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The Story of The Forgotten Universe

Author's note: I was inspired by the stories of star wars and the lord of the rings books
Author's note: I was inspired by the stories of star wars and the lord of the rings books  « Hide author's note
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The Creation of a New King

In A Universe far far far away, lays a People who at first lived in peace under one power The Republic of the Animals. Then after 400 years of peace a force that will be soon unstoppable to defeat rises to power when a future king was born named Alexander and his bother also a future king named Nickolas. These brothers will soon shape the fate as the Universe and many others to come.
The year is 2034 and Alexander has grown up as a young warrior, when his home is attacked by the Feared Evil Army and he is taken from his family. His brother Nickolas was given to the Good Army 1 year later. This date will be the date the universe will never forget because this is the day that Alexander was transformed in to Seth A Evil Dictator of the Evil Army. His brother Nickolas keeps his name, but is also transformed in to the Leader of The Good Army.
The Evil Army started their rain of power when their founder Luther gathered followers to rebel against the Republic. The Good Army was created by the leaders of Republic to prevent the Evil Army from destroying the universe. Both these Armies will soon change the Universe for The Worst and Expand into the World of others like The Humans, A World Formed by The Lego Nations and other nations far far away.
The year is 3010 and A Civil War has been raging in the Universe between the Evil and the Goods. The war has taken them to every one of the 70 planets in their universe. On the Planet of The Bear Nations lays an elite fighting bear called Stinger. He sleeps and hunts by himself away from the war and civilization. He lived in peace until Seth brought his army to the planet to us it as prison world for and soldiers captured by the Army.
Seth marched his army from one point of the planet to the other. Half way through the march the 4 Elite Squads become under attack at what they think is a Militia force. When Seth shoots at the target he is left to fight by himself because the rest of the squads are dead. Seth Talks to Stinger and says:
“Young Bear what is your name mine Name is Seth”
“The name is Stinger, What are doing on my planet Seth there is No War here.”
“Not now but my brother is on his way here to destroy the area in the search for me. If you want to live come with me and join my army as Elite solider under my rule.”
“I can defend myself I don’t need no place to be powerful and I’m not going listen to these lies because I know your story and you will destroy the areas you don’t need when you find a site for your prison. So leave now before I kill u like I killed the rest of your troops.”
“Fine, but you’re making a huge mistake Stinger that you will soon regret.”
4 hours later Nickola arrives and greets the fighter and asks that he joins his army as the new leader of the Goods because of the declining health of Nickolas that his brother did to him on the planet of Peace 2 years ago when Seth invaded it and destroyed the goods on the planet. Stinger joins the Army and teaches the young solders to fight with no fear and fight to the death a lesson the Stinger was raised on and lives every day.
Chapters:   1 2 3 4 5 6 ... 10 Next »

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