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Author's note: There will be more to come! Please stay tuned!
Author's note: There will be more to come! Please stay tuned!  « Hide author's note
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Walking along the red and hardened ground, I thought about how many years we had been living on this barren planet. No not really even inhabitable really. All clay and sand, not more than a lonely weed to be seen. Worse than Earth could possibly be right now. So what if on Earth we were drowning in our own waste, or oxygen was a limited thing. Here, we had to be mutated to breath the air, changed to walk on the land, altered to live. It was barbaric.
I kicked a dusty stone, watching it bounce over the uneven soil and then finally land by a grime covered shoe. Startled, I straightened up and stopped walking. Before me stood a construction worker that had been working on building new houses for families. A disapproving look was spread on his wide mouth, making him appear uglier than he probably was. I smiled timidly, unsure if I was in trouble or not.
At 16 I always seemed to get into some kind of trouble, even if I didn’t look for it. Trouble seemed to find me. Whether it was getting caught with friends doing something frowned upon or wrecking something important, I was the definition of trouble.
Peering around the worker, I grimaced at the sight. People were scattered about, tending wounds or on the verge of getting hurt. Building new houses was risky business, therefore it took quite awhile. With virtually no gravity, Mars provided little help to people wishing to start anew.
“What do you think you are doing boy?” the man said intimidatingly.
I cowered and threw my hands up in peace. I didn’t want any harm to come to me, and I knew that the big man would not hesitate on putting me in my right place.
“I was just walking home, I walk past this place every single day.” I said quickly.
The man huffed and grumpily walked away, getting back to work smoking his cigarette and watching the other people work.
After this ordeal I started walking again and thought some more about our situation here on Mars.
It all started way back before I was born. The Earth was starting to die and the sources deplete. Trees were becoming scarce and in result to that oxygen was become little as well. Everyday more people died than the last and trash build up was outrageous. My mom’s mom was just a kid then, and when she was still alive when I was born, she told tons of amazing stories about the past.
I was born on Mars. A red planet kid all the way. I was already born with all of the adaptations and mutations, since my mom’s genetics were changed along with my dad’s. My parents had both been born on Earth, though, and knew the true terrors of living on it. Acidic rains, poverty, hardly any green in sight. True hell. It sounded terrifying, yet I wished to see it and experience the thrill of it. Maybe one day I could...
Chapters:   1 2 3 4 5 6 ... 10 Next »

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