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For the Love of a Demigod

Author's note: I wanted to write a love story but I didn't want it to be about a vampire and a human, a werewolf...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: I wanted to write a love story but I didn't want it to be about a vampire and a human, a werewolf and a human or a angel and a human. So I choose a Demigod.  « Hide author's note
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I jumped at the sound of my name. I turned to see Samantha rushing towards me.
“Kita wait up!” She yelled from down the school hallway.
“You didn’t hear me calling you outside in the parking lot?”
“Sorry Sam.” I smiled at her. ”My mind was somewhere else.”
“Well then, what were you thinking about?” Sam entwined her arm with mine and led me down the hallway.
“Nothing really mostly about how I can’t believe we’re finally seniors and how this is our last year in this dump.”
“Oh don’t pretend you won’t miss this place.”
“Not as much as I’ll miss you Mikey.”
“Oh I’ll miss you too Sully.” Sam squeezed my arm.
Sam and I have used those nicknames since first grade. Sam felt it would be bad for our image if we went around calling each other Mikey and Sully through out high school so we don’t use them in public. Sam and I have been best friends since pre-k and our favorite movie to watch together was Monsters Inc.
“We better get to first block unless we want to be late on our first day of senior hood.” Sam said. “That would be awful for your prefect attendance and no tardy record.”
I could hear the sarcasm in Sam’s voice. I knew that Sam could care less if we were late but because I was her best friend, Sam was on time right with me. We made our way into the class room and sat in our seats just as the tardy bell started to ring.
“Okay people time to start.” Mrs. Havens said as she walked in.
Mrs. Havens is one of those teachers who think they are cool but they are really making a fool of themselves. Every one likes her but she still tries to hard to be her definition of”cool” I mean Mrs. Havens, you’re fifty-two years old. You should stop while you’re ahead.
“I know it’s the first day of your senior year,” Mrs. Havens continued “And you guys have been together since ninth grade, some longer, but I have a surprise.”
Mrs. Havens went to the door and motioned for someone to come in.
”This is Rider Smith.” “He is going to be a new addition to your graduating class.” “I hope you guys welcome him with open arms.” “Nakita Slivers raise your hand.” “Rider you may go sit in front of Nakita.”
I smiled at Rider as he made his way to the seat in front of me.
“He’s hot.” Sam was leaning forward in her desk whispering in my ear. “Want to switch seats?”
I looked at Rider again. He had short curly black hair and his eyes were a deep shade of blue. Like the heart necklace from Titanic. Rider was muscular but not body builder muscular. Sam was wrong. This person was not hot. He was a heaven made, god blessed, sent down to earth, complete MIRCALE!
“You’re drooling Kita.” Sam said from behind me.
I turned around to face her. “Shut up or I’ll call you Mikey in front of this whole class.”
“People will just think you’re weird.” Sam smiled and leaned back in her desk.
I turned around to see Rider facing me from his seat.
I almost melted at the sight of his smile. It was as if the Gods wanted me to fall under temptation.
“Hey.” I smiled back trying to keep cool.
“So you’re Nakita?”
I knew I was staring too hard so I hurried to answer.
“Yea but everyone calls me Kita.”
“I like Nakita better but if everyone calls you Kita then I guess I will too.” He smile got even bigger.
I think I saw his eyes sparkle a little bit. Thank you Mrs. Havens, you are now my favorite teacher!
“I want to try my best to fit in.” He finished.
I wasn’t sure if he was flirting, joking, serious or all three. Therefore, I took it as flirting (I wanted him so badly to be flirting) and gave him small laugh and smile as he turned around.
“You’re hitting it off.” Sam said in my ear.
“People these days are so intruding.” I said to myself but loud enough for Sam to hear.
“It isn’t healthy to talk to yourself Frito.”
I turned to see Madison Livingston looking at me from the next row. Sam and I used to be friends with Madison in middle school but as soon as Madison grew into her looks she became, as Sasha would put it, Little Miss Prissy. The thing is Madison is pretty. She did not let anyone forget it. Sam and I were just as pretty as Madison but we did not flaunt as she did. Sam and I both had long brown hair but Sam kept hers in curls. I had ice blue eyes and Sam had sage green eyes. We both had small moles. Mine was under my lip and Sam’s was above her brow.
“I wasn’t talking to myself Madlyinsane.”
Sam came up with the nickname Madlyinsane for Madison. I have no idea how but I loved it. In return, Madison came up with the name Frito for me and the name Sad-MAN-tha for Sam.
Madison gave me a dirty look and turned her attention to Rider.
“Hi Rider I’m Madison but you can call me Madi.” Madison put her hand top of Riders' and drew circles with her forefinger. “If you ever get tired of talking to Frito here you can always talk to me.” She smiled and winked at him.
“First of all if you’re trying to impress the kid you should really try to contain your shabbiness and second of all I thought witches oozed slime not desperateness.” Sam snapped with a smirk on her face. I tried to keep a strait face but a smile appeared anyway.
“Whatever Sam, I mean Sad-MAN-tha.” Madison said as she flipped her long curly blond hair and turned back around in her seat. I absolutely loved it when Madison gave up. The look on her face is always priceless.
“Thanks Sam.”
“What are friends for?”
Sam stood up and went over to Rider
“Madison is like the girls in movies.”
“The snobby ones who think they own the place?”
“That’s right! Hey Kita this one is a fast learner.”
“Um thanks?”
“That was compliment.” Sam smiled at Rider.
“Compliments are rare coming from Sam. It means she likes you.” I said as I smiled at Sam.
“Miss. West, I know trying to welcome Mr. Smith but can you please take your seat?”
Sam looked at Mrs. Havens and rolled her eyes.
“Sure Mrs. H.” “Your wish is my command.”
Chapters:   1 2 3 4 5 6 ... 8 Next »

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ForThoseWhoHaveHeart said...
Jul. 15, 2012 at 4:36 am
Keep writing, I love it. 
2014Nation replied...
Jul. 25, 2012 at 8:48 am
Thank you! i"ll have the next chapters up soon!
ForThoseWhoHaveHeart replied...
Jul. 25, 2012 at 10:41 am
Oh, just comment when you do!(: 
2014Nation replied...
Aug. 6, 2012 at 5:35 pm
chapter 8 is posted and chapter 9 will be too when i finish writing it. it may take me a while before i finish the book. i've started school. so i wont have a lot of time.

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