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The Helmet of Eagle Talons Part 1

Author's note: Heavily inspired by Lord of the Rings, A Song of Fire and Ice, the Game of Thrones series, the...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: Heavily inspired by Lord of the Rings, A Song of Fire and Ice, the Game of Thrones series, the Iliad, and ancient warfare in general.  « Hide author's note
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Blood-Crusted Snow

Snow-capped mountains and a blistering wind surround and devastate Wolf's army. They march. They have not fought for days. Their blades have stayed sheathed for so long, many are frozen in such a position. Yet the column moves forward without question. After weeks without fighting a single battle, many men crave violence. It keeps them warm. As they march, a flicker appears. An inn lives in the hollow place. Wolf and Ulysses make haste to the inn to scout the area for Kastikians. When they reach
The last chapter of the first Part.
the base of the stairs that lead to a tavern, they hear cheers and bellowing. Wolf and Ulysses began to tread up the icy stairs. When they reach the tavern door, Wolf signals for Ulysses to kick down the door.
He obeys his frosted commander. When Ulysses kicks the door open, a burst of hot wind from newly sparked fires escapes. Ulysses makes a pleasured sigh. But when he looks closely into the tavern, he makes out 3 shadowy figures. All bear Kastikian blue. Ulysses first draws his bow, pulls back the string. The arrow is ready. He releases and knocks the first blue-bearer out if his seat and on the unforgiving tavern floor. The other two quickly pick up their weapons and charge Ulysses in a drunken haste. Ulysses unsheathes his sword and braces for the first enemy's' charge. The drunken soldier does not see the steel and the newly polished sword is again bathed in enemy blood. Ulysses pulls the sword out of the dead man’s chest quickly and then dodges the other man's first three un-coordinated swipes. Ulysses uses his amazing footwork to pivot behind the man. Ulysses grabs the blue-bearer's mouth and slits the meade guzzling throat.
"Come in my Lord. The drunken occupiers lay dead upon this vomit strewn floor". Ulysses then looks to the bar wench who owns the establishment. He then says sweetly, “No offense my Lady”
Before the barkeep was able to respond, the tavern was filled with thawing warriors who desired nothing but liquor, bread, and warmth. 50 soldiers came in at a time and wasted their pay on all pleasures affordable and in reach. The only 2 who never left were Ulysses and Wolf. Both drank their fill and then some. Wolf then began to vigorously tap Ulysses’ shoulder as he shared vile war stories and jokes with the golden-haired lad who assisted him in the cornfield battle. His birth name was Vim, but he insisted that his companions call him the Lion. As Ulysses’ could no longer pretend to not notice the drunken general’s taps, he turned his head to Wolf’s. A giddy face welcomed him. Wolf then spoke, his words slurred, “Ulysses, look past my neck and you will reward me with all of Azur’s riches.” Ulysses looks past the general’s neck. It was now out of focus and the wall came into focus. At first, Ulysses’ drunken vision deceived him and he saw only a wooden wall, but his intoxicated eyes began to settle and what he saw shook every bone in his body, made his heart beat erratically, and turned his face numb from smiling. A gorgeous woman leaned on the wall. One hand was to her side, while the other was occupied with a cup of ale. Ulysses left that rotten table to venture to the sweetest wall. But it was not easy; apparently his eyes were not the only thing affected by a few cups of strong Gakan meade. He found solace and relaxation in leaning against the wall next to the nameless woman. When he turned his head towards her, her chest was not the first thing he noticed, but her armor. It was made of feathers and what appeared to be reptilian scales. It looked as though it was light, which is good armor for moving quietly. On the left side of waist, there was a sheathed dagger made of Akarian steel. The dagger was slightly curved and from what Ulysses knew of Akarian steel, it must have been light. Ulysses could not see what other weapon she had sheathed. He tried, but eventually gave up. That’s when his attention was brought to the woman’s chest. Mental compliments were given to her breasts as well as a silver necklace that bore a dragon, after that; he moved his attention to her face. Ulysses almost blacked out there when he looked upon this woman’s face. He had definitely pissed himself, but he did not care. Her hair was as brown as the trees in the Thraken forest and her eyes were so blue, he was almost certain he could swim in them. Ulysses then began to open his mouth, “Hello”.
The woman looked at Ulysses. She smiled and replied, “Hello”
This reply made Ulysses smile. “What happens to be your name?”
To be continued in Part Two...
Chapters:   « Previous 1 2 3 4

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