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Dark Love

Author's note: This is the sequel of my first book (My Eternal Love). I have written this book because of a true...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: This is the sequel of my first book (My Eternal Love). I have written this book because of a true experience I had with a best friend. So this is based on a true story (without all the fantasy, majestically cool stuff) on what happened when I told my best friend, I was in love with her.  « Hide author's note
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Jasmine's P.O.V

* * *
“Jazz...” Cameron struggled to speak. His grip was getting tighter on the cage bars and the black fire on his skin was raging. “Get...back...” The deepness in his voice made me move quickly in a corner of the cage. I tried not to look at him but he was glowing so brightly, I just couldn’t look away. All of a sudden a high pitched scream rang through my ears, sounding so painful that I could feel the pain myself. Clutching my eyes shut, I covered my ears and the the ground began to rumble. As the ground rumbled vigorously below me, I felt vast winds blowing across my face. Once everything calmed down I opened my eyes into the darkness. Everything was dark. No light except the jagged, fiery edge of the cage bars.
“Jazz!” Cameron’s faint voice screamed.
“Cameron!?” I had to figure out where he was. “Where are you!?” I began running, full speed towards the way I heard his voice.
“Jazz, don’t do it!” I came around a corner to see Cam in a spotlight, struggling in a chair with ropes tied tightly around him. Gasping, I ran to him and started yanking at the ropes.
“I’m gonna get you out of here Cam! I promise.” I stuttered nervously.
“Jazz! It’s a trap!” he whispered loudly.
“I’m not leaving you here!”
“Jazz please trust me on this. You have to go!” he was begging me to go with just his eyes and I couldn’t understand why he would want me to leave him in this hell hole.
“But Cam...” I whined.
“No buts. Just know this... If I never come back....” I waited impatiently, with my heart beating 20 times faster than it should be.
“I...I...” he stuttered and sighed.
“Cameron! What is it!?” I pressed. He just looked away.
“Jazz, I lo-” he was cut off by a black cloth bag covering his face. The chair he was in began speeding backwards, away from me.
“Cameron!” I tried to run after him and save him but it was too fast. I wasn’t fast enough to save my best friend. Trying to keep up, I began getting tired and soon he disappeared into the darkness around me. I suddenly felt faint and fell to my knees. Falling to the floor I heard Cameron’s voice.
“I’m in love with you Jazz. I love you more than anything in the world but... Jasmine... Please forget me...” I felt a kiss on my forehead and it was like an electric shock that went straight to my heart.
* * *
I shot up out of bed to the sound of my alarm clock screaming. Sighing, I stopped it. I wasn’t use to waking up with this loud thing. It was always Cameron at my window. Running my fingers through my bed hair I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror across my room. Did I really look that bad? I was pale, (which was odd because my natural skin color was a “nice beautiful bronze” color as Cam would say) I had dark circles under my big puffy eyes. This always happened when I had that dream. And I’ve been having that dream since...”he”...left. Ugh, I look like a drug addict. As I tossed my covers off my legs, I immediately grabbed my phone. No texts, no calls, no voicemail, not even a letter or e-mail. Tears welled up in my eyes instantly. Almost a whole school year since...that boy left. I missed him so so bad. Ugh. I really shouldn’t. He told me to forget about him and he left. But I could never forget how much he’s always been there for me. I jumped in and out of the shower, put clothes on and did my hair and make-up. While putting on my eyeliner I looked down at my shirt. I realized that it was the one “he” gave me for my birthday last year. It had piano keys on it and said “Music Unites the Body and Soul”. Sighing, I through my eyeliner down and walked out the bathroom and away from the mirror. One month until Junior year ends. And to think I spent majority of my time without my best friend. It was so weird not being attached at the hip with him. He hasn’t came to school, I haven’t seen him around town or on the news. I’ve gone through all the “Missing Child” reports and nothing. He’s not even at his own house. Hate to think he went back to that hell hole and stayed. Sometimes I can still hear him and I playing songs on the piano and singing together. Picking up my iPod I went straight to the playlist he made of the songs he had did covers on, hit “All This Time” and went to my car. On my way to school. Without my best friend.
Chapters:   1 2 3 4 5 6 ... 19 Next »

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Vagabond said...
Oct. 15, 2012 at 4:08 am
it's toooo good Mind reading my book "A new era" and please give me your feedbacks thanks! :D
HarryPotterLover30 said...
Oct. 11, 2012 at 7:29 pm
Ohmydearsweetlord. Whoa. can I get more here? Please?! SO good!!! Oh, and PLEASE don't let Jasmine end up with Evan. She's being stupid, picking him. LET THEM END UP TOGETHER. I BEG OF YOU. EVAN KIND OF SUCKS. Oh, and I couldn't find Eternal Love. When I clicked your profile to get to it, it wasn't there. And to quote Melissa, "What's that about, pretty boy?" So..... where is it?

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