Dark Love

October 8, 2012
By Mr.LoveBear, Broomfield, Colorado
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Mr.LoveBear, Broomfield, Colorado
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"The world isn't beautiful. It's what your eyes believe is beauty."

Author's note: This is the sequel of my first book (My Eternal Love). I have written this book because of a true experience I had with a best friend. So this is based on a true story (without all the fantasy, majestically cool stuff) on what happened when I told my best friend, I was in love with her.




“Jazz...” Cameron struggled to speak. His grip was getting tighter on the cage bars and the black fire on his skin was raging. “Get...back...” The deepness in his voice made me move quickly in a corner of the cage. I tried not to look at him but he was glowing so brightly, I just couldn’t look away. All of a sudden a high pitched scream rang through my ears, sounding so painful that I could feel the pain myself. Clutching my eyes shut, I covered my ears and the the ground began to rumble. As the ground rumbled vigorously below me, I felt vast winds blowing across my face. Once everything calmed down I opened my eyes into the darkness. Everything was dark. No light except the jagged, fiery edge of the cage bars.
“Jazz!” Cameron’s faint voice screamed.
“Cameron!?” I had to figure out where he was. “Where are you!?” I began running, full speed towards the way I heard his voice.
“Jazz, don’t do it!” I came around a corner to see Cam in a spotlight, struggling in a chair with ropes tied tightly around him. Gasping, I ran to him and started yanking at the ropes.
“I’m gonna get you out of here Cam! I promise.” I stuttered nervously.
“Jazz! It’s a trap!” he whispered loudly.
“I’m not leaving you here!”
“Jazz please trust me on this. You have to go!” he was begging me to go with just his eyes and I couldn’t understand why he would want me to leave him in this hell hole.
“But Cam...” I whined.
“No buts. Just know this... If I never come back....” I waited impatiently, with my heart beating 20 times faster than it should be.
“I...I...” he stuttered and sighed.
“Cameron! What is it!?” I pressed. He just looked away.
“Jazz, I lo-” he was cut off by a black cloth bag covering his face. The chair he was in began speeding backwards, away from me.
“Cameron!” I tried to run after him and save him but it was too fast. I wasn’t fast enough to save my best friend. Trying to keep up, I began getting tired and soon he disappeared into the darkness around me. I suddenly felt faint and fell to my knees. Falling to the floor I heard Cameron’s voice.
“I’m in love with you Jazz. I love you more than anything in the world but... Jasmine... Please forget me...” I felt a kiss on my forehead and it was like an electric shock that went straight to my heart.



I shot up out of bed to the sound of my alarm clock screaming. Sighing, I stopped it. I wasn’t use to waking up with this loud thing. It was always Cameron at my window. Running my fingers through my bed hair I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror across my room. Did I really look that bad? I was pale, (which was odd because my natural skin color was a “nice beautiful bronze” color as Cam would say) I had dark circles under my big puffy eyes. This always happened when I had that dream. And I’ve been having that dream since...”he”...left. Ugh, I look like a drug addict. As I tossed my covers off my legs, I immediately grabbed my phone. No texts, no calls, no voicemail, not even a letter or e-mail. Tears welled up in my eyes instantly. Almost a whole school year since...that boy left. I missed him so so bad. Ugh. I really shouldn’t. He told me to forget about him and he left. But I could never forget how much he’s always been there for me. I jumped in and out of the shower, put clothes on and did my hair and make-up. While putting on my eyeliner I looked down at my shirt. I realized that it was the one “he” gave me for my birthday last year. It had piano keys on it and said “Music Unites the Body and Soul”. Sighing, I through my eyeliner down and walked out the bathroom and away from the mirror. One month until Junior year ends. And to think I spent majority of my time without my best friend. It was so weird not being attached at the hip with him. He hasn’t came to school, I haven’t seen him around town or on the news. I’ve gone through all the “Missing Child” reports and nothing. He’s not even at his own house. Hate to think he went back to that hell hole and stayed. Sometimes I can still hear him and I playing songs on the piano and singing together. Picking up my iPod I went straight to the playlist he made of the songs he had did covers on, hit “All This Time” and went to my car. On my way to school. Without my best friend.

I watched the garage door open and saw “her” get into her car from being perfectly perched on a tree outside her house. I began to think about how to see her up close and hear her voice. Should I “accidentally” get ran over by her or should I surprise her at school? Hmm... Get ran over this week, then go to her championship volleyball game and surprise her. Sounds like a great plan. Probably wouldn’t work with my luck. I was only doing this to see her face and have some sort of interaction with her. I missed being with her 24/7. Following her car, she came to a stop light. She began rounding the corner, I jumped from the tree and began to fake jog out in front of her. Running straight in front of her car, I hit the hood with my torso and rolled off onto the street. I heard her scream and almost laughed. She always had the best reactions. Her car door opened and slammed closed and then her tiny footsteps came closer to me.
“Oh my gosh! I am SO sorry! I didn’t see you!!” she exclaimed. She knelt down next to me as I sat up. Her eyes looked me up and down to make sure I wasn’t hurt.
“I’m completely fine. I thought I was faster than you. What an idiot I am..” I chuckled. She was quiet for a while. A bit of a shocked and confused look on her face.
“No... It’s not possible..” she mumbled. Oh great. She knows who I am not.
“Um.. Well I must get going before this causes a scene. Don’t need that now do we?” I laughed jokingly.
“It’s really you... Cameron...” she whispered my name with so much pain and emotion that it broke my ice cold heart.
“Um... I...” I didn’t know what to say. Speechless around her as always.
“Your eyes, your face, your...hair... You cut your hair!?” A tear fell down her cheek and I knew I had to go. Not caring who saw me, I released my wings and bolted away. Not now. I wasn’t ready to face her and explain. Not now, not...ever.” I just couldn’t. I busted through my front door and immediately started locking every door, window and closet door that I had. It was building up again. Ugh! Why now!? I didn’t want to feel angry. I should feel guilty. I couldn’t hold it in anymore and I let it out. Screaming, black fire raged over my skin as always and my black wings released.
“Cameron.” a soft voice said.
“What do you want Ashley?” I groaned.
“For you to stop being a whimp and go talk to the girl.”
“Yeah,” I scoffed “Like I’ll be doing that soon.”
“Alright then. You’re getting out of the house and definitely going back to school this week.”
“Stop trying to be my mother. I don’t wanna go anywhere.” I sat on a stool and picked up my guitar from the corner of my studio.
“Well too bad. I’m taking you out this week and you’re going to like it.” she smiled widely. Ugh, hope she doesn’t like me.
“Good luck with getting me out of the house.” I began playing Jazz’s lullaby like I always did when I got angry.
“Fine. If you don’t go out, I’m bringing her in.” I looked up at her, smirking like an evil villain.
“Ugh. FIne. Now leave me alone.” I shooed her away with my hand.
“Emily’s here to talk to you. Maybe talk some sense into you too.” Ashley mumbled and walked upstairs. I knew I couldn’t avoid Emily no matter how hard I try. She was basically my sister.
“Please tell me you’re going back to school soon.” She begged walking into my studio.
“Why should I?” I said over the sound of Jasmine’s lullaby.
“Well, considering you ARE playing the lullaby you wrote her and the fact she’s dying slowly. Oh and not to mention she thinks she ran over you this morning.” I could tell she was getting mad. She actually always has been since I left Jazz.
“She did run over me this morning.”
“Well what about the other times?” Emily shouted.
“It was me. I just disappeared before she could really realize it.”
“Right. Well, explain why she screams your name at night.” I was shocked.
“Does she really...” I whispered.
“No s***! Now she’s most likely going to come see you so this is what’s going to happen between now and then.”

The image of the person I nearly killed this morning was burned into my thoughts. Only because he looked exactly like Cameron. No, wait. The guy WAS Cameron. I went through the whole scenario and focused on when he left. He left so suddenly I barely saw him leave. I gasped. The wings! It was him! I had SEEN him! Oh my gosh!I finally saw him! I bet he’s at home right now. Looking at the clock on the wall, I had 5 minutes left in class until lunch. I have to go see him! I began bouncing in my seat and became very nervous. Smiling like a crazy person, a piece of paper flashed on my desk.
What’s with the
beautiful smile
S***! I totally spaced Evan. I wrote back a lie telling him I was just really hyper and let the smile fade. Evan’s the new boy. Well not new, he’s been there ever since Cam left. And now he’s sort of my boyfriend. Well, he hasn’t asked me yet but he’s helped me cope with Cameron being gone. Evan sort of thinks Cam is dead but only because I jumped to conclusions. The bell rung and I was out the door in seconds. Jamming everything in my locker, I slammed it shut and began almost running down the crowded hall. That was until I ran into Evan.
“Hi speedy. Lunch in the park today?” his smile was sweet and I really didn’t wanna blow him off, but I had to.
“Evan, I would love to but” his cute smile faded instantly. “My sister’s home sick. Sort of needs me ya know..”
“Yeah... Guess I understand.” disappointment was all over his face and I felt so bad. I just really had to see Cam now.
“I’ll be back later though. I promise.” I hugged him quickly and started running again. It was like I couldn’t get to HIM fast enough. I knew he was home because his motorcycle was parked outside. I ran up to his door, rang his doorbell, knocked hard on the door and looked through the front window. Something inside made a loud bang and a door slammed. Wonder what that was. The doorknob twisted and my heart stopped.
“Hello” a smooth female voice said kindly. The voice went perfectly with the perfectly curved body. She was a tall brunette, -closer to Cameron’s height than I was- wearing a cami tank top and ripped skinny jeans. Wow, she was pretty.
“I’m looking for...” I couldn’t bring myself to say his name in front of her. What if she was his girlfriend? Did he move on? That’s not fair! He never gave ME a chance! HE LEFT ME!!
“Cameron?” she asked smoothly. I just nodded. “He’s... Well...” she sighed and fiddled with the lock on the door.
“Nevermind. I’ll just come back...whenever.” I quickly turned away and walked to my car. Ugh! Disappointed all over again. Why do i think he’d actually want to see me? Why don’t I just forget about him like he asked?
“You can’t forget about your best friend that easily can you?” Cam’s soft husky voice whispered in my ear.
“Cameron..?” I gasped and turned around. Only to see another girl walking towards me. She looked familiar. His sister of course.
“He;s here but we have to talk first before you and him do.” She explained.
“Can I see him?” I blurted out.
“Eventually yes. But for now, you can...hear him.” Jamie said looking back to the house slightly laughing.
“Okay.” I whispered and followed her inside. His personal scent was everywhere and all I wanted was for him to hug me tightly to smell his sweet cologne.
“Oh and Ashley,” she pointed towards the brunette sitting at Cam’s piano. “Isn’t his girlfriend. He would never betray you like that.” I smiled slightly. That’s one question down, a million more to go.

“He would never betray you like that...” I heard my sister’s voice. Looking up at Emily, and holding eye contact she immediately knew what I was going to ask.
“She wants to see you and you know you shouldn't be avoiding her like this anymore.” she looked away from me.
“I can’t face her yet!” I shouted.
“You already did! This morning!” she shouted back. “Now just go up to your room and play guitar. Your sister and her will be together for another hour or so, so you won’t come in contact with her for a while.” Emily turned back to me. “Or play your new song on piano so she can hear it.”
“Room is just fine.” I said quickly and followed her upstairs. Slinging my guitar and going up the stairs Emily ran into my sister. Great. Jazz looked confused and was focused on her sister so I tried to sneak past them to my room.
“Cameron?” Jazz called as soon as I was at the top of the stairs. S***! As I turned around, she was the first one I caught eye contact with.
“Cam I just wanna talk...” she started up the stairs and I started to whine like a puppy. Stop avoiding her idiot! I yelled at myself.
“Jazz...” my sister called. “He’s not ready yet. I’ll explain everything if you give him time to prepare himself.” Jazz slowly went back down the stairs. Now I felt guilty. She looked back at me, her face saddened instantly and I felt tears run down my cheeks. I ran down the stairs and immediately hugged her tightly. Still not being able to form english I whispered in her ear “Je suis desole”. I tried to leave again but she wouldn’t let me go. Her grip was so tight that when I backed up my shirt ripped off. Embarrassed and trying to cover up my scars I ran up the stairs and slammed my door. Screaming again the fire came twice as fast and my room turned black. I could honestly just die now.

I held his shirt tight in my hands and looked at his bare chest. Although, it wasn’t completely bare. There were thousands of little red scars across his body, almost like deep stab wounds. His arms flew around his torso and then he suddenly bolted up the stairs. He left. Again. I looked down at his shirt in my hands and wished for the feeling of his arms around me again. Why did he have to let go? He said something in french. But I couldn’t understand it.
“He’ll explain later.” Jamie answered my unspoken question.
“Why was he so scratched up?”
“Well... Um...” Jamie paused and looked at the carpet. “How about we go up to my room and talk?” Jamie and Emily locked eye contact.
“What are you doing here?” I questioned Emily.
“Talking some sense into your boyfriend of course.” she said with confidence.
“You’ve known he was still here... Haven’t you...” I watched her closely as she fidgeted with her hands.
“I’ve only known for a month. He told me not to tell you. I’m sorry!” I could care less if he wanted me to know or not. She KNEW he was still here and never reassured me about him being ok.
“But you knew!” I nearly shouted.
“Jazz. Calm down. Listen.” Jamie pointed up the stairs. I listened and heard a familiar melody and a faint voice. Climbing the stairs slowly, I realized it was Cameron singing. He... was singing my lullaby. I looked at Jamie as tears filled my eyes to the brim making everything blurry. I was trying so hard to hold them back.
“He plays it constantly.” She said.
“Why...” my voice broke.
“Because he’s missed you constantly. He tells himself he should have never told you how he felt and maybe everything would have stayed the same. He knew you wouldn’t feel the same way.” Jamie explained.
“Why would he think that?” I choked out still in awe of him playing my lullaby.
“You two have been friends for too long for you to accept him that way.”
“Oh...” I felt stupid now. I just wanted to barge into his room and force him to talk but I’m afraid he’ll leave again.
“Oh and about the reason he’s so scarred up,” Jamie said getting my attention. “It was mostly because he was mad at himself. He never explained to me why he did it. He just did it out of anger I guess.”
“Who was he mad at?” Something banged against his door and made me jump. Jamie, Emily and Ashley all sighed simultaneously. I opened my mouth to question what happened but Emily cut me off.
“He’s doing it again, isn’t he?” she whispered.
“Always starts out this way.” Jamie answered.
“What’s he doing?” I asked. No one answered. Fine then, I’ll figure it out on my own. I walked towards his door and knocked. What the hell was I doing? A blood curdling scream came right after the moment I knocked. It was so painful I jumped back five feet away from the door and bumped into Emily. She grabbed my shoulders and pushed me into the room next to Cam’s.
“Sorry you had to hear that. It doesn’t usually start or end like that.” Jamie said sitting on the bed in the turquoise room. I just sat on the floor holding his ripped shirt.
“What was he doing...” I asked quietly.
“More scars...” Ashley whispered. “You know.. No matter how hard he tries to stay away from you, he never succeeds.”
“What do you mean?” I asked stupidly.
“Take this morning for instance. He planned to get ran over by you because he wanted to see you.” Jamie explained.
“Oh and don’t forget the countless nights he spent in the tree outside your window.” Ashley giggled. So it was him. And Emily and Ma thought I was crazy.
“And those times he rang the doorbell at your house and ran off like a whimp.” Jamie laughed.
“Why couldn’t he just talk to me?” I interjected.
“Well he always thought about how bad it would end. Say if you two started arguing or you told him to never talk to you again. He’s never really thought of the positive side of how it would go.” Jamie answered seriously.
“Is he coming back to school...”
“That’s...his decision. And only you can get the true answer out of him, because he surely won’t tell us.” Emily answered crossing her arms.
“Anything that has to do with him thinking about the decision and not letting his heart make the right choice is a question only you can ask him.” Ashely added.
“So you wouldn’t know why he didn’t talk to me for so long...” I whispered. The sound of glass breaking came from Cam’s room and then something crashed into the wall. I sighed and then heard him growl loudly.
“You should go talk to him. Calm him down too. Maybe you could work things out.” Jamie said playing with her hair, ignoring my previous question.
“You sure I should talk to him now...”
“Yes!” they all said.
“Make sure he puts a shirt on though. The fresh cut won’t look like the rest.” Jamie added.
“I don’t mind.” I got up from the floor, still gripping his shirt for dear life. “Oh, one more thing. Why did he cut his hair?” Jamie and Ashely started laughing hysterically and I could tell Emily wanted to join in too.
“You’ll figure it out soon.” Emily giggled. I walked out of the room and closed the door to help muffle the girls’ laughter. Walking just next door made it seem like I was walking a mile. Sighing I put his ripped shirt in the back pocket of my shorts and knocked on his door.

A slow paced knock came through my door. I looked at it and groaned. Doesn’t anyone understand my personal space? As I touched my doorknob a scent hit my nose and sent me in a trance. Fresh roses, lilacs, lilies and sweet fruity perfume flowed through the air around me. Another knock and I heard a sigh. Jasmine.
Put on a shirt Mr.Bad-boy My sister told me in my head. I slowly turned the doorknob but hesitated opening it all the way.
“I just wanna talk.” Jazz said quietly. I opened the door slightly, picked a shirt off the floor, threw it over my head and sat on the edge of my bed. The door creaked and I listened to the soft footsteps come across my carpet. Sitting with my eyes close, I could smell her scent getting even richer as she came closer. Mesmerizing it was.
“Cameron...” Jazz whispered. “I really just want to apologize. For everything. All the things I did wrong to you. You don’t even have to talk to me anymore, I just want you to know that I’m here when you need me. And please come back to school. It would be nice to see you everyday.” Guilt washed over me and my throat went tight.
“Why?” I whispered. “Why are you apologizing?”
“I... I felt like I did something wrong..” she stuttered.
“Oh Jasmine.” I stood up and sighed. Still looking at the floor, I could feel her body heat. I forgot how warm she always was. Finally I looked at her. She hadn’t changed a bit. GIving that I just saw her this morning, but there was something about being this close to her made me really cherish and love her beauty. Same unique brown eyes, same beautifully, long, dark brown hair that smelt like love itself. She was still my Jasmine. And I still wanted to kiss her. I smiled and stuck my hands in my pockets to keep them from reaching towards her.
“What?” Jazz asked. Her voice breaking a little.
“Do you know how much I’ve missed you?” I chuckled. Grabbing her hand, I kissed the top of it. So much for ignoring the urge to touch her, but at least she smiled a little bit.
“Well who’s fault is that!?” my sister screamed through the wall.
“Yes it is my fault. I made a horrible mistake by leaving you.” I stepped closer to her, and smoothed the hair away from her eyes. “But I know now that I won’t do it again.” I looked down at her beautiful face. As long as I live. I promised to myself. Her cheeks burned a rosey red that made me smile. I pulled her in for a hug and she began to cry a little.
“I missed you so much buddy.” she sniffled and hugged me tightly. A bit too tight causing my fresh wound to burn with contact of my shirt. But the pain didn’t matter. She was in my arms and I wasn’t leaving. Everything would settle down and go back to normal. As she hugged me tighter the pain got worse.
“Um... Jazz. Could you lighten up a bit? That sortta hurts.”
“Oh...” she sniffled. “Sorry. I just don’t want you to leave again.”
“I already promised you I won’t.” I said grabbing her a tissue from the tissue box on my desk.
“I know.” she wiped her eyes and her nose and looked back at me.
“Why did you hurt yourself so much Cam?” she pointed towards the hundreds of bloodied tissues on my desk.
“Relieves anger.” I answered quickly.
“Well, were you angry when you cut your hair?”
I chuckled. “I was going to fake my death and start a new life. Maybe come back to school as the new kid and try to win you over that way.” She scoffed at my idea.
“You would really just leave me like that?” she seemed pissed about my idea now.
“I would have said goodbye. You should know that by now.” I pulled her close and hugged her.
“Sure you would.” I chuckled and felt something vibrate on my thigh.
“I’m guessing thats you right?” I asked.
“Sadly yes.”She pulled out her cell phone and pushed me away. I fell back on my bed and put my hands behind my head.
“Yes Evan? I am so sorry I didn’t come back. I had to...” I ignored her conversation with this mysterious “Evan” guy until she got off and someone else calls again. I just chuckled and let her talk.
“Oh my gosh! Jazz!!” a girl screamed through her phone. “Evan is going to ask you out tomorrow at lunch!!!”
I immediately shot up on my feet and stared at Jazz’s phone. Wanting to secretly take it and crush it in my hands.
“Um...” Jazz muttered.

“Evan is going to ask you out tomorrow at lunch!!” Marissa screamed through my phone. OUt of the corner of my eye I saw Cameron sit straight up and stare at me. Oh God. He must have heard that.
“Um... That’s great. Thanks for telling me.” I tried to sound happy.
“You don’t sound too happy about it. What’s wrong?” she asked.
“I am happy. I’m just with an old friend right now.” Now Cameron was standing right behind me. I tried to move away but I still can feel his death glare on my back.
“Oh dear. Who is it.”
“Don’t worry about it. I’ll call you back later.”
“And then we can plan your first date with Evan! Eep!!” she screamed again and I hung up. Turning around, Cam was instantly closer than before. Breathing heavily, his jaw was clenched tight and so were his fists.
“Cam... Let me explain.” I the muscles in his neck tighten and loosen.
“I... Just... I thought...” he stuttered and then calmed down. “I’ll see you later...”
“You said you weren’t leaving again...”
“I said I would see you later...” he began leaving.
“Cam.. Wait..” I reached for his arm as he was passing through his doorway.
“Text me and tell me about your boyfriend.” he said yanking away from me and jumping down the staircase.
“Cameron!” My voice broke. Not again. I went to run after him but as I came to the front door he was already speeding away on his motorcycle. Sighing a text came through my phone.
I love you. I’m not mad, I promise.
Say yes to the guy tomorrow and I’ll
See you at school:) Goodnight
He was so lying. He was mad, he didn’t want me to say yes to Evan and he most likely won’t be at school tomorrow. Why did Marissa have to call then? Why aren’t I happy about this? I liked Evan.
“No you didn’t.” Jamie said from behind me. “You liked him because he distracted you from worrying about Cameron.” I turned around to look at her as she was laughing lightly to herself.
“You worry too much about Cameron.” she crossed her arms.
“Well someone has to.” I muttered.
“He’s been just fine without someone for this long. He’s giving you a chance to be happy, now take it. Sure, he’s going to be hurt but that’s his fault. He left you.”
“You left him first! He was always close by to me.” I said angrily.
“He ignored you.” she responded quickly.
“He had a reason.”
“A bad one obviously.”
“You barely know him! You’re only doing this because he’s a dark ang-”
“Ladies!” Ashely screamed between us. “That’s enough! Now, Jamie. You go control the ugly monster you call a boyfriend in your room. And Jazz, go home and rest. It’s getting late.” She was right. Almost 8 o’clock. I stayed way longer than I expected.
“Will you make sure he’s at school tomorrow? Please?” I asked quietly.
“Of course.” she smiled. Emily came down the stairs with Cam’s guitar.
“What are you taking his guitar for?”
“He’s going to have to come talk to you for his prized possession now isn’t he?” Emily giggled and I sighed.

After my shower, I decided to relax and listen to the radio. I began thinking about tomorrow and suddenly I realized that I have all my classes with Evan AND Cameron. Well, won’t this be awkward. That is if Mr. Cameron Angel Love comes to school.

Jazz parked in the school parking lot across from where I was. I was going to walk over to her until the football crew came over to her. The crew left except a bleach blonde, tall, muscular boy. I could easily kill his without my powers, plus I was taller than him. Don’t know what Jazz see’s in him but doesn’t matter. I can’t let it bother me. I watched her laugh and smile, when suddenly pain washed over me. Sighing, I took off my motorcycle helmet and began walking towards the school’s front doors. Whispers, gasps, and fingers were all pointed in my direction. I liked all the attention. As I came by Evan and Jazz, I caught eye contact with both and flashed a smile.
“Hi Jazz.” I said calmly.
“Hi Cam-” she stopped herself from seeming so happy. I just chuckled and kept walking.
“You know him?” I heard Evan ask.
“My sister’s really good friend’s with him.” she said casually.
See you in class Jasmine -I told her through thoughts. I looked back to see her expression and she just winked and smiled.
“CAMERON ANGEL LOVE!?!?” a feminine voice shrieked. Oh dear, here we go again.
“Hello Melody.” I said as her and the cheer team surrounded me.
“Where ya been pretty boy? I’ve missed you.” Melody said intertwining our fingers. Might as well play along since Jazz will be busy with her boyfriend.
“I’m enlisting in the Maine Core.” I lied with a truthful smile. The group awed and Melody laid her head on my shoulder. We walked into first hour a little late and all eyes were darted at her and gasps filled the room.
“Ms. Amaro, glad to see you showing up late. Oh! What a lovely surprise Mr. Love. I’m sure glad to see you are back.” Mrs. Brown smiled.
“Thank you Mrs. Brown. I’m certainly glad to be back.” I smiled back at her. I looked over at Jazz and she was sitting next to her so called “boyfriend”. She was smiling at him and then glanced over at me and beamed even more.
I’m so happy you’re actually here! she said in her thoughts. I just smiled and glared at Evan.
“How about you two partner up with Jazz and Evan?” Mrs. Brown suggested.
“We’d be happy too.” I dragged Melody along with me and sat across from Jazz.
“Oh great. Have to work with pretty boy and my evil sister. Hooray.” Evan mumbled under his breath. Locking eye contact with Jazz, she saw the anger in my eyes and kicked me under the desks.
I’m invincible now. Can’t hurt me physically. I told Jazz in thought.
What about emotionally? she asked.
You’ve done enough of that. I replied.
“Angel?” Mrs. Brown said calling role.
“Present ma’am.”
“What’s up with the name change Cam?” Jazz asked. I just chuckled and winked. She kicked me harder under the desk again.
Just letting him know what he’s up against. She sighed and I just laughed. We began working and throughout class Jazz and I secretly talked through thoughts and laughed about me being a smartass and how much I failed at trying to be stupid.
“So, you just replaced me like that? With him?” I said to Jazz while Evan was with his football crew down the hall from us.
“Oh please!” she hit my stomach and laughed. “There’s no replacing you and you know that.”
“But you two are really close...” I said quietly not looking at her.
“You’ve been gone for most of the school year. I had no choice.” she said. I was still disappointed she moved on from me like that. Not like she even liked me the way I liked her.
“Yeah... No choice. I understand.” I said sadly.
“Cameron baby!” Melody screamed from down the hell. I looked up at Jazz and we both laughed
“Good luck at lunch.” I winked at Jazz. Turning towards Melody she jumped and wrapped her arms and legs around me. If Jazz got a boyfriend, I had to have a girlfriend or else it would be awkward. Luckily, my girlfriend was Jazz’s boyfriend’s sister.

I watched Melody and Cam hug and suddenly felt angry. Don’t know why but whatever. Someone grabbed my hand and took my attention away from “the happy couple”
“You ready for lunch Jazz?” Evan asked smiling widely.
“As always.” I smiled back. We walked hand in hand out into the packed courtyard.
“Where would you like to sit?” he asked kindly and I naturally smiled.
“Um...” I scanned the courtyard and found a spot in the grass right next to where Cameron, Melody and 50 other girls were surrounded. “How about over there in the grass.”
“Um.. Sure. If you want to.” His voice showed restraint but agreed. Passing Cam’s table I looked over and caught him staring at Evan’s fingers intertwined with mine. His eyes read pain and disappointment and suddenly I felt guilty again. I shouldn’t be with Evan, I should be sitting next to Cameron like always but I wasn’t. Cam looked up from our hands and caught eye contact with me. His facial expression changed within seconds and his frown turned into a small crooked smile. My favorite one.
I’m so sorry. Wish I could sit with you. I tried to enlighten his mood but he just shook his head and went back to the girls he was surrounded by. That was pretty boy Cam. Always has been since 7th grade.

Evan and I ate lunch, laughed and giggled but I couldn’t stop myself from glancing at Cameron and Melody. Melody was now sitting on Cam’s lap brung back memories of him and I carpooling to volleyball, soccer and basketball games.
“Jazz?” Evan’s hand waved in front of my face. “You ok?”
“Oh, yeah. Of course.” I tried to say convincingly.
“Just making sure.” he chuckled.
“Can I give you something?”
“Sure.” I became really nervous now. I knew he was going to ask soon and I just wish he would hurry up and ask already.
“Turn away from me.” Evan ordered, and I did what I was told. I turned towards Cam’s table again and locked eye contact with him as he was laying his head on Melody’s shoulder.
Wish this was you. He mouthed to me. I felt so bad because he looked so unhappy and upset.
I’m sorry. I mouthed back to him. He just turned around and wrapped his arms around Melody’s waist. Why was he with her like this? Guess it was only fair he kept himself busy.
“Jazz...” Evan called. I turned to see him holding a rose in a ceramic vase out to me. “You are the most important woman in my life.” I blushed. Here it comes.
He’s lying. If I said it, you would know I meant it.
I almost laughed at what Cameron said in thought but I couldn’t focus on him. It’s all about Evan now.
“And I would be absolutely honored if you...” he trailed off and the rose began to open. Inside a small card read “Would be my girlfriend.” I smiled widely and screamed in my head.
“Aww! You’re so sweet” I told him. “And yes. Of course!” We both reached in for a hug until a glob of mud splattered on Evan’s face. I gasped
CAMERON!! I screamed in my thoughts. I looked over at his table ready to give him the death glare but... He wasn’t there. He was nowhere in sight. Ugh, he’s in so much trouble later!!

“I’ll be back.” I whispered in Melody’s ear and kissed her cheek. I walked away and climbed the side of the building onto the roof. Standing above where Jazz and Evan were sitting, my conscious told me that I wasn’t supposed to be doing this but I wanted to so bad.
“Yes, of course.” Jazz said and then I knew it was time. Boom! Headshot! Right on Evan’s cheek. I was so screwed later, but it was so worth it. Well, I didn’t have to have to be if I didn’t go back to class. Didn’t really want to either. Pulling a piece of paper from my pocket I quickly wrote:
Hey love,
I’m not feeling well
gonna go home and
rest a little bit.
Text me!

I folded it into an airplane and sent it flying towards Melody. It smoothly landed on the table in front of her. Releasing my wings I flew to the parking lot where my motorcycle was parked. Chuckling, I decided to follow Jazz through her thoughts. Cant believe I just let the love of my life go that easily.

“Ugh!” Evan groaned and wiped mud off his face. I felt bad but I want to laugh too.
“Are you ok?” I asked worriedly.
“Sure. The creep who did this won’t be after I’m done with him.” he growled.
“Doubt that you could even touch him.” I mumbled under my breath.
“What did you say?”
“Nothing.” I smiled shyly. I packed our things and followed him inside to my locker.
“Go wash your face and calm down.” I hugged him but he just grumbled and stomped to the bathroom.
“Someone’s a dirty boy now.” a familiar soft husky voice chuckled. I turned around and immediately swung my arm back to slap Cameron in the face. Inches away from his face he stopped my hand.
“You’d regret that later.” He rolled his eyes and I just huffed and turned back to my locker. So not talking to him, no matter how bad I wanted to. Which was really bad ‘cause he’s been gone so long, but I couldn’t.
“Heard that.” he whispered right into my ear. His cold breath made me shiver.
“You don’t have to talk to me, I know I deserve it. Just thought I’d come say goodbye.” his long arms wrapped around my waist and squeezed lightly.
“You’re coming back right?” I turned around quickly in his arms. He just smiled and laughed. His lips were suddenly an inch away from mine. I could feel his cool breath on my lips, it was almost as if I could taste him. He then moved to the side of my face and whispered into my ear:
“Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.” he kissed my forehead and began to walk away.
“Wait! You better be coming back.” I stared at him backing away and waited.
“Oh, Jay. If you only knew...” he shook his head. “I love you... Buddy.” He added the last part after a minute or two. Something’s different about him and I was going to figure it out sooner or later. My phone buzzed and I took it out to read the text.
You know me well
enough by now. It
should be obvious
what’s wrong. -Cam

I sighed. He should have know I would have had to move on sooner or later. I couldn’t have waited for him forever. Another text come through on my phone.
True, but I hoped
you wouldn’t have ;(-Cam

What the hell was this boy doing? Stalking me!? Great, another text.
Looking after you
since your Evan
leaves you alone -Cam

You know what! He’s MY BOYFRIEND and he was there when I need YOU most. I’m perfectly fine having a NORMAL HUMAN man protect me instead of some black winged freak!
I shouted towards him in my thoughts. I knew I drew the line with the last part and with him being gone. But it was true Cameron was the cause of my pain and Evan helped me heal. My phone buzzed again.
Ouch. That hurt.
Text me whenever you
decide you need me
again. -Cam

Ugh! I wanted to beg him to come back and tell him to forget everything that happened. Just wish everything would go back to normal. I slammed my back against my locker and slid down onto the floor. Evan shows back up and then sits next to me.
“Um... You ok?” he looked worried. He looked at me just like Cameron did on every late night we spent together. I just sighed and rejected the feeling of letting the tears fall. Recalling I had one of my many jacket’s of Cameron’s in my locker. So I took it out, put it on and hugged Evan tightly. Boy, did I have some explaining to do whenever Evan wanted to know what was wrong anyways.

“Normal human boy... than a black winged freak... like you!” Jazz’s words were burning through my head like a wildfire.
Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional. Those words meant so much yet helped so little. I told it to Jazz because I’d hope she would understand that I was in pain but couldn’t help it but I was done suffering. I suffered long enough with watching Jazz get hurt so much boyfriend after boyfriend. Late nights, crying, singing, and list just keeps going. I straightforwardly told her that I was in love with her and yet she doesn’t understand. But whatever. I’m done trying. As I sped down the street I found myself going to her house. Devil knows what for. Her mother was home but I could careless. I flew up to her window and let myself in. Man, did she just naturally smell amazing. Heaven and love mixed evenly and perfectly with beauty. One of a kind, and so unique. Why did I love my best like this? It wasn’t right. Sighing, I looked over at her desk. On every corner there was a picture of us together. In fact on a book stand there was a whole scrapbook full of us. I walked over to the desk and sat down. Chuckling I remembered a memory of when I was “allergic” to her feather.


“Here comes Superman!” I yelled running into Jazz’s room and front flipping onto her ped.
“I should have never let you drink a whole pot of coffee. Let alone make it!” she laughed and sat on her bean bag.
“Whatcha talkin’ bout? I feel absolutely fine!” I rolled onto my stomach and grabbed the new fuzzy, yellow pillow. Randomly I felt like smelling it, just to see if it had her scent on it. As I took a big sniff I felt something crawl into my nose. And then, AH ACHOO! Jay screamed as I sneezed. Looking over at her I felt another sneeze coming. Uh-oh. I sneezed three times in a row and basically scared the living hell out of Jay.
“You done yet?!” she yelled as I sneezed again. I tried shaking my head no but that didn't work. Sitting up didn't either. There was barely 30 seconds between each series of sneezes. Standing up, I began getting dizzy and my vision blurred. Jazz guided me out her room and within minute I stopped sneezing.
“Well that’s weird.” I said falling out on the floor.
“Are you like suddenly allergic to my room or what?” she said jokingly.
“I don’t know. I playing with your new fuzzy pillow and I smelt it and then...” I suddenly sneezed again.
“Wait... Give me a sec.” she disappeared into her room and came back with the evil pillow.
“What the hell are you doing with that?” I questioned as she knelt down beside me. “Get that thing away from me! Are you trying to kill me!?”
“No you idiot! Now keep still and just breathe.” she held my shoulder down and forced the pillow in my face. The second she did I began sneezing like before.
“Oh my gosh! You’re allergic to my freaking pillow!” she exclaimed.
“Doubt it.” I sniffled. Ugh. My head hurt now. I sneezed four more times and then Jay gasped.
“What?” I sniffled again.
“Your nose is bleeding.” she whispered.
“Oh great...” I was ready to pass out. And then I felt something come out of my nose. Jay started laughing at what happened.
“There was a feather up your nose you weirdo!” she giggled.



I chuckled and sighed. A couple of hours until Jazz’s championship volleyball game. Evan had football practice, so he couldn't go. Melody was fundraising so she wasn't cheering. It could finally just be me and her. Perfect.

Throughout the rest of my classes, Cameron never showed back up.
“Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.” What did he mean by that? I had 15 minutes until my game so I decided to search up Cam’s quote in the library. Clicking on the first website that came up, I felt my phone buzz.
Good luck at
your game beautiful:)
I know you’ll be a star -Evan
I smiled widely and thanked him for his support. Going back to my search the first thing that I looked at said: Love is Pain; Pain means suffering. My blood went cold. “I’m in love with you Jazz. And I want you to love me too.” Cameron’s voice was full of emotion and pain as I remembered the last words he said to me before he left. Oh Cam... Gosh... I felt so guilty but I didn’t know what to do. I’m dating Evan and I don't particularly like Cameron the way I like Evan now. And then it hit me. The meaning of what Cam said was: He was hurt by my decision and he can’t avoid the pain by it but he’s choosing not to suffer anymore.
That’s my girl. A smooth husky voice said in my thoughts.
Do you ever like to talk face to face to me now? I replied back.
“Turn around then.” he whispered. I turned around to see Cam shirtless, covered in blue and white paint with the number “11” painted in black on the front of his chest. The number 11 was all over him actually. Chuckling I finally noticed the bouquet of flowers he was holding. Black roses, blue lilacs, and white lilies. My favorite flowers.
“I uh...passed Evan down the street asked me to give these to you.” Cam blushed. Completely lying through his teeth.
“Oh really? Well tell Evan,” I did finger quotation marks in the air. “that, it was very thoughtful of him to do so.”
“You’re really showing school spirit tonight. What’s the occasion?”
“Your game and it’s not school spirit. It’s my personal mascot dedication to you.” he smiled at the floor at the last part. Gosh, he could just be absolutely adorable at some points.
“Is that so? Well thank you.” I hugged him quickly and then looked over at the clock. “Poop! I gotta go!” I quickly pecked him on the cheek and ran out the library towards the gym.
Best friends forever. He said. I could hear the smile in his voice even without looking at him. Poor Cam. I’d lead him on and then shut him down the next second. I was such a horrible best friend.

As I walked out the locker room with my team and the first thing I hear is:
“NOW LET US MAKE SOME NOISE FOR OUR STAR PLAYER!!! JAZZ ROMANO!!” I immediately knew it had to be Cameron but what I didn’t expect was the loud cheering from the crowd. Even my team was cheering. Now it was time to get serious. The other team served the ball and the clock started to wind down.

What the hell am I doing? I asked myself watching Jay’s team absolutely crush their opponent. You’re supporting your best friend... I answered.
“As just a friend...” I whispered to myself. Sighing I continued to cheer on my all-star girl. Next to me were two coaches with clipboards, eyeing both teams on the court.
“Number 11 on Broomfield is extremely talented... We could really use her to our advantage...” one of the coaches whispered to the other.
“Her name is Jasmine. She goes by Jazz though. She’s very determined and very talented. She could take on any challenge you give her. Great girl all around.” I told both coaches. Guess they were scouters from a college.
“You seem to know a lot about her. Are you her boyfriend?” the young looking coach asked.
“I wish I was.” I answered chuckling. “I’m her best friend, Cameron. Cameron Love.” I held out my hand and they both shaked it.
“I’m Kelly. Coach of the CSU’s varsity volleyball team.” the first coach said. She was a little old, around her late 40’s it seemed like.
“And I’m Allison. Coach of the J.V team.” she was a little younger. Late 20’s or early 30’s.
“Pleased to meet you both.” I smiled.
“So your friend out there...” Kelly started. “She’s great on the court but what’s her academic range? Like GPA and class standings if you know.|”
“She’s amazing at everything. Has a 5.4 GPA, at the top of ALL her classes and one of the top 3 in the National Honor’s Society. Also, she’s valedictorian of the school and president of student council. I’m tellin’ you, she’s a rare type. And there is no one else like her.” I was hoping she would get a scholarship if I told them all the good things about her.
“You sound like her manager.” Allison laughed. “Hey, since you know so much about her. Is there anyway you could set us up an interview with her?”
“Absolutely. Just tell me when and where and she’ll be there.” I smiled at my little rhyme.
“You are a very charming young man. Thank you.” Allison said smiling back at me. Oh gosh, can’t lead an older woman on. That would just ruin my life. Or would it?
“Hey, who were you talking to?” Jasmine said bouncing over to where I was standing.
“Oh, nobody. Just...old friends you know?” I said casually.
“Yeah, because I totally see you being friends with a 50 year old and a 20 year old.” she said sarcastically.
“Hey, you’re doing great out there. Completely killing it!” we high fived.
“Thanks. Now, it’s up to our defense to GET THERE ACT TOGETHER AND PLAY RIGHT!!” she shouted the last part directly to the team on the court. “Ugh. They suck tonight.”
“Well, you’re the star out there. I bet scouts are looking at you way more than anyone else out there.” I put my arm around her waist and smiled down at her. She’d always be my shorty. We locked eye contact and my heart sped up. Blood was pulsing heavily through my whole body. Her eyes are always leaving me breathless. I began to lean down but stopped myself and began to chuckle.
Hopeless Romantic. The phrase popped into my head in Ashley's voice.
“What?” Jazz said laying her head on my chest.
“Nothing. Just stuff I think about.”
“You think too much.” she poked my stomach.
“Too much about you.” I muttered.
“Hate when you whisper stuff where I can’t hear you.”
“You didn’t wanna know what I said anyways.” She was going to argue her side but the referee blew the whistle and signaled for the offense to come onto the court.
“Go kick some butt babe!” I winked at her.

Cameron carried me on his shoulders, along with the game ball, state trophy and my MVP trophy. When we got to my car he lifted me off his shoulders like I was nothing and set me down lightly.
“Celebratory dinner for my MVP?” he asked putting his hands in his pocket. Being adorable too.
“Only if you’re cooking.” I giggled. My team passed by and overheard our conversation.
“Hey all-star! Can we join you? We heard that Cameron’s a pretty amazing cook according to the catering teacher.” Marissa said happily.
“That’s really up to Cam.” I looked over at Cam and smiled.
Please let them come. We could plan another night with just us. I promise. He chuckled at my thoughtful begging and bribing.
“Sure. We could all go to my house if you want.” he looked directly at me.
“Sounds like a plan.” I said and everyone squealed. 3 other girls from my team carpooled in my car, i swear, just to stare at Cam. Sort of pissed me off the way they were looking at him and asking him questions. I honestly wanted to tell them to back the f*** off because he’s mine but then that would bring suspicion and I didn’t want Evan to think bad of me.
Shouldn’t you text your boyfriend and tell him about your good news? Cam asked in my head.
I probably should. You don’t mind do you? He just chuckled light and shook his head. Was I betraying Evan by hanging out with Cam all night? Should I tell Evan to come over too? A loud rumbling sound startled me. I looked next to me at Cam. His face was blank but his grip on the steering wheel said it all. What did he have against Evan?
Nothing, I’m just me you know. Go ahead and invite him. I’ll just flirt with the girls while you have fun.
I honestly didn’t believe that he would be ok with Evan being there but I invited him anyways. Hopefully this would go ok and they would stay away from each other. If Evan came over then Melody should too. I was going to tell Cam to invite her but I changed my mind. Can’t stand seeing them together. And it’s not because i’m jealous. I just don’t like how much she’s all over him and has to be touching him 24/7.
Well, how do you think I feel when you’re around your boyfriend? Oh gosh, did he have to be like this? If he expected me to just jump into his arms when he came back and agree to be his girlfriend then he should have stayed.
We are so going to talk about this tonight after everyone leaves.
Your room or mine? He chuckled. I just rolled my eyes. You know your boyfriend isn’t going to leave without you leaving too. He had a point there.
“So Cameron...” Juliet broke the silence. “You seem to be really popular around school, eh? I haven’t seen you around all year. Like at all. What’s up with that pretty boy?”
“I’m enlisting in the Marine Core. Been at the base for nine months and I got two months off and then I go back.” he looked over at me and winked. Such a liar he was.
Only cause I have to and you know it. I rolled my eyes again and stared out the window.
“Oh that seems cool. A little dangerous though.” Juliet said quietly. I wish she would just shut up already.
“I like to put myself in danger.” he smiled at me. “Seems to run in my blood I guess.” I ignored the rest of their conversation until we got to the house. Juliet, Michelle and Mikayla all said “wow” when we pulled into the driveway. I was use to the size of his house by now.
Are you mad at me now? Was I? No, I wasn’t. Maybe I just looked pissed but I didn’t care. Just really wanted Evan to be here now.
Feels great to know I’m not enough for you now. I still love you though... I didn’t mean it like that! I sighed and walked inside.
He’s outside now, by the way. Cameron told me and I squealed in happiness and ran outside to meet Evan.

I heard a car speed down the street and focused on the drivers thoughts.
Don’t know what the hell she’s doing at pretty boy’s house but I certainly don’t like it.
I told Jazz he was outside and she bolted away from me and the girls in the kitchen. You gotta let her go... I told myself. Nothing ever worked. At least I get to talk to her about it later. If her boyfriend doesn’t take her away after dinner.
“So is it true you’re going out with Melody?” Marissa asked. All the girls surrounded the island where I was cutting vegetables.
“Yeah, I guess you could say that.”
“Did you hear who she dumped when she saw you were back?” Juliet asked.
“Um... No. I actually don’t care either.”
“Well, rumour has it that he’s going to try to take you out.”
“Pssh! Like he could even threaten me. Tell him, whoever he is, that he can come take me out whenever he wants to. As long as he’s payin the bill.” All the girls giggled. I heard a deep voice close by and looked towards the doorway. Only to see the ever so “perfect” couple coming hand in hand through the doorway, both smiling widely. I sighed slowly, keeping my cool. What the hell was I thinking, telling her to invite her boyfriend. Mentally kicking myself, I turned away from everyone and went back to cooking.
“Aww! You two are so cute together!!” Marissa said squealing. I held back my laughter and thought of how many times random people on the streets told that to Jazz and I when we went walking in the park to watch the sunsets.

After an hour or so, I gathered everyone into the dining room and began serving dinner.
“Oh. My. Gosh.” the girls gasped. I really appreciated the amazement from them. Told me that I was actually doing something right for once.
“Dinner is served. Enjoy!” I smiled to everyone, from standing at the head of the table.
Wow! Mr. Pretty-boy has some serious talent with food.
Ha! In your face Evan! I looked over at Jay and caught her smiling widely at me.
Thank you. So much!
I smiled at her and nodded. Walking back into the kitchen I pulled desert out of the oven. After I finished the decorations on the desert I went outside and sat on the corner of my deck.
“Look what we have here boys! Mr. Pretty-boy is finally sitting alone.” a deep voice said. I looked over to where the direction of the voice was coming from and saw Evan’s football crew walking over to me.
“What do you guys want?” I said firmly.
“We just wanna talk, if that’s ok with you.” Evan said coming out of the house.
“Depends on if you wanna settle this like men or act like children.” I was beginning to act cocky now.
“Look her, scout!” Evan poked me in my head. “I don’t like you being around my girlfriend so much!” I stood up and towered over him more than half a foot. He drew the line when he touched me.
“I suggest you keep your cool, son. You DON’T want to piss me off tonight.” I threatened.
“Boys!” he yelled and then the football crew began to surround me. They were only 3 feet away from their death beds. They touch me and they’ll all be dead within two seconds. Evan shoved me into one of his guys and I growled deeply. I let the dark flame surround me and then let out my wings furiously.
“I SAID DON’T TOUCH ME!!” I growled again.
Hate me later. But he drew the line and I had to protect myself. I sent the thought to Jay and began grabbing the guys by their necks and throwing them across the yard.

“Hey Jazz.” Mary called from the kitchen.
“Evan and his crew is fighting with Cameron.”
“What!?” i jumped up from my seat and ran to the backyard. If Cam started this then I knew it wouldn’t end well. Coming out to the backyard, I saw Evan running from the opposite side of the yard straight towards Cam. He wasn’t moving either. Cameron was just going to let Evan hit him when he got closer. Evan looked infuriated, like he wanted to take off Cam’s head, maybe even kill him.
“Guys!!” I screamed. Cam took his eyes of Evan bolting toward him and glanced at me. Evan collided with Cam so hard that they went through the fence behind them. Please let them be ok. Please. Out of nowhere Evan begins to fly through the air and back over the fence. I swear he went higher than the house. He landed hard and directly at my feet. The sounding of his impact was just bones crunching, and cracking and breaking. Oh my gosh!
“Evan!” I knelt down to him. “Oh my gosh! Are you ok? Please tell me you’re ok.” He just twitched and began gasping for air.
“I’ll be fine...” he choked up some blood. “Pretty boys’ fault for messing with me.” So Cameron started this? But... Why? Evan’s blue eyes went black and rolled back into his head.
“Call an ambulance. But tell your friend...” he coughed up blood again and wheezed. “Tell him... Evil will never prevail, authority always wins.” and then he went limp. Breath left my lungs like air coming out of a slashed tire. I couldn’t even feel my limbs or anything.
“I called an ambulance. And got the girls to go home.” the husky voice said behind me. I only looked up at him for a quick second. His shirt was ripped was ripped and slashed. Soaked with blood on his shoulder. There was a long gash from his ear to his chin, cutting through his lips. I didn’t know what to do. Should I be mad at him? No, I could never be mad at him. But according to Evan, Cameron started the fight.
He’s lying! You don’t know what happened!
“We’ll carry him to the front.” one of the football players said. They were all scratched up just like Cameron, but they were healing as we spoke. Wait, where is Cameron? Whatever, like I should be worried about him. It’s all about Evan right now. All 4 guys picked him up and carried him into house and into the living room. I followed them inside, but while I was passing through the kitchen I smelt something that caught my attention. Looking over to the island, there sat a large, dark brown cake with white and blue frosting writing. I walked over to see what the frosting said. There in beautiful writing read:
Way to go team!
Congrats to you all!
Go M.V.P!
And then surround the big, hand drawn, frosting volleyball in the middle, were everyone’s names and numbers. He did this...for me?
I’m sorry. Cam’s voice was soft and showed guilt. Sighing, I walked out of the kitchen and went to follow Evan in the ambulance.

I slowly floated down, and landed on the hospital’s roof.
Son, are you alright?
My father’s voice came through my head. I just sighed and sat at the edge of the building, contemplating what it would be like to just faintly fall from this height.
“Son, you don’t have a choice. You have to fight back.” his hand appeared on my shoulder.
“She’s the love of my life father. You don’t understand! If I kill him, she’ll never even look at me again! And then I’ll really be alone forever.” I growled slightly.
“What about that Melody girl you’re dating? She’s an easy keeper.”
“Are you serious!? I’m only doing that to keep myself busy. And away from Jay...” He just won’t understand.
“That’s where you’re wrong son. You know I went through the same thing with your mother. Except I had to leave. You don’t.” he sat down next to me. “You know what he’s trying to do. Go explain to Jasmine and see what happens.”
“She won’t believe me.” I whispered. “He was there for her when I wasn’t. I caused her pain. Do you know how hard that is to reverse what I did!?”
“Ah son. So wise and thoughtful of others, Just like your mother. At least go check on her and stay with her until he wakes up. She’s suffering and needs you more than him now. Yeah, he may be her boyfriend but you’re her best friend. And always will be.” he began playing with fire in his hands. Always loved having the powers of Satan.
“Whatever you say dad.” I chuckled at how kiddish I sounded.
“I love you son.” he rubbed my shoulders.
“Love ya too dad.” I smiled slightly.
“Come see your dog soon. He misses you.”
“Bring him to me.”
“I don’t think you’re allowed to have a 3 headed, 25 foot giant puppy in your neighborhood son.” I laughed and hugged him goodbye.
“If you say so dad. See you soon.” I jumped off the edge of the building and landed softly on the ambulance Evan came in. Walking through the emergency room, people stared at me. Not sure why but I could care less. Searching through the every mind near me, I finally found Jay’s. She was replaying the scene of Evan and I going through the fence, and him landing right at her feet. Rounding a corner, I saw her sitting on a chair hugging her legs. She looked so terrified. Way to go Cameron. I stood ten feet away from her, afraid to go any closer because I would do something wrong.
“Jay... Let me explain.” I whispered.
“I don’t want to hear it. I saw what happened...” her voice broke at the end.
“Then you saw the look in his eyes. He wanted to kill me. I was only protecting myself. Believe me on that...” I had to defend my side of the story or else he was going to corrupt her mind and take her away from me. But after all, I was evil and always caused trouble.
He told me to tell you that ‘Evil will never prevail, authority always wins’. I stopped breathing. Evil will never prevail. The phrase sounded all too familiar. But why? You’re an ex good angel, dumbass. My inner voice yelled at me.
“I think he knows what you are too...” she whispered.
“I wish you knew what he was...” I muttered.
“What?” I ignored her and went back to my thoughts. How could I have not seen it? I wasn’t here, of course but that’s why he came and took my place. Evan wasn’t the good boy Jay thought he was.

Cameron wrapped his arms around my small body and lifted me onto his lap. I felt so protected in his arms, it was like someone put a blanket of comfort over me. I wasn’t sure whether or not I should cry or be mad.
You can be mad at me. I understand. I should be mad, but I couldn’t be mad at Cam. He’s in the worse condition, but he wasn’t in a coma. Evan was. Sighing, I realized my heart was being torn in two different directions. A direction with Evan, and another direction to save my friendship with Cam.
“What happened...” I whispered wrapping my arms around his back.
“You’re not going to believe me.” he whispered, kissing my head.
“Yes I am. I just wanna know what happened, Cam...” I sniffled. He sighed and tightened his grip around my waist.
“After I went back into the kitchen from serving you and the girls, I went outside and within a few minutes his football crew came into the backyard. They said they just wanted to talk. And then Evan came outside and told me he didn’t like the history you and I had together. I was completely calm and asked him what he didn’t like about it. He lost his cool and pushed me onto the ground, straddled me, and cut my face with a knife.” he touched his dark scar from the knife. “I had to protect myself Jay. At least understand that. And then if you don’t believe be about the knife thing, check his right pocket in his jacket. I bet you it’s there. I was only protecting myself, I promise.” he sounded so apologetic, I started to cry. I sighed, relaxed and hugged him tightly.
“How does he know about our history...” my voice nearly a whisper.
“I um...” he stuttered, like he was thinking about saying something or not. “How much do you like...Evan?” he said his name slowly. I thought about it for a while.
“At first, a lot. And now...” I trailed off, afraid to finish because I knew it would hurt him.
“You basically love him...” his voice broke at the word ‘love’.
“Cameron.. You know I’ll always love you.” he stopped breathing. Waiting a couple minutes I expected him to breathe again, but he didn’t. His grip around me was tight, but normal for him. I sat up and looked at his pale, bloodied face. His eyes were shut tight and his lips were pressed into a hard line, causing the gash to bleed heavily.
“Cam... Are you ok?” I asked worriedly. His eyes shot open, and I expected to see the amazing brown eyes he always had but it was different. They weren’t the milky, dark chocolate brown that lightened up when he smiled at me, or made girls fall head over heals for him. They faded, from black to grey to white. A black outlining, then came a light grey and then white around his pupil. In a way they were really amazing and breathtaking. And certainly could put you in a trance if you looked at them too long. Blood ran down from his eyes in a tear shaped form.
“Cam... Please talk to mee...” I begged, and whipped the bloodied tear from his cheek, careful of his wound.
“Jasmine,” an almost identical voice to Cam’s called from behind me. “Evan will be waking up soon and won’t be happy if he sees you with Cameron.” It took me a minute to realize who this tall, almost look alike of Cameron, mysterious man was. It was his father; Luke.
“Oh. Are you going to take him home?” I asked quietly, and suddenly Cam’s grip around my waist tightened.
“If he’ll come yes,” Luke chuckled. “I’ll take him to a place where he’ll be helped and heal faster. Thanks to your boyfriend and the special type of knife he used, I don’t think the scar will ever fade.” Guilt washed over me. I’m so sorry Cameron. Luke reached into his leather jacket pocket and pulled out a black rock. He held it out to me and dropped it in my hand.
“What’s this for?”
“A way to talk to Cam when he’s...below the surface with me.” he sighed and glanced over at Cam. “I must go now. See you again soon.” Luke waved goodbye and faded into the air in a black smoke.
“I’m so very sorry Jay. I love you.” Cameron whispered in my ear, hugged me tightly and kissed my cheek. He stood up, still holding me tight to his chest and kissed the top of my head. As he sat me down, I looked up at him, his hands came to both of my cheeks and his forehead came down on mine. The way his thumbs, smoothly rubbed my cheeks made me feel so calm. The way he looked at me made me feel so loved. Maybe Cameron and I were meant to be more than friends. I suddenly noticed him leaning in closer to me, breathing slowly, staying calm. Ready to meet him halfway, he moved his head back up and kissed my forehead again.
We’ll talk when I come back, promise. He hugged me tightly again and then began walking away.

What the hell just happened? Was I seriously about to kiss my best friend when I haven’t even kissed my own boyfriend yet? Woah... Maybe I was just getting caught up in the moment. But it felt natural, like it was supposed to happen. Why didn’t he just kiss me? Why did I want him to? Sighing roughly, I sat back down and buried my face in my hands. Come back to Cam. Please.. I need you... I knew my thoughts wouldn’t get him back but I hopelessly wanted them to.

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on Oct. 15 2012 at 4:08 am
Vagabond SILVER, New Delhi, Other
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Favorite Quote:
Every end is a new beginning;
What a caterpillar calls an end the rest of the world calls a butterfly;
"Begining are normally sacary endings are normally sad,
it's in the middle which makes life worth living"

it's toooo good Mind reading my book "A new era" and please give me your feedbacks thanks! :D

on Oct. 11 2012 at 7:29 pm
Ms.PeytonLovesHP GOLD, Rancho Cordova, California
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Favorite Quote:
“We are all a little weird and life is a little weird, and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love.” - Doctor Seuss

Ohmydearsweetlord. Whoa. can I get more here? Please?! SO good!!! Oh, and PLEASE don't let Jasmine end up with Evan. She's being stupid, picking him. LET THEM END UP TOGETHER. I BEG OF YOU. EVAN KIND OF SUCKS. Oh, and I couldn't find Eternal Love. When I clicked your profile to get to it, it wasn't there. And to quote Melissa, "What's that about, pretty boy?" So..... where is it?


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