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Here are the most recent romance articles:

To Fly or to Fall
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Kat is a normal swimmer, one who flies, strokes, kicks, creates goals, achieves them...and falls in love. (more »)
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Love Lost
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A classic country girl and city boy fall for each other, but with a twist. (more »)
love can be a killer
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its a story that may happens to any one of us (more »)
If Only
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If only he made most of his time while he had her.
If only he loved her for who she was.
If only she realized she was perfect for him. (more »)
Beauty of the moon
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A modern story based on the fairy tale
The tale of the bamboo cutter (more »)
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On The Last Shelf
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Sam Kim believes that he’d spent the last two years doing what was best for him. Nobody knew how harsh the distance could be when the world was no longer spinning and breathing was no longer natural. (more »)
The Overlooked One
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All the people in Klein California seem to be perfectly content with just a roof over their head and a game on the television. Every one except Leighton and an elusive outsider that she wants desperately to befriend . (more »)
Unexpected Meeting
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Olivia must face unexpected events after an unexpected meeting. (more »)
moving on
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a teenage girl is all alone and has to learn to move on with her life (more »)
We Were Not Strangers
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Kirby Lewis. Drummer for The Strangers, the hottest new rock band. Harvey Miller. Dad to Cadence, and an old high school acquaintance. Can their love survive through accidents and an ex-wife? (more »)
Struck By Love
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. I felt his lips against mine. I felt as if lighting had struck me just then, his nose brushing my own and when he parted I gasped for breath. (more »)
Don't Let Me Go
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When a girl finds out she's in love she tries her hardest to put into words how she feels. That's when her distinguishing thoughts materialize. (more »)
A Thousand Miles
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A girl wakes up in a cell with no memory of anything else. In a scene of madness, she meets Jared, an ordinary boy who is supposedly able to help her. Can she trust him? (more »)
Remember To Write...
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...truth was when I got that first letter, I had no idea what to expect, or what it would lead to... (more »)
By , Warrington, PA
High school outcast and her unrealistic crush turned reality. (more »)
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You Won...
By , Klang, Malaysia
Love is not just about sharing and caring. it is like two people pulling the ends of a rubber band. if one lets go. the other gets hurt. what happens when one lets go their end often leaving the other in pain ???... (more »)

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