Matt. “She has always been like that, and you guys know it.” He sighed and flipped his hair to the side so his bangs would stay out of his eyes.
Jeremiah sighed and said, “Well, there really is nothing we can do about it, because obviously Rachel will have a stop to it.” “There is one thing.” Everyone looked at Robin. She snapped her fingers and Vlad’s cut hair disappeared. She stood while he kept playing his game.
“We need to leave. Tonight.” She said. Tim’s eyes widened as he looked at his sister. “Where would we go? Why do we have to leave?” he asked. Robin sighed and said, “ Because one, if we stay here, she has complete control over us! Josiah won’t stand up for us and you know it! Two, because we need to make a plan to counter attack this man. He has the people who disappeared at that party, and I aim to get them out of there, including Mom and Dad.
Three…” Robin hesitated, then looked out the window. “I’m tired of letting everyone else having a shot at doing what’s right, and the suspense of what happened that night just keeps tugging at my thoughts. You can’t tell me none of you have just let it go.” Everyone was silent, because they knew she was right.
“Robin, your plan seems legit, but where would we stay?” asked Jeremiah. Robin smiled and went to her desk, opening the drawer as she fumbled through it.
“I was looking through Dad’s desk some time after the accident, and I found this.” Robin withdrew a magazine that had a telephone number stapled to it. “Dad had wanted us to go camping out in the woods, remember? A month before the accident, he had been looking through this magazine, and I caught him looking at it. He had already bought the cabin, he just didn’t tell Mom because it was supposed to be a surprise, as in the cabin itself. Turns out dad had an awesome taste in home furnishing.”
Robin flipped to a book marked page and held it open for everyone to see. The cabin had two stories, and was furnished with beautiful oak wood. There were lazy boy products that tied the room together, and a fireplace in the dining room.
“All we have to do is have someone call in and tell them were coming, and they’ll give us directions as to where it is.” Robin smiled proudly at her plan. “What are we going to take though?” asked Matt, looking at her sister curiously. “Indigo. Three passenger front, three passenger back.” She replied. “You got Indigo running?” asked Jeremiah, amazed. “Jerry, she’s been running for a while. I just never told anyone because I was giving her an upgrade. That’s what I was doing yesterday when you and Faith came to see me.”
Jeremiah smiled and clapped lightly. “Nice work!” he said with a laugh.
“So it’s settled?” asked Robin, looking around the room. “I have to go where you go, so I’m in.” said Vlad with a smile, who had tuned in to the conversation a bit ago. Robin held her hand out and he put it over it. “I’m in.” said Faith, putting her hand in. Jeremiah and Matt smiled, and placed their hands in. Tim hesitated, then smiled. “Kicking butt and taking names!” he said with a smile, throwing his hand in too.
“So it’s settled! We’ll have to leave tonight. 3AM sharp!” said Robin. Everyone agreed, then shouted in cheer as they pledged to solve the mystery they so desperately wanted to find the answer to.

The author's comments:
The Jump They Are Looking For Finally Reveals Itself!

Robin awoke around midnight, and got dressed. She stayed under the covers as she got the magazine out to call the cabin instructor, also retrieving a pencil and notebook to write down directions.
Before she made the call, though, she sent a text message to Taylor, telling her about the plan and if she chose to come or not. She waited, and after receiving no reply, dialed the number to the cabin owners.
One hour later, Robin had charmed herself to invisibility and snuck around the guards and through the yard, carrying the bewitched bags she had to her car in the barn. She tightened a few bolts in Indigo, making sure she could make such a far journey, and loaded the trunk with Faith’s bag she had already bought, a bag she had fixed for Vlad, and her own bag she had packed moments before.
She hurried back to the house after closing the trunk slowly and checked her phone. She had a missed call from Taylor!
She rushed into the house and went to the bathroom, dialing Taylor’s number as she sat on the edge of the tub in suspense.
“Hey, you’ve reached Taylor! Sorry I can’t...” Robin hung up, disappointed. “She must not be coming.” She said sadly, looking at the floor. She sulked a moment, then shook it off. She had to get Faith and Vlad up so they could work through the plan. She put her phone in her pocket and returned upstairs quietly.

Tim awoke at 1, just like Robin had asked him to. He sat up and pulled a shirt over his bare chest and jeans over his boxers. He looked at Matt and Jeremiah on the floor and was about to awaken them when he heard a small knock.
At first he thought it was his imagination, but almost had a heart-attack when he saw a white hand knocking on his window! He rushed over to the window and looked out. His eyes widened as he hurriedly opened the window. “Taylor, what the Hell!?” he asked, grabbing her hand as he helped pull her up. “Climbed the side of the house in case those guys were stationed around the entrances, AH!” she gasped, as Tim pulled her in. She fell and grasped her ankle as Tim shut the window.
“What happened?” he asked, kneeling beside her. She grunted and whispered, “I snuck through the woods to get here after I teleported, and sense I’m not very good at it, I ended up twisting my ankle stepping through the space time continuum.”
Tim examined it, than sighed. “It’s pretty bruised. I think you might have sprained it something awful.” He said, looking into her eyes. “Can you stand?”
Taylor nodded and stood carefully, a backpack strapped to her back. Tim offered his hand and she took it, pulling herself up. “OW!” she exclaimed quietly, but she stood on the ankle like a trooper.
Tim looked at her worriedly. “Are you sure you’re okay?” he asked.
Taylor gritted her teeth and smiled. “I ran 2 miles on this ankle. I’ll be fine.” She said with a laugh, socking his shoulder. “Jeremiah, Matt, get up!” said Taylor, knocking on their heads. She laughed and smiled at Tim once more, then walked out the door.

Robin was so relieved when she saw Taylor slip into her room. “I put a sound charm on Rachel’s door, so they can’t hear anything going on about the house.” She said with a smile as she hugged Robin.
“Thank you, that helps a lot. Alright, let’s get everyone together.”
Moments later, the departing crew was gathered in the living room.
Everyone had a bag, and were waiting for the plan.
Robin looked at Tim and Matt. “There’s going to be a small change. I’m going to need you two to meet us at the cabin. We need those guards to be confused so they can’t track us or see where were going. Think you guys can handle that?”
Mat smiled. “You got it!” said Matt with a laugh, standing. Tim stood as well as they slung their bags onto their backs.
“Okay you two, when you see us hightailing it for the barn, that’s when you attack. By the time we leave the yard, you should start on your way to the cabin with these directions.” Robin handed them a copy of the directions to the cabin.
Mat scanned them over with his photographic memory and nodded, stuffing the paper in his pocket for safe keeping. Tim looked over his and grinned. “It’ll take a moment to get there, but we’ll be able to run there.” He said, putting his paper in his pocket as well.
Robin smiled. “Awesome. Okay guys, when we get to the barn, then trunk is already unlocked, so you just got to open it. Throw your stuff in, then just dive for a seat, got it?” Everyone nodded in agreement.
“Alright, Mat, Tim, out the back door.” Said Robin. They nodded and slipped through the kitchen. Robin went to the front door and watched, motioning for everyone to get behind her. She put Vlad in the front, so he could get there faster and open the trunk faster.
She watched as Matt and Tim disappeared into the forest. “GO!” she shouted. Vlad jogged down the steps and ran for it fast, Robin, Faith, Taylor, and Jeremiah following behind her. They were maybe 30 yards away from the barn when suddenly Faith stepped in an unseen hole and did a flip, landing on her back really hard. It knocked the wind out of her and probably bruised her back. Jeremiah came up from behind her and grabbed her up in his arms, running with her, trying to be careful.
They made it to the barn and threw the door wide open, so there would be room to get the car out. Jeremiah got Faith in the car while Robin threw his bag in the trunk, Taylor doing the same with hers. Taylor dove into the front seat and Vlad into the back with Faith and Jeremiah, robin taking the wheel. She started the car up and smiled, loving the sound of the tune up she had installed on it. She turned the wheel and sped out of the barn and through the yard.
Robin did a quick swerve around the house and headed straight for the road. The path was clear until one of the men left behind ran in front of them. “ROBIN DON’T HIT HIM!” Shouted Faith as Robin continued on faster. “NOT PLANNING ON IT!” she yelled. She swerved around him at the last moment, speeding up. Before they hit the ash fault, Taylor leaned out of her window and threw a jet of magic at him. It hit him hard and he went down, just as they began to drive away. “Sleeping charm. It’ll look like he got knocked out.” She exclaimed, rolling her window up.
Robin sighed and rolled hers up, too, turning the heat up a little so it was warm and cozy in the car. Faith looked at Jeremiah and smiled. “Thanks for not leaving me.” She said, feeling a little embarrassed at her fall. “No problem. We couldn’t leave anyone behind.” He said with a smile. “Well guys, you might want to rest up, because this drive’s going to take at least 3 hours.” Said Robin, keeping her eyes on the road.
Faith took off her jacket and folded it, putting it on her lap so Vlad could use it as a pillow. Jeremiah took his jacket off and wrapped it around Faith’s shoulders, then leaned back so she could rest her head on his chest.
“I’m staying up. “Said Taylor, smiling. Robin nodded in her direction, then continued to look forward. Moments later, the backseat gang was asleep, and Robin and Taylor were alert and awake as they traveled down the highway. For a bit the trip was silent, then Taylor spoke up. “Do you think the guy’s will make it okay?” she asked, propping her elbow up on the door and wresting her head in her hand.
“Yeah, Matt has excellent sense in direction. They’ll be alright.” Said Robin, smiling as she continued on. “So once we get there, what are we going to do?” Robin twiddled her thumbs on the steering wheel. “After everyone’s settled in, I want you to come with me to the store so I can get some food for the place.” Said Robin with a laugh. “I meant mission wise, Robin. What can we do now?” Taylor asked, watching trees and signs whip by.
“We need to find out why Marcelo is so desperate to take over society, and how he plans on doing so. We have bits and pieces, but we will have to find the others to fix the whole puzzle, you see what I’m saying?” asked Robin, glancing at Taylor. Taylor nodded and sighed. “I just hope we can find all those missing people.” Said Taylor, looking out the window at the stars.
Robin sighed and said, “Yeah. Me too.”

Hours later as dawn approached the tired gang pulled into the driveway of the cabin they were to stay in. Robin was pleased to see Matt and Tim already waiting for them in the garage. Robin noticed Taylor’s eyes brightened as she waved at Tim.
She pulled in and Matt closed the door behind her. “Alright, let’s go.” Said Robin. Jeremiah awoke Faith and they got out. Vlad followed, only he was so small, Faith took the liberty to carry his tired self into the house for him.
Taylor got out of the car and rushed up to Tim, hugging him hard. “Whoa, you’d think I was back from the dead!” he said with a laugh, though he held her close, his heart at ease knowing she was okay.
He led her into the house and out of the cold.
“How was the run over here?” Robin asked Matt as the two unloaded the trunk of their bags, and extra things. “Well, it got a little complicated by the highway, but we snagged a ride in the back of a pickup and cruised here.” Said Matt, slinging some bags over his shoulder as he lifted a box up under his arm.
Robin sighed and bent over to grab something in the very back of the trunk. Matt glanced at her face and knew something was bothering her. “Cough it up little sis, your holding back.” He said.
Robin stood back up straight and suddenly burst into tears. Matt looked at her alarmed and dropped the bags and the box carefully as she fell. He caught her, bringing her to her knees. He held her close as he watched his little sister pour her heart and pain into these uncontrollable sobs.
“Robin please, tell me what’s wrong, sweetie. You’re scaring me.” He cooed, stroking her hair. Robin wiped her eyes and looked up at him. “What if this doesn’t work? What if were stuck in the dark like always again? Matt, I don’t want to be proven wrong again! I don’t want to be looked at as the dumb one of the family!”
Matt continued to watch her, letting her talk. “Rachel told me no matter what I was going to a camp. I couldn’t do it! I couldn’t let her send me off when we have so many questions that need to be answered, I need questions answered! Matt…” Robin suddenly burst into tears again, heart wrenching sobs that Matt knew she needed to release. “Robin, everything will be alright. Yes, our family has been severed by lies and abomination, but we are still strong! YOU are still strong!” Robin looked up her brother.
“How? I feel so weak, so cheated!” said Robin, her eyes fierce with confusion and anger. “You are strong in here.” Said Matt, placing his hand on her chest above her heart. “This is what has kept us going. This is what gives you courage today. Love, family, and the warmth to know that in the end, all we need is each other, has kept you alive, ALL of us alive and strong, and we are going to continue on the same way.”
Robin looked into Matt’s eyes with pure hope, really wishing things would stay strong as he said. “I’m still afraid.” She said, feeling ashamed of herself. “Hell, who wouldn’t be, Rob? Sis, you have got to stop thinking you have to be strong for everyone! Everyone is scared, but everyone is also hopeful. If you said you were scared of anything that may lie ahead of us, then I’m sorry, but you would have to be plain stupid! Everyone gets scared.”
Robin thought it over, then hugged her brother again. “Thanks, Matt.” She whispered, snuggling into his chest out of habit. She did that when she was little, too. “No problem, Robin. Now let’s get inside, we have some company I think you’ll be happy to see.”
Robin looked at him confused as he helped her up. They grabbed their things and went in, dropping them by the door of the kitchen. The kitchen was beautiful with it’s marble counter tops and wood flooring.
“The den’s in here.” He said, leading her through an arch in the doorway.
“Well, hey! Look who decided to show up after all!” Robin saw two immediately familiar faces. Nick and Mike Lee! “Nick, Mike, oh my God!” she said happily, running to them as they both hugged their old tomboy friend.
Nick had bright blue hair with white streaks. His hair was natural. He was what’s known as a Tenshi: angel in Japanese. He could levitate things, make them disappear, and he can see into the future. Not the well, but he can. Why call him an angel if he only had these powers? Well, because of his most treasured feature: his wings. He could fold them in and out, and usually looked normal, for they would always be covered by skin so suspecting humans could not figure him out. His eyes were a beautiful crystal blue\white behind his glasses.
Mike, on the other hand, was not magical at all. For some reason, he never came into his natural powers. He had the same eyes as Nick, but his hair was a bright green with red streaks: also natural.
“What are you guys doing here?” asked Robin, looking at the boys.
“Well, Tim called us and let us know what was going on here. Plus, we missed you guys, and I think it’s about time to watch over my student again.” Said Nick with a laugh, socking Tim’s arm.
When he was younger, Tim used to have bad urges for blood, and would sometimes have a random outrage. Well, when he met Nick, Nick helped soothe his mind with his powers and helped him decide if what he was about to do was right or wrong. Tim still to this day called him by his nickname: Conscience.
Robin smiled and said, “Well, actually, maybe you can. I have a question for you. Come on, let’s go on a walk.” Robin took out her personal credit card, and handed it to Taylor. “You and Tim should head to the store and get some stuff. You know, the essentials. I have almost 2000 dollars on here, but still, don’t go all giddy with it.” Taylor nodded and went to find Tim as Robin lead Nick outside. The two walked side by side down a small gravel path lined with trees. “So what’s up Red Riding Hood?” asked Nick. Robin closed her eyes and looked forward at the sunrise.
Robin explained everything to him about what happened, and everything they assumed and wanted to pursue. Nick nodded and listened, giving short replies so she could go on quickly. “But there’s one thing I haven’t told you that really bugs me.” Robin reached in her pocket, and thought the bad feeling on the envelope still stung her hands, she withdrew the letter from Teresa.
“Wow Robin, that thing’s got a really bad aura.” Said Nick, shying away from it a bit. “I…I know. That’s what I wanted to ask you about. When it touched my fingers, I dropped it, and all I could see was Malcolm, the whole battle we had. I’m confused and scared.” Robin looked down at it, her hand sweaty from the fear in her heart from this letter.
Nick looked at the letter, and back at her, surprised. “You saw the battle? Robin, I think you might have somewhat of a gift like me.” Nick lightly took the letter and flinched at the aura’s bright colors of hatred, fear, and agony, then slowly took Robin’s hand. “Put both hands on top of mine.” He exclaimed, his face screwed into concentration. Robin placed both hands on top of his and closed her eyes like he did, and suddenly they were sucked into a small parlor.
“Teresa, we must send them to Jonathan’s, then report to the council that he knows!” said a distraught Joe. Teresa closed her bag and began to scribble on a sheet of paper. “I’ll leave a note on the fridge for Josiah. He’ll think were busy with the ‘project’ I told him about.” She exclaimed, folding the paper up and sticking it in…a dragon scale envelope!
The scene fogged a bit, then changed to a forest somewhere. “I know what you have done. What have you learned?” asked a cold, cool voice. Marcelo! Teresa looked at him in fear from the ground. “We have no knowledge of anything what so ever!” exclaimed a bloody Joseph, hugging the trembling Teresa to him tightly as if he were a force no one could penetrate.
Marcelo growled and slashed out with a small blade. Blood bloomed from a cut on Joe’s face that was longer then the others. “STOP, PLEASE!” shouted Teresa, trying to stop the bleeding on Joe’s cheek. “You will come with me and be my prisoners, you filthy liars!” shouted Marcelo. He threw a ball of magic at the couple, and they disappeared like Malcolm had. “I will find the Stone Of Ecstasy whether the world has to pay for it or not.” He exclaimed, then turned and vanished in midair.
Robin’s eyes opened and she fell to her knees weekly, her head dizzy. “Robin, it’s okay, it’s always like this the first reading you ever do.” Said Nick, helping her stand again. Robin looked at him and saw the shock on his face. “Nick, what’s wrong?” Nick looked into Robin’s eyes and merely whispered in fear:“The Stone Of Ecstacy.”

The author's comments:
Oh No! What can they do?

They hurried back to the house quickly at a light jog, Nick leading her. “Nick, please, tell me what’s wrong! What’s going on?” asked Robin, having difficulties keeping up. “Whoever this man is, he is an evil one at that. I’m sorry to have you in such a rush, but we must get to Mike! He knows more about the stone then I do!” replied Nick as he sped up. They reached the house moments later and hurried through the garage and into the kitchen.
“Mike! Mike get you bag!” shouted Nick. He didn’t look as frightened as he had before, now that they were inside. “What’s going on?” asked Jeremiah, standing from the couch as the two entered the den. “Where’s everybody at?” asked Robin a bit strained. “Faith, Matt and Vlad are upstairs and Taylor and Tim just took off to the store.” Robin sighed and looked at Jeremiah. “Get Faith. I have bad news, and you’ll need to comfort her when she hears them.” Jeremiah noticed the serious tone of her voice and nodded, rushing upstairs. Moments later, the gang was together in the rather large and cozy den, thought the air became thick and awkward with sorrow as Robin explained to Faith what Nick and herself has just seen. When Robin revealed the torture, Faith could not hold back her fear as tears fell freely from her eyes.
Jeremiah hugged her tightly, keeping her close to his chest, rocking her. “Faith, do not fret! He has only taken them as his prisoners! That means he does not intend to kill them! Believe me, they will be alright sweetheart.” Said Nick, kneeling, so his eyes were on the same level as hers. Faith nodded, but the tears kept coming.
“Jeremiah, take her up to her room and let her get some rest, huh? Do not worry at all Faith, everything will be fine, we will make sure of it.” Nick smiled a fatherly smile and socked Faiths shoulder lightly. Jeremiah helped Faith to her feet and kept an arm around her, Nick standing as well. Faith looked at Nick and suddenly kissed his cheek, looking in his eyes solemnly. “Thank you.” She said, before she let Jeremiah lead her upstairs. “Alright guys, what did you want to talk to us about besides that?” asked Matt as he ran a towel through his hair. His black hair was shaggy and wet, and he wore only black jeans with no shirt.
“In the vision, Marcelo demanded a very sacred stone, one of death, and despair, if used improperly. The Stone of Ecstasy.” Said Nick, looking at Mike. Mikes eyes widened as he retrieved a book from his bag. The book was old and worn, the leather belt holding it closed was a bit withered and faded. Mike loved to read magical books, even though he could perform none of which he read besides potions. He was a master at that.
He unlatched the belt and started to flip through the pages quickly, but carefully, for the pages were yellow and faded. “That’s a pretty old book dude. What of it?” asked Matt as he walked to Mike’s side, reading over his shoulder. “ It has information on the Stone of Ecstasy.” He said, scanning the paper. “Well read it Mike!” said Nick hurriedly. “Ok, ok.” Mike took a breathe and began to read”
“The Stone of Ecstasy was created by one of the most important sorcerers of all time: Nigel Florence. He created the stone from an asteroid containing a very rare moonstone which is known as ‘blood stone’ for the deep red it was. It is extremely rare, which is perhaps why he took a liking to it. Though sounding marvelous, something so beautiful can also be very dangerous.”
“He explored its uses and tampered with its power until learning it’s valuable secret: It possessed the tranquility to freeze time and space, and control all of its wonders. His intentions were for the better, not the worse. He dreamed of a day we would discover things beyond what we see, and have the privilege to study them as much as we wished.”
“Before he could put his dream into action, he became very ill. He knew that soon he should perish, so he passed away his precious stone to an unknown figure, judging by his will. No one knows the whereabouts to this day, and the secret remains hidden in legend perhaps forever. Let us hope it rests in peace.”
He continued to scan the page, then began to turn through the pages.
“So he could practically move something in space that could cause world domination?” asked Robin, looking at him with a frightened expression. “Yes. He could do global damage and extinction if he wished.” Replied Mike. “This is what it looks like.” Mike turned the book round and held it up so everyone could see.
The stone was blood red, and beautiful. It hung from a golden chain that shone as bright as the stars, and the stone itself was incased in a golden sun on one side, and the moon cradling it on the other. Small diamonds rested in the sun, while small blue rubies entwined with the moon.
“The extra stones were placed there to help keep the stones power well controlled.” Said Mike, pointing them out for everyone. “So we know what he wants and why, and obviously he’s hot on its trail, and so were Joe and Teresa.” Said Robin. “So that must have been why they left! Maybe they left to go get it and protect it!” said Matt, looking at Mike. “Of course. Why else would they have gone?” asked Robin. “No other reason can be explained.” Said Nick.

Once Tim and Taylor got back, and Faith was well enough to come downstairs with Jeremiah, Vlad following, they explained the ordeal all over again from the beginning. They listened intently, and pretty much asked the same questions that were asked before: Why was he doing this? When? Where is the Stone?
That night, Taylor, Robin, and Vlad were in the kitchen, whipping up a large pot of chili for dinner. “So are we going to fight?” asked Vlad as he chopped tomatoes quite beautifully.
“Quiet about that, Vlad. We are not going to do anything unless we need to. For the meantime, were going to stay together, and just figure everything out.” Replied Robin with a smile.
They ate dinner quietly, and cleaned up the dishes the same way. They sat in the living room and listened to the wood of the fire crackle. “I hope Josiah is alright.” Said Faith, guilty for leaving her only brother. “He should be fine.” Said Robin, standing as she looked out the window. She didn’t show it, but she was a little worried with how Rachel was accepting their disappearance. Robin left no trace of where they were going, and everyone else swore they hadn’t either.
“Robin, what are we to do now that we left?” asked Tim, looking at her. Robin sighed and looked down at her jewel, which she held lightly in her fist. “I… I don’t know.” Tim sighed and stood, grumbling something that sounded like “waste of time” under his breathe.
“Look, it’s not my fault, okay!? I can’t make things happen with a snap of my finger!” snapped Robin. “Well Robin, maybe leaving wasn’t exactly a good idea after all. Yeah were independent now but we have no more leads then Vlad, and no offense V, but you haven’t given us anything but a name and a sob story!” said Tim, looking at Vlad.
“Look, I told you all I know! He kidnapped me and blind folded me so I couldn’t remember where I was going so I couldn’t get away! Sorry I don’t have laser vision or some shit like that!” he spat, his eyes turning a bit red in anger.
“Robin, all you did was bring us here and act like we could do something because you were running away from your problems!” Robin looked at Tim. “What are you even talking about?” she asked confused. “Rachel was going to send you off, so you had us all come here so she couldn’t send you off you selfish ass!” Tim snapped, his temper getting a hold of him. Robin looked at him with pure hurt on her face, not believing he could think of her as such a person.
“Timothy Ray! What the hell is your problem you ass! Robin didn’t do it for her, she did it for all of us, so you shut the fuck up and sit down!” growled Jeremiah with a wolf’s agitated stare. “But you have to admit, us leaving after Rachel telling her she was going to send her off is strange, don’t you think?” asked Tim, looking from Robin to Jeremiah. “I didn’t even come up with the idea, Faith did! I took care of where we were going and how we were going to get there! How could you think of me as someone like that!?” Robin snapped, her eyes brimming with angry tears.
“Because you’ve always been the one to stand out in the crowd!” said Tim. “I’ve been in the spotlight maybe once or twice in my life, but for all the wrong reasons, Tim! Do you really think I wanted to run away? Do you actually think that I am so cold as to use leaving the house to find our parents as an excuse!? If you do, then your one sick bastard!” spat Robin, anger burning fierce in her eyes and deep within her heart.
Tim got quiet looking her straight in the eyes. “You are nothing but a little bitch.” He said. That was it. Jeremiah suddenly flew from the couch and bashed into Tim, throwing him to the ground. “No, don’t fight!” shouted Faith, rushing towards the boys. Taylor hurried and grabbed her wrist, pulling her back, knowing it could get rough.
Matt stood, shouting at Jeremiah as Nick began to try to calm Tim with his mind powers. Mike groaned in irritation and stood, yelling at the boys to stop.
Finally Matt grabbed Jeremiah and held him by the arms tightly, Nick catching Tim just before he could lunge again. “Stop! You two are being ridiculous!” shouted Faith, standing between them.
“But he started it!” shouted Tim, fighting against Nick to get back at Jeremiah. “Because you wouldn’t shut the Hell up as I suggested!” shouted Jeremiah, trying to pull from Matt’s grip. “Shut the Hell up both of you and listen!” shouted Taylor. She stood and looked at Jeremiah. “You need to calm down and take a breather.” She told him, then looked at Tim. She walked up to him and poked him in the chest. “Listen bub, you need to get a hold of yourself and apologize to Robin. That was hurtful and untruthful what you said, and she deserves a truthful apology!” Tim looked into her eyes and looked down, slowly pulling from Nick’s grasp. He looked back up, and seemed confused. “Where is Robin?” he asked.
Everyone looked where she was supposed to be, but she wasn’t there. The door was left ajar, and by the singe mark on the handle, she was angry. “Shit, Robin!” shouted Jeremiah, running out the door. Matt and Tim followed, Matt telling everyone to stay put.
Robin trudged through the forest angrily, disintegrating anything in her path. Flaming tears fall down her face as she suddenly falls to her knees, blue flames engulfing her. She controlled fire the best, her favorite element besides earth.
She screams in anger and agony as she lets her flames explode into a raging bon fire, though nothing around her is perished. The fire does not kill the life around her, and she lets it all out. The light from her blinding flames can be seen from miles, commonly mistaken as a star, or perhaps car head lights.
She screams once more, cursing God to the fullest, waving her arms in the air, throwing flames towards the sky. They looked like shooting stars, or comets.
Then with a deep sorrowful moan she falls over in agony, her flames going out. She clutches the ground tight as she sobs into the hearth.
Images of her and her family at the beach stirred in her mind, the day she made her first sand castle with her mother and Jeremiah, and when she and Jeremiah finally morphed when they had been fighting about the fallen kingdom.
Then she was with Malcolm. It had been days before the party, and they laid within their old tree house. They held hands in a friendly way as they glanced up at the stars through their sunroof they made. “Were always going to be best friends, hm?” asked Robin, squeezing his hand. “Through Hell and high water, I will always be there for you. You will never have to be afraid of the world, because you’ll always have me in yours.” She blushed for some reason at his comment, then suddenly rolled over on him. “Tickle time!” she began to tickle him, and they both laughed as the war began.
“I found her!” shouted Jeremiah as he came upon the smoking Robin. He touched her and cringed, her body a bit warm. He waved his hand above her lightly and wrapped his arms around her, holding her close. Her eyes were droopy and she was muttering thing’s he couldn’t quite make out.
“Robin, snap out of it. Big brothers here, I’m here.” He cooed, stroking her hair as he rocked with her gently. Matt and Tim came up behind them, falling beside them to their knees. “Robin I’m sorry, I’m so sorry!” exclaimed Tim. “Shh! She’s been through enough.” Said Jeremiah with a growl to his voice. He held her tighter, keeping her warm as her heat began to dial down quickly. “She let her flame out. She could have died.” Exclaimed Jeremiah. Matt got stiff and touched Robin’s forehead lightly.
Tim’s eyes filled with tears. “I didn’t mean anything I said, I guess I was just mad and…Oh God Robin!” exclaimed Tim, crying lightly. “Tim, we know you didn’t mean it, but that was a terrible thing you did back there. You have to have faith in your family, your friends. You have to stop trying to believe everything is so easy. Face the facts: were on a tough trail, and losing a member isn’t going to help us any more then screaming and blaming things on others.” Said Jeremiah nobly.
Tim nodded and stroked Robin’s hair, silent tears falling.
Robin’s eyes began to stir, and they opened a bit. “Hey kiddo, you feeling okay?” asked Jeremiah, looking down at her. “Y…yeah, I’m okay…” she trailed, though her breathe was short. “If you had let your fire burn any longer, you would have died from lack of oxygen, sissy. You have to be careful, no matter how mad or upset you are.”
Robin nodded weakly, coughing a bit. “Robin, I’m sorry…I didn’t mean to … I just… I don’t know.” Said Tim, looking down at her. Robin stayed silent, looking away from his pleading eyes.
“Is she okay!?” asked a voice from behind. Faith and Taylor came fourth from the woods. “We told you to stay at the house!” said Matt, looking at them furiously. “Were fine. Mike and Nick are getting Vlad settled, and we decided to come and check on you. Were a team bud, whether you like it or not.” Said Taylor, kneeling beside Robin. Her eyes widened. “She let her fire out?” she gasped unbelievingly. Faith looked at them in shock. Matt nodded up at them as Jeremiah and himself helped Robin to her feet, an arm around both of them.
She stood a bit clumsily and coughed more, but she was coming more into focus then she had been moments before. “I’m okay, don’t get your panties in a bunch.” She said with a bit more strength, grinning as she saw Faith and Taylor laugh at her joke.
“Think you can stand?” asked Jeremiah, keeping a hand on Robin’s shoulder as she stood by herself. “Yeah, I’m feeling alright.” She replied, giving him a thumbs-up. Jeremiah and Matt let her go as she stood straight by herself, stretching her back out. Everyone smiled, glad she was okay.
“Robin, I really am sorry.” Said Tim, though he kept his distance. Robin looked up at him, her face blank, then sighed. “I just don’t understand you sometimes baby brother. What was the deal with the hating on me?” she asked. Tim looked down, then said, “I’m tired of not having a lead on any of this. I guess you can say I got caught up in the moment of the thrill, and my vamp blood got to boiling.” He said, looking into her eyes. She saw the glint of red on his pupil gave him a stern look. “You haven’t fed, have you?” she asked, stepping forward as she touched his forehead. He was icy cold, and a bit sweaty.
“Yes, I have, but I think the shock of the moment might have done something to me and Matt.” Said Tim, looking at Matt. Robin looked at Matt closely and noticed the red in his eyes as well.
“You guys need to feed tonight, whether you like it or not.” She demanded angrily. “Robin…trailed Matt, then suddenly stopped, looking past Robin. “What?” she asked, turning around. There was barely enough time for the group to scatter as dark figures came charging from the trees, some of them falling from the trees as they came fourth into the moonlit spot. No one could believe what they were seeing. The first to speak was Taylor, and her voice was filled with shock and awe. “Shadow Men.” She whispered. Then suddenly, as if her voice was a signal, the creatures darted forward for the fight, screeching at the top of their lungs. The group stood at the ready as they clashed with the dark magic of the evil creatures, their own good, powerful color clashing with theirs powerfully.
Matt dislodged a tree from the ground as well as Tim, and they suddenly began to play immortal baseball with the creatures, smashing them and knocking them into oblivion. The Jeremiah and Faith went dog, biting into the more violent ones, and Robin and Taylor fought side by side with magic, for Robin was too weak still to go dog.
As they fought, they realized there was no use in staying and finishing the army off. They kept coming . Every time one sliced in half, two came fourth from the smoke that was left from their remains. “Retreat! We have to get back to the house!” shouted Matt as he took another bat at an oncoming group. Everyone turned and began to retreat. They ran fast, only feet away from the house. Robin suddenly gasped and clutched her chest and fell, her breathing deep and troublesome. “Robin , come on, you can do it!” shouted Taylor, pulling Robin’s arm around her as she helped her up. Robin gasped and grunted in pain as she began to speed up, when suddenly the two were hit by a large force. Robin flew one way, and Taylor the other. Robin moaned in pain as she was grabbed by the scruff of her neck, being pulled to her knees.
“Say bye!” said the Shadow Man who held Robin tight. Taylor raised her hand to fire at him, but he knocked her out with a sleeping gas, as well as Robin, who was already out from the pain. He clutched to her tight as they disappeared. Taylor lay forgotten on the ground.

The author's comments:
Now that they are severed, what will the group do?

The crowd stopped suddenly, for the enemy disappeared. The group looked around them, making sure they were all gone. “Report!” shouted Jeremiah. He called off names, pausing at Taylor. “Taylor?” he exclaimed, shouting her name loudly. There was a moan in the weeds to the left, and rustling. Tim and Jeremiah rushed through the trees, followed by Faith and Matt. Taylor drug herself into a sitting position, looking around the clearing. She swore loudly and punched the earth repeatedly, close to tears. “Taylor, are you alright? Where’s Robin?” exclaimed Jeremiah, dropping beside her. “They took her. Those Shadow Men knocked me out with some gross gas and when I woke up Robin was gone. I should have fought harder!” she exclaimed, sighing in defeat.
Jeremiah’s eyes widened, and Tim went rigid. Matt shook his head in disbelief, and Faith let out a moan. Jeremiah’s eyes brimmed with tears and he stood, shaking. “Taylor can you stand?” he asked, holding a hand out to her. Taylor took it and stood, nodding. Jeremiah nodded then turned away, striding back to the house. Faith and Matt followed, Faith lightly calling his name. Taylor half limped a few feet away then stopped when she heard no footsteps behind her. She turned and saw Tim standing rigid, his knuckles white as he clenched his fists to his sides.
“Tim, we can’t help Robin just standing here. Come on.” she exclaimed, taking a step toward him. “I was foolish and immature. I deserve to be taken, not Robin. I am a monster, and because of that my sister id in the hands of possibly the most evil monster the world has ever known. I am indeed the second monster.” He exclaimed, shaking with rage at himself and the world. Taylor stood still for a moment, absorbing his words. She narrowed her eyes and strode up to him. She looked at him with a blank expression, than spoke. “Am I a monster?” she asked, looking into his eyes. His expression softened. “Of course not Tay.” He exclaimed. Taylor looked at him with a blank expression, then suddenly took his hand and pressed it to her chest.
Tim’s eyes widened and he jumped a little. Her heart beat hard under his hand, strong, pumping precious crimson through her body. “Listen to my heart Tim.” She exclaimed, catching his gaze. Tim listened, his fangs revealing themselves a bit. He hadn’t had much blood, and Taylor wasn’t helping the situation. “What do you feel Tim?” she asked, giving him a hard look. Tim sighed. “Your heartbeat.” He said, keeping his voice steady. Taylor nodded then placed his hand over his own heart. His heart beat steadily under his hand, strong and pure. “Now what do you feel?” she asked, looking at him curiously. “My heartbeat.” He said. Taylor nodded and let his hand drop.
“Monster’s don’t have hearts Tim, and yours beats with the concern for your family and friends. You are not a monster, Timothy Marsh.” She said, and she turned away. Tim followed her as she disappeared through the thicket, curiosity burning bright in his eyes and mind, but most of all: worry.

Robin slurred I and out of consciousness. She had the strange sensation that she was being dragged, her dead weight sliding along a old stone corridor. At first she was confused: where was she? Then she remembered the fight, and pain shot through her at the realization that she knew nothing of the well-being of her friends and family. She knew that only two things: she had been captured by the enemy, and it was time she saved herself. She squinted just barely to see who she was being dragged by. Shadow Men. She kept herself limp, breathing steadily. She looked forward and saw only stone corridor, flamed torches leading the way deeper into what she could only assume was a cellar of some sort. They turned down a separate corridor that she had not noticed and let out the breath she was holding.
Cells were lined against the wall, some with strange occupants. One held a man with green scaled skin; another entombing what smelled like a werewolf to Robin’s sensitive smell. How stupid these men were. She could break through the worn bars easily with her special strength. Robin remained limp and hopeful as they turned another corner.
Her hope faded instantly as she looked at the scene before her. Down the hall of these new cells there was a cell that was solid stele, and what looked from it had things inscripted into the bars. Robin didn’t know what they could do, but she didn’t want to find out. She closed her eyes tight and suddenly threw her feet out in front of her, taking her captors off guard. She stomped hard and did a tight back flip, pulling her hands free. The two men shouted in anger as she turned and ran down the hall, retracing her steps. She stayed quiet as she slid against the wall that lead to the corner they had came around. She heard nothing and hurried around it… and was suddenly caught in a choke hold.
Her eyes widened as she looked into the same eyes that had caused her friends and family all the pain through the past year. The same man everyone tried to did not exist, that couldn’t exist. Robin screamed in anger, frustration, and fear. Marcelo smiled in satisfaction.


The group had returned in low spirit, putting the rest of the gang in even lower spirit as they told them of Robin’s capture. Vlad’s eyes filled with tears as he heard the words. “It’s my fault.” He whimpered, the boy coming out in him. Taylor shook her head and wrapped an arm around his shoulders reassuringly. “Vlad, it isn’t your fault bud.” Exclaimed Matt, who sat with his head in his hands on the plush recliner he had claimed. Vlad shook his head, his tears falling freely. Taylor nodded in agreement, rubbing Vlad’s shoulder.
“They know that we have an idea of what he is trying to do, and I know how he does too.” exclaimed Jeremiah, turning away from the fireplace. He had warmed his hands, and now turned, his eyes dark in understanding. “The letter.” He exclaimed, looking at the envelope on the table. Nick looked at it in horror. “Of course! When Robin and I channeled it, he knew we were on to him!” Nick stood and snatched the letter, tossing it into the fire. A puff of green smoke enveloped from it, and with it came images of the frightened Teresa and the bloodied Joe that Nick and Robin had seen.
Jeremiah turned to Faith, who had seen the images. Her face was stark white, but she composed herself, not letting the threatening tears come forth as they wished. Now all that filled her was anger. “We have to find Robin, then kill that man. Make him beg at our feet.” She exclaimed, her tone sharp. Jeremiah nodded, then took her hand. “Though I hate to say this, we need to get some rest first. If we are to rescue Robin, then we have to rest first. It would do us no good to run blindly into the arms of the enemy.” He exclaimed sadly. Everyone nodded, making their way to the stairs and ground floors. Taylor took Vlad’s hand, leading him up the stairs. “We’ll get her back, right?” he asked, his eyes bright with hope. Taylor smiled. “Bet your butt we will.”


“You’re the one who read the letter.” He exclaimed, holding Robin until her face was red. He dropped her as she began to black out. Robin coughed, taking in a deep ragged breathe. She crawled to her knees, but was welcomed with a deep kick to the ribs. She shouted in pain, the steal toe boot bruising several of her ribs. She coughed hard and shook violently as he grabbed the back of her hair, dragging her to her feet. “Walk.” He exclaimed, pushing her forward. She limped forward, holding her side tightly. She tasted blood with every step and realized she had bitten into her lip in pain.
He led her back to the cell with the inscriptions, which she recognized as spells, but not what kind. She turned and tried to push past him again with all the strength she had, but he held her firm. He slapped her hard across the face, blood flying from her mouth, then kneed her in the stomach. She fell to her knees holding her stomach, tears streaming. Her mouth was open slightly and blood oozed from her mouth in a long gooey trail.
Marcelo lifted her again by the back of the neck and held her hair tight in his grasp. He looked her in the eyes, his serious. They were a vague greenish yellow, something out of a scary story. “You won’t try that again, will you?” he asked, then laughed. “I remember you when you were younger. Wonderful party that night, hmm?” he asked. She smiled, then spat blood in his face, laughing. He growled and wiped it from his face then threw her hard into the cell, slamming the door behind her. The air left her as she fell on her injured ribs. She cried out as she felt one crack, and more blood fell from her mouth.
She heard the rattle of keys and barely saw him lock the cell door. He smiled pleasantly. “Now we wait little one.” He exclaimed, then walked away, whistling a happy tune. Robin blinked hard, coughing up more blood as she tried to sit p. Her hair fell over her face as she tried to sit up. “Don’t strain yourself.” Said a soft voice. It was male, and something rang in Robin’s head, but she knew not what for. She felt a hand on her shoulder, a soft and gentle gesture of kindness. Robin flinched then fell again, lying on the stone floor. She looked up at the prisoner… and froze. She stared into sea green eyes that looked just as shocked as she felt.
“No…no he put me here to hallucinate. No!” she shouted, closing her eyes. Her voice cracked. “You’re dead!” she exclaimed, tears building in her eyes. The green eyes blinked back at her, and that smile she knew anywhere spread across the prisoners face. “I’m not dead.” exclaimed Malcolm, his eyes sincere. Robin looked into the long lost eyes of her best friend, who until now she thought was indeed dead. Robin reached out slowly, brushing her fingers against his cheek. “Malcolm…” she exclaimed with a sob. Malcolm lifted her quickly but gently and held her close. “Oh my gosh Robin…” he whispered, stroking her hair. She buried her face in his neck, holding him as tight as her pain would allow her. Her wolf side was healing her ribs, but she would be badly soar.
For a moment they just held each other, too shocked to say anything. Then Malcolm pulled back, holding her face in his hands lightly. He stroked her cheek with his thumb, searching her eyes. His black hair was shaggy and tangled, and a scar that had not been there before spread across his right cheek. “Oh Malcolm…” she trailed, touching the scar lightly. “Don’t worry about me. What happened? How did you get here?” he asked. “I was captured.” Robin replied. She proceeded to tell them about the family’s suspicion, and running away from home.
“Rachel and Josiah didn’t come because they…. They didn’t believe us. Rachel wanted to send me to a camp and pretend everything is ok.” He exclaimed. Malcolm’s face was stern, his eyes thoughtful. “I am so sorry you ended up here.” He exclaimed, leaning back against the side of the cell wall. Robin sat beside him, leaning back slowly. The cool stone felt good on her hot skin . She looked Malcolm over; he was thin and dirty, and his shirt was dirty with dust, his pants torn a little. His feet were bare and dirty, scarred all over.
Robin shook her head. “We have to get out of here.” She exclaimed, struggling to her feet. She summoned all her strength. “Robin, don’t-“ started Malcolm, but she was already flying toward the bars. She hit them with all her strength and screamed in pain as the bars burned her hands. She fell to the floor and cried out in anger, holding her hands to her. Malcolm rushed to her side. “Robin, I’m so sorry! Those spells were made to keep magical people in. We can’t escape.” He said, his eyes sad. Robin growled and swore, sitting up.
Malcolm looked at her and touched her cheek lightly, turning her face toward him. He stroked her cheek lightly and grinned. “You’re more beautiful then I remember.” He exclaimed, his eyes bright. Robin looked into his eyes, her own blue shining with tears of pain and frustration. Malcolm hesitated, then leaned in slowly, his breathe licking the sides of her face. He brushed his lips to hers lightly, holding her cheek in a light grip. Robin seemed to melt at the kiss, her heart light and airy.
She kissed him back a just as gentle, the pain subsiding . After a moment Malcolm drew his lips away, pulling her head to his shoulder. He shivered lightly, his skin warmer than it had been. The air was chilly, and Robin could see her breathe. Robin took of her baggy jacket wrapped it around bother herself and Malcolm as he leaned against the wall. Malcolm stroked her hair lightly, wresting his cheek on her forehead. “Malcolm, I promise that we’ll get out of here.” She whispered, holding his free hand to her chest. She kissed it lightly, holding it against her heart. “I promise.”

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Great story so far... Just make sure you don't switch tense! That's a big issue in your writing. Good job, otherwise. (:


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