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I've Got a Secret

By , Freeport, ME
Author's note: This actually started out as a school project. But I had gotten the idea, so now I'm playing with it.
Author's note: This actually started out as a school project. But I had gotten the idea, so now I'm playing with it.  « Hide author's note
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Peace At All Costs

Kyla Lennith stretched her arms wide, reveling in the sun's warmth for as long as she could. It wouldn't be long before she had to go back underground and do even more work.

It wasn't that she didn't like her work; she loved it. But it became rare for her to surface much because her work was so demanding. And she believed that Sir Fanrar was trying to keep her from being killed.

Bah! Her? Get killed? Nonsense! She was merely a secretary. She was, in other words, utterly worthless to kill and easily replaceable.

Kyla was a secretary for the secret organization PAAC, Peace At All Costs. It was an organization that made sure that fugitives were placed in jail and people were avenged for any wrong done to them. However, it was done at all costs, so if a death was necessary, it was done. The goal was to create a paradise for all of Kaotack, and not just the small country of Pyrelinth. But it had to stay underground for two reasons: The first being that other countries and continents, such as Lishea, did not approve of organizations like PAAC, as they preferred to take care of their own problems. The second was because there were many groups created to do the exact opposite of PAAC; groups that encouraged crimes and had a desire to take down PAAC.

Kyla could never imagine herself as an agent. Lean she might be, but atheletic she was not. She didn't know a single thing about firing a gun, or chasing a criminal, or scheming on the spot. She preferred organizing anything that was given to her, filing away reports of all the agents that came in, or typing up what the leaders were saying in meetings. Answering phone calls from agents, telling the agents their next mission, getting the agents what they need, this is what she liked to do. It was simple for her and the life of a secretary was not dangerous.

In essence, Kyla believed that Sir Fanrar was overreacting when he placed all sorts of limitations on her outdoor time. One of his rules was that she had to have an agent with her at all times.

As she came to this, she glanced back at Agent Ishtalli, the agent assigned to her, and sighed. She just wanted a breath of air, really. There was no need to bring up Agent Ishtalli and keep her from her agent work. Kyla was sure that Ishtalli had better things to do than to watch a lowly secretary just have a short walk.

"Done yet?" Ishtalli called, her impatience loud and clear in her voice.

"Yeah," Kyla replied, sighing. That was another thing; she'd be able to stay out longer if she didn't have an agent watching her. "I'm coming."

"Good," Ishtalli called back, scowling as Kyla slowly walked back to her. "I've got some paperwork I'd like to get out of the way so I can get going on my next mission."

"I'm sure," Kyla muttered under her breath. "Well, since I'm here, I believe we can go now."

Ishtalli turned and lead Kyla to a tree. Whispering to the tree, Ishtalli then walked over to a thick brush and pushed her way in. Kyla followed her, ducking in order to dodge a branch that nearly whipped her head. She was too busy trying to focus on not getting hit too hard by all sorts of foliage that she nearly tripped down the stairs that had suddenly appeared beneath her.

Quickly regaining her balance, she sprinted down the stairs after Ishtalli. When she reached the bottom, she nearly crashed into the agent.

"Why-" Kyla began, then stopped, seeing Sir Ghlath, one of the leaders. "Oh, good aftermidday, sir."

Sir Ghlath nodded in acknowledgment. "I trust nothing went wrong during your walk?"

"Only that it ended, sir," Kyla replied. "But don't worry; I'm headed off to finishing filing the rest of yesterday's reports."

"Very good," he said, turning to look at Agent Ishtalli. "And did you spot anything unusual?"

"No, sir," she answered in a stiff voice. "Nothing out of the ordinary, sir."

"Very well," he said. "Just be careful; Jessen said that Sandtime was getting a little more active only a few days ago. We don't know if they'll find out the headquarters, but one can never be too careful."

"Actually, um, sir," Kyla stammered. "It was reported two weeks ago that Sandtime was getting active. And it's increased by at least twenty percent, so it's not all that little. Twister, on the other hand, has increased their activity by one percent only three days ago."

Ishtalli was glaring at her, but Sir Ghlath was looking at her thoughtfully.

"I-I just thought i-it would be good if . . . if I said . . . " Kyla trailed off helplessly, and extremely embarrassed. She had done it once again. She had gone and corrected an authority with exact information instead of letting something like what Ghlath had said go. The point was still the same, she told herself furiously. There really was no need to go and get all technical.

"Thank you for that," Sir Ghlath said politely. "Now, Agent Ishtalli, I'm afraid your next mission has been cancelled due to unfortunate circumstances. You're going to have finish your report and fill in for Omna, as he's not feeling his greatest." He started to walk off, and as he was doing so, he called over his shoulder, "But if you don't want to work on your mission report or try to keep the rookies in order long enough to teach them something, I'm sure Secretary Lennith wouldn't mind another walk around outside."

Kyla looked at Ishtalli. "It's true, I wouldn't," she said simply, fighting to keep the hopeful note out of her voice.

"So, now I've got no mission to look forward to?!" Ishtalli snapped. "No, now I've got to do the report, or get a headache teaching some idiots that can't be taught or watch spoiled Secretary Kennith get a walk. An absolute fun day." She stormed off.

Kyla stood there, blinking. "It's Lennith," she corrected, even though Ishtalli wasn't there to hear her. Sighing, she went off to do her own work.
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