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Sing to Your Heart

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Chapter One

As I unpacked my things and sat on my new bed in my brand new full-size extent, in my brand new habitat. Talk about going from one gigantic house to another (I don’t think “house” could be used to describe it). I could already feel the difference in this place already. It wasn’t a superior feeling either. Although I do wonder how my dad is taking in all of this, after all my parents have been married for twenty-two years. And that to me is already a time consuming marriage. How do you really know if you love someone? Besides, what is love? Do people truly experience it? Maybe one day I’ll write a novel about that but for meanwhile I should go bother my dad and check up on him I believe school starts tomorrow and I’m going to need some new clothes.
“Hey dad” I should have said it from upstairs considering how loud I was.
“Hey Isabella something I can do for you?’
“No of course not just checking up on the best dad on the planet to see if he needed any help.” I smiled.
“Hun, lying to me is not going to help. What do you want?”
“Okay so I was wondering if maybe I can get some new clothes for school.”
“I thought you already did?”
“Dad seriously those clothes say Washington D.C all over it I need something that says California.”
“So then write it on a shirt with a marker.” I gave him such a look that he was forced to reach into his pockets and pull out his car keys.
“Thanks daddy!”
“Yea, yea.”
Wow it’s really hard to find an outfit for your first day of school in anew school. You want something that says you. Not only does California have immense, striking malls with a lot of provisions to choose from but a lot of abhorrent girls who will snivel if they don’t get a dress form the latest Kristen Webster Collection. Who can actually afford that? Oh wait, I am in a very opulent area where you can even spot Kristen Webster shopping with her boyfriend. Well I do question, where does she shop? Huh. Questions of the unknown. Anyways I can’t really find anything that suits my personality. Everything here says I’m to girly, I’m a Barbie, I’m a wannabe. Or I’m just a hot girl that any gut would want to date. Huh. Where are the plaid shirts, ripped skinnies and an appealing pair of sneakers when you need them? Right? All you can find here are 10 inch stilettoes. Ouch! Who can actually walk in those without falling? Anyways just keep your eyes on the prize Isabella. Or like my dad prefers, “It’s like digging up treasure in these kinds of places.

Uhh I can already feel the pressure spreading to my head like I was going to explode. I can’t find anything here and its driving me crazy. And I thought the malls back at home were bad. Until I found “the outfit” yes “the outfit.” Well the mannequin seems to be pulling it off very well. She was wearing; black skinny jeans, a white tank top underneath her purple plaid shirt. She was my fashion role model (besides Kristen Webster). I knew I had to duplicate her; I had to have what she was wearing. I have this tense feeling. I don’t even know why. That outfit made me act like this. I guess it was the outfit that determined my next move or my life. I knew at that very moment I had to get standing outside of the store in front of the mannequin.
The next morning I didn’t want to wake up. It was the first day of school. Besides I hate being the new kid. No one likes you, everyone stares at you up and down, and you sit alone at the lunch table. Well maybe I’m just being paranoid. But I do watch the movies. Besides if no one wants to be my companion, then I’ll have to make my own. After all I did say things were going to change so I guess this way the first stride to the expedition. I got dressed and walked my way to the kitchen following the whiff of the pancakes. My dad seemed to be in a fine mood.
“Wow you look so beautiful sweetie.” My dad smiled.
“Um thanks dad” finally for once my dad was nice to me. What was going on here?
“Pancake?” he left up the pan that had a pancake in it.
“No thanks I want to go to school before time, so that way I can find all of my classes.”
“Okie dokie arkie chockie.”
I must have stared at my dad long enough. That was something that my mom would always say to me when I was a modest girl. When he said that it brought back so many memories.
“What?” my dad asked my sounding concerned.
“Nothing sorry dad got to go.”
“Um bye then.”
“Bye dad.” I waved and smiled.
When I got to school it was just like the ones in the movies, it seemed like I was a guest star on the show 90210. The worst part was trying to find all of my classes are trying to find the main office or lobby. Ughh. Whatever they call it nowadays. And being pushed because everyone wants to get to class before the bell rings doesn’t help either. As I got my schedule I admittedly read to see what kind of classes I have. I got a lot of rigid course like Calculus Two. What?!? I guess they thought that I was some kind of nerd. Yea right. Anyways off to my new class. It’s homeroom. Apparently I have Mrs. Paul off, whatever her name is. She will be my English teacher. My least favorite subject. This should be fun.
Once I got to class I opened the door forgetting to even knock. The whole class turns around to stare at me up and down. Then they turn around to their friends and whisper.
“Hi um are you Mrs. Paul off?” I smile.
“Yes I am and your late” she replied with an attitude.
“’I’m sorry. I’m Isabella.” I tried to sound charming. But she just rolled her eyes.
Well class don’t be mean say “hi.” Everyone turned around to say hi but weren’t so sweet doing it. I smiled anyways, I don’t want to be mean, and it’s my first day here. And then all of the sudden I spotted Kristen Webster. What?!? I didn’t even know she goes to this school. Cool. I smiled at Kristen.
“Um Miss, are you going to take a seat?” Mrs. Paul off cut into my thoughts.
“Yes?” I asked without having a clue of what she said.
“Take a seat.” She raised her voice.
As soon as I took a seat I noticed Kristen Webster giving me a disgusting face and then looking away. What? No one ever mentioned that she was a total snob. Anyways whatever let me just focus on my study’s. Besides nothing else really matter. Right? While I was “Focusing” I couldn’t understand a word coming out of my teacher’s mouth. Then all of the sudden I felt someone tap me on my shoulder. As it turned around it was a girl. Extensive black hair, blue eyes. She could pass for the most stunning girl in school, especially with these full-size cheery lips. As I noticed I made sure to stare at her a little more to get what kind of lass she was. She was wearing black boots, with a pair of shorts and a yellow plaid shirt. She pulled the outfit well. And she was engaging not like Kristen Webster who is a total snob.
“Hi I’m Ivan” she stood out her hand.
“Um hey” I replied shaking her hand.
“It’s nice to finally see a new girl around here.” She joked.
“Um thanks I guess.” I smiled.
‘Well if you want after class I can show you around.”
“Sounds great.” I said even though I had already known my way around the school this might be a great way to make friends.

“Great!” she smiled.
“Thanks.” I smiled back.
I turned around back to my “studying” it amazed me how nice she was unlike all of these wannabes around here. Anyways once Kristen turned around with her beach blonde curls turning from side to side like if she was in the next new girl in the Pantie commercial. I smiled. Instead of Kristen smiling back once again she had rolled her eyes. I don’t even know why she looks at me then.
“WITCH” I did mutter to myself I don’t know how the whole class heard. This school year was already staring off on a bad foot.

As soon as class was over I rushed out of class grabbing my books. Until I bumped into this good-looking, lofty, black hair, with blue eyes guy. Wow. He looks like he just came out of an Abercrombie and Fetch photo shoot. I smiled, and he had smiled back with his shinny white teeth. We must have been there for two minutes just smiling at each other. He picked up my books for me off from the ground. I didn’t even realize that I have dropped my books in the first place. As he handed me back my books he smiled softly.
“Hi I’m Christopher.” He smiled
“Hi” WOW. I totally just sounded star struck. Now he probably thinks I’m childish.
“And you are?”
“O I’m Isabella, and sorry about that.”
“For what?” He asked sounding confused as if nothing happened.
“For bumping into you.”
“Don’t worry about it. It was my fault.” He smiled “Can I buy you lunch?”
No I couldn’t ask you to do that.”
“You didn’t ask me.”
“I’m fine I actually bring my own lunch but thanks anyways.” I smiled.
“It’s okay cutie.” He winked and as he walked away he meet up with his friend. “Hope to see you again Isabella!” he turned around and shouted from across the hall.
Wow maybe I was going to find true love after al. but he does remind me of someone, I just can’t remember who. Wait! He’s Kristen Webster’s boyfriend! Oh no, she already hates me now she’s going to hate me even more for flirting with him. AHHHHHH!
Chapters:   1 2 3 4 5 6 ... 10 Next »

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WritingInTheDark said...
Apr. 9, 2013 at 11:14 pm
i really liked this story it seemed really real life and the ending was quite interesting i liked how you made the main pair stay together but the other two spilt up its kind of still saying this is reality and not a fairytale
HarryPotterLover30 said...
Jul. 7, 2012 at 8:43 pm

Um, pretty good, but a little rushed, and there were a few grammar mistakes. It's all good though! Fix it and it should be good!


Queiru9 replied...
Feb. 7, 2013 at 2:16 pm
Thank You, so very much I actually worked on it again and fixed errors and actually added and deleted stuff. haha but i will post up the next book. Thank your for reading it!

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