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Journey For Future Time

Author's note: I wrote it out of the love i have for fiction. When I went through depression at such a young...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: I wrote it out of the love i have for fiction. When I went through depression at such a young age, my teacher and personal friend of mine told me that I needed something to pull me away from the dark depths of what I was falling into. The book brought me out of that hole and into a new begining of imagination and courage to express myself and my writing skills. Enjoy.  « Hide author's note
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Got To Go!

Chapter 6: Got To Go!

There was a soft voice, and hand caressing Robin’s cheek lightly. She opened her eyes slowly, her vision very blurry. She blinked a few times, and was looking into the eyes of Matt. “Hey Red Riding Hood, how you feeling?” he asked with a small grin. “I have a headache…” she trailed, than suddenly remembered the night’s happenings. “Faith, Vlad, where is everyone!? Are they okay!?” she asked, sitting up and looking around her room. “Their fine,
The gang is taking off!!!!
their downstairs…” he started, but Robin had already stood. Though extremely dizzy, she rushed down the hall and took the steps two at a time.
She jumped the landing and found Faith on the couch, her arm wrapped in a tight bandage. Tim had a small scar across his cheek where he must have been cut, but all in all everyone was seated around the room looking fine.
Taylor was sitting on the small couch, her mother sitting with her. Taylor saw Robin and smiled brightly, rushing forward and wrapping her best friends in her arms tightly. Jeremiah, Tim, and Faith saw her and wrapped their arms around them, happy to know they were all okay.
Matt trudged down the stairs moments later. “Where’s Rachel and Josiah? Vlad?” asked Robin, noticing that they were not present. Matt nodded towards the door. “Outside talking to the authorities. They want to take Vlad and his siblings into custody, and get them to confess who they were sent by.” He said. Robin walked to the door and threw it open, rushing into the yard. The four intruders including Vlad and Tony were being held to the ground by wizards who had come to the Marsh’ aid. One of them she recognized as Maxwell, Jonathan’s old close friend.
Rachel and Josiah were talking to him. Rachel looked close to tears, and Josiah had a reassuring arm around her. Vlad looked up from the ground and saw Robin coming. “Hey!” he said with a smile, then his face was suddenly shoved into the ground by the officer holding him. “STOP!” shouted Robin, running up to the officer.
She pushed him away hard and helped Vlad up. “DON’T YOU DARE EVER TOUCH HIM AGAIN!” she shouted. “Robin, what are you doing!?” shouted Rachel. “Vlad is not one of them! Hell, he barely even knows what’s going on!” said Robin, stepping in front of Vlad to defend him. “Robin, he came with them!” said Rachel. “Shut up! He woke you up! If it wasn’t for him, I might be dead right now! Faith might be even more injured!” shouted Robin, motioning towards the house.
“Robin,” said Maxwell, “we must take him with us to question him. He is under age, and has no one to go to.” He said with sad eyes. “No, you do not. I know the rules from when Dad was still on the force. ‘Under the assumption the under-age convict has no remaining family member and/or close family friend, another individual may have the right to step forward and take responsibility for him’. I’ll take responsibility for Vlad.” Said Robin, wresting her hands on his shoulders.
Maxwell looked at the steaming Rachel and quiet Josiah, then back at Robin. “She’s right. Vladimir Pole, you may rest in the arms of Robin Marie Marsh until further notice. She will be 17 soon, and in the magical law and mortal law, that is an acceptable adult age.”
Robin smiled brightly at Vladimir as the officers took off his hand-cuffs.
“Meanwhile, our investigation is through. We will leave officers behind to keep an eye on you and your family, and we will be notified if there are any disturbances to your family or home.” Said Maxwell. Rachel thanked Maxwell and so did Josiah, then Maxwell turned around and disappeared into thin air.
The three officers disappeared with their convicts, and five were left standing. “We will position ourselves around the property, and will check in with either one of you every few hours.” Said a tall man, who’s name was Officer Swanson. Rachel thanked them and the men split up around the yard.
Rachel turned and looked at Robin, her eyes throwing daggers. “House. NOW.” She ordered. Robin rolled her eyes and led Vlad inside, Rachel and Josiah following. Robin held the door open and let Vlad in, then threw the door hard at Rachel, who caught it and sighed.
“Hey, Vlad! Why don’t you come sit with me and Matt?” asked Tim with a smile. Vlad hesitated, then made his way to the couch, sitting with them. He smiled when Matt socked his arm lightly, showing him he was accepted.
Robin sat beside Taylor, who was holding hands with her mother. Rachel and Josiah were the only ones that stood. “Last night was unacceptable.” Said Josiah, looking around the room at the teens.
“Worse things could have happened. You could have lost your lives to those fools! You are damn lucky that Vladimir here was kind enough to help you!” he scowled.
“Sorry for saving your butt’s while you slept… won’t happen again! We promise we’ll let you die next time!” said Faith with a sarcastic smile. Josiah’s face reddened and he gave her a cold stare. “What you did was stupid and unruly!” Faith rolled her eyes and crossed her arms.
“So when are we going to go after these guys?” asked Robin. Rachel looked at her. “No more fighting.” She said. Robin rolled her eyes. “We can fight just fine! Faith’s arm is already healed!” said Robin, looking at Faith. “Yeah, that’s the awesomeness of being a wolf, duh!” she said, waving her bandaged arm around. “No, I mean no fighting, PERIOD.” “WHAT!?” shouted Robin and Faith together. Jeremiah stood, his facial expression angered. “So you expect that were just going to leave this whole situation alone!? Rachel, somebody came to our house aiming to KILL us, and your just going to sit around like everything’s fine and dandy!?” he asked, his voice raising a bit.
“It was nothing bad! They said they were just hooligans looking for a fight!” said Rachel. Robin laughed and stood, looking at her sister with anger burning in her eyes. “Your going to believe the bad guys!? We have proof right here!” Vladimir, what was your mission?” Robin asked Vlad, looking at him. Vlad stood and looked at Rachel with a serious face.
“Our creator, Marcelo, sent us here to kill you. I was to keep watch, because I’m the ‘new guy’. They were told to disposal Robin and your family because Robin was seeing things, and he knew she would have to tell somebody sooner or later.” Vlad looked at Robin. “He said you and your brother barely know who he is.” He looked at Jeremiah now.
“He said that you all had met some time ago, and he couldn’t risk you knowing that he was still planning world domination over all magical beings and mortals.” Everyone looked at Robin and Jeremiah. “Who…?” trailed Rachel, looking at them curiously. Robin’s eyes widened as she looked at Jeremiah. “Malcolm.” She whispered, then shouted, “The man who took Malcolm and all those other people! The man we fought the day of the accident? Remember Jerry!?” Jeremiah looked at his sister.
“Of course!” he shouted. Robin and Jeremiah looked at Rachel and explained the whole battle between the five years ago.
Rachel sighed, looking at the two. “I don’t believe any of you.” She said, looking at the three. Vlad looked at Robin, his eyes full of hurt. Robin and Jeremiah couldn’t stop staring at the woman they had thought to be their family. “We have living proof… and you don’t believe us?” asked Robin, her voice shaky.
“I believe this man exists, but come on! You and Jeremiah escaping from someone as powerful as that? Robin, I know losing Mom and Dad was hard, it was hard on all of us, and I know how much Malcolm meant to you, but you heard what the psych said!
The battle was a fictional movie in your heads! It could have never happened!” she said, tears building in her eyes.
“BUT IT DID HAPPEN RACHEL!” cried Robin, her eyes burning red with fury. “YOU JUST WANTED TO LOOK GOOD IN THE MOMENT AND YOU KNOW IT!” shouted Rachel, looking at both Jeremiah and Robin.
Robin suddenly threw a blast of magic at her sister. Rachel caught it and was thrown back into the wall. Robin ran past her and up the stairs into her room, slamming the door. Josiah went to Rachel’s aid, helping her to her feet. Jeremiah gave her a cold stare before following Robin upstairs. Faith sighed in disappointment at Rachel and Josiah, then took Vlad’s hand and lead him upstairs so she could find him some new clothes.


Robin, Faith, Vladimir, and the other teens were gathered in Robin’s room, quiet at the moment. Taylor’s mother took Taylor home, but promised they would be back soon to check up.
Vlad was sitting on Robin’s lap as she did his hair. It was curled and knotted in some places, so she had decided to comb through it and trim it a little. He was a true child at heart, for he loved the video games she had found for him that he was now playing, and even made cute action noises along with the game.
“You realize we can’t just leave this to Max and his guys, right?” asked Faith, looking at her friends. “Obviously, we can’t. Rachel doesn’t understand that this is a personal battle, man.” Said Tim, scratching his cheek thoughtfully. “We believe you two fought this Marcelo dude. I mean come on, why the Hell would you have cuts and bruises if you hadn’t?” asked Faith.
“Well, the windows shattered, and someone said there was a strong wind throwing people around. Maybe Rachel just wants to believe that the fight was just a figment of your imagination. Maybe she just wants to forget what happened and go on with her own life.” Said Matt sadly, crossing his arms as he leaned back into his spot on Faith’s cot.
“She’s always been a wimp when it came to war. Don’t get me wrong, she’s a great fighter, but she would rather hide behind lies instead of fighting for the truth.” Said Matt. “She has always been like that, and you guys know it.” He sighed and flipped his hair to the side so his bangs would stay out of his eyes.
Jeremiah sighed and said, “Well, there really is nothing we can do about it, because obviously Rachel will have a stop to it.” “There is one thing.” Everyone looked at Robin. She snapped her fingers and Vlad’s cut hair disappeared. She stood while he kept playing his game.
“We need to leave. Tonight.” She said. Tim’s eyes widened as he looked at his sister. “Where would we go? Why do we have to leave?” he asked. Robin sighed and said, “ Because one, if we stay here, she has complete control over us! Josiah won’t stand up for us and you know it! Two, because we need to make a plan to counter attack this man. He has the people who disappeared at that party, and I aim to get them out of there, including Mom and Dad.
Three…” Robin hesitated, then looked out the window. “I’m tired of letting everyone else having a shot at doing what’s right, and the suspense of what happened that night just keeps tugging at my thoughts. You can’t tell me none of you have just let it go.” Everyone was silent, because they knew she was right.
“Robin, your plan seems legit, but where would we stay?” asked Jeremiah. Robin smiled and went to her desk, opening the drawer as she fumbled through it.
“I was looking through Dad’s desk some time after the accident, and I found this.” Robin withdrew a magazine that had a telephone number stapled to it. “Dad had wanted us to go camping out in the woods, remember? A month before the accident, he had been looking through this magazine, and I caught him looking at it. He had already bought the cabin, he just didn’t tell Mom because it was supposed to be a surprise, as in the cabin itself. Turns out dad had an awesome taste in home furnishing.”
Robin flipped to a book marked page and held it open for everyone to see. The cabin had two stories, and was furnished with beautiful oak wood. There were lazy boy products that tied the room together, and a fireplace in the dining room.
“All we have to do is have someone call in and tell them were coming, and they’ll give us directions as to where it is.” Robin smiled proudly at her plan. “What are we going to take though?” asked Matt, looking at her sister curiously. “Indigo. Three passenger front, three passenger back.” She replied. “You got Indigo running?” asked Jeremiah, amazed. “Jerry, she’s been running for a while. I just never told anyone because I was giving her an upgrade. That’s what I was doing yesterday when you and Faith came to see me.”
Jeremiah smiled and clapped lightly. “Nice work!” he said with a laugh.
“So it’s settled?” asked Robin, looking around the room. “I have to go where you go, so I’m in.” said Vlad with a smile, who had tuned in to the conversation a bit ago. Robin held her hand out and he put it over it. “I’m in.” said Faith, putting her hand in. Jeremiah and Matt smiled, and placed their hands in. Tim hesitated, then smiled. “Kicking butt and taking names!” he said with a smile, throwing his hand in too.
“So it’s settled! We’ll have to leave tonight. 3AM sharp!” said Robin. Everyone agreed, then shouted in cheer as they pledged to solve the mystery they so desperately wanted to find the answer to.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 ... 4 5 6 7 8 9 Next »

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Naomii Lee said...
Jan. 11, 2013 at 3:47 pm
i know i didnt notice it until i read it over lol i have a boggled mind uhg but thank you (:
jetta.ck This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Jan. 7, 2013 at 7:40 pm
Great story so far... Just make sure you don't switch tense! That's a big issue in your writing. Good job, otherwise. (:

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