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Journey For Future Time

Author's note: I wrote it out of the love i have for fiction. When I went through depression at such a young...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: I wrote it out of the love i have for fiction. When I went through depression at such a young age, my teacher and personal friend of mine told me that I needed something to pull me away from the dark depths of what I was falling into. The book brought me out of that hole and into a new begining of imagination and courage to express myself and my writing skills. Enjoy.  « Hide author's note
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Discussion Time

Chapter 4: Discussion Time

The three walked back to the house an hour later, all a bit befuddled by the information they had just shared with each other. Could there possibly be something wrong? Who was this supposedly awful, evil man that seemed to even frighten Faith’s noble and courageous father?
As they jogged up the steps onto the back porch, they noticed that Rachel’s truck was back. They went inside just as Josiah and Rachel entered the house with grocery bags. “Ok
Can there perhaps be an answer?
guys, start sorting and putting away!” exclaimed Rachel with a laugh as they dumped the massive bags on the table.
Everyone gathered in the kitchen and helped put the groceries away, Rachel retrieving the ingredients she needed for the lasagna she was going to make “Thanks guys.” Said Rachel with a smile, as the three went to retreat to the living room.
“Robin, wait. Come here.” Said Rachel. Robin rolled her eyes and walked up to her sister. “What?” she asked. “Just because we have
guests at the moment, it doesn’t mean we won’t discuss the camp.” She said firmly. “No matter what, I’m not going, so, yeah. Deal with it.” Said Robin, and before Rachel could respond, she went into the living room. Rachel sighed and began her lasagna.
Robin entered the living room and found everyone there except for Josiah, who had retreated to help Rachel with dinner.
“Hey Robby! You alright girl?” asked Hope. Robin smiled and nodded as she slipped on her hoodie and looked at Matt. “Mind if I borrow your car? I’m going to go to Taylor’s.” Matt smiled and tossed her the keys, then got back to the game of chess he was playing with Zeth.
“I want to go!” said Faith excitedly, standing. “Me too! Anything to get out of this house.” Said Tim, standing as he slipped his jacket on.
Robin rolled her eyes and smiled. “Alright, but don’t fight over the front seat.” The three burrowed into the car, Faith losing the rock/paper/scissors game for the front seat, being forced in the back. The drive there was quick. As they pulled into Taylor’s driveway, Taylor was coming out the door. “You guys stay here, I got to talk to her.” Said Robin. She climbed out of the car and was greeted with a warm smile from Taylor as she jogged down the stairs. “I was about to head to your house! What’s up?” she asked.
Robin looked back at the car, nodding her head towards Faith in the back seat. “Is that Faith Atari? Cool, when did they come over?” she asked, remembering meeting Faith on birthdays and such. “They were at our house when we got home. When we get to the house, we need to talk about something. Do you think your mom would let you stay over?” asked Robin. Taylor heard the uneasiness in her voice and smiled. “I don’t think she’ll have a problem with it. I’ll just call her when we get to your house.”
Robin smiled and they headed back to the house. When they got there, Mat was outside, watching the sky as the sun began to sink slowly.
Robin tossed the keys randomly at Matt, and he caught them, though his attention wasn’t on them. “Love it when you do that bro!” said Robin laugh as the four went into the house.
Rachel and Josiah were curled up on the couch, holding hands. Faith made a gag noise and acted as though she were going to throw up. Rachel looked up and laughed, sticking her tongue out at her. “Hey Taylor. You going to be another guest tonight? Your always welcome.” Said Rachel with a laugh. “I texted Mom a minute ago. She don’t care.”
“Well, everyone’s in the basement. We conjured up some living space for our guests, just head on down.” Robin cut in. “That’s ok, we were going to go on a walk, just me and Taylor. Just around the house.”

Rachel gave them the ok, and the two walked outside, Tim and Faith going into the basement.
Matt wasn’t on the porch anymore. “Must have gone hunting, huh?” asked Taylor as the girls started their walk around the house. “Probably. Anyways… something’s been really bothering me.” Robin told her about her small experience with the envelope. Taylor look confused. “That’s weird. So Malcolm kind of just flashed before your eyes?” she asked. “Yeah. It scared me, and it’s still gnawing at me.
Do you think something could be wrong?” asked Robin. Taylor sighed and patted Robin’s back. “I’m not sure. Maybe we should talk to your brothers about it, and Faith, seeing as she already knows.” Robin looked at Taylor. “Your right. We probably should.” She said, looking up at the stars. “And...” trailed Taylor. “What?” asked Robin. “We won’t know if there’s something wrong for sure unless we get that note.” Robin nodded. “I really don’t know what I would do without you. We’ll have to wait until Matt gets back, then we can meet up in my room and discuss it.” Taylor nodded at Robin’s words, and they raced back to the house.
Josiah and Rachel retreated to Rachel’s room a bit after dinner, and Matt showed up a while after with a vile of red liquid for Tim. “Drink up buddy! You need it.” Said Matt with a serious tone.
Tim took it and sipped the blood lightly, keeping it with him as Robin, Taylor, Faith, Jeremiah, Matt, and himself retreated to Robin and Tim’s room. They all made themselves comfortable, and looked at Robin and Taylor.
“So what’s up?” asked Jeremiah. Robin looked at Taylor, and re-explained her story she had explained to Taylor. Tim and Matt looked confused. “So, he kind of just flashed before your eyes?” asked Matt, looking at her. Robin sighed. “Not exactly. It brought up a memory of
me and him at the dance before…” she suddenly became quiet, and her eyes widened. “What?” asked Taylor, shaking her friends shoulder.
“Did Rachel read that note?” asked Robin quickly, looking at Faith and Jeremiah. “Yeah, she had me put it in Dad’s desk drawer in his old study.” Said Jeremiah. Robin stood and rushed out the door, Taylor following after her as well as Jeremiah. She opened the door to her father’s study and could still smell his cologne around the room.
She trudged over to his desk and opened the drawer, moving some old files around until she found the envelope and the note, which were open. She took out the note and tossed the envelope aside.
Her eyes began to scan the paper.
Joe and I need you to take the children in for a while. They are no longer safe in our home. WE are no longer safe. The Magical Council has fallen, and we must go to war to help bring it up again.
A terrible deed has fallen upon the magical society we live in, and we must help defeat it. I must go. I cannot share much information with you but I would like to say this: Be careful, and stay more secretive then
ever. If we do not return, Josiah will receive a letter from an anonymous source. We love you and the children. STAY SAFE.
Robin stared at the page longer, then suddenly gasped in pain and fell to her knees, her head exploding with a white hot pain that could have burned thousands. “Robin!?” asked Jeremiah, falling beside his sister. She gritted her teeth hard not to scream, and kept her eyes closed.
She was running after something. Two figures in front of her. She grabbed the taller one and he turned, revealing his face. Images of Jeremiah biting the man, Malcolm in her arms.

That laugh over and over and over again. She opened her eyes suddenly and took in a large deal of breath. Leaning over her were Jeremiah and Taylor, and they looked very concerned. Robin could barely stand as she pushed off from the ground, balancing herself against the desk. Jeremiah put an arm around her waist and steadied her. “Robin, are you alright?” asked Taylor, concerned. Robin looked at them, then looked into Jeremiah’s eyes. “Marcelo.” She said, walking off quickly out the door and towards her room. Jeremiah placed the note back in the desk and himself and Taylor followed after her. She burst into her room and said, “Marcelo! The man who took Malcolm, the one Jerry and I told you about! It’s him! He’s doing something, and it’s dangerous!”
Everyone got silent and looked at her. “Yeah, I remember you telling me about that!” said Faith, remembering the night of the accident. “Yeah little sis, we remember, too! Especially sense Jerry was covered in blue blood when you guys got home.” Said Matt, motioning between him and Tim. Tim nodded in agreement.
Taylor looked at her best friend. “Do you think it could be possible?” she asks, crossing her arms, a little nervous at the thought. Robin shrugged and began to rub her aching temple. “I don’t know, but
It seems as though it could be! When I read the letter, the whole fight between that Marcelo guy and us three replayed in my head, and it felt like someone was stabbing my brain with a brander.” Replied Robin.
Jeremiah looked at Robin. “Did you see Mom and Dad?” he asked, his eyes hopeful. Matt and Tim perked up as well a little. Robin shook her head with a sad sigh. “No.” she said.
Jeremiah nodded, knowing it wasn’t her fault, and put an arm around her shoulders. “Why don’t we all go downstairs and watch a movie? Just rest up a bit and thin this through, huh?” he asked, rubbing her

shoulder. Robin wanted to debate more, but nodded in defeat, for her head was pounding in pain. Robin gave some pajamas to Taylor to put on, then told everyone she’d be down in a moment. She closed her door and changed into a tank top and pajama pants, then looked up at her wall as she grabbed her blanket. Something caught her eyes, and she was suddenly looking into Malcolm’s.
She jumped, then sighed at the picture. It was her and Malcolm on her 13th birthday, and she had thrown her arm around his neck for a picture. She smiled, then lightly kissed her fingers and placed them on his picture. “I really hope your okay.” She whispered, then left the room, closing the door lightly.
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Naomii Lee said...
Jan. 11, 2013 at 3:47 pm
i know i didnt notice it until i read it over lol i have a boggled mind uhg but thank you (:
jetta.ck This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Jan. 7, 2013 at 7:40 pm
Great story so far... Just make sure you don't switch tense! That's a big issue in your writing. Good job, otherwise. (:

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