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Only With Wings

Author's note: This was the first novel that I have ever written. I was fifteen when I started it, and since...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: This was the first novel that I have ever written. I was fifteen when I started it, and since then I have written many other stories. But this was my first. Hope you enjoy it.  « Hide author's note
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The year is 2093, a time for many scientific and cultural changes. It is also the year that American astrophysicist William Auburn discovers that time travel is possible. Soon the government wants to cut in and set up a military station in every century. But it is also a time of war. America is feeling threatened when China and Japan, who have been enemies as far as history has been recorded, became allies. But it wasn’t just this sudden alliance that threatens America, but satellites that have
When all seems lost and shattered You are given a chance for a new beginning A chance to rise above the mess A chance to become something greater You learn to become a hero To yourself and those around you
been sent over some old airplane factories show signs that something bigger is going on: they are building advanced weapons, like none that we have seen before. That is not the only problem; numerous people are disappearing from around of the world, all between the ages of 18 and 28.
In Japan, the story is a little different. It all starts with an England born scientist named Charles Carrolton. Although he was not born Japanese, he became a Japanese citizen at the age of thirteen for the higher standards of the schools there that his parents wanted him to attend. He has a talent for the science of radiation and genetics. He sees the military in a new way, and thinks that instead of having bulky weapons that require so much attention and slow the army down; the soldier itself ought to be redesigned to be the weapon. He becomes obsessed with the idea of giving soldiers the ability of complete atomic control (through gamma radiation).
He becomes obsessed with this idea because of the power it can create; complete atomic control gives the person with that power to expand each atom so that they have the ability to go through any material, compress atoms so that they become indestructible, become transparent, alter its own DNA, control the electrons of each individual atom in order to create a force field, and other things that are to be later discovered.
An army with these abilities would not only be indestructible, but give the country that it belongs to world power; a trait that China has long been seeking ever since Sun Yixon came to power. So when China finds out about Japan’s project, it wants in on it. Japan continues its experiments while China provides the funds and the “volunteers” necessary since they are now allies.
Soon after this agreement goes into effect, people start disappearing from all around the world. What Charles Carrolton seeks for his experiments is a group of people with a diverse DNA so that it is more likely to find someone with a mutation that gives it the ability, not only to survive the levels of the gamma radiation, but to get the sought after results of the experiment. But when Dr. Carrolton goes through two thousand experimental human subjects with no luck, Japan removes its authorization according to the public, but continues supporting it underground because of the much-needed funds from China.
But after six months, Japan’s faith in this project becomes shaky, and they tell him that he is to shut down his experimenting due to the new attention America gave them regarding this secret experimenting. But China already brought in a final batch of “volunteers” and Dr. Carrolton is compelled to do one last experiment…
Chapters:   1 2 3 4 5 6 ... 16 Next »

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Vagabond said...
Aug. 19, 2012 at 11:55 am
OMG!! can't belive it's your first book, love it! :)

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