Sing to Your Heart

June 28, 2012
By Queiru9, newark, New Jersey
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Queiru9, Newark, New Jersey
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As I unpacked my things and sat on my new bed in my brand new full-size extent, in my brand new habitat. Talk about going from one gigantic house to another (I don’t think “house” could be used to describe it). I could already feel the difference in this place already. It wasn’t a superior feeling either. Although I do wonder how my dad is taking in all of this, after all my parents have been married for twenty-two years. And that to me is already a time consuming marriage. How do you really know if you love someone? Besides, what is love? Do people truly experience it? Maybe one day I’ll write a novel about that but for meanwhile I should go bother my dad and check up on him I believe school starts tomorrow and I’m going to need some new clothes.

“Hey dad” I should have said it from upstairs considering how loud I was.

“Hey Isabella something I can do for you?’

“No of course not just checking up on the best dad on the planet to see if he needed any help.” I smiled.

“Hun, lying to me is not going to help. What do you want?”

“Okay so I was wondering if maybe I can get some new clothes for school.”

“I thought you already did?”

“Dad seriously those clothes say Washington D.C all over it I need something that says California.”

“So then write it on a shirt with a marker.” I gave him such a look that he was forced to reach into his pockets and pull out his car keys.

“Thanks daddy!”

“Yea, yea.”
Wow it’s really hard to find an outfit for your first day of school in anew school. You want something that says you. Not only does California have immense, striking malls with a lot of provisions to choose from but a lot of abhorrent girls who will snivel if they don’t get a dress form the latest Kristen Webster Collection. Who can actually afford that? Oh wait, I am in a very opulent area where you can even spot Kristen Webster shopping with her boyfriend. Well I do question, where does she shop? Huh. Questions of the unknown. Anyways I can’t really find anything that suits my personality. Everything here says I’m to girly, I’m a Barbie, I’m a wannabe. Or I’m just a hot girl that any gut would want to date. Huh. Where are the plaid shirts, ripped skinnies and an appealing pair of sneakers when you need them? Right? All you can find here are 10 inch stilettoes. Ouch! Who can actually walk in those without falling? Anyways just keep your eyes on the prize Isabella. Or like my dad prefers, “It’s like digging up treasure in these kinds of places.

Uhh I can already feel the pressure spreading to my head like I was going to explode. I can’t find anything here and its driving me crazy. And I thought the malls back at home were bad. Until I found “the outfit” yes “the outfit.” Well the mannequin seems to be pulling it off very well. She was wearing; black skinny jeans, a white tank top underneath her purple plaid shirt. She was my fashion role model (besides Kristen Webster). I knew I had to duplicate her; I had to have what she was wearing. I have this tense feeling. I don’t even know why. That outfit made me act like this. I guess it was the outfit that determined my next move or my life. I knew at that very moment I had to get standing outside of the store in front of the mannequin.
The next morning I didn’t want to wake up. It was the first day of school. Besides I hate being the new kid. No one likes you, everyone stares at you up and down, and you sit alone at the lunch table. Well maybe I’m just being paranoid. But I do watch the movies. Besides if no one wants to be my companion, then I’ll have to make my own. After all I did say things were going to change so I guess this way the first stride to the expedition. I got dressed and walked my way to the kitchen following the whiff of the pancakes. My dad seemed to be in a fine mood.

“Wow you look so beautiful sweetie.” My dad smiled.

“Um thanks dad” finally for once my dad was nice to me. What was going on here?

“Pancake?” he left up the pan that had a pancake in it.

“No thanks I want to go to school before time, so that way I can find all of my classes.”

“Okie dokie arkie chockie.”
I must have stared at my dad long enough. That was something that my mom would always say to me when I was a modest girl. When he said that it brought back so many memories.

“What?” my dad asked my sounding concerned.

“Nothing sorry dad got to go.”

“Um bye then.”

“Bye dad.” I waved and smiled.
When I got to school it was just like the ones in the movies, it seemed like I was a guest star on the show 90210. The worst part was trying to find all of my classes are trying to find the main office or lobby. Ughh. Whatever they call it nowadays. And being pushed because everyone wants to get to class before the bell rings doesn’t help either. As I got my schedule I admittedly read to see what kind of classes I have. I got a lot of rigid course like Calculus Two. What?!? I guess they thought that I was some kind of nerd. Yea right. Anyways off to my new class. It’s homeroom. Apparently I have Mrs. Paul off, whatever her name is. She will be my English teacher. My least favorite subject. This should be fun.
Once I got to class I opened the door forgetting to even knock. The whole class turns around to stare at me up and down. Then they turn around to their friends and whisper.

“Hi um are you Mrs. Paul off?” I smile.

“Yes I am and your late” she replied with an attitude.

“’I’m sorry. I’m Isabella.” I tried to sound charming. But she just rolled her eyes.
Well class don’t be mean say “hi.” Everyone turned around to say hi but weren’t so sweet doing it. I smiled anyways, I don’t want to be mean, and it’s my first day here. And then all of the sudden I spotted Kristen Webster. What?!? I didn’t even know she goes to this school. Cool. I smiled at Kristen.

“Um Miss, are you going to take a seat?” Mrs. Paul off cut into my thoughts.

“Yes?” I asked without having a clue of what she said.

“Take a seat.” She raised her voice.
As soon as I took a seat I noticed Kristen Webster giving me a disgusting face and then looking away. What? No one ever mentioned that she was a total snob. Anyways whatever let me just focus on my study’s. Besides nothing else really matter. Right? While I was “Focusing” I couldn’t understand a word coming out of my teacher’s mouth. Then all of the sudden I felt someone tap me on my shoulder. As it turned around it was a girl. Extensive black hair, blue eyes. She could pass for the most stunning girl in school, especially with these full-size cheery lips. As I noticed I made sure to stare at her a little more to get what kind of lass she was. She was wearing black boots, with a pair of shorts and a yellow plaid shirt. She pulled the outfit well. And she was engaging not like Kristen Webster who is a total snob.

“Hi I’m Ivan” she stood out her hand.

“Um hey” I replied shaking her hand.

“It’s nice to finally see a new girl around here.” She joked.

“Um thanks I guess.” I smiled.

‘Well if you want after class I can show you around.”

“Sounds great.” I said even though I had already known my way around the school this might be a great way to make friends.

“Great!” she smiled.

“Thanks.” I smiled back.
I turned around back to my “studying” it amazed me how nice she was unlike all of these wannabes around here. Anyways once Kristen turned around with her beach blonde curls turning from side to side like if she was in the next new girl in the Pantie commercial. I smiled. Instead of Kristen smiling back once again she had rolled her eyes. I don’t even know why she looks at me then.
“WITCH” I did mutter to myself I don’t know how the whole class heard. This school year was already staring off on a bad foot.

As soon as class was over I rushed out of class grabbing my books. Until I bumped into this good-looking, lofty, black hair, with blue eyes guy. Wow. He looks like he just came out of an Abercrombie and Fetch photo shoot. I smiled, and he had smiled back with his shinny white teeth. We must have been there for two minutes just smiling at each other. He picked up my books for me off from the ground. I didn’t even realize that I have dropped my books in the first place. As he handed me back my books he smiled softly.

“Hi I’m Christopher.” He smiled

“Hi” WOW. I totally just sounded star struck. Now he probably thinks I’m childish.

“And you are?”

“O I’m Isabella, and sorry about that.”

“For what?” He asked sounding confused as if nothing happened.

“For bumping into you.”

“Don’t worry about it. It was my fault.” He smiled “Can I buy you lunch?”

No I couldn’t ask you to do that.”

“You didn’t ask me.”

“I’m fine I actually bring my own lunch but thanks anyways.” I smiled.

“It’s okay cutie.” He winked and as he walked away he meet up with his friend. “Hope to see you again Isabella!” he turned around and shouted from across the hall.
Wow maybe I was going to find true love after al. but he does remind me of someone, I just can’t remember who. Wait! He’s Kristen Webster’s boyfriend! Oh no, she already hates me now she’s going to hate me even more for flirting with him. AHHHHHH!

“Excuse me but just who do you think you are Mrs. Barbie of Fat Town?” Kristen Webster screamed across the hall she was speed-walking towards me. Till she finally caught up with me and closed my locker door well more like slamming my locker door.
“OH don’t you go playing dumb with me. Christopher is mine!”
“I’m sorry I didn’t know you two were together.” I smirked
“We are, well soon just stay away from him okay?”
“Whatever.” I smiled
“Okay let me tell you how things run down here. I own this school and if you don’t listen to me I will make your living situations into a visit. Got it?”
“Yeah.” I didn’t really know what she meant by that but as a new girl it was my job to not cause any drama and to just stay away.
Kristen gave me a shove as walking back to the cafeteria with her sidekick’s, Megan and Monique following. Uhh it’s only the first day of school and I already have drama. How could this be? Man, life is not fair at times. As soon as I got into the cafeteria Ivan had saved a table where the two of us can sit and I mean only the two of us it’s the “loser” table if you know what I mean. Anyways all I know is that Kristen Webster asking me to stay away from Christopher is only an invite to me.
“Hey you okay?” Ivan caught into my thoughts.
“Um yea, could be better.”
“Are you going to eat lunch?”
“Of course, but wait what is there to choose form?”
“there’s meat loaf that’s a year old, cheese fries that make all the kids sick, and or you can have a piece of my peanut butter sandwich.”
“Um ill pass I think I’m just going to get a Pepsi or something.”
“Okay then.” Ivan smiled
On my way to get my Pepsi there he was, Christopher. Man did he look cute getting all mad because he’s Pepsi wasn’t coming out. I think I might be in love. I mean focus Isabella he is off limits he might soon have a girlfriend. Maybe that girlfriend could be me! What am I saying? Focus Isabella. Uhh. As I got to the vending machine I slide in my dollar and press the button that says Pepsi on it. Got to love technology nowadays.
“Um you have to put 50 cent.” A handsome voice said in the back of me. As I turned around it was Christopher smiling with his white shinny teeth. Am I dreaming, someone please wake me up!
“Oh, only if I had 50 cents.” I smiled and put my head down in shame. I guess I’ll be on the wall of shame soon.
“Do you mind?’ he had 50 cents in his hand and was offering to pay for my drink. Well the rest of it.
“Um no, thanks.”
“No problem.” He smiles handing me the money and walks away. How is he so nice and so hot at the same time? Wait he has a girlfriend so basically he’s just a big flirt. Yep that’s it, he’s a bug flirt. Wow I am relieved I don’t even have to stress any more. Because who wants to date a player? Not me. But I still don’t change my opinion; life is hard and complicated at times especially when you have a hot guy offering to pay for your Pepsi. As I got back to the table, Ivan was smiling and giggling. Oh no! I think she saw everything that just happened with me and Christopher. Great so did Kristen too.
“What was that?” Ivan giggled.
“Yea he probably does that with all the girls.”
“Not really…..”
“Anyways.” I cut into what Ivan was going to say.
“Do you like anybody Ivan?”
“Ha um not really, well there I this guy.” She smiled
“And tell me more.”
“We have history together and he’s super-hot.”
“Christopher!” Ivan giggled. “I’m kidding and you should have seen your face.”
“So what’s his name?”
“Tyler, he is one of Kristen’s ex’s.”
“Oh, why don’t you just make a move?”
“Well I wouldn’t really know what to say.”
“Yeah, you will come with me!” I grabbed Ivan’s arm and dragged her to the football team. Well not the football team but the field. Christopher was there looking all hot while running from catching the ball.
“Um Isabella, who did you know that Tyler was here?”
“I know everything.” I giggled I couldn’t help it she believed me. I am such a big Liar!
“There he is.” Ivan screamed pointing to the direction of a tall, blonde, hazel eye, muscular bod. Well you know he works out.
“I know right!” Ivan smiled. You could tell she was in love.
Anyways let me focus I don’t want to date a guy that that my new friend likes besides he can’t compare with Christopher. He came in 1st place and Tyler came in 2nd place for hottest boy in school. Even though it seemed like Tyler should have been in 1st place considering how he was looking right now.
“Okay, Ivan goo talk to him.” I pushed her than she started walking towards him. She was doing it! Wow I wished I had that courage. I just hope now Tyler feels the same way, because rejection hurts.
“Hey Tyler!” Ivan smiled.
“Hey Ivan!” Tyler smiled back.
“You know my name?” Ivan asked sounding confused and shocked all at the same time.
“Of course we have History together.”
“Oh yea of course.”
“Since you’re here Ivan I wanted to ask you something.”
“Anything.” She smiled.
“I was wondering if you wanted to go to Sushi Box with me this Friday.”
“If you don’t want to you can say no.”
“Yes I would love to.”
“Great it’s a date then.” Tyler winked.
As soon as Ivan could say anything, Tyler already knew to pick her up at eight. Wow maybe dreams really do come true. Then again Ivan is beautiful a lot of guys want to date her. Ivan came running toward me with a huge smile on her face and squeezed me really tightly.
“Thank you so much Isabella, I wouldn’t have done that without you.” I smiled.
“Don’t worry let’s just go pick out dresses for your date on Friday night.”
After going to the mall I had gotten home noticing that it was awfully quite. Then as I got into the kitchen there was a note on the fridge that read;
”Out with the buds for some drinks, don’t stay up for me. “

Love Dad
Wait! What? He’s drinking again. My Dad had gotten home at 10 pm that night, not that I was waiting up for him I was studying for a big test tomorrow. He didn’t seem drunk or anything because usually he’ll start laughing or giggling as he walks through the door. The phone rang so I ran down the stairs seeing my dad pass out on the couch. As I answered it was Christopher. What! How did he get my number in the first place? Weird but okay. I tried to sound cool and chill on the phone with him but I couldn’t stop myself from blushing. He asked me if I wanted to go on a date with him Friday night. Wow he moves fast, not the type of guy to settle down and waste time. And doesn’t he have something with Kristen? But then again she just likes him.
The whole school day went by fast and before I even noticed it was 6pm, it was time for my date. I had on a black skinny dress not to long just above the knee. I had a pair of white flats on that matched my clutch with some diamonds. I swear to you, this was the first time in my life where I actually looked like a lady. The doorbell rang and I ran down the stairs so my dad wouldn’t go see who it was. Before opening the door I put my long brown curls back into place and retouched my lip-gloss. The opened the door, it was Christopher with 12 roses.
“Awe thanks for the rosses.” As I grabbed them out of his hand and gave them to my dad.
“No problem and Wow you look amazing.”
“Thanks.” I blushed.
“Let’s go?”
“Yes!” I think I sounded a little but girly there even though I was really trying not to. But I couldn’t help not to. As we got into the car he drove off, I couldn’t help but being nervous but I knew I had to say something or he was going to think I was some shy, quiet girl.
“So how did you get my number?” I asked. “I don’t remember giving it to you.” I joked.
“I got connections.” I gave him a confused look.
“Oh I figured that is what happened.” I smiled and giggled.
As he turned around the car and parked I couldn’t help to notice that I didn’t know where we were. I looked out the window. As he got out of the car he went to my side and opened my car door.
“Thank you.” I smiled. As I got out I realized that we were at a very extravagant restaurant. The outside was all elegant and people were getting out of there limos and into the front door while being photographed by photographers. “Can we afford this Christopher?”
“I got it don’t worry” He winked.
As the waiter directed us to our table, we had the best one in the house. It has a big window where you can see the sunset and the ocean. As the waiter gave us our two glasses of water. We were ready to order. Christopher had ordered a T-bone steak with fries and I had ordered a big mac with fries. Christopher seems to be quite surprised with what I ordered.
“What?” I asked.
“Nothing it’s just that most girls I go on dates with order a salad.”
“Well I like to eat and I’m not like most girls.” I smiled.
“No you’re not that’s why I like you.” He smiled and winked. I think I even blushed because he even giggled when I had smiled.
As the evening went on, so did the sparks. He was like my everything that I could ever want and nothing; I mean nothing else really mattered at that moment. He drove me back home, and I knew that my little crush wasn’t a little crush anymore. I really liked Christopher.
“Goodnight Christopher.” I smiled.
“Goodnight Isabella.” He smiled. As soon as I reached the car door he pulled me back and softly placed his lips on mine, it was our first kiss, well and maybe my first kiss. Let’s just say I’ve never really had a boyfriend before. But what did this kiss mean? That he wanted to be more than just friends or he’s just a big player who kisses all the girls on first dates? But after tonight I know that he isn’t a player anymore he was so much more. As I got inside the house there I was dazing and falling in love. I know something was different I just don’t know what? Could it be that after my mom had died, “ex-boyfriend” was a loser so we broke up just because I never kissed him I was whole again? WOW! Hear that world I’m whole again!
-Isabella sings “Whole Again”

That Monday morning Christopher and I had made headlines everyone, and Kristen was surprise. I could tell that Kristen was mad almost as if she could kill someone. But I was enjoying it. Besides we weren’t only the two new cutest couple, Ivan and Tyler were dating too. Now Kristen was mad and her only way to let this “pain” go away was to get even. Kristen ran to her sidekicks; Megan and Monique weren’t their real names. Megan was actually named Sarah and Monique was named Jessica. Kristen named them both those two names because those are the names of two of Kristen’s best friends form back home in in New York City.

“OH how dare she!”


“Shut up Monique!” Kristen yelled.

“Don’t get mad Kristen, get even.” Megan smirked.

“You know what that’s true Megan.” Kristen smiled. “Thanks Megan!”

“No problem bestie!” Megan smiled.

“Uhh just shut up!” Kristen said sounding annoyed. Kristen walked away and headed toward her locker to cover herself from sending out a text message to Tyler. Kristen knew that the only way to get him back was to blackmail him. Being an actress and playing a mean girl in tons of movies can really teach you things at least it did for Kristen.
FROM: Kristen

Tyler, I miss you and I realized I loved you. Seeing you being with Ivan made me realize that I want you back. Can you ever forgive me? I want us again but this time for real.
PS: I knew your little secret do you want the whole school to know it to? :)

Love Kristen<3

“Uhh Isabella I can’t believe it’s already Friday.” Christopher said with a gloomy face.
“Shouldn’t you be happy Chris?”
“Why?” Isabella asked all confused.
“Well the month is almost over and next week is going to be June already.”
“O yea I forget about that and graduation is coming soon.”
“And Prom.” Christopher signed. “Do you know who I’m taking?”
“Nope. Who are you taking?”
“I’m taking a tall, brunette girl with brown golden eyes.” Christopher smiled giving a kiss to Isabella.
“Let’s just hope she says yes.” Isabella joked. “I can’t believe that that it’s almost June and I’m still wearing a sweater and jeans.” Isabella said. “I hope no one notices.”
“Nice outfit!” Kristen yelled while passing by Isabella at the hall way, giggling with her tow sidekicks. Uhh sometimes that can just really bring you down and know how to hurt you. Instead of making your day they bring you down. Such great classmates. Now I have to go beg my dad in bringing me to the mall to get new clothes.
As soon as I headed out of class Ivan went straight to the girl’s bathroom crying her eyes out. Guess she isn’t going to homeroom today. I quickly ran to the bathroom to find Ivan sitting there on the wet, cold floor just crying.

“Ivan what’s wrong?”

“Kristen took Tyler away from me!”

“What, How?!?”

“She kissed him and now he wants her back.” Ivan cried again. Wow Kristen has some magical lips that everyone must fall right back in love with her.

“Don’t worry it’s going to be okay.” I hugged her tightly to let her stop crying. I can’t believe it. What kind of guy was Tyler? And would Christopher do the same thing to me too? Uhh. Ivan kept crying and I holed her more tightly. Sometimes you really think you know somebody and they turn out to be the complete opposite than what you that they were. I don’t blame this all on Tyler, Kristen did this to get back at us because we are dating her to ex’s. But since she did this we need to get back at her and not with revenge but with WAR.
As the bell rang for lunch I scattered through the halls into the cafeteria almost running into Kristen and Tyler.

“YOU!” I screamed at Kristen.

“WHAT!” Kristen screamed back at me.

“You took away Tyler when you know that he was with Ivan.”

“Yea, So?”

“So, you’re a witch who has no life and can’t obviously find herself her own man. So she has to go and take everyone else’s.”

“Whatever let’s go Tyler.” Kristen was in shamed and didn’t know what else to say.

“No Kristen, I like Ivan and I don’t care if you go and tell out my secret to everyone.” Tyler said with confidence. Tyler soon ran out to the cafeteria to go meet up with Ivan he knew that she would be at the library studying for her finals that she was having next week. I was surprised. Wow I’m good. Really good. It was nice to finally see little Mrs. Hollywood go down. But it still doesn’t excuse Tyler for what he did if I was Ivan I would forgive him and just be friends with him. Who agrees? He’s obviously very stupid and not very mature. This whole mess wouldn’t have happened in the first place.
After this whole feud, I realized that I have wasted my time on liking her and looking up to her. Since freshman year of high school I had so many posters of her and a Barbie doll that sings. I would buy all of her movie and books that she wrote. I even had all of her cd's that she ever made and this one lunch box that I won on the radio. All for what? A snobby girl who is just shellfish. Now if find myself ripping up the posters and throwing them out the window. I’ll save her cd’s but that’s it! And maybe that movie “Lost in the sea.” What? What am I doing? It’s all out. As I packed them in a box I brought them downstairs to the garage where they can stay and never will be touched again. Maybe one day I can become rich off of her. As I got back upstairs I saw that I had one missed call. It was Christopher and before I could call him back he had call me already.


“Hey Isabella is this a bad time?”

“No, why?” I asked sounding worried. Christopher didn’t sound like himself I wonder what was wrong. “What’s up?”

“It’s about us.”


“I think we should break up.” I completely froze once I heard this. What?


“I’ve got too much on my plate and let’s face it were not even going to be together after graduation.”

“Yea your right bye Christopher.” I hanged up before he could say goodbye. What a jerk he turned out to be even worse is that I let myself get hurt by him. Plus why couldn’t he do it in person? The phone is such a terrible way to break up with somebody. But that’s it. I’m never going to get hurt again this is my last cry.

Isabella sings the song “One last Cry.”

That Monday morning was hard to go back to. I tried to play sick but my dad didn’t fall for it. But I knew that I shouldn’t be sad because there is only twenty-six more days of school left and I never have to see his ugly face ever again. Ivan and Tyler got back together over the weekend guess she couldn’t resist not being with him for one second. Or maybe she doesn’t like being alone. But sometimes it’s better before you know it he dumps you because he’s got too much on his plate or likes another girl. Besides that is the lamest excuse ever. I’ve had a lot on my plate at moments but I’ve managed to eat it all up. But not him.
Today had gone by as a blur. Homeroom class, I didn’t even do any of my classwork that I was assigned to do. In math, the subject I’m good at, I couldn’t even solve a simple algebra problem. I promised myself I wouldn’t let it get to me but it was too late the disease had already spread throughout my whole body. I wasn’t in control anymore.

“Hey.” I turned around and it was Ivan as a normal self, PREPPY. Maybe just to preppy for me.


“What’s wrong Isabella?”

“Nothing, I got to go Ivan see you later.”

“Wait!” she screamed but I already had left the hall to the cafeteria. There was when I bumped into Christopher. We both stared at each other I can feel my blood going cold. But I couldn’t say a word instead I just kept on walking. It was like we were those two people never meant to fall in love in those movies. But we did. I turned around to see if he was looking and at that same moment he had turned to look at me to see if I was looking at him. All I want to do at this point is hiding under a rock. As I got home, I went to the kitchen to grab a glass of Pepsi. When I noticed my dad sitting down with his head down it seemed to me that he was crying. I patted him on the shoulder to give him some comfort.

“Is everything okay Dad?” I was worried.


“What’s wrong?”

“Your mom.” For a moment there I thought maybe she came back to life or something.

“And?” he held up a piece of paper that had a letter written inside.

“What’s this?”

“Just read it.” As I opened up the letter it read:
Dear John and Isabella,

I love you both so much and will is you a whole lot when I’m gone. Isabella accomplish your dreams and get into Harvard like you always dreamed of when you were a little girl. And John please protect our little girl and always know that I will always love you no matter where I am. Just look above on a night with a full moon and I will be one of those shooting stars so you can make a wish.

Love Mom.
I wanted to bawl after reading this. It was just so heart breaking it was like I can almost hear her voice reading this letter to me.


“Yea, and tonight I hear it's going to be a full moon.”

“Then you know what we have to do tonight Dad.” I smiled. It felt like our relationship has developed into a beautiful one.

That night we had laughed, cry, and we looked into the sky above and I had saw mom. She was beautiful like always.

“Hey Isabella how about just to end the night we eat some fried Oreo’s?”

“Yes please!” we laughed. Even though we both lost someone very special in our lives’ that we cared and loved so much, that haven’t gone anywhere except to the sky above us.

As I got into bed ready to fall asleep my phone started vibrating. I got up and looked around for my phone. It was Christopher. Huh? I wonder what he could want now. I opened up the text and it read:

FROM: Christopher

Made a huge mistake, I need you in my life.

“Hey Kristen.” Monique said in a delightful tone.
“Oh hey, Monique.” Kristen smiled. “What’s up?”
“Oh nothing I just got asked out to the prom!”
“Really?” Kristen asked she was shocked Monique was ugly in her taste. “Who asked you?”
“The geek” Kristen said in disgust.
“No the other one, the hot one.” She smiled.
“Oo much better.” Kristen sounded relieved. “Congratulations.”
“Thanks so has anybody asked you yet?”
“No the one that I want didn’t ask me yet.” Kristen got a little upset.
“Ohh, who?” Monique got worried she already turned down the whole school basically.
“Christopher.” Kristen smiled. “Isabella broke up with him for no reason so now it's my turn to make the move.”
“Ohh and did you discuss the plan I came up with to Megan?” Monique asked the plan had to be done soon and time was ticking.
“Already did it.” Kristen and Monique both laughed. They were definitely up to no good.
The days have gone on and I haven’t spoken to Christopher at all. I guess I wasn’t ready, I don’t know. Christopher kept sounding confused as of what he did was nothing wrong. But maybe he must have done that to a lot of girls to in the past. Explains a lot why no one wanted me to date him or even look his way.
When Kristen was passing down the halls and I was getting my books out of my locker I noticed that she was with Christopher so I closed my door and went down to Ivan’s locker to try to hear what they were saying.

“Hey Chris” Kristen smirked as always this means she was up to no good.

“Oh hey, Kristen”

“So I was wondering, prom?”

“Huh, Prom?”

“Oo come on you know what I mean” Kristen smiled. “You and I should go together since I am going to win prom queen.”

“I have to think about it first Kristen” Chris smiled and closed his locker door. He started to walk away.

“Bye Chris!” Kristen cried from the corner blowing him a kiss as he was walking.
I can’t believe she would do that! How desperate is she? Ughhh I hate Kristen with a passion. I guess he wanted he all along that’s probably why he dumped me. She is going to be the prom queen of the school.
As I started to make my way out of the doors and into the fresh air of the outdoors I had saw Christopher. He had waved to me and smiled I guess he thinks we are friends now. So as stubborn as I can be I turned my face and looked the other way to wait for Ivan. I can’t believe he could act like this. As I never meant anything to him. Whatever! I can’t wait for school to be officially over that way I can leave all of these losers and go on with my life. High school drama is so ridiculous children are so pathetic, especially Kristen.
On the walk home with Ivan I could only think about two things. My prom dress and Christopher’s date. I couldn’t believe my life at this moment what kind of person am I?

“Yo Christopher my man!” Tyler shouted to Christopher at football practice.
“Hey what’s up?”
“Nothing much just you went totally Ghost on me.” Tyler yelled. “Why don’t you text me back?”
“I’m sorry I lost my phone when I was at practice I put my phone down and then it was gone.”
“Really?” Tyler sounded confused. “So you didn’t send Isabella those text messages?”
“What?” Christopher got really scared and started to panic. “What text messages?”
“Um I think you need to have a talk with Isabella.” Tyler smiled.

Christopher ran to Isabella’s house to go and explain everything. He couldn’t believe that this happened. This was no mistake someone had token the phone and send those messages to Isabella so that they can break up. But who would do that? Then it clicked to Christopher. Only the two wicked nuggets at school. Kristen and Monique. At this point something needed to be done about their behavior.
Christopher had come to my house on that Friday night and explained everything to me. I couldn’t believe it but at the same time it did sound like something that Kristen would do. So I had forgave Christopher after all he didn’t do anything wrong. So Christopher and I had to think of some sort of way to bring Kristen down without doing any karma or revenge it’s just a way to show her that she didn’t win and she won’t be going to the prom this year with anybody. She needs to learn a lesson and have a taste of her own medicine. The claws are out!

That Monday morning Christopher and I were roaming down the halls to show off that we can overcome anything. But then all of the sudden it had occurred to me. What about the phone call?
“Chris, wait!” She untangled her hands from his hands. “What about the phone call?”
“What phone call?’ Christopher was confused.
“At that night I you had also called me.” I was more confused than ever.
“Listen you know it wasn’t me because I didn’t have my phone with me remember?” Christopher kissed Isabella on the check. But it all just didn’t make any sense unless Kristen was smarter than they thought. But she heard and recognized his voice since they always talk at night.

Everything just seemed to appear a little weird. Was he lying to me? Or did he not know what was actually going on? Besides he had told me that he loved me last night and that he would never do anything to hurt me or to put me in tears. So I believe him and I’m going to trust him. So the story is, I’m in love. For the very first time in a long time I can’t see myself with anybody else than him

As Kristen was getting her books out of her locker she noticed that Christopher and I were back together by the way we were hugging and holding hands. She was so jealous and so furious at me and him.

“How dare she!” Kristen cried. “He is mine.” She screamed again and slammed her locker door. I am, I am the queen! Of this entire school! And what does a queen get? Anything that she wants and desires.

Megan and Monique both came to the queen’s assistance I mean Kristen. They nodded they heads in anger as well. While Kristen was ready to bust out and sing her number one song. “I am the queen.”

‘Isabella!” Ivan cried form across the hall. She was running towards me to get my attention for who knows what today will be about. “Guess what Isabella?”

“What?” I sounded worried. I’m done with the drama at least I thought I was.

“You are one of the nominees for prom queen.” She smiled.

“What?” I’m shocked. Why would the pick me. To begin with I’m not popular.

“It’s only you and someone else.”

“O who?’ I had to ask but I think we already know.

Bingo. Of course when I thought my life couldn’t get any more worse this has to happen. I don’t need this right now. Kristen will crush me like a bug. Literally. What am I going to do when she finds out about this she will make sure in all of her power for me not to go to prom. And what I mean by that is that Kristen will set my prom dress on fire if she has to.
“Well I guess I’m going to drop out.”
“What?” Ivan screamed. “Drop out?” she creamed again. “Are you crazy finally you get the chance to let her have her own piece of medicine and you’re going to drop out?”
“No just let her have her moment of stardom.”
“But if anyone deserves a piece of stardom it’s you.” Ivan smiled.
“No trust me.” I had closed my locker door and shoved my book into my bag. “I have to go Ivan I’ll talk to you later.” I smiled.
“Okay bye” she waved as I was leaving out of the exit door.
On the rise home I had to tell Christopher what was going on threw my head. He thought I should go for prom queen. I mean it’s not that I don’t want to its just that I already got her man (not on purpose) and now being prom queen might be her only chance in leaving the school year happy. Wow, for once I’m actually feeling bad for Kristen. I have got to stop watching re-ruins of “Be Jolly and Nice.”
Once I had gotten home, I went straight on to doing my homework. Then at that moment I had realized that I had to go see Mrs. Paul off. Oh no! Now she might call my dad. O this can’t be good. We’ll I’ll just go tomorrow in the morning beside I got too much on my plate right now and hearing a boring lecture on how I should pay more attention in class is not really going to help me right now. Besides I know what I have to do and I need to figure out if I’m going to have my prom dress custom made or just brought. Ughh just too much things to worry about right now no one ever said that being a teenager was going to be this hard.
Ivan came by my house that night to show me two dresses she had brought for prom. Seriously both were hideous. One was a big orange puffy dress with birds on it.

“Nice Ivan, um how much did they cost?”

“They were both on sale for 65 dollars each.” Neat right?

“Yea. Where did you get it?” I can tell Ivan was getting annoyed by all these questions. But what was she thinking? The circus left town a month ago. But as a good friend I have to tell her the truth. “Ivan both of the dresses loom like there meant for the circus.”


“Come on, let’s go shopping.” Ivan was a little mad at me, but since I offered to help she went with the flow. Ivan was lucky she was pretty.
It took 3 hours just to find a dress. Ivan was way too picky. It can’t be more than 2 inches above the knee, the dress can’t have a zipper, it can’t be backless, and it cannot and I repeat be pink. With all of these rules I felt like I was in middle school. I had to calm her down once in a while if we find the perfect dress that makes her look beautiful that who cares if its pink or backless were getting it. Besides if we’re going to be picky about everything in life than we wouldn’t get to live life and be crazy and wild.
At that night we had eventually found the perfect dress. It wasn’t up to Ivan’s standards but we made it work. But what can is say the dress looked great on her and made her feel beautiful. It was black, slinky, backless, zipper, short, and a one shoulder kind of dress.
“Wow Ivan”
“I know it’s nice right?”
“No, it’s beautiful.” I smiled and walked up to hug her. “You’re beautiful.” I smiled.
So that night it had official ended with getting Ivan’s perfect dress and me nothing. But just my luck at that same mall my best friend Kristen was there too with Megan. Uhh can my life get any more worse? I’m tired of the drama and all the horrible bad luck she brings every time I see her it’s like she stalks me or installed a GPS on my phone.
But I know what you’re going to say when I tell you this even though I was watching her and what she was going to buy its totally different than the way she is stalking me I’m just a little noisy again. From the corner that I was watching Kristen I had saw her pick up this beautiful black, slinky, backless, zipper, short, and a one shoulder kind of dress. Then at that same moment it clicked to me. That’s the same dress as Ivan’s! Kristen had brought the dress; the cashier should have told Kristen that someone had already brought that dress already. This is already leading up to no good. You could tell Kristen loved the dress it was considered to be the one that she has been looking for since forever. But did she see Ivan buy it? Is this one of Kristen’s sick jokes?
That Monday morning everyone was back to the usual schedule you know the one go to classes then for two hours after lunch we got to graduation practice. How much fun right? Anyways something was missing this morning I just couldn’t put my nose around it. O that’s right the drama queen is in Paris. Supposedly Kristin’s dad paid a full trip for Kristen to go to Paris since she brought a B+ home. Gee I wonder what he’ll let her do after she graduates from high school. But as the word goes around everyone just thinks she went to Paris to find a date for prom. But then again everyone is jealous I don’t even know why it’s just prom. Like it’s a dance were everyone decides to be nice to you and not be a total jerk. What’s up with that? You didn’t want to be my friend for four years of my life and now because of this big celebration you think I’ll just forget what you did? I have very strong issues on topics. I guess that’s why I’m good at debate. But anyways most of the people knew who they were going to go to prom with. Ivan was going with Tyler, Monique was going with Ronnie, Megan was going with Paul, Kristen was going with who knows what, and Christopher and I are going together. Well I think. Christopher hasn’t asked me yet. In matter of fact Christopher hasn’t even mentioned prom in the last couple of weeks. Maybe he just doesn’t know or he is shy asking me. But then again he wasn’t shy to ask me out. So what was going on here? Is there something wrong with Christopher?
On the dive home that day I just keep staring at Christopher. He was acting pretty normal and stuff. But was this all an act? Before I was about to leave Christopher had grabbed my hand. I kind of had frozen not knowing what was going to happen. Did he want to break up? Or talk about something?
“Isabella I love you.” And that was it. Three simple words that can mean the whole world to you. Remember how I said I don’t know how you can love somebody even after a month well I take it all back.
“Really?” I wasn’t shocked at all I knew this day would come but I needed to know he was being serious.
“Yes.” He smiled with his beautiful white teeth.
“Wow, I love you too Christopher.” I smiled and got out the car seat. I finally found love didn’t I? Wow and at such a young age too. I’m good. Maybe one day we can categorize ourselves as high school sweet hearts.
As Isabella leaves she and Christopher sing “It’s your love.”
“Kristen!” Monique screamed storming down the hall to Kristen and her locker.
“Where have you been Kristen I need you.”
“Okay relax, stop being desperate.” Kristen closed her locker door. “I’ve been in Paris.” She smiled and took out her Lip Gloss from her collection. “what do you want loser?’
“We need a new plan.” She screamed and stared at Kristen, it seemed like Kristen didn’t want to be a part of this malicious plan anymore. “You know since the other one didn’t work out.”
“O well of course, I’ll think of something.” She started to walk always she turned back to Monique. “Don’t stress that’s how wrinkles form bunny” she smiled and walked away.
That morning I had got out of a meeting with Mrs. Paul off I had to tell somebody what was going on so Chris was the one. I had told him everything. How Mrs. Paul off was considering failing me which basically means I won’t be able to graduate. There is not much that I can do except do the extra credit report on the civil war. This is crazy! It has to be 50 pages front and back I wouldn’t even know where to begin. Plus not only that but I can’t use the internet for help or research. I guess I’m going to stay in this yucky school for another year. Aren’t I so lucky? What am I going to do; my dad is going to kill me. Answers will be taken now. Anybody? Great now I will be sitting in the back of the auditorium watching everyone graduate. Now ill definitely not get into Harford just like the way my mom wanted me to. I thought I was doing well I thought I had all A’s but I guess not.
Ivan came running down the halls running toward me and my locker like always. “Guess what!” Ivan screamed.
“What?” I sounded worried but I was excited to hear what she had to tell me maybe it would bright up my day.
“I got into Stanford!” She screamed and started to cry.
“That’s great Ivan, I’m so happy for you.” Can someone please stop the time? Did she just get into Stanford? Wow I didn’t know that she was that smart.
“Thanks, I got to go and tell Tyler.” She smiled and started running towards the stadium.
Well does anybody have great news to share other than me? But just to make my day more badly than it already is Christopher had to come by my locker. He seemed unhappy like something was bothering him.
“Guess what Isabella.”
“What Christopher?”
“I got into Harford.” What? Harford is my thing, my dream!
“Wow, congrats.” I smiled but it was totally fake.
“Yea but it’s all the way in England.”
“O” I guess I didn’t think it was that far and especially know that I won’t be able to graduate I won’t be able to see him anymore.
“I know I don’t want to leave you.”
“Don’t tell Harford anything Christopher I’m going to get in.” at this moment I knew it’s no more about fun and games I had to go to Harford and be with Chris. And most importantly for my mother. That moment I had left Christopher and ran faster than lightening to Mrs. Paul off class. I had to pass and leave this school.
Once I got home, I went straight to the kitchen table to see if there was any mail for me on the table. And there were all four schools that I applied to. But thought I had applied to five but oh well. I first opened NYU and I got accepted but who cares. Then I opened up the letter from Colombia and I got rejected. Then I opened up Stanford’s and I got denied as well. Wow this was really starting to bring down my self-confidence. Then it was the final letter to open the one that was going to determine my life forever and the choices I make after it. I got rejected!? WHAT! I get straight A’s I even did community service for the blind so that they can like me even more. My GPA is a 4. I could feel my lungs sinking into my stomach but this time I actually had to pique. Ewe!
I had told Christopher about the terrible news that next day. He tried to console me but nothing can help make the pain disappear. But at least on the bright side I got accepted to NYU. But it’s all the way in New York City and that just doesn’t work for me. I had also mentioned to Chris that after high school we should go our own ways. It’s not easy losing the one you love twice. Chris didn’t like the idea of it but we both know it’s for the best.

Okay so today is the day, the tradition where the boy asks the girl out to the prom. Apparently at my school they hold this as an event. Weird right? But in this even the boy must ask the girl to prom in a romantic way. We don’t win anything but they just want the girls to feel special I guess. But I always thought that high school boys don’t know how to be romantic but I was about to be in a shock of my life. These boys definitely proved us ladies wrong.
“Hey” Ivan sneaked up from behind me.
“What’s up?” I smiled.
“Oh nothing Tyler asked me to the prom this morning.” She giggled.
“Really how?” I was curious on how romantic Tyler was.
“Well he first brought me to the park in the morning and from there we went to the football field and there it spelled “P.R.O.M” on the floor carved into the dirt.” She smiled.
“Wow, quite a romantic guy you got there Ivan.”
Ivan was totally living a fairytale. Lucky her! But Chris still hasn’t said anything to me yet. Now I’m getting a bit worried, will I have to go to prom alone?
“So how about you Isabella?” Ivan had cut into my thoughts.
“What about me?” Ivan laughed.
“Are you going to prom with Chris?”
“Yea, I think.” I was confused.
“Well has he asked you?”
“No.” Ivan stared at me she was confused as much as I was. “I got to go Ivan ill meet with you at lunch. “I started to walk fats to get to first block. “
That afternoon I had spoken with Tyler since were partners in our culinary class. I had to know if Chris was okay and if he was going to ask me. I need to know now or I won’t be going to prom at all.
“Um I don’t Know Isabella.”
“Uh did you see him buy tickets?” I know that Tyler knows something his Christopher’s best friend.
“No, sorry.” He started to crack open the egg and mix it with the peanut butter in the bowl.
“Okay then lets um make these cookies.” I guess Christopher doesn’t want to go to prom with me at all.
Meanwhile the next day Christopher didn’t come to school at all. But I did get to hear how all of the girls got asked to prom by their leading man.
Kristen was asked by somebody named Jackson. He supposedly rented a hot air balloon that they went on and from their he popped the question. Some people nowadays go a little over board with these things. On the other hand Monique and Ronnie had just gone to the ticket booth and both brought their own tickets and just to establish that they were going together they shook hands on it. Way to be romantic Ronnie. If he didn’t know how to ask Monique to prom then he could have just brought her some Rosses that were pink and pay for her prom ticket. Is that too much to ask for from somebody. Gee. Anyways who was I to judge my “boyfriend” has not even asked me yet to the prom nor do I think he is. But thanks to my jinxing powers I received a text message form Chris it read:
From: Christopher
Subject: Read
Hey can you come by to my house after school? We need to talk.

Great maybe he wants to break up for good now then after we graduate. Uh sometimes my life is so unfair I can’t deal with this right now but I’ll go to his house after school anyways.
During lunch Ivan and I had to discuss about our prom plans.

“So when do you want to go buy your dress?”

“Um I don’t know, Chris hasn’t asked me yet.”

“Oh.” Ivan took a bit out of her turkey sandwich.

“Well are you still going to go?”

“Yea of course.” I smiled. “With him or without him.”

“Good for you.” Ivan smiled and giggled.
The day was already over and I had driven to Christopher’s house. He told me that he had to show me something in his room. At first I thought I was a dead rat that he wanted me to throw out because I’m not scared of rats and he is. But it wasn’t it was so much more and I don’t mean a thousand rats. As Christopher opened the door there was pink, purple, teal, blue, white, and orange balloons everywhere.
“Wow, what’s all this Chris?” I smiled.
“Wait one more thing.” He went by his computer where a rope was hanging he gently pulled it down and a big poster came down that read: PROM?
He turned around and out his hands up suggesting, well?
I ran towards him and hugged him I screamed “YES!” probably the whole block had heard me. But I don’t care this was my fairytale moment that I’ve been waiting for.
“Guess that means a yes?” Christopher joked.
“Yes.” I said one last time and hugged him tightly. I looked around the room and laughed.
“What?” Christopher was confused.
“Nothing” I smiled.
Sure Chis didn’t go over the top with asking me to prom by he did it just right. Christopher had placed my prom ticket in my hand. Wow! I can’t believe this I’m actually going to prom. Now all that is left is my perfect Cinderella dress.

It was that Monday morning again. All of the seniors were still tired form prom, what can I say, we party hard I guess. But today wasn’t just a normal Monday morning it was the last day of school before graduation tomorrow. So you can imagine how depressed everyone was. But even more worse than that Mrs. Paul Off had called my dad yesterday that she wanted me to come in. She’s probably going to tell me how I’m not passing and tomorrow I’m not going to graduate. But what can I do I have to plan for the best and watch everyone move on with their lives and I will be doing senior year all over again. How lucky am I?
As I got into Mrs. Paul Off class I noticed that she was actually dancing and singing to a song while cleaning her desk.
“Hi Mrs. Paul Off, you wanted to see me?” As soon as I said that Mrs. Paul Off got so embarrassed she stopped the music and sat on her chair next to her desk.
“Yes, I did Isabella.” She smiled which was weird Mrs. Paul Off never smiles. “Take a seat.” She smiled as I took a seat that was pushed in under the desk. “It’s about your grades.”
“Okay and what about them?” I started preparing for the worst.
“Well you passed my class!” she smiled and got up from her chair to hug me. “I’m so proud of you.”
“I am, you are?” I was so confused I’m always thought that Mrs. Paul Off hated me.
“Yes, you are by far the best student I ever had.” She smiled and handed me a card to congratulate me.
Wow I was confused looks like I’m not going to say her after all. As I ran down the halls to where Ivan, Tyler, and Christopher were by their lockers I screamed.
“Guys, Guess what!” I screamed at the top of my lungs with everyone looking at me. As I got up to them Christopher jumped in for a hug and kissed me on the check. “I passed Mrs. Paul Offs class!” I cried.
“Wow that’s amazing Isabella.” Ivan smiled as she hugged me and Tyler jumped in.
“Yea that’s really great Isabella I’m proud of you.” Christopher smiled and gave me a wink.
“I know right.” I smiled. “Thanks guys I couldn’t do this all alone. “
We all walked to lunch the good thing about our schedules is that we have the same lunch it’s weird but cool It’s like in those movies where all of the friends go to lunch at the same time and talk to each other. I always wanted that anyways. I guess it’s just that normal feeling of me wanting to be a star. Ha-ha.
That Monday night it was a date, but not with Christopher and I. I had a date with my father. He had made my favorite dish made. Well actually ordered from Fillies but hey it’s the thought that counts right. After school I had also brought the movie “Purple It Up.” It’s my Dads and I favorite we watched it when I was 12 and ever since then we can’t get enough of it. To us that movie was a legend.
During the night I saw my dad wipe his face off from his tears that were leaking down from his blue round eyes. I don’t know why though but I think we can all take a good guess. I was growing up. Tomorrow I graduate from high school and soon after I will be on my own. These are the last few moments we actually have together. And I’m enjoying every bit of it. I was always a mommy’s girl but guess the tables had turned and know I became best buds with my dad.

As my alarm clock went off I knew exactly what day it was today. I was Graduating! Wow I’m filled with different emotions didn’t think that this could all happen. I’m sad, happy, depressed, and angry. After breakfast I had to choose a dress out of the five that I that will look the best on me. It’s hard but I managed. I picked my favorite one; blue with flowers (small) that was pink and green and a brown belt over the waist to bring an extra boost of color. Can’t forget the shoes! It was hard but I ended up choosing the open-toe black heels. It went well with my outfit but how’s going to see it anyways I have to wear the graduation gown on top of it anyways. I decide to put my hair to the side with bobby pins to push the hair to the side and hold the hair. My long locks brought out my beauty at least I like to think so. Then finally to end the morning my makeup needed to be done. I wanted something natural after all I’m going to the red carpet I‘m going to my high school graduation. So with a light brown eye shadow, baby pink blush. And a honey bloom lip-gloss. I looked great but not as great as I did in prom. In prom I had a long, over the shoulder black dress. It was perfect with my hair down in brown locks and little curls. With red lipstick that stand out.

As I snapped back into life again I was on my way out of my house to school Christopher drove me while Ivan and Tyler were in the back seat. It was sad that it was all about to end. Ivan was leaving, Tyler, and Christopher. Then again so was I, I finally decided to take the offer form NYU and move to New York, my dad and I. everything was changing nothing is going to be the same after this ceremony that’s for sure.

As we were all getting out of the car Christopher had grabbed my hand he wanted to talk and tell me some exciting news.

“What Christopher?” I smiled.

“I turned down the offer from Harvard.” He smiled.

“What?” I screamed. “What were you thinking?”

“I was thinking of you.” He paused and grabbed my hand. “I got an acceptance letter from NYU and I took it.”

“That’s great!” I smiled and I gave him a hug. “But are you sure Harvard is huge Christopher.” Now I’m starting to feel regret and guilty Christopher can be giving up a great offer and because of me his giving it up.

“Don’t worry Isabella I want to I always loved NYU anyways.” He smiled. “I want to study film and photography it’s been a dream of mine for a while.”

“O I never knew that Christopher.” I smiled. “I’m proud of you, congrats.” I hugged him again. As I saw everybody getting ready to sit for the ceremony we knew it was time the moment we’ve been all waiting for. “Come on, let’s go.” I smiled.

As the ceremony went on the awards went on as well. I received six awards that day. It was amazing and beautiful. Pictures were being taken and parents were crying. But the best part was after graduation we all went to a café that was two blocks away from the school. It was great we all spent our last moments together we laughed, sing, and ate our little hearts out it was sad to face the fact that we weren’t even going to see each other anymore. Even Kristen the biggest drama queen gave everybody a gift that included a diamond necklace for the girls and dog tags for the guys. She wanted to leave off a good note I guess. Kristen even apologized for being a horrible person to me and doing so much evil things. But I forgive her like a normal person would. I let the past behind me because besides if college doesn’t work out now I have her number and maybe she could get me in a movie.

The summer ended on a good note Ivan and Tyler went off to school, Christopher and I went to NYU and our lives had changed. O and how can I forget about Kristen? Well she still lives in California and is the new face for an acne commercial. What can I say after high school it changed us, for the better?

4 Years Later…
Four year later and where are we now? Well let’s say Christopher and I graduated from NYU. Christopher is making big motion pictures and I am starring in them. That’s right, school wasn’t really for me so I decided to start acting and I became a huge success. And what’s better than to work with your husband every day on set? Right? While on the other hand Ivan and Tyler are not dating but have both graduated from college. Ivan is working as a teacher in middle school and Tyler is playing football but for a real team this time. O and how can I forget about Kristen (again) well she is in movie too and made another cd labeled “High School Gone” its weird but hey what can you do? O and you know how I mentioned how Ivan and Tyler are not dating anymore well Ivan is not dating but Tyler is dating this girl named Tina but I’m not sure I’m not the daily gossip center. But it seems like Tyler and Kristen have been talking again so things might just be heating up again. And for my dad he got married last summer. His 50 and so is she so that’s a good thing. His happy so there’s not much that I can say. He hasn’t been happy in years and I think he deserves it. I guess moving to New York was the right thing after all. O not to mention but Christopher and I brought this mansion in Hawaii and it’s amazing but we build it for children less in fortunate. That way children have a place to live and be happy. We also created our own organization to help animals that are lost or abandoned to find homes. Christopher and I have done so much over the past few years. With all the money we have I even got to buy my dad his dream home in New York for him and his wife. It’s perfect it’s not too big or too small, it’s just right. And that’s look likes all I got to say for now I’m in the right place where I belong and I feel happy. I also know that love can last for a very long time and to be honest you can’t really get sick of the same person after a while. Guess it just takes the right person to show you. Well this is it Diary I’m leaving, I’ll come again but it’s going to be a while.



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This book has 3 comments.

on Apr. 9 2013 at 11:14 pm
AngelPromises, Cupertino, California
0 articles 0 photos 5 comments

Favorite Quote:
"Love is a force more formidable than any other. It is invisible - it cannot be seen or measured, yet it is powerful enough to transform you in a moment, and offer you more joy than any material possession could."
-Barbara de Angelis

i really liked this story it seemed really real life and the ending was quite interesting i liked how you made the main pair stay together but the other two spilt up its kind of still saying this is reality and not a fairytale

Queiru9 said...
on Feb. 7 2013 at 2:16 pm
Queiru9, Newark, New Jersey
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Favorite Quote:
Throw out your bucket list and live life

Thank You, so very much I actually worked on it again and fixed errors and actually added and deleted stuff. haha but i will post up the next book. Thank your for reading it!

on Jul. 7 2012 at 8:43 pm
Ms.PeytonLovesHP GOLD, Rancho Cordova, California
18 articles 0 photos 184 comments

Favorite Quote:
“We are all a little weird and life is a little weird, and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love.” - Doctor Seuss

Um, pretty good, but a little rushed, and there were a few grammar mistakes. It's all good though! Fix it and it should be good!



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