The Girl

June 6, 2012
By headoverheels44 SILVER, Dickerson, Maryland
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headoverheels44 SILVER, Dickerson, Maryland
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I watched the girl kick her feet back and forth while sitting on the wooden table to my right. She seemed overly cheery and child-like even though she sat with her hands tied behind her back and a detonator in the form of a choker hung around her neck. Her long brown hair fell from behind her shoulder and went into her face, but she did not seem to notice since she had kept her eyes closed for most of the time I had been on duty. Her humming finally changed after she had hummed the same exact song for the past hour, but suddenly stopped as she opened her eyes and looked at me for the first time. I was startled but tried to stay calm as we watched each other until she finally opened her mouth, “Aren’t you a little young to be a cop? And you’re the first girl I’ve seen taking shifts this entire time!”
I did not move, “I am the only female in the force and also, I am 22 so I am not too young to be a cop.”
“But you’re pretty!” She whined, “Why are you wasting your life working here when you could be a model or something!”
I stared her down, “Maybe for your kind I’m pretty, but for a human I am just ordinary.”
She shook her head, “If you wore woman’s clothes and had your hair down, you would be much prettier than the average human.”
I looked to her moving legs, “But my soul is ugly, right?”
“Why do you say that? Humans can’t see souls.”
I stared into her deep purple eyes, “Every time I meet someone of your kind they tell me the same thing. That I’m a beautiful human, but I am ugly on the inside.”
She stopped moving her legs and watched me, “I don’t agree,” She mumbled, “Whoever told you that was stupid.”
What a strange girl, I thought, but my attention was diverted when the walky-talky on my left hip made a static-like noise, “Lieutenant Grove.”
I quickly pulled it off my hip and put it near my face, “Lieutenant Grove here.”
“Lieutenant, District Chief Evans is at the front entrance requesting your assistance.”
I groaned, “Tell Evans that I’m preoccupied and that any of our officers will be eager to assist him with whatever he needs.”
“Roger that.”
I set the walky-talky on the edge of the table nearest me and the girl stared at the object that was now on the same table as her, “You seem annoyed.”
I looked to her with annoyance, “It is one of my many emotions that arise when a pest interrupts my work.”
“The man on the other end talked to you like you’re the chief, but aren’t you a Lieutenant?”
I nodded, “But the chief has left me in charge while he is gone.”
“And how long will he be gone?”
I watched her, “What does it matter to you?”
She shrugged and started swinging her legs again, “It doesn’t, I’m just curious. You seem different than most of the humans I’ve come into contact with.”
“Sorry to disappoint you, but I’m as ordinary as it gets.”
“Whatever you say!” She sang but we both jumped slightly when the door to the detainment room was thrown open hard enough to hit the metal wall and dent it.
“Since when do you hold the authority to deny my command, Lieutenant Grove?” District Chief Evans hollered as he stared me down. I stood from my chair as he came closer and the nervous officer following him came into the room and shut the door.
“I did not mean to insult you, sir, but I am on a very important job right now.”
He fumed, “Important? Important! All you are doing is sitting in a room talking to a little girl! How is this important?”
I crossed my arms over my chest, “I believe containing and watching a Wielder is very important, sir.”
He looked to the young girl, “She may be a Wielder, but she’s too young to be dangerous!”
“If you don’t believe the girl is dangerous go look on the east side of town. It’s completely demolished and we were able to capture one of the Wielders responsible.”
He stared me down again, “Anyone can watch her so you are not absolutely needed.”
I sat back down, “I was specifically asked by my Chief to come watch her today since I am one of the few officers in our group that has successfully fought a Wielder in the past,” I looked to the girl, “If you have something that only I can help you with, then you must discuss it in here with me.”
He sighed, “If I must.”
I looked to the man at the door, “Officer, please go back to the front entrance. I will entertain Evans for the time being.”
The officer smiled before leaving. Evans pulled a chair from the back of the room and put it in front of me. He started going through his bag of papers, “We are trying to track down someone and I was told that you would be the best officer to ask.”
I sighed, “Who are you trying to track that only I could help with?”
Evans stared down the girl, “I’m not sure if we should discuss this with a criminal in the room. She could tell others.”
“Can this investigation wait?” He shook his head, “Then I guess we have no choice but to discuss this in front of the girl.”
Evans agreed, “We are trying to track down Kana Purdy.”
The name sent my body still and my side ached, “What for?”
He looked at me, “What isn’t he being tracked down for?”
I looked to my lap, “Has something new happened?”
He nodded, “An entire city in the north was destroyed by Kana yesterday night.”
I shot up to meet his gaze, “Any survivors?” Evans shook his head, “I see.”
Evans sighed, “I don’t know why you are considered the most knowledge officer on Kana, but if you can help me in any way I would be grateful.”
I looked to the metal ceiling, “The only advice I can give you is to drop the case.”
“Excuse me?” Evans hissed as I looked to him again.
“Drop the case,” I repeated, “All that can come of tracking down Kana is the death of more innocent civilians and officers.”
“How can you be so sure when you’ve never even been on a case concerning Kana?”
“That is information that only I need to know, sir,” I growled, “Kana is the foulest of all the Wielders and if you go after him he will toy with you and your men until you are all killed. He will use you as entertainment to occupy his time and once you are all gone he will destroy another unsuspecting village so that another group of officers will go after him. This is his vicious cycle. He uses destruction to get the police’s attention so that he can have fun watching the fools die.”
Evans scowled at me, “Do not underestimate me and my men, Grove. You may be the best officer of this area, but you cannot even compete with my men. They are the best of the best.”
I smiled towards him, “Then why do you always come to me for advice and assistance when you have men that are ‘the best of the best’?”
Evans pulled me out of my chair by my shirt collar as his entire face turned red with rage, “How dare you talk to me that way! You are just a low ranking woman who loves to beat others instead of doing a respectable woman’s job!” He hollered into my face and then threw me to the ground, “Don’t expect to be working here much longer, Lieutenant Grove!” He left with a slam of the metal door as I sat up on the floor. I looked over to the girl to see she was off of the table and rushing towards me. She kneeled at my side with her tied hands in her lap.
“That man was very violent.”
I pulled back some of my hair that had fallen into my face before standing up and brushing dirt off of my pants, “Wielder,” I stated and I knew she looked to me, “I have yet to know your name.”
She hopped up and came in front of me with a large smile, “Its Kairi.”
I nodded before walking past her and going to the door. I shut it behind me before nodding to the officer that I knew was here for his shift of watching Kairi.

At midnight, it was once again my shift to watch Kairi so I carried a bundle and knocked at the door before coming inside. Officer Trope stood but we were both startled when Kairi suddenly hopped off the table to run over to me, “You’re back!”
I nodded before looking over to Officer Trope again, “You may rest now, Trope.” He nodded before going past us and leaving the room. I went over to the table and spread out a blanket before putting down a pillow and another blanket.
“What are those for?”
I looked to Kairi, “I thought you might want to rest,” I went and sat in my chair as she followed me with her eyes, “I understand that your kind don’t need much sleep to function, but I thought since you are already stuck in here you might as well sleep.”
Kairi came and sat on the edge of the table right beside me, “You seem to be very knowledgeable about Wielders,” She stated, “How did you find out so much?”
I looked to my legs, “I have been fighting and capturing your kind for many years so I have learned a few things over time.”
Kairi smiled, “But your reaction towards that man before when he brought up Prince Kana made it seem like you knew a lot more about Wielders that other humans.”
I sighed, “I guess you could say that.”
“So have you met Prince Kana?”
I smiled and looked to the girl, “It’s said that any human who sees Kana will never get to see the next day.”
“But most Wielders haven’t had the pleasure of meeting him either. He is a very busy man.”
I nodded, “He does have a lot to do, since he wants to take out the entire human race.”
She watched me, “But I heard a rumor that Prince Kana has changed his mind slightly,” She tapped her cheek, “They said that the Prince actually fell in love with a human woman and spared her life because he didn’t want her to die.”
I frowned, “I doubt it. Kana is a heartless monster, who hates all humans, so how could he fall in love with a human?” I sighed, “Regardless, you should rest. You will be transferred to the capital soon enough.”

I came into the station at three in order to take my shift, but was stopped by the front entrance officer and told I had received a call from the royal city. I went into the only room of the station with a telephone and dialed the number I was told. The phone rang for a moment before a man spoke, “Hello?”
I cleared my throat, “Good afternoon, this is Lieutenant Grove from the Lakes View station. I was told that I received a call from this number and that it was urgent.”
“Ah, yes! Eva! This is Prince Asher. I have a large favor to ask of you.”
I was startled, “If there is something I can help you with, Prince Asher, I would be happy to do so!”
He lightly laughed, “You don’t need to be so formal towards me, Eva, we were childhood friends after all,” He sighed, “Anyway, I need you to secretly transfer the Wielder you are in possession of at the moment. Due to her young age, I am sure her parents will try to stop her transfer so in order to keep her transfer unknown to the other Wielders I need you to pretend to be her mother. I have already sent two of my soldiers your way so that they can act as the father and son in order to help you get her here without looking too out of the ordinary. Also, I will have to ask you to not take any crowded ways of transportation. The less you are seen, the better.”
I leaned on the brick wall beside the phone holder, “Of course, Prince Asher. But it will take a while to get to the royal city without taking the train or major highways, so we will likely get there in three days if all goes according to plan.”
“Splendid! I have already informed the soldiers that you will be in charge and that they must follow all of your orders, so I will be counting on you, Eva.”
“Of course, Prince Asher. I will not let you down.”
“My men should arrive late tonight or early morning.”
“Alright, I will see you in three days.” I said before hanging up. I went to the detainment room and alleviated the officer inside from their shift, “Kairi, tonight we will be leaving.”
“Really?” She asked as she came and sat in my lap after I sat down in the chair, “You’re going with me?”
I nodded, “I will be playing your mother along with two other soldiers that will be arriving later that will act as your father and brother. You must either choose to follow me willingly so that I will not have to keep your hands tied up or I will keep you tied up the entire trip.”
She smiled and spreads her elbows so that she could wrap her arms around my neck without pulling on the ropes on her hands, “You’re the first human I have ever enjoyed to spend time with, so I will not struggle. I will follow you willingly and listen to all of your orders, but you must promise me something.”
I looked to her purple eyes, “Promise?”
She nodded happily, “You must promise you will not leave my side until we reach the capital. If you promise that I will follow any of your orders, I’ll even kill other Wielders.”
This girl was very odd, “Alright, I promise to not leave your side.”
She cheered and then kissed my cheek, “This is great! It’s like we’re going on an adventure!”

I came back for my last shift of the day, which started at 9, and brought with me a bag that had only the essentials for me along with some clothes I thought might fit Kiri and would make her look more human. I cut the rope binding her hands before I helped her change into the tight-wasted, white dress that had only two underskirts so it would not be very hot. I also got her into a pair of tight laced shoes so she could walk in the woods if needed, “Aren’t you going to change Miss Grove?”
I nodded as I took out a light blue dress much like Kairi’s dress, “Yes, but you should start calling me mother.”
She giggled, “Right!”
“Could you turn away, Kairi?”
She stared at me as I refused to remove my shirt, “Why?”
I frowned, “Don’t ask questions, just follow my orders,” I hissed and she quickly turned on her heels so I could quickly change, “Alright, you may turn back around now.”
She turned on her heels again before watching me lace my own shoes, “Wow! Your hair is so long and pretty! It is a shame this job makes it so you must keep your hair inside your hat!”
I looked to the girl and if you did not look at her eyes closely, she looked just like a human girl, “My older brother used to tell me he liked my hair long, so I refuse to cut it.” A knock sounded at the door and I quickly went over to it to see three men, “Stay here, Kairi, I will be right back,” I went out the door and when I shut it I was surprised to see all three men staring at me.
“Officer, would you please focus?” I asked with a snarl.
“L-Lieutenant Grove! I did not recognize you for a moment!” The officer stuttered as he blushed, “These two soldiers say they are here to escort you and the Wielder to the capital.”
I nodded and then bowed slightly to the two soldiers, “Yes, you are the men Prince Asher told me were coming. It is nice to meet you, I am Lieutenant Grove.”
“We should get going.” The soldier with black hair commented and I nodded.
I opened the detainment room door and looked inside, “Kairi, it’s time to go. Grab my bag and bring it with you, please.” She quickly skipped out of the room but all three men took a few steps back in shock as this killer laughed while grabbing my hand and taking it hostage.
“It’s time for adventure!” She giggled before swinging my arm around, “Say, Mother, are these three soldiers the ones joining us?”
I nodded before passing the three men while leading Kairi behind me by our joined hands, “Now you have to keep fairly unseen, Kairi, otherwise we will be attacked by other Wielders.”
“Got it!” She sang before stopping as we reached the horse drawn wagon, “I will put your bag in the wagon, Mother.” She said before taking my bag and hopping into the wagon.
The two soldiers came out shortly, but they were both changed into normal clothing. The younger, brown haired soldier got into the wagon area with Kairi as I sat in the front bench beside the older, black haired soldier. We started off but I looked back when Kairi grabbed my hand and held it tightly, “How long will our journey be?”
“Most likely, it will take two days.”
I looked to the brown haired soldier in the wagon, “May I know your name?”
He watched my hand that Kairi held, “I am Meron.”
“And I am Aric,” Said the man beside me, “What is your name, Miss Grove?”
“Eva,” I replied, “And this Wielder’s name is Kairi.”
“I have never seen a Wielder that is so clingy towards a human.”
I nodded, “Neither have I, but Kairi made a pact with me.”
“What sort of pact?”
I looked to the Aric, “She promised to not disobey me during this trip and follow all of my commands as long as I would stay by her side until we reach the capital.”
“Why would she ask you to stay at her side when she is supposed to kill humans?”
I shrugged but tilted a little when Kairi pulled my arm as she hugged it, “I don’t particularly dislike humans and I really like Mother.”
“Why is Eva so different?”
Kairi thought for a moment, “I’m not really sure! I just know I enjoy spending time with Mother and am lonely when she isn’t around.”
I patted Kairi’s head, “I have met and fought many Wielders in my life, but Kairi seems more human than the rest of them.”
“Do you get a lot of Wielders out in the Lakes View area?” Meron asked.
I shook my head, “Kairi is only the second Wielder I’ve seen in this area, but I have not lived in Lakes View for all of my life.”
“Oh? Where were you born?”
I looked ahead on the trail and pulled away from Kairi’s grip, “I’m not sure,” I replied, “I was found by the King’s soldiers as a young child.”
“Were you an orphan?”
I shook my head, “No, I had a family, but they were murdered when I was a child.”
“Do you remember which of the King’s soldiers found you?” Aric asked quietly to change the subject from my depressing memories.
I nodded, “I believe he is now the General of the royal soldiers, his name is Gonen.”
Aric nodded, “Yes, he has been for a few years now.”
I smiled, “I’m glad to hear that.”
The rest of the ride was silent until we stopped in the forest to rest at around midnight. Aric and I went into the wagon with Meron and Kairi before we all received blankets and tried to sleep. Kairi quickly came over to me and laid her head in my lap. The two of us and Meron slept since Aric insisted on guarding first. I was woken up as the world was less black by Meron since it was my turn to guard as he, Kairi, and Aric slept. I got out of the wagon quietly and went to check on the horses. Luckily no one came near while the others slept so I woke them at daybreak. Aric quickly came into the front and joined me on the bench. As we started moving I turned back to Kairi to see her watching Meron fold the blankets, “Kairi, help Meron.” She quickly nodded and started folding while I turned back around to watch the trial ahead.
“Miss Eva,” Aric said quietly and I looked to him as he focused on the road, “Prince Asher seemed overly concerned about your well being when he spoke to me. He said that if anything were to happen to you that both Meron and I would be severely punished.”
I sighed, “I’m sorry about that.”
“What is your relationship with the Prince?”
I looked to my hands that were in my lap, “After Gonen rescued me I was brought back to the king and he asked me to become Prince Asher’s playmate. I stayed at Prince Asher’s side until he became betrothed since I knew his soon-to-be wife did not approve of our close relationship.”
“They became engaged last year.”
“I had heard rumors about that. So his fiancé is now living at the royal home?”
“Yes, along with her older brother.”
I turned back when Kairi took my hand in hers, “You’re concerned?” She asked with worried eyes and I looked away.
“Yes, along with other emotions.”
I looked to the sky, “I will most likely not be allowed to be with Prince Asher if his fiancé is living in the royal home. She dislikes me.”
“Why would someone dislike you?”
I smiled towards her, “Jealousy.”
“Is that a human emotion?”
“Yes, it arises when a person feels threatened or unsatisfied.”
“Humans have so many emotions it is hard to keep up with them. But you’re different, Mother, you have one main emotion.”
I heard a noise and shoved Kairi to the back of the wagon before whispering to Aric, “Stop the horses.” He quickly stopped the wagon and horses as I looked inside to see Meron had Kairi’s face against his shirt as he hugged her. I looked to the sky as Wielder with the ability to fly suddenly passed, but I knew he had spotted us. He would be back very soon. Suddenly there was a noise off to the side of the wagon I was on and then I saw him. The Wielder came over with a smile towards me.
“What’s a beautiful woman with such a scent doing out in the forest?”
I stared him down, “My family and I are merely passing through.”
“Oh? And what is your destination?”
I was horrified by his red eyes, “We are going to the royal city. My sister is pregnant and will be giving birth in a few days.”
The monster came closer to me and closed his eye while taking a deep breath. When his eyes opened again he smiled, “You are no ordinary human, are you? You don’t smell like a human, but you don’t smell like a Wielder either. Are you a half-breed?”
“Certainly not. I am an ordinary human woman.”
He suddenly grabbed my chin and laughed, “Those eyes prove otherwise! It is very rare for a human to be brave enough to look into the eyes of a powerful Wielder.”
“Regardless of your eye color, you are still a dangerous monster.”
He seemed less entertained, “Tell you what; I’ll leave your family alone if you come with me.”
“You can’t be…!” Aric started to yell but stopped when I grabbed his shoulder.
“Stay here. Don’t follow.” I hissed before jumping down from the wagon and allowing the Wielder to put his arm around my shoulders as he led me into the forest.

I came out of the forest to find the wagon where I had left it. Once I was close enough to be seen Aric hopped off the wagon and ran over to me, “Eva, are you injured?”
I shook my head before going past him and taking the reins, “Hurry, we are running off schedule.” He got on the bench beside me and everyone was silent for the rest of the ride. We did not stop until the sun had set and when we did, I used ingredients I had brought along to make stew. We ate on the edge of the trail and no one made a sound until Meron cleared his throat.
“Did that Wielder burn the back of your neck?”
I looked to him and shook my head, “I had to cauterize the wound,” I replied before looking to Aric, “Remember how Prince Asher seemed very concerned for my safety when he talked to you?” He nodded, “The reason he was so worried is because he knows how dangerous my blood is. If I have any type of open wound any Wielders within 100 miles of me will hunt me down. I found out when I was a child that my blood has a smell that attracts Wielders, so I have learned that I must cauterize any would I receive.”
“That is a very dangerous trait.”
I nodded before standing, “Due to the incident earlier, we have not gone far enough today to be able to get to the royal city by nightfall tomorrow. I am not tired, so I will drive while the three of you sleep to make up for it.”
“You shouldn’t push yourself too far, Miss Eva.” Meron warned.
“Due to the fact that I received a wound, my mind will not let me sleep because of the fear that we will be attacked in the night, so it is fine.” Within half an hour Aric, Meron, and Kairi slept in the wagon as I drove. The night was darker than most and the moon was very thin so it was difficult to see at points. I went further than I had expected to get and now we would reach the royal city by late afternoon to early evening. I was surprised when Kairi suddenly crawled into the wagon’s bench I sat in and put the extra blanket on my lap. She rested her head on my shoulder.
“It’s still really dark out here even though it is nearly morning.”
I nodded, “It was abnormally dark last night also.”
“Are you tired?”
I shook my head, “Not really.”
“What did you do to that powerful Wielder earlier? Did he attack you?”
“Yes, but I killed him before he could do anything.”
“How’d you kill him?”
“I had a knife hidden under my dress just in case something like this happened.”
She was silent for a moment, “Are you going to kill me?”
I was shocked by how forward her question was, “No. I don’t intend to kill you.”
“Why? Don’t you hate Wielders?”
I nodded, “I do, but I can’t seem to hate you.”
I sighed, “I don’t know. Maybe I don’t feel as threatened with you as I feel when I am with other Wielders. Usually Wielders make my skin crawl and send me into a blind rage, but I haven’t felt that way towards you. If I hadn’t seen your destructive powers and hadn’t seen your eyes, I could believe you were human.”
She wrapped her arms around mine that I did not used on the reigns, “If I was human I could stay with you forever.”
I sighed again, “You don’t want to be around someone like me for long, Kairi. My soul is ugly, just as every other Wielder has told me. I enjoy other’s death and I cannot be around people for long or I will go insane.”
“But you seem ok right now.”
I nodded, “My heart and mind are very messed up, Kairi,” I took a deep breath as fear started to take over, but I fought it, “When I was twelve years old my town was attacked by a very powerful Wielder,” I cleared my throat as it tried to close with fear, “I shared a room with my baby sister who was two at the time,” I couldn’t talk louder than a whisper anymore, “I watched her, my older brother, my parents, my neighbors, and my friends get burned alive,” I stopped to take a deep breath, “Due to that I cannot get close to other or I will start visualizing that day.”
“That is why you hate Wielders?”
She was silent for a little while, “I’m sorry I brought it up.”
“Don’t worry about it.” I replied and the ride was silent until the two soldiers woke up. Aric swapped places with Kairi. For most of the morning part of the trip Aric and Meron answered any of the questions Kairi had about the Royal City, but she stopped asking once we reached the first populated area that surrounded the outskirts of the Royal City. Kairi looked in awe as we passed people, homes, and shops, but she started gasping in awe when we got very close to the heart of the Royal City since this was one of the richest areas in the country. Near noon Aric took over the driving while he, Meron, and Kairi ate some dried fruit I had brought, but I did not eat. My head felt light most likely due to anticipation of seeing Prince Asher and Gonen for the first time in 5 years. When we drove up to the royal home’s gate Aric showed the two soldiers his badge and we were allowed inside.
“Please inform the King and Prince that we have arrived.” Aric said as we stopped in front of the mansion of a home. I helped Aric and Meron unpack our supplies, but stopped to help Kairi out of the wagon, since I knew if she was not being watched, one of the soldiers might approach her. Kairi started swinging my arm back and forth while observing the royal home.
“I’ve never seen a house this big before!” She gasped, “How many rooms does it have?”
I used my hand she did not hold to pat her head, “There are 58 rooms.”
“Wow! That’s incredible!” She gushed but looked to Aric when he snorted and came near us.
“I would have never guessed you would get so excited over the royal home, Kairi.”
She hugged my arm and ignored Aric making fun of her, “Can we go in, Eva? I want to see the inside! Can we?”
I shook my head, “Not until the royal King invites us inside, Kairi. Also, remember that most of the people who live and work here will not treat you kindly so you must be as polite as possible or they may punish you for it.”
Kairi suddenly pulled my arm behind me so she could hold onto it while hiding behind me as the King, Queen, Prince, and the soon-to-be princess came out of the home, “Eva! It has been so long! How are you, my dear?” The queen asked kindly as they stopped close to me.
“I have been well, my queen, and I hope you are the same.”
“I am, I am!” She laughed and then looked to Kairi, “Is that the vicious Wielder hiding behind you, Eva? She’s so young!”
I nodded, “Kairi!” I hissed, “Be polite and introduce yourself!”
She poked her head out from the side of my arm, “H-hello.” She whispered but yelped and suddenly latched onto my side with fear as I heard Meron laughing.
“You’re so mean, Meron!” She whined, “Eva, make him stop scaring me!” She begged as she hugged my neck.
“Meron, please act your age.”
He smiled as he came to my other side, “Sorry, but she was just acting too cute so I couldn’t resist teasing her.”
Kairi stuck her tongue out at Meron who laughed again before walking away, “You will have to excuse Kairi’s actions. She seems to be very shy today.”
“Well she certainly is not shy towards you, Eva.” Prince Asher said with a smile.
“Kairi, please get off of me,” I groaned, “It is hot.”
She got off of me but did not let go of my hand as she stood beside me, “Can we go look inside now, Eva?”
I lightly hit her head with my hand, “Did you not listen to a word I said earlier?” I growled and she pouted.
“She acts like a little puppy!” The king joked, but we all stopped when the soon-to-be princess stomped her foot very viciously on the brick ground.
“Have you all forgotten that this little girl is a vicious monster?” She yelled, “She has enough power to kill everyone in the city, yet she is not restrained and you are all being polite towards her.
Kairi let go of me for the first time since we got here and took a step towards the woman before bowing her head, “I’m sorry for what I did before and I won’t do anything like that ever again!”
Everyone was shocked when the soon-to-be princess tried to slap Kairi across the face, but what startled the royal family members, Kairi, and everyone who watched was when they realized Kairi was not the person who was hit, I was. I could feel blood dripping down my face as I felt the scratches left by the rings on her hand, “Please don’t act so violently towards such a young child.” I whispered.
“Eva!” Kairi hollered but I quickly grabbed her arms as she tried to go after Asher’s fiancé.
“Stop Kairi!”
“How dare you hit Eva!” Kairi hissed as she started to change form due to rage, but the changing stopped when I hugged her from behind and held her tightly against me.
“Calm down, Kairi! You shouldn’t use your powers!” I begged but suddenly I felt weak and kneeled on the ground while trying to focus on breathing. Kairi whipped around and kneeled in front of me with horror on her face.
“What’s wrong Eva?” She begged as she watched me.
I smiled, “I’m alright, Kairi. I just felt light headed,” I looked up to the king, “Sir, I must get inside before other Wielders smell my blood or we will be attacked.”
“Aric! Help Eva inside! Hurry!” He yelled but everyone was shocked when Prince Asher sprit to my side and picked me up.
“I’ll bring her inside,” Asher stated as he rushed past his father and mother and Kairi followed right behind him. Asher brought me to the medic room, “Doctor, we must stop the blood.”
The doctor I remember from when I lived here for five years came to the bed Asher set me on. I felt Kairi take my hand in hers as she kneeled beside the bed and Asher stood next to her. The doctor put bandages over my wounds, “Do you have a fever, Miss Eva? You seem very warm.”
I looked to the ceiling, “I believe so.”
“What could’ve caused it?”
“I believe I have an infection on a wound I received on the back of my neck.” I was asked to turn over and when I did the doctor examined my wound while Kairi told Asher how I received the wound in the first place.
“Then Eva just walked off with the Wielder and came back soon after.”
“Did you kill the Wielder?”
“Of course.” I replied but looked to Kairi when she started to cry.
“I’ve caused you so many problems Eva! I’m no better than the other Wielders who have hurt you!”
I smiled towards her, “You aren’t like the other Wielders to me, Kairi. You’re special.” I replied but sat up when the doctor patted my shoulder.
“You do have an infection, so I will give you some herbs that will help with your fever.”
“Thank you doctor,” I said before standing and Kairi embraced me tightly as she cried, “It’s alright, Kairi, calm down.” I embraced her also.
I felt Asher watching me so I looked up to him, “I’m sorry about this.”
He shook his head, “The only reason you got injured was because you did a favor for me and brought Kairi here.”
I shook my head, “It was because I didn’t want you soldiers to see how vicious I could be.”
“Regardless, you should go rest, Eva. Otherwise you will worry everyone.” Asher whispered and I nodded.
“Can I go with you, Eva?”
I looked to Kairi, “Sure.”
“I’ll lead you to the room I had set up for you.” Asher said before leading us to the largest of all the guest rooms that was across the hall from his room. When Kairi and I went inside I lay down on the bed and Kairi quickly came to lay with me. I fell asleep with Kairi in my arms and slept soundly.
I got up late that night, but when Kairi tried to follow me I stopped her, “I want you to stay in this room Kairi. I need to talk to the king privately, but I don’t want you to be where one of the soldiers might find you. Some of the soldiers here are very mean and hate all Wielders, so they may attack you. For precaution, I want you to lock the door to the room behind me when I leave and don’t open it until I come back, alright? Can you promise me?”
She nodded, “I promise , but come back quickly. You shouldn’t be moving too much because of your fever.”
“I will,” I replied and when I left the room I heard Kairi shut and lock the door behind me. I made my way to the throne room to see that only Prince Asher and the King inhabited the room , with exception to the guards in the room, “Good evening, my king.”
“Eva, are you sure it is alright for you to be up now? You still have a fever.”
I nodded, “There are some matters I must discuss with you as soon as possible, my King.”
“Let us retire to the library so that we can relax,” the King said before I followed the King and Prince Asher to the library. I sat in a soft, cushioned chair across from the King and Prince, “What is it that you needed to talk to me about, Eva?”
I cleared my throat, “I want to discuss what should be done with Kairi.”
“Alright, what do you believe should be done with her?”
I looked to my hands that were in my lap, “I’ve only known Kairi for a few days, but I believe she should be sentenced to either protecting someone or becoming part of the royal soldiers. She could be a great soldier since she is a Wielder.”
The King frowned, “She has killed people of your own town, Eva, but you want her to not be severely punished?”
I stared down the king with certainty, “I have nothing to base this on other than my own observations and intuition, sir, but I believe Kairi is different than the other Wielders. I don’t fully understand it myself, but I feel Kairi could fight alongside the humans,” I sighed, “Kairi is dangerous, I understand that, but by her actions I think she can become a civilized being if I stay by her side,” I looked away with regret, “Of all people, I should hate all Wielders with every fiber of my being, but,” I paused and held back tears, “B..but Kairi is different. I don’t know why, but she is special. When I am around her I feel at ease and I cannot bring myself to hate her. Please, my king, give Kairi a chance! I haven’t found out why Kairi killed so many people but in my heart I know she must have had her own reasons for doing what she did to Lakes View! She’s only a child and I believe I can save her from becoming an evil monster if I stay by her side.”
The King pondered for a moment, “I will give you two days, Eva. In those two days you must prove to me that Kairi is not a vicious killer and can control her powers. Otherwise, she will be sentenced to death as planned.”
“Thank you, my King!” I whispered before standing, “I need to get back. Kairi was worried because I was up even though I am sick.” I bowed to them before hurrying back to my room.

I sighed with annoyance, “Kairi, hold your utensils properly!” I hissed as I looked to the child to my right. She stopped eating and stared at me with confusion, “Look at how I hold my utensil. You are supposed to hold them like you hold a pencil.”
“Oh!” She giggled and fixed her hand around the fork.
A few minutes later, I couldn’t ignore it anymore. I sighed angrily, “Turn towards me, Kairi,” I growled and when she did I used my napkin to clean the food off of around her face, “When you get food on your face, it is proper to clean it off. Otherwise you will look savage.”
“Thanks!” She sang but we both looked across the table when the Queen burst into laughter.
“You act like a mother and child!”
I frowned towards Kairi, “I would never allow my child to grow up thinking this is alright.”
Kairi started to whine back a response, but we all stopped as the doors to the room flew open. An angry district chief Evans trudged into the room, “My king, what is the meaning of this?” He yelled.
“Chief Evans, please calm down.”
Evans started to charge towards where the king sat but I quickly stood in his way, “It’s been a while, Evans.”
Evans was startled to see me in the room and became distracted for a moment from his blind rage towards the king, “What in the world are you doing here, Lieutenant Grove?”
I gestured towards the royal family, “I used to serve the royal family and was asked to come here.”
Evans hustled past me, “Sir, why are you stopping me and my men from searching for Kana?”
I sat down and Kairi hugged my arm. The King looked towards me, “I’m sorry, Chief Evans, but that order was given because I plan to follow any advice Eva gives me when dealing with Kana. She asked me to have no officers’ search after him, so I made sure it did not happen.”
“But she has never been on a case dealing with Kana!”
“But she is the only person ever to survive an attack by Kana.” A deep voice argued and I sprang from my seat.
“Gonen!” I cheered as I hugged the man. He hugged me tightly against him as he laughed.
“Oh, my dear Eva, it is great to see you!” Gonen praised before kissing my forehead, “The royal family has not given you any trouble while I was out?”
I shook my head, “We just arrived last night.”
Gonen became serious as he looked over to Evans who stood in shock as the fiercest man in the country stared him down, “I don’t care what your rank is, boy, but you have no right to argue with the king’s orders. And I certainly won’t tolerate anyone yelling while my darling Eva is present.”Evans stormed out of the room and I watched with shock, “The nerve of that man.”
I smiled, “Don’t worry about him.”
Gonen looked over to Kairi, “There is a Wielder allowed to roam in the royal city? And at the King’s table no less.”
The King nodded with a sigh, “I did so due to Eva’s request.”
Gonen looked to me with shock, “You asked for a Wielder to be allowed within the royal home?”
I let go of Gonen and nodded, “I will explain later.”
Suddenly my arm was pulled on and I looked down to see Kairi hugging it, “Who is this, Eva?”
I gestured towards Gonen, “This is the man I was telling Arin about on the way here. He is the man that saved me as a child and is now the head general of the king’s soldiers.”
Kairi smiled towards him, “This man makes you feel happy?”
I nodded, “Yes that is my main emotion.”
“I’m Kairi!”
“Kairi?” Gonen asked as he looked to me, “And how do you know Kairi? Is she a friend?”
I looked to Gonen, “Not exactly, more like a follower.”
“Eva!” Kairi whined as she tugged on me, “That’s not nice! I am your friend!”
I looked to Kairi, “Friends don’t make their friends drag them around by their arm.”
“But that’s because if I let go of you, you might get hurt again!”
I whacked her head, “I’m not going to get hurt. Don’t worry so much!”
The queen laughed, “You truly act like a mother and daughter.”
“As I said, I would never have such an unmannered child!”
Prince Asher laughed, “Well you’re not the most mannered person yourself, Eva.”
I frowned towards him before looking to the ground and mumbling under my breath, “I didn’t ask for your opinion.”
Everyone looked up when a new person walked in. It was Meron who came over to me, “Miss Eva, the doctor asked me to check on your condition.”
I turned to Meron with a small smile, “My temperature is still a bit high, but it has dropped since this morning.”
“Any aching or light headedness?”
I shook my head, “None.”
“Alright, I will tell him.”
“Thanks, Meron.”
Meron came around to Kairi and messed up her hair, “Don’t cause Miss Eva too much trouble, brat. She’s still ill.”
Kairi hugged me from the side and stuck her tongue out at Meron, “You’re a meanie, Meron!” She whined as he left but Kairi looked up to me when I put my hand on her head.
“He’s just messing with you. Don’t get so worked up.” I warned but the turned to the king, “Sir, could you excuse Kairi and me? I want to test her powers.”
The king stood, “I would like to see this also, so could you wait until we are all done eating?”
I nodded, “Yes. Kairi and I will go change while everyone finishes eating.” With that I quickly left and Kairi followed me as she held my hand. When we got to my room I gave her some of my old training clothes before putting on my own training clothes. When we were done I led Kairi back to the dining room to see everyone was waiting, “Sorry for the wait.” I apologized before following the king outside. I assume Genon, the Queen, Prince Asher, and the soon-to-be princess were joining us since they followed. We were led to the best training field of the royal home and I noticed many soldiers were waiting.
“I asked some of the soldiers to come to make sure no one interfere with you.”
“Thank you.” I replied but hesitated for a moment.
“What is it, Eva?”
I watched the others, “None of the soldiers, the queen, the prince, or the prince’s fiancé knows of my powers, sir. Are you sure they should witness this when I plan to use them?”
He looked to me, “Are you afraid they will fear you?”
I looked away, “No, I just do not want to startle them. To everyone except Gonen, you, and me, no one knows what I am capable of.”
“Does Kairi know?”
I shook my head.
“Will this attract the attention of other Wielders?”
I nodded, “I plan to use my powers to their full extent, sir, and I have not done that since I came here as a child.”
He turned to Gonen, “Tell the soldiers to be fully prepared for an attack of Wielders.”
Gonen stared at me, “What are you planning, Eva?”
I looked to Kairi who was now standing in the middle of the field, “That little girl is one of their strongest Wielders I’ve ever seen so I do not plan to hold back.”
Gonen frowned, “But you may attract HIS attention.”
I looked to the sky, “Then let him come.”
“You can’t be serious! You know I speak of…!”
“Stop!” I hollered and everyone froze and watched me. I took a calming breath, “Please don’t speak his name in front of me.”
“As you wish.” Gonen hissed before going over to the soldiers.
I went to Kairi who smiled towards me, “Kairi, I want you to use all of your power against me. Don’t hold back.”
Her smile faded as she looked worried, “But I might hurt you, Eva, and I don’t want to.”
I smiled, “Kairi, you can tell I’m not a regular human, right?” She nodded, “Well I am much stronger than other humans. I plan to attack you with all of my power and if you hold back I will have to hurt you.”
She looked to the others, “Is that why the king and Gonen look so worried?”
I nodded, “I have not used my full power in a very long time because it is very destructive.”
“Alright, I promise not to hold back.”
I turned and walked down the field a ways, “Then attack me when you’re ready,” I replied, “My king! We are starting!”
Kairi closed her eyes and I watched as she changed from the adorable girl she was and into a fully grown woman. Her skin was slightly purple, her hair was white, and her eyes were some of the deepest red I had ever seen. She wore a tight black shirt that exposed her stomach past her breasts, a pair of ripped jean shorts, and was bare everywhere else other than the bracelet on her ankle and a black ribbon around her neck, “Are you ready, Eva?” The woman asked.
I sighed and pulled off my jacket so that all I stood in was a small tank top that showed off my stomach. Everyone who watched stopped with a gasp when they saw the red and black design that inhabited my whole side. I took off my gold bracelet on my right wrist but stopped as I held onto the gold bracelet on my left wrist and looked to the king, “Get your guards ready,” I whispered as I felt tears rimming my eyes, “All the wielders in the area will flock here when I take this off.” I felt a tear fall and quickly pulled off my bracelet. “Attack me, Kairi.”
She started to sprint towards me as I shivered and felt my hair grow and turn black as my skin turned pure white, and my eyes turned red. As Kairi finally reached me her hands turned into swords, but she was horrified as she saw her left sword had gone through my stomach, “Eva?” She whispered with horror but froze when I laughed.
“Let’s get this show started!” I laughed before walking backwards until the sword was out of me. I used my right hand to show myself the blood flowing from me. I held my bloodied hand towards Kairi, “Blades of blood.” I whispered but everyone was stunned when the blood that now was on the ground, my hand, and my body lifted into the air and turned into spears that darted in an instant towards Kairi. She dogged them by diving and rolling across the ground. When she stood I laughed, “Too slow!” Kairi’s eyes opened wide as she felt the spears pierce her back. She bent over in pain so I summoned my spears out of her. The blood came back to my hand as I waited for Kairi to stand. She suddenly sprinted towards me and tried to stab me but I held her off with the sword I had created out of my own blood. I started attacking Kairi with the sword so quickly that she was forced from offense to defense. I then took a few steps back and threw more spears at her. She cut them with her swords but was shocked when my blood fell like rain to the ground, “Blood dance.” I whispered and Kairi screamed as spears came from the ground and stabbed her from every angle. As she slumped to the ground I came over to her. A blood sword formed in my hand as she watched. I help it to her neck and was about the attack her.
“Eva! Stop!” Gonen hollered and when I heard my name I felt my side burn and I dropped to the ground as I grabbed it. Blood seeped from my wound as my skin and hair changed back to before. I fell to the ground on my side as I let out a scream while my side burned.
“No!” I screamed at the top of my lungs as I started shaking, but blacked out quickly.

I woke up in one of the medical beds but grabbed my side as my breathing became faster. Images from the day my family and town were murdered flashed through my head, “Stop!” I cried, “Don’t hurt my little sister! Please!”
Suddenly the fire, the screaming, my sister, and the corpses were all gone and Gonen started shaking me, “It’s alright, Eva! It’s just a nightmare!”
I felt myself crying and I embraced Gonen, “It hurts.”
He held me while squeezing my shirt in his hands, “Your tattoo?”
I nodded as I curled up in his embrace, “Where am I?”
“The medical room.”
“Where’s Kairi? Did I kill her?”
“No, she was not terribly injured. She left a little while ago to eat. She hasn’t left your side since you fainted.”
“Why? She knows I’m not a real human anymore.”
He sighed, “She does not seem to care.”
I shook, “How did Asher react?”
He kissed my head, “He hasn’t spoken a word to me or the king since the night of the battle.”
“Why is he refusing to speak to either of you?”
“He was very angry with us when he found out we had kept this from him this whole time.”
“How many Wielders came?”
“Not as many as last time,” He replied before having me lay down on the bed again, “Eva, I want to talk to you about Kairi.”
I laid my arm over my eyes so that the candles in the room would not make them hurt more, “What about Kairi?”
“I don’t think you should associate with her.”
I moved my arm so that I could look at him, “Why in the world do you say that?”
He looked to the floor, “She is a Wielder, Eva, and along with that…her age…”
“What about her age?”
He paused, “She is the same age as your…”
“Stop,” I hissed, “Don’t you dare finish that sentence!”
Gonen frowned as he looked to me with an intense gaze, “I think you are trying to make up what happened in the past through protecting Kairi. If you do that, you will end up hurting Kairi and yourself. You’re using here to fill the gap that was left when you…!”
I sat up quickly and grabbed Gonen’s shirt, “Kairi is not her replacement!” I protested, “I could never think of Kairi like that!”
Gonen stared me down, “You don’t want to admit it to yourself, but you are, Eva. The queen was right when she said you two act like mother and daughter. You are trying to make up for the death of your own daughter by protecting that monster!”
I felt my eyes brimming with tears, “Kairi is not a monster!” I yelled, “She is a sweet, innocent, girl who was forced to battle another Wielder and ended up destroying part of the city to try to stay alive!”
I was startled when Gonen slapped me across the face, “She is a monster, Eva! Wake up and come back to reality!” He hollered, “She is the same type of being as Kana! For all we know she was sent to Lakes View in order to find you and was told to use the same tactics as Kana in order to get your attention! She could be working for him! She could be a trap he has sent so that he can capture you once again!” I looked away from his burning gaze, “You can’t even fight back on this, Eva, because you know I could be right! We don’t know anything about where that little monster came from or why!” He grabbed my chin and turned my face towards his, “And don’t you find it alarming that Kairi is not drawn to the smell of your blood? There is only one other Wielder who does not lose their mind when they smell your blood, and that is the exact man you’ve been hiding from for so long! She could be his daughter or relative!”
I shoved his hand away and the room became quiet for a few minutes, “Until I know she is here to do me or someone else harm, I will not accuse Kairi of being like him. But I promise you that if I find out she has anything to do with him I will stay away from here at all costs.”
Gonen sat back down in the chair beside the bed he had sat in before, “I didn’t mean to upset you, Eva. I just…” He took my hand in his, “I just want to keep you safe.”
I nodded, “I know I need to ask Kairi questions and find out who she truly is, but I couldn’t bring myself to ask her. When I was with her on the journey here, I felt comfortable around another being for the first time since the incident. I couldn’t bring myself to ask her because I knew if I did we could probably never be with each other.”
He looked to me, “I understand. I also wish you could keep Kairi at your side because I know she makes you happy, but I cannot put your happiness over your safety,” He was quiet for a moment before he stood up, “I will go get you something to eat.” He started to leave but stopped when I grabbed his jacket.
“I want to go with you.”
“Are you sure you should be walking?”
I slowly nodded before getting out of the bed, “I want to move around a bit. My body is stiff.”
Gonen put his arm around my waist and helped me stay up as we walked. We went slowly down the hallways of the home, “It has been raining non-stop since the night after you fainted.”
“How long have I been asleep?”
“Nearly four days,” He replied as lightning lit the sky outside the windows we passed, “You kept screaming in your sleep and scared one of the maids that was attending to you.”
I sighed, “Recently, I either have no dreams when I sleep or I relive that night again.”
“The night your family was killed?”
I nodded, “I sound like I’m still the little girl you took care of for so long, since I had dreams of that time every night when I first came here.”
“In my mind you are still the little girl I brought back with me.”
“I know.” I replied before we came into the dining room to see Kairi, the king, the queen, and the brother of Asher’s fiancé who was named Noah. They were all shocked to see me walking, but before anyone could move, Kairi had thrown her chair back and ran over to me. She lightly hugged me as she cried against my shirt.
“You’re awake!”
I petted her head with sadness, “I’m sorry I scared you.”
She looked up to me, “You must be hungry.”
I nodded, “I am.” Kairi quickly took my hand and led me over to the table so I could take the seat next to hers. Gonen sat on the other side of me and seemed happy when I rested my head on his shoulder as Kairi kept my hand captive. Food was quickly brought to Gonen and me. The queen watched me intensely as I quickly started eating.
“Eva,” She started and I looked to her, “I knew from the moment I met you, when Gonen brought you as a young child to our home, that you were special, but I never expected you to be so extraordinary.”
I slightly smiled, “Most people are terrified of me once they see my true power.”
“Have you always had those powers?”
I shook my head as I sat up straight, “I was a very average child since the day I was born, except for the fact that my blood attracted Wielders due to its smell. But I did not discover the power my blood held until it was brought out the day my village was attacked. I believe my power to control my own blood was what saved me from the initial attack that killed most of the citizens.”
“Are your powers that of a Wielder?”
“No, ma’am, as far as I understand there are not Wielders that can control their own blood.”
“Were you born with that tattoo that takes up most of the right side of your body?”
I shook my head, “I was given it right after the attack because I could not control my own power. A very old man I met before Gonen found me, tried to help me control my powers. But once my powers were awakened they took a large toll on my body and the old man ended up having to seal away most of my power with a tattoo, but since my power was too much for only a tattoo to seal, he also gave me my two bracelets to seal the rest away.”
“Oh my! So you did not even know you had that ability until you were nearly ten?”
I nodded, “Before that I lived a very simple life.”
The king sighed, “When I found out about Eva’s powers she asked me not to tell anyone because she was afraid everyone would come to fear or hate her. She asked the same thing of Gonen and that is why we did not tell anyone about this until now.”
I bowed slightly towards the king, “I’m so sorry, sir. Due to my selfish request, there is now a rift between you and Prince Asher.”
He smiled, “Do not worry about it, Eva. It is not your fault my son and I aren’t on the best terms. We have been very distant since around the time you left our home five years ago.”
“Why is that, my king?”
The king shook his head, “It is not something you should worry about, Eva.”
Kairi tugged slightly on my arm, “Are you alright?”
I nodded, “I’m just tired and sore.”
“Then you should be resting!”
I patted her head, “I have been asleep for four days, Kairi. I am tired of sleeping. My body wants to be active.”
“Knowing Eva, she will be back up and training with the soldiers by the end of the week,” Noah laughed as Kairi looked to him, “I remember one time when Eva was attacked by a Wielder while out in town one day and her leg was almost fully taken off, but she was out training with the soldiers three days later.”
I frowned and shook my head, “He is being overdramatic, Kairi. I was not out training until five days after.”
“It was three,” Gonen admitted, “We all thought you were crazy, but you were able to keep up.”
“You’re siding with Noah?” I complained.
Gonen sighed, “I’m sorry Eva, but he said the truth.”
“I remember five days.”
Noah laughed again, “That is because you thought a week had passed by only after a day.”
Kairi suddenly perked up and turned back to look at Noah, “I can promise you, Sir Noah, that I will not let her out to train until she is fully healed!”
Noah sighed, “You would need an army to stop her.”
Kairi smiled towards me, “But Eva can’t resist my adorable face, right?” She asked but she started whining when I pinched both of her cheeks with my fingers.
“You’re adorable face will stop me, huh?” I mumbled and she whined, “Well let me pinch those cute cheeks of yours!”
“Eva!” She whined and then started trying to push away my arms, “Stop it! That hurts!”
I laughed, “Too bad!” I joked but stopped when someone stormed into the room. I looked up with shock to see the soon-to-be princess.
“Shari? What’s wrong?” Noah asked but everyone was shocked when Shari came over to me and shoved me out of my chair. When I fell to the ground, I quickly used my hands to sit up slightly as she stood above me, shaking with anger as tears filled her eyes.
“I thought I told you to never come back here, Eva!” She hissed as her hands clenched into fists, “Every time you come back, something goes wrong and Asher stops speaking to me!” She hollered before kicking my side with anger, “I hate you!” She started crying as I felt her impacts on my tattoo, “I wish you never existed! All you bring to those around you is pain and suffering, so why don’t you do us all a favor and just die already!”
“Shari!” Noah hissed as he flew from his chair.
“Kairi!” I hissed as loud as I could, “Stay where you are!” I slowly stood from the ground and hugged my side as I felt blood covering my shirt, “I’m sorry, Shari,” I whispered as I felt my body start shaking, “I never meant to come back here. When you asked me to leave Asher and the royal family alone, I did just that. Within a week I was gone and far away so I could not interfere with your relationship. The only reason I came here was to deliver Kairi, nothing more. I did not come here to take Asher away from you like you think. I came to fulfill a request from the prince of my country,” I looked to the ground, “Once these wounds are healed, I plan to leave here and cut all contacts with this household so that I cannot get in the way of your marriage,” I shot a glance at Shari and anger filled my eyes, “Also, Shari, if you want me dead, attacking me while I’m injured is not the way to go. Didn’t you learn that my biggest advantage in fighting is my own blood? So kicking my sides until they bleed will get you nowhere because I don’t plan on dying by the likes of you. A psychotic, love-sick, little child is not someone I will allow to take my life, so please just leave me alone.” I walked out of the room as quickly as I could, but before I could get to the medical room I had lost too much blood and couldn’t walk anymore. I sat on the ground in the hallway with my back against the wall. I looked to the window above the wall that supported me and watched the clouds float by until my peace was disturbed as Prince Asher came storming down the hallway, but froze when he saw me.
“Eva!” He yelled in horror, “What happened to you!” Asher kneeled in front of me but shot to his feet when I met his eyes with my own, “We need a…!” He started to scream but stopped when I grabbed his shirt. He looked to me in shock.
I shook my head before smiling slightly, “You need to be with Shari right now, not me.”
“But!” He started to protest as he kneeled in front of me again.
I looked to the sky, “You are soon going to be her husband, and as a friend I can’t allow you to put me over her happiness. She’s in the dining room,” I let go of him, “Go to her.” With sadness, Asher left me and headed down the hall towards Shari. I looked back to the clouds but looked to the hallway when I heard Gonen running.
“Prince Asher said you would be here.”
I smiled as he kneeled beside me before looking to the clouds, “It’s hard to believe,” I sighed, “Tomorrow marks the eleventh anniversary of the day she was born,” I looked back to Gonen as tears filled my eyes, “I can’t believe she would be eleven tomorrow. Time certainly has flown past me.”
Gonen brushed a tear as it fell, “It is also your 23rd birthday tomorrow.”
I dropped my head to my legs as I finally started crying, “Why did it have to turn out like this! Life was so peaceful with my family and then he had to take that away!”
Gonen hugged me, “If I could take away your past, I would.”
I shook, “And now Asher will get married!”
“I know.”
I pulled on Gonen’s jacket, “Even though I left for five years, I still love him! I can’t get over him! No matter how much I know I can never be with him, I still love him!”
Gonen picked me up, “We shouldn’t talk about this where others can listen.” I held onto Gonen as he carried me to my room and when he went to go get the doctor so the bleeding would stop, I fell asleep.

When I woke up, my heart was heavy, but was slightly lessened in weight when I saw Gonen and Kairi laughing at my side while they sat beside each other in chairs on the side of my bed, “What’s so funny?” I asked and both of them turned to me with hope.
“It’s nothing,” Gonen replied, “But you gave me quite a scare. When I came back with the doctor you looked dead.”
I smiled, “I’m sorry. I was just very tired.”
“How are you feeling now?” Kairi asked as I noticed her hand holding mine very tightly.
I looked to the ceiling, “Better, I am not fully recovered, but I am getting there,” I looked to Gonen, “Gonen, could you let me speak privately with Kairi?”
He stood and nodded, “I’ll be outside if you need me.”
Once he shut the door behind him, I sat up in bed and scoot over. I patted the side of the bed I had just moved from and Kairi quickly crawled up to be at my side. I then patted the blanket over my legs and she laid her head on my legs while facing me. I gently smoothed her hair as I looked to her purple eyes, “Kairi, there are a lot of things I need to find out about you and also, there are a lot of things about my past I feel you need to know about.”
Kairi seemed unsure, “What do you need me to tell you?”
I sighed, “Are you related, in any way other than being a Wielder, to Prince Kana?”
She seemed surprised by the question but pondered for a little while, “I don’t really know,” She whispered, before squeezing my hand that she still held prisoner, “I was raised by a young Wielder woman and her husband. They found me when I was just a baby. But no one seems to know who my parents are, so I can’t tell you if I am related to Prince Kana or not,” She looked to my legs, “I’ve been trying to find the Prince for the past few years because he might know who my parents are since he knows most of the Wielders of the world.”
I nodded, “Alright.”
“What did you want to tell me?”
I stopped brushing her hair and closed my eyes, “I have not told the entire truth of my past to anyone other than Gonen, but I think I need to tell you because it is not fair for you not to know,” I opened my eyes and watched her as she looked back to me, “When I was eleven years old, my village was attacked and destroyed by a Wielder. That Wielder was none other than Prince Kana,” I paused to try to calm myself, “I was the only person who survived the attack, and Kana came to kill me off when he realized someone was still alive. But when he tried to attack me, I couldn’t control my powers and ended up attacking him until I exhausted my body. I woke up a few days later to find that Kana had taken me to an abandoned house outside of the city and was nursing me back to health. He was gone when I woke up, so I tried to escape, but he found me before I could. He tied me to the bed of the home so I couldn’t get away or hurt myself more, but then he told me that he couldn’t bring himself to kill me. He felt as though it would be wrong to kill such a person with unspeakable power, even though I was merely a human. Kana kept me there until I was healthy, but right before he let me go, he admitted to me that he had fallen in love with me,” I smiled slightly with regret, “The rumors about Prince Kana falling in love with a human were true because he fell in love with me,” I cleared my throat as Kairi watched me with amazement, “Before I could escape from Kana after he untied my binds, he raped me,” I felt tears filling my eyes, “I got away soon after and proceeded to wander from town to town nearby in search of work, which is when I met the man who gave me my tattoo and bracelets. He allowed me to stay at his home and work on his farm for eight months, until I was so pregnant I could not work any longer,” I looked to the door, “I insisted on going into town every day for the old man in order to trade the vegetables we had grown for other good and that is when I met Gonen for the first time. He knew the old man I was staying with and was at the man’s home when I came back one day. Gonen took a liking to me even though I could not do much due to my condition and ended up offering to raise me in the royal city. The old man thought it would be best for me to go with Gonen, so I did shortly after, but we did not go to the royal city until after my child was born. We were on a journey back to the royal city when I gave birth and Gonen helped me through the horrifying process. But, Gonen was horrified when he saw my child,” I felt tears coming down my face as I looked to Kairi again, “My daughter was born with very light purple eyes, flawless white skin, and deep brown hair much like mine. Gonen figured out that this was no ordinary child and I confided in him that it was the child of the Prince of the Wielders,” I chocked back the urge to wail, “Gonen assisted me in killing my own daughter due to the fear that she would be hunted by humans and Wielder alike,” I lost control of the small ounce of composure I had left, “Today marks the anniversary of my daughter’s eleventh birthday and also the day I killed my own child.”
Kairi sat up quickly and hugged me tightly as I felt her crying also, “Oh, Eva…”
“Gonen thinks that the reason I am so drawn to you is because you are the same age as my daughter and look a lot like her,” I pulled Kairi away from me, “And after some thought, I think I may have unconsciously wanted to protect you because I wanted to save my daughter vicariously through you.” Kairi and I both looked up when the door opened to see Gonen.
“I’m sorry to interrupt, but the king says he needs your help, Eva. Something has happened in a nearby town.”
I quickly pushed Kairi to the side and stood. I went over to my closet and got out my second training uniform, but changed where only Kairi could see me. Once I was changed I tied my hair back as I walked over to Gonen, “Are there any survivors?”
He watched me, “The king said that a report on casualties has not been received yet, but it should be coming soon.”
I nodded and started out of the room, but stopped when Gonen grabbed me, “What are you planning, Eva?”
I moved away from him, “I’m going to go after Kana,” I replied before looking to Gonen, “I’m going to find him, and then I will kill him.”
“You can’t take him on, Eva.”
I looked to my bracelets, “Then I plan to die trying.”
“You are still injured!”
I slightly smiled towards him, “Just think of this a repenting for my sins.”
“Take Kairi with you. With her you stand a chance.”
“No!” I yelled but then forced myself to calm down, “I have gotten her too involved already.” I replied quietly before walking out of the room. I quickly went to the throne room to see the King, Queen, Prince, Shari, and Noah all talking, but they all became silent when I entered the room, “I’m sorry I took so long, my king.”
He looked at me sadly, “Are you healthy enough to be up, Eva?”
I nodded with determination, “What has Kana done?”
“He destroyed a village a few miles from the one Gonen found you in. The report of survivors has not arrived yet, but by the power of the attack, it is likely no one survived.”
I thought for a moment, “I will go to the village.”
“What do you plan to do once you are there?”
I stood tall, “I plan to fight Kana, sir.”
“Why would you think you could stand a chance against him?”
I walked closer, “I am fairly sure I do not stand a chance against him what so ever, sir, but I must fight him. I must make him pay for the grief he has caused me.”
“You are going on a death mission if you do this!” Asher yelled.
I looked away as Asher watched me, “I know,” I replied before smiling towards him, “But it is a gamble I am willing to take. That man took too much away from me for me not to fight back.”
Noah quickly came over to me, “He tried to kill you with the rest of your home town, Eva, so you will only give him what he wants if you let him kill you!”
Everyone looked up when Gonen walked into the room, “But Eva is the only person who knows Kana’s weakness.”
“What weakness?”
I looked firmly to the king, “I know the human woman he has fallen in love with.”
The King frowned, “What human woman is brave enough for him to even notice? He kills all humans.”
Gonen came to my side while shaking his head, “He has not killed every human he has come into contact with, he let Eva live,” I looked to Gonen with surprise that he was allowing this in the open, “Kana loves Eva and also knows she is the mother to his only child of the world.”
“Mother to his child!” The queen gasped, “You cannot be serious!”
Gonen put his hand on my shoulder, “When I met Eva for the first time, she was already eight months pregnant. On the journey from the place she was staying to the royal city, Eva gave birth to the daughter of Kana, which also happened to be the same day as her twelfth birthday,” Gonen’s grip on my arm tightened, “I assisted Eva in the murdering of her own child that night.”
I looked to the ground, “My daughter would be eleven today,” I quickly directed my gaze towards the king, “And I believe that Kana attacked that village in order to direct my attention to him. Well, he has certainly achieved his goal and I refuse to lie in bed while countless numbers of innocent people are being killed because of my past,” I felt myself start to shake, “I had to watch helplessly as my powers protected me, but everyone I had come to care for die,” I clenched my hands into fists, “But now I can use my powers to save others! I don’t have to sit around and watch others die!”
Asher whipped around his head to stare at the King in shock, “You cannot be serious, Father!”
The king came over to me with sadness, “But I have one condition to allowing you to do this, Eva,” He stated and I looked to him, “You must come back to us alive, understand?”
“Yes, sir,” I replied before turning to Gonen, “Make sure you have the entire city surrounded. Wielders will be going through here in order to reach the scent of my blood.”
“I will, now go.” He replied and I ran out of the royal home as fast as I could.

I sat on the dirt of the land as I tried to catch my breath. I had somehow lost Kana, even though he had been chasing after me. My wounds were so severe I felt faint, but I had to hurry. If I did not get back to the outer limits of the royal city, I would be killed by the hundreds of Wielders I was sure were following me. I slowly stood and walked as nothing showed in the distance. It felt as though it took a lifetime to reach an area of the forest where I could see the outskirts of the capital. I tried to quicken my pace, but was stopped when a Wielder suddenly jumped out of a nearby tree and grabbed my arms. She pulled them behind me with power, “So you are the one emitting such a delicious scent?”
I struggled, “Get off of me!”
She laughed as her grip tightened, “You humans just don’t know your place in this world, do you?” I gasped as I felt a weapon pierce my shoulder but I didn’t dare look to see what it was, “You are just prey for us stronger beings of the food chain.” She whispered into my ear.
“Dancing daggers,” I whispered and felt the woman’s grip, around my waist and the sword, diminish as she choked, “Don’t touch me.” I hissed before moving away. The woman fell dead to the ground as I started running again. If I didn’t, more Wielders would catch me and I would die for sure. I was relieved when I saw a small group of six soldiers standing at the city limits. Even better, a familiar face was leading the group, “Meron!” I called with relief but when he looked to me he seemed horrified. I felt another weapon pierce my stomach and I froze. A deep laugh filled the quietness that now surrounded us.
“So you are the lost lamb I have heard about?” The man asked as I looked to his red eyes, “You certainly are as beautiful as they say.”
My eyes closed from the horror, “Parade of blood,” I whispered and heard the Wielder holler in pain, before he fell silently to the ground, “All of you monsters deserve a horrible death.” I looked over to see Meron running towards me, but as he reached me I lost consciousness. The last thing I remembered was his arms grabbing me to catch me.

I woke up to hear arguing between Gonen and Prince Asher.
“Eva still hasn’t woken up, Prince, so please stop insisting to come in to see her!”
“I want to be at her side!” Asher hissed back.
“She made it clear before she left that she could not stay at your side anymore, Prince, so if she wakes to see you she will be upset!”
“Gonen?” I asked in a tiny whisper but was shocked by how quickly he came back into the small room.
“Eva!” He gasped with relief, “Thank god!”
I sat up and looked around, “I’m in the medical room?”
He nodded, “Some of the soldiers found you.”
I looked to the ceiling, “Meron brought me back?”
His hand took mine, “Yes, he carried you here.”
When my eyes met his, he was startled. I quickly pushed his hand away and looked to my legs, “They didn’t change back?”
Gonen hesitated, “What happened while you were gone, Eva?”
I put my hand on my forehead as it ached, “I talked with Kana.”
Gonen pulled his chair closer to the bed, “What did he say?”
Within a moment I was crying and trying to fight it, “I found out the truth,” I whispered as I squeezed the sheets in my hand, “He explained everything to me.”
I looked up when the door to the room opened to see my fears put into one being. “Eva!” Kairi cheered as she quickly came to me but froze when I jumped from my bed in order to escape her touch, “What’s wrong?”
I started shaking as I wrapped my arms around myself, “Stay away from me, Kairi.”
Kairi’s face changed to terror, “What are you saying, Eva?” She whispered, “Why are you suddenly afraid of me?”
I put my hands on the sides of my head, “I don’t want to associate with a being such as you any longer!”
Kairi’s eyes filled with tears as I heard others come into the room, “Why are you acting so mean, Eva? What did I do?”
I kneeled on the ground as I started crying, “I can’t look at you the same way I did before!” Kairi ran out of the room crying as Gonen, Asher, and the King watched me crying.
That was the only time Kairi came to see me the two weeks it took for me to recover. When the doctor told me I was healthy enough to leave the room for a few hours, I changed into my training gear before leaving the room. When I went past the dining room I heard the queen call for me. I quickly came into the room to see the King, the Queen, Asher, Shari, and Noah all eating breakfast, “Please join us, Eva! You should eat.” The Queen insisted so I took the seat beside Noah as the all watched me.
“Thank you.” I whispered as a maid put food in front of me.
“How are you feeling this morning, Eva?” The king asked.
I looked at him for a brief moment before looking back to my plate, “I am much better, sir.”
“And your wounds?”
“They are nearly healed.”
The king paused for a moment, “Are you sure you are alright, Eva? You have been acting strange ever since you came back.”
“Yes, sir.”
He sighed, “Gonen wanted me to watch over you since he is off on a mission,” I nodded and he waited for more of a response, “Kairi went with him.”
I was startled by her name, “I see.”
“Have you two talked since you came back?” The queen asked as she watched me.
I shook my head, “Not yet.”
“Are you going to talk to her when she gets back?”
“I’m not sure.”
The queen sighed, “Did Kana say something about Kairi?”
My glance s shot to my legs, “Yes.”
“What did he say?”
I looked to the queen, “I’m sorry, my queen.”
“What do you have to be sorry for?”
When my eyes met hers she held her breath, “I think it would be best for me to tell Kairi the information I have gathered before allowing others to hear it.”
The queen sighed, “I understand.”
I stood from my chair and everyone watched, “If you will excuse me, I have something I would like to do.”
“Eva!” The king called and I stopped halfway through leaving the room to look back to him, “Please don’t fight.”
I smiled slightly towards him, “There is no need to worry, my king, I have had enough fighting for some time. I am just going to play some music.” With that said, I left the room and went down to the piano room. I played songs my mother had taught me until I was tired. I thought for a while before going back to the medical room, but when I got there I left for the bathroom with the tool I needed in hand.

After a few hours of resting, I went back to play the piano, but was interrupted shortly after when there was a knock at the door, “Come in,” I whispered before watching Gonen and Kairi enter the room with riding clothes on, “Welcome back.”
Both of them stared at me in shock, “Eva…” Gonen started but stopped speaking for a moment, “What happened to your hair?”
I smiled sadly towards him, “I thought it was time for a change.”
“But you haven’t cut your hair since we met!”
I nodded, “I can’t keep living in the past, Gonen,” I replied as I looked back to the keys of the piano, “My family has been dead for a long time, so I must now move on.”
“Did Kana say something that upsetting to you?”
When I looked up to Gonen he froze, “I guess you could say that,” I replied before slowly standing up, “Kana explained a lot to me. He filled in all the blanks of my past and…” I looked sadly over to Kairi, “He explained why I feel so protective of a mere Wielder child.”
Kairi stepped forward, “So Prince Kana knew who I was?”
I looked away from her and nodded, “He knows almost everything about you, except for the fact that you have been at my side recently,” I felt myself shiver, “If he had known that, he would have come for us much sooner.”
Gonen hurried over to me, “He plans to take you away?” He asked angrily as he squeezed my arms in his hands.
I shook my head, “He plans to come for both of us, but I will not go with him.”
“So you are just going to let him get away and take Kairi?”
“It is what is best.”
“Why!” Kairi yelled and I looked up with horror to see her tears, “Why are you going to abandon me?”
I shoved Gonen away, “Please leave. I need to talk with Kairi alone,” I watched as Gonen left and once he was gone I sat back on the piano bench before looking at Kairi. “I’m sorry, Kairi, but I do not deserve to be by your side anymore.”
She came over to the piano but stayed a ways away from me, “Why do you say that?”
I looked to the piano, “Now that I know what I have done to you, I can’t look at you the same.”
“What did you do to me? I don’t understand!”
I clenched my fists, “I’m the person who tried to kill you.”
Kairi took a few steps away, “Wh-what are you saying?”
I looked to Kairi as tears came down my face, “You’re my daughter I tried to kill eleven years ago.”
“No…” Kairi whispered as she put her hands over her mouth. She took more steps back, “No.” She said at regular level as she reached the door, “No!” She screamed before throwing open the door and running out of the room.
“Kairi?” I heard Gonen ask but he froze when he came into the room to see me crying, “What in the world happened?”
Gonen tried to touch me but I quickly slapped his hand away as I continued to cry, “Do not comfort me!”
“What did you two talk about that could make you and Kairi cry?” Gonen asked but we both looked up as we were slightly startled by the sudden appearance of the King, Queen, Prince, Shari, and Noah.
“Gonen! What is going on?” Asher hissed as he started to come at Gonen in anger.
“Stop!” I yelled as everyone looked to me, “Gonen has done nothing wrong!”
I snarled at Asher, “Don’t just take whatever you want out of what you barge into and act!”
The king stepped forward, “Some of the guards went after Kairi. She luckily only went to your room.”
I hugged myself as I tried to stop crying, “Call your guards off. She needs to be alone for a while.”
“Did you two fight?” The king asked and I shook my head.
The queen suddenly came in front of me, “Did you tell Kairi whatever Kana told you?”
I nodded as I looked up to the queen’s sad face, “She will hate me for the rest of her life.”
I cried more, “Because I am the woman who tried to kill her!” I yelled as I put my head in my lap, “Kairi is my daughter I tried to kill soon after she was born!”
“But we killed your daughter!” Gonen argued.
I shook my head, “Kana saved Kairi before she died!”
“This can’t be real…” Gonen whispered as he shook, “That girl will be hunted due to her blood!”
I shot up from the piano bench as I felt a presence, “No!” I yelled as I ran behind Asher, “Kana! Stop this!” I screamed as I tried to push Kana away from touching Asher while holding his wrists tightly in my grasp.
Kana’s nearly black looking red eyes stared me down, “Let go of me, Eva! I must kill that human!”
I felt my eyes and hair change color, “I will never allow that!”
“He is the human who has stolen your heart from me!” He hissed as he tried to fight back, “For that he must die!”
“Hammer of blood!” I hollered as I watched blood come from one of my remaining wounds turned into a hammer the size of my torso and slammed Kana into the wall at least 20 feet behind him. He stood slowly while watching the humans of the room.
“You humans have misunderstood something,” Kana said in a groan while trying to stand, “Kairi is a full blooded Wielder.”
Gonen frowned, “That can’t be possible if she is the daughter of Eva.”
Kana smiled, “I gave you time to tell them, but you seem to have not used it wisely,” He sighed before looking to Gonen, “Kairi is a full blooded Wielder because I am a full blooded Wielder and Eva is a halfblooded Wielder.”
Asher suddenly whipped around and grabbed my hand I had at my side, “Eva is not a monster like you! She is a full blooded human being, just like us!”
Kana started to move but stopped when I slapped Asher’s hand away, “Don’t speak as if you know me!” I hissed as I turned around and Asher saw my tears, “You know nothing about me!” I turned back around as tears fell, “I am a monster!”
Kana walked over to me and put his hand on my head, “I promised to give you a week with these humans and time is up. It is time for you and Kairi to come with me,” Kana put his other arm around my back, “You know I am the only person who can protect you. None of these humans can protect you from the Wielders who will come after you soon.”
I shook my head, “I need more time!”
Kana’s grip on my back tightened, “You are testing my patience, Eva.”
“Please! I can’t leave! Not yet!”
Kana let go of me and I watched as he went to the door of the room, “You have two days, Eva. I will meet you and Kairi at our first home,” His dark eyes looked to me, “If you do not show up, I cannot promise the safety of these humans you have come to care about.” He added angrily before leaving the royal house.
I kneeled on the floor as my hair and eye color changed back, but looked up when Gonen rushed over to me. He picked me up by my shirt collar and held me off of the ground, “You’ve been lying to us this whole time?” He hollered as his hand that held me shook.
“No!” I choked, “I had no idea I was a half breed!” I looked away from him, “If I had known that I would’ve never have tried to kill my own daughter!”
Gonen’s grip didn’t loosen, “How can I believe you? You didn’t tell me anything! It’s been a week and you didn’t say a word!”
I looked to him with power, “I had to tell Kairi first! She deserved to be the first to know! I…” Tears kept falling down my face and tried to stop my words, “I just couldn’t bring myself to tell her or you! How could I tell you that I am your enemy? After everything, how could I tell the people I care about that I am a monster?”
“Did Kana tell you?”
I nodded as I closed my eyes, “But before I told everyone, I had to confirm it for myself! That is what I have been doing for the past week!” I paused for a moment to try to collect myself, “My parents lied to me…I was not even their child to begin with!”
“But from the pictures you showed me, you looked exactly like your mother!”
I shook, “That woman was my aunt…her twin sister that was killed was my mother and my father was a very powerful Wielder.”
Gonen let go of me and I fell to the floor, “Take Kairi with you and leave this place! We cannot have relatives of Kana here!”
Asher grabbed Gonen’s shoulder, “What are you saying, Gonen? Regardless of her blood, Eva is still Eva!”
Gonen looked to the Prince, “If Eva doesn’t leave I will be forced to kill her in order to protect the royal family,” Gonen watched me as I sat up, “I don’t want to have to kill the only person who I’ve felt was like a daughter to me.”
I slowly stood and looked to the queen and king. I smiled towards them as I took a step back, “Thank you for your hospitality over the years, but it seems this is finally goodbye.”
“Eva!” Asher yelled as he grabbed my hand again.
“Let go of my, Prince Asher.”
“I can’t let you leave! You are injured!”
I quickly pulled away from his grip, “Do you not understand what just happened?” I yelled, “Kana nearly killed you!”
“But you saved me!”
“He tried to kill you because he can tell that I feel much more for you than a friend should!” I hollered as I looked away, “If I don’t leave he will stop at nothing to kill you and your family!” I sighed as I looked to the ceiling and took a moment, “I have asked Kana to make a deal with me. He has promised me that he will ensure the royal city’s safety from Wielders.”
“He couldn’t have easily agreed to do that, Eva,” The king argued, “What did you promise in return?”
I paused with fear, “It was a small request, sir, so it is not worth mentioning.”
The king’s eyes narrowed, “If it was something small in return, he would have not agreed to it.”
I sighed, “He is actually the one who suggested the deal. Kana knew how much I cared for the humans of this area, so he just traded this city’s safety in return for something he knew I would agree to. If it had been something large as a trade I would not have agreed.”
The queen watched me, “He asked you to marry him, didn’t he?”
I froze with shock, “How…?”
She shrugged, “I’m not sure why, but I just had a feeling it was that. I know you do not hold your own future in high regard and I know that Kana is deeply in love with you, so it made sense.”
I looked to the ground, “My future is something I am willing to give up if it means all of you will be protected.”
The queen took the king’s hand in hers, “I have a selfish request.”
She stared me down, “I want you to allow Eva to stay with us for the two days of freedom she has left,” Everyone turned to her in amazement, “Eva has proven time and time again that her loyalty is towards this family and city. She has never once tried to harm us.”
“But she kept the fact that she is a monster a secret!” Gonen hissed with rage in his eyes.
“Gonen,” The queen said with sternness in her voice, “Eva tried to hide that in order to protect all of our feelings and your feeling in particular,” The queen stood tall, “Even when she was injured, upset, and confused, she still put our safety first. She protected Asher, even though she knew we could never fully accept her again. Regardless of the fact that she knew we were to now be sworn enemies, she put her own life at risk to protect us and for that she had my gratitude,” The queen’s gaze came to me, “I believe that Eva is the bravest and most loyal person out of anyone I have ever met.”
The king watched me, “I agree,” He whispered, “Eva is still loyal to us even though she knows she shouldn’t be. For that, I believe it would be wrong to force her away when she only has two days of freedom left. Eva will stay here for the next two days.”
“I don’t deserve such kindness, my king and queen!” I yelled as I looked to them with regret, “I am a monster!”
Everyone watched in shock as the queen came over and hugged me tightly against her, “It’s alright, Eva. Regardless of your blood, we will accept you.”
I shook as I grabbed onto the queen’s shirt, “Thank you,” I whispered as I started crying again and leaned on the queen, “Thank you.” I repeated but felt warmth when the queen rested her head on top of mine and stroked my hair.
“Rest assured, Eva, you are welcome in our home anytime regardless of what others think.” The queen whispered to me before looking up to the others, “Noah, go get the doctor.” Noah ran out of the room as I clung to the queen.
“My queen,” I whispered and she looked to my teary face, “I also have a selfish request.”
“What is it, my dear?”
I looked to my chest, “Could you go to Kairi’s side? She needs someone to comfort her, but I cannot do it. She must be terrified of me after what I have done. Kairi needs motherly love and I cannot give that to her.”
The queen sighed, “But you are her mother, Eva.”
I nodded, “I am the mother who has put her through a hard life. I do not deserve Kairi as a child,” I smiled slightly as my tears stopped, “She is the perfect child.”
“I’m sure once she has had some time to sort things out you two will make up.”
I shook my head, “If I was in her place I would not forgive me, so I do not expect forgiveness.”
The doctor came in as the queen let go of me slightly, “The wound on your shoulder is opened?” He asked before slowly helping me to the medical room.

Early the next morning, I sat on the window sill of the piano room and watched the towns’ people going through their daily lives that lived near that side of the royal home. I looked up when there was a light knock against the open door of the room. When I saw Noah, he was slowly walking towards me with a saddened expression. “Should you already be out of bed?”
I diverted my gaze back to the towns’ people, “My body has become restless, and so I decided just sitting here was enough to settle myself while not harming my injuries.”
I heard Noah sit on the window sill near where my legs hung off, “The queen has been in your room talking with Kairi all morning.”
“I thought they would be.”
Noah’s warm hand was placed over mine and I looked to him with surprise to see him watching me, “Why didn’t you tell me you had a daughter? We dated for two years and yet I didn’t know anything.”
I looked to our hands, “I never planned to let you know.”
His hand held onto mine, “Eva, I still love you,” He whispered and I looked up to his dark green eyes, “I don’t care if you are partial Wielder or that you have a child…I…” He looked away for a moment before locking eyes with me again, “I can’t just stand by and let you leave with that man.”
I looked to my legs, “I still have feelings for you too, Noah, but I have to go. This is the best thing for everyone else.”
“Then I’ll go with you!”
I held Noah’s hand in mine so that he would listen intently, “You think you can survive? A mere human can’t withstand the horror of the world of Wielders. It’s…its completely different from this world, even though it inhabits the same area.”
“Then why are you willing to go?”
I looked to our joined hands, “I have to do this. I have to go there for Kairi’s sake. She needs to be part of that world and I can’t let her go alone. As her mother and as someone who cares deeply for her, I can’t let that sweet girl go into such a harsh world all alone,” I sighed, “Tomorrow night, Kairi will become the Princess of that world and I will do everything in my power to stay at her side as long as I can. She may hate me for what I did, but I can’t just let her face that horror all by herself.”
Noah suddenly embraced me, “You truly love Kairi, don’t you?”
I gripped his shirt in my hands, “I didn’t want to admit it, but I have loved that girl since the moment we met. I loved her before I knew she was my daughter and I still love her now.”
Noah kissed my cheek, “Promise to come back to me,” He whispered, “When this is all over and you have defeated Kana, come back to my side. I will wait for you.”
“Thank you, Noah.” I whispered back before kissing him one last time. I knew I was never going to come back from the world of Wielders, but I couldn’t tell him that.
“Noah! Breakfast is ready!” Shari sang as she skipped into the room, but froze with surprise when she saw us hugging each other, “Oh, Eva, I was just about to come get you from the medical room.”
I stood slowly as Noah followed, “Shari…” I whispered and she finally met my eyes, “Take good care of the royal family while I’m gone, alright?”
She frowned slightly, “You didn’t need to ask me. I was already planning to do so.”
“Of course.” I replied before walking past her and going to the dining room. I quietly took a seat beside the king as I kept my gaze from Gonen and Asher who sat across from me. Noah came and sat at my side as Shari sat beside Asher with happiness.
“Eva,” The king started and I looked to him, “Is your opened wound healing?”
I nodded, “Yes, sir, it is much better. By tomorrow night it will be as good as new.”
“So you will be leaving us tomorrow night?”
“Yes, sir, we will leave around five in order to get to the place Kana specified for us to meet him.”
“You seem confident that Kairi will go with you.”
I looked to my lap, “She has no choice. Kairi must understand that we have to go with Kana in order to protect those we care for. Also Kairi will be able to learn about her family for the first time, which I know she has wanted to know for a long time.”
“You mean the royal family of the Wielder world?”
I nodded, “Along with my biological father.”
Gonen dropped his fork with shock, but I didn’t look up, “So you will get to finally meet your true father?” The king asked.
I looked up to the king, “No, I met him already.”
I sighed, “He was the man who attacked Kairi and destroyed part of Lakes View. Also, he was there when I went to meet Kana.”
“So who exactly is he, in the Wielder world I mean.”
“He is the king’s right hand man.”
“Then he must be powerful.”
I nodded, “He nearly took off my arm.”
“He fought you?” Noah gasped.
“Yes, because I tried to fight Kana. My father stepped in and took over the fight.”
“But you are his daughter!”
I looked to Noah, “That does not mean much in the world of Wielders. Before I am his daughter, I am a traitor.”
“The Wielder world seems to be a very harsh place.”
I looked to the king, “It is,” I replied, but quickly stood as the queen entered the room, “How is Kairi?”
She smiled sadly towards me, “She is better, but she asks to speak with you.”
“With me?”
The queen watched me, “Kairi said she wanted to speak with her mother.”
I bowed to the king, “Please excuse me,” I replied before running out of the room. I hurried to my room and knocked on the door, “Kairi? It’s me, can I come in?”
“Yea,” Kairi whispered and I slowly opened the door to see her sitting on the bed with the sheets covering her bent legs and torso, “You didn’t have to run.”
I shut the door behind me, “I wanted to. My body is tired of sitting, so it was refreshing.”
Kairi looked to her legs, “The queen told me everything that happened after I left yesterday,” She commented and then paused, “You promised to marry Prince Kana in order to protect these people?”
I leaned back on the door, “It’s the least I could do,” Kairi became silent and I felt my chest tighten, “I’m sorry for the way I acted in the medical room.”
She shook her head slightly, “You were confused.”
“Still, that is no reason to act so harshly towards you when you did nothing wrong.”
Kairi finally met my eyes, “You look good with short hair.”
I smiled sadly towards her, “You think so? It’s certainly a change from before.”
“You can say that again.” She joked and we both started laughing, but I stopped when I heard Kairi’s laughing turn into crying. I quickly came over to her and embraced her.
“I’m sorry.” I whispered as I held her tightly.
“Can we ever go back to the way we were before?”
I kissed the top of her head, “Things can’t be the same as they were before, but I’d like to try to be as close as we were before. Just this time I’m your real mom.”
Kairi slowly stopped crying, “Yeah, as a real mother and daughter.”
“Regardless of the fact that we are actually family, you have to know that I loved you like a daughter before and I still love you now.”
“I love you too,” Kairi whispered, “Mom.”

Kairi held onto my waist tightly as our horse reached full speed. As the horse ran, the dry dirt below us turned clouds of dust behind us. I slowed the horse as we reached the house I was trying to get to, but no being was in sight. I stopped the horse and hopped off of his back before helping Kairi down. We then went into house quietly and searched to make sure no Wielders were waiting for us, but once the coast was clear we sat down at the small wooden two person table that was slowly starting to rot, “When were we supposed to meet him?”
I moved my chair so that I sat next to Kairi and guided her head to my shoulder so she could rest, “He just said to meet him here tonight so I’m not sure when he will get here.”
Kairi took my hand in hers and I felt her slight shaking, “I’m nervous to meet him.”
I kissed the top of her head that lay on my shoulder, “Don’t worry, we are together so nothing can harm us, not even that man.”
“Is he coming alone?”
“I have no clue, but not many people know of us so that limits the number of people that could come along.”
“Will we ever see the king, queen, Gonen, or Prince Asher again?”
I looked to the table, “I can’t promise you we will see them again, but I will do all in my power to let us meet them again someday.”
We both silenced as someone came near the house and we waited. When the door opened I was surprised to see it wasn’t only Kana, “Are you two finally ready to go?”
I watched Kana as he kept his gaze on us, “Time to leave, Kairi.”
“Right.” She agreed as we stood, but never let our hands separate.
“So this is your daughter?” The tall Wielder behind Kana asked.
Kana nodded, “Yes, this is my daughter, Kairi, and my bride-to-be, Eva,” Kana gestured towards the tall Wielder, “This is the general of the royal families’ army and my closest friend, Hiroshi.”
I looked to Kana with defiance, “My father didn’t come?”
Kana frowned before pulling me away from Kairi and kissing me deeply, “Your mind should not be wandering towards other men when I am with you.”
I pulled away, “It was just a question.”
Kana’s frown deepened, “What did you do to your hair?”
I frowned back, “I cut it, as most women do.”
Kana’s gaze went to Kairi and I quickly moved in front of her, “You act as if I will harm her, when you are the one who tried to kill her before.”
I watched in shock as I felt my heart squeeze, but it lessened when Kairi took my hand in hers, “That’s the past. Mom would never try to hurt me again.”

Akito hid inside my jacket as the rain poured down, just as it had done all day. I ignored Akito’s sudden movement as he hugged my waist and rested his face on my stomach in order to keep my eye on the man I had been told was conspiring with the targets. The man passed a bag of coins to the man he had come to meet, but when he suddenly started walking our way I quickly messaged Akito. The small boy dropped to a crouch in order to get out of the constraints of my jacket and fled down the side of the house I was leaning against as quietly as he could. Muddy water flew up in a trail behind his quiet feet and once he was around the next corner of the building I pulled the hood of my jacket over my head and went around the corner. I passed the suspect I was tailing and he did not look to me, the mere human that passed by, since he had achieved his mission for today. Most likely he was going to the bar down a few blocks of the city in order to drink as he did every night or at least for the past two nights that I was watching him. I turned left at the next intersection between houses and started down the small dirt road that led to the next row of houses. Akito was not at the place he was supposed to say and wait, which was the other side of the house I had just been hiding behind. Where had that child gotten off to? Did he follow another insignificant creature that inhabited the human capital? Was it the same cat that he followed for half of yesterday? I did not turn at any of the intersections and kept straight until I reached the more populated area of the city. A gasp that rang in my mind stopped my breath as I started running through the more spaced houses. When I reached the place I had detected Akito I was shocked to see a horse acting spooked by my small child as he sat on the ground in horror, “Akito!” I yelled before running in front of him as the horse started to lift its legs in order to hit the child, “Whoa, girl!” I called kindly towards the horse with a smile as I grabbed her harness, “Calm down, he won’t hurt you.” I added as I stroked her mane and she calmed down. I let out a sigh of relief as she stilled, but looked up when a man started running towards us.
“Is everyone alright?” The soldier asked as he came over, “I’m terribly sorry! This horse escaped from its stall due to me opening her door,” The young man of about 16 said as he took a hold of the horse’s harness so I could let go, “Are you hurt, my lady?”
I smiled and shook my head, but looked down when Akito let out a wine, “Akito!” I gasped as I kneeled in the mud at his side while picking up his arm. It was bleeding pretty badly and he was crying.
“Momma!” Akito cried as he grabbed my jacket with his other hand and my heart strained.
“I’m so sorry! It seems this horse injured your son!”
I looked sternly up to the knight, “Where is the nearest doctor?”
He sighed, “For such an injury, I only know of one doctor who will be sure to heal it. Follow me; I will lead you to him.” I nodded before picking up Akito and shielding him from the rain by holding him under my coat. A townsman came to take the horse so that the soldier could lead us to the doctor. I thought of Kairi and told her what had happened through telepathy as I ran behind the man. My mind ached as I realized where we were going. The soldier stopped at a gate, “Raise the gate! There is an injured boy that needs a doctor!” He hollered, but at this point I could not turn back, so I followed the boy to the front door of the royal home.
“Mom!” Someone yelled and I quickly looked back as I started through the gate to see Kairi running towards me, “Is Akito going to be alright?” She asked as she reached me.
Her face froze when she saw my sad smile, “Soon he will be.”
“Please hurry, my lady!” The knight persisted as he came to my side, “The rain is picking up.”
I nodded, “Come on, dear.” I whispered to Kairi and she quietly followed behind me as we entered the royal home.
“This way!” The soldier called and we quickly followed the man to the medical room, “Doctor!” He shouted as we walked in, “This young boy is hurt!”
The doctor had aged a lot since we had left, “Set the boy down,” He said as he gestured towards an open bed. I placed Akito on the bed as the doctor came to the other side of the bed to look at the boy, “What happened to him?”
“Doctor, he was injured by a crazed horse. It was all my fight this young boy was hurt.” The knight replied in my place.
“Go tell the king of this. He must approve of me assisting the boy.” The doctor said and the knight immediately ran off, “Please, my ladies, take off your coats. You will likely be here for a while.”
Kairi came to my side to grab my arm, “Are you sure about this, mom?”
I nodded, “Akito needs help so it is worth the pain.”
“But dad will…”
I interrupted her, “I know the cost of this, dear, but it is worth it,” I replied before taking off my jacket and Kairi quickly did the same. I then came and kneeled at Akito’s side so I could hold his hand in mine, “Be brave, my child.”
He cried again as he squeezed my hand, “It hurts, Mama.”
I kissed his forehead, “Squeeze my hand, dear, so your mind will be distracted from the pain.”
“Doctor,” The king’s deep voice spoke as he entered the room, “Please proceed with helping this child.”
I smiled to Akito, “Did you hear that? Soon the pain will be gone.”
“My ladies, I will have to ask you to step outside. I will have to sedate the child and it will be difficult to control him if you two are in the room.”
I nodded without looking to the doctor, “I will be right outside, Akito, so please behave for the doctor. If you need anything, just call for me and I will be here immediately.”
Akito tried to fight his tears, “I will be brave, Mama.” He whispered as he let go of my hand and I stood. I quickly left the room while pulling Kairi out also by our joined hands. I didn’t let go of her until we were in the hallway with the king and knight.
“Thank you very much for helping my son, King.” I whispered as I finally lifted my head and met eyes with the king. He seemed startled but then looked beside me.
“It certainly has been a long time, you two,” He whispered, “You look like a true woman now, Kairi.”
Kairi took my hand again, “It is good to see you again, sir, even though it is not under ideal conditions. Thank you for helping my brother.”
The king smiled, “Come with me. My wife has been waiting for both of you to return,” He said before leading us down the hall. We stopped as we entered the throne room as we were confronted with the queen, Prince Asher, Princess Shari, and general Gonen. They all watched in surprise as I led Kairi into the room, “Look, my love, they have finally come as they promised.”
The queen shot from her chair as tears filled her eyes, “Eva! Kairi! You’re finally back!”
I smiled sadly towards the queen, “Actually, I have changed my name since we left. I am now known as Eri.”
“Eri?” The queen asked with sadness, “Why did you change your name?”
I looked to the floor, “When I became the Queen of the world of Wielders, I was told I must have a new name.”
“You married Kana?”
I felt my heart ache, “Yes, a few days after we left I became the princess of the world of Wielders. Then last year the king and queen passed on and I became queen.”
“So Kairi is now a princess?”
Kairi nodded, “Along with my brother who is the prince.”
“Is that the boy who is injured?”
I looked to the king and nodded, “Yes, Akito is my son. He is only six years of age.”
“So you became pregnant soon after leaving us?”
My gaze went to Shari, “Yes, but I must congratulate you, Princess Shari. It seems you are soon to have your first child.”
“Thank you, I am due in a month and a half.”
“So your child is going to be born soon after Mom’s.”
Everyone looked to Kairi and Gonen spoke, “You are pregnant?”
I nodded, but could not meet his gaze, “Yes, I am due in a few days shy of a month as of now.”
“Then what are you doing in our city?” Asher asked and I looked to him to see my sadness reflecting back.
Kairi broke the silence, “We were given word that there are two fugitive Wielders that killed the king and queen hiding in this city. It is the perfect place to hide from other Wielders since my father set up laws against any Wielders entering or going near this city.”
“So Kana kept to his side of the deal back then?”
I nodded towards the queen, “Yes, but since he set up these rules only Kairi, Akito, and I are allowed to come into this city, so we were sent to find the two Wielders.”
Kairi suddenly hugged my arm and I looked to her, “Mom, we are using up a lot of our energy by changing our appearances. Since we are in the royal home and everyone knows our true identity, we should revert back to normal in order to save our energy for later.”
I kissed Kairi’s head, “You are right,” I whispered before allowing Kairi to take a hold of my earring as I grabbed hers. We assisted each other in taking off the earrings and everyone watched as we came back to our true forms. My black hair, nearly black looking red eyes, and flawless white complexion returned as Kairi’s long brown hair, red eyes, and tan skin appeared, “We should check up on Akito.”
The king moved towards us, “The doctor will come get us when he is finished, so please join us for lunch.”
“Alright.” I whispered before following the king to the dining room. Kairi and I waited for the others to sit before we left one seat next to Gonen open and sat in the next two seats. The queen, Asher, and Shari took up the other side of the table as the king sat at the head of the table. Everyone ate quietly until the queen sighed.
“So, Kairi, how old are you now?”
Kairi looked to the queen, “I am eighteen.”
“Then that would make Eva, I mean Eri, thirty.”
The king let out a small laugh, “Well it is certainly amazing that you are thirty, Eri, but still look the same as you were when you left.”
I looked to the king, “Well Wielders do not change much in appearance after they are fifteen.”
“So you will look that young until the day you die?”
“Yes, it is not very common for a person’s appearance to change as they age. The king and queen looked about eighteen when they were killed, even though they were nearly eighty.”
The queen sighed, “If only we had that ability.” She joked, but no one laughed. Gonen slammed his fork down on the table and finally locked eyes with me.
“How can all of you act like this is alright?” He hissed, “There are two Wielders in the room yet you all act so calmly!”
Kairi started to stand to argue but stopped when I grabbed her arm. She looked to me and I shook my head, “Do not fight him, Kairi,” I whispered, “He is right.”
“But mom, he is treating us like traitors!”
I smiled sadly towards Kairi, “He is just trying to keep his royal family safe. That is his job and duty in life.”
Kairi sat but glared at Gonen, “So are we enemies now, Gonen?” She hissed angrily, “I can’t believe you are acting like this when mom worries about you constantly!”
Kairi pushed away my hand and turned towards Gonen, “Mom came into your home, even though she knows that my father will beat her for it! She came here regardless so that she could check on you and fulfill her promise to the queen!”
“Kana beats you?” Asher whispered as he looked to me and I quickly looked to the table.
“It is none of your concern, Prince,” I replied but stood as I felt a chill go down my spine, “Kairi.”
Kairi stood at the same time as me, “What is it?”
I looked to her with determination, “They are moving.”
“The two Wielders?”
I nodded and went around my chair, “Stay here and wait for Akito to be healed by the doctor.”
Kairi stopped me as I started to walk away by grabbing my arm, “You plan to go after them alone?”
I smiled with a nod, “The sooner I kill those men, the faster we will leave this town.”
I kissed Kairi’s head, “Watch over your brother for me. I will be back soon, so wait for me.” Before she could reply, I sprinted out of the room and hurried out of the royal home.

I looked to the blood that covered my clothes before looking to the puddle I had fallen into. When I stood again, my legs shook under my own weight, but I fought until I reached the royal home. I quickly put my jacket around me so that the blood would be hidden and made my way inside with the help of the knight from before. I was surprised to find Kairi, the queen, and Shari waiting in the entry way for me, “Mom!” Kairi exclaimed in relief as she came to me.
I leaned on Kairi so I could stay standing, “Is Akito awake?”
Kairi hugged me, “He was, but fell asleep about an hour ago.”
I slowly moved from Kairi’s embrace but felt light headed as I kneeled on the floor, “Oh my.”
“Mom!” Kairi yelled as she kneeled in front of me, “Are you okay? How much blood did you lose?”
I slid off my hood and smiled towards her, “Not much.”
Kairi wiped cold blood off of my cheek, “Is this yours?”
“No,” I replied quietly, “That is from the one I killed. The other got away, but I severed his arm so he could not have gone far.”
Kairi sighed, “Let’s get you changed.”
I stood, but held onto Kairi for support, “I’m light headed.”
Kairi wrapped her arm around me, “That is what happens when you use your blood to fight for a long period of time.”
“Kairi…” I whispered and she looked to me. I slowly took off my jacket and put my hand over my wound right above my heart, “I think I may need to get help to stop this. The blood just keeps coming.”
“Father is going to go mad when he sees that.”
I smiled sadly, “I know.”
“It isn’t like you to get such an injury in battle.”
I looked to the ceiling, “A little human girl, no older than three, suddenly got in the way,” I paused, “One of them went after her and the only way I could save her was to take the blow.”
The queen gasped, “Is the girl alright?”
I nodded as I looked to her, “Yes, I made sure she got home before I left her.”
“Why did you allow the men to give you such a horrible wound in order to save a mere human child?” Shari mumbled with a frown.
I let out a small laugh, “Yes, I shouldn’t have protected the girl. Wielders are not supposed to care about the safety of humans, I know. But…how can I put this?” I thought for a moment as Kairi helped me walk slowly towards the medical room, “When I saw that girl I remembered the human girl I was told was my little sister. I guess I saved the girl in place of my human sister, since I was not strong enough to save her at the time she died.”
Kairi’s grip around my waist tightened, “What are you going to tell Akito? He doesn’t know about our pasts.”
I looked to Kairi, “I will tell him, if he asks, that one of the men attacked me and held me down while the other stabbed me,” My heart stung, “He doesn’t need to know the truth of my past. If he did, he might come to hate your father, just as you have.”
Kairi looked away from me, “Will you ever tell him?”
I shook my head, “I will do all in my power to keep the horrors of our past hidden. I do not want him to hate his own people.”
“But they’re monsters!” Shari argued but became silent when I looked to her.
“But so are we.” I stopped speaking when we came into the medical room. I was shocked to see Asher, the king, and Gonen waiting in the room.
“Eva!” Asher gasped in horror, but stopped when I put my finger to my mouth and signed for him to be quiet. I let go of Kairi and slowly walked over to Akito’s side. I took his small hand in mine as he slept and then looked to the doctor.
“How is he?”
“He did just fine, until he found out you had left. He cried for a while and Kairi had to comfort him.”
I looked to his sleeping face, “His eyes are red, the poor thing,” I whispered before letting go of his hand and sitting at the bed beside his, “Could you patch me up, doctor?” He nodded and came to aid me.
“How did it go?” The king whispered as he came to my side.
“One is dead, but one got away. I did cut off his arm, so he couldn’t have gotten far.”
“They gave you such a horrible wound…” Asher whispered, but looked to Kairi when she stood in front of him.
“A young human girl got involved and mom shielded her, otherwise mom wouldn’t have been this badly injured.”
“So you have grown stronger since you left?” Gonen whispered and I was surprised he would talk to me, but I did not look to him.
“Yes, Kana’s father taught me how to use my ability to its full extent. He also had the ability to control his blood, which I found out usually only shows in royal family members, but is still very rare.”
“Only four Wielders in history have had mom’s ability.” Kairi added as she sat at the end of my bed.
Everyone became silent as they drank in the information, but I broke the silence, “My king, I have a very selfish request to ask of you.”
“What is it, Eva?”
I closed my eyes and looked away in shame, “Please…please pretend that Kairi and I have never met you before,” I whispered and everyone seemed to hold their breath, “I do not want my son to know of our past because then he will end up hating his own father just like Kairi. I don’t plan to tell Akito or my soon to be born child of the past because it will cause them pain.”
The king sighed, “Then that means you will likely never come back here again, since it would cause problems.”
“Y…yes, sir.”
“But Eva!” The queen protested but when I met her eyes she stopped talking and watched the tears rimming my eyes.
“I had never planned to come back in the first place,” I whispered before fully bowing towards the king so that my forehead touched the bed, “Please sir! I know I have no right anymore to ask anything of you, but for the young girl you once knew could you please fulfill my most selfish request?”
The king paused as I kept my head down, “Are you doing this because you despise us, Eva?”
I looked up in shock, “Of course not, sir! I am doing this because…!” I started to yell, but quickly stopped myself from releasing the truth I had never told them.
I felt flushed, “B…because I love all of you. You, the queen, and Gonen are the closest I have ever had to parents and in a way, I feel as though we were family long ago,” Kairi watched me with regret, “I want to protect all of the people I care about so I am never going to associate with this household ever again and I will protect my children by keeping them at my side.”
The queen suddenly ran over to hug me, “We love you too, Eva!”
“If this is what you think is best, Eva, then I will abide by your wishes.” The king whispered and I felt myself quietly cry as I smile towards him.
“Thank you for everything, my king.” I whispered as I cried, but felt relieved when the queen let go of me and Kairi replaced her.
Kairi slightly jumped, “Oh geez!” She whispered in a gasp as she let go of me.
“What is it, dear?” The queen asked so I quickly took her hand in mine and placed it over my stomach.
She waited for a moment and then gasped, “Oh my!”
I let out a quiet laugh, “This baby certainly is active.”

“Akito, that hurts!” I complained as he started laughing while continuing to pull my hair, “Stop!” I pleaded before picking up the boy and spinning him around.
A knock sounded at the door and we quickly looked that way to see the one person I didn’t want to see me, “So Shari wasn’t lying.”
“Noah…” I whispered as I set Akito down and stood, but I was pulled from my feelings and back into reality when Akito tugged on my shirt.
“Mama, you know this man?”
I looked to Noah with regret before smiling towards the small child, “Yes, I met him when I ventured through this town a long time ago with your big sister.”
Akito smiled up to the man, “You make my mom happy,” He giggled, “Just your presence lifted her spirits!”
I tapped Akito on the head with my fist, “Akito, what did I tell you about saying other’s feelings out loud?”
“That humans can’t read them like we can so I have to keep them to myself, right?”
I nodded, but looked back up when Gonen walked into the room with Kairi close behind. They both froze when they saw Noah, “What’s the matter, Kairi?”
She looked to me, “Mom, I just got a message from Hiroshi. The man that escaped from the fight tried to leave along with the human that was helping them and his soldiers quickly took care of them,” She looked at Gonen’s back, “He also said that father is waiting for us on the outskirts of this town.”
Akito grabbed on my arm, “Daddy’s really mad, isn’t he?”
I smiled and kissed his forehead, “He could never be mad at you Akito. Do not worry.”
“But you are scared, Mama?”
Kairi hurried over, “Mom is just worried father will be angry since she let herself get hurt in order to protect a human.”
“Daddy doesn’t like it when you help the humans.”
I let out a laugh of nervousness, “Whatever gave you that idea, Akito? Your Father cares for the humans. He does everything to keep the humans of this city safe.”
“Come on Mom, the longer we take, the angrier he will get.”
I nodded before allowing Kairi to help me stand up, but my old injury reacted and I quickly grabbed my knee, “Slow down Kairi.”
“What’s the matter?” Asher asked as he and his mother came into the room, “Did you hurt your knee during that fight?”
I shook my head before lifting my pant leg up to show the deep purple line that went around my leg right below my knee, “One of the Wielders severed my leg after I was made part of the royal family.”
“Why would someone do that to one of their royal family members?” The queen questioned.
I smiled towards her, “Blood is more important in the world of the Wielders than social status.”
Kairi helped me sit back down, “Mom has had multiple murder attempts conspired against her since we left here. Most of them father finds out about and stops, but about a year ago, a man snuck into our home and tried to kill mom when she was sleeping.”
“That was in the past, Kairi, the human do not need to know of such pity affairs,” I helped Akito button his shirt; “We should be going. We have overstayed our welcome.”
Akito grabbed my arm, “But you don’t want to leave, Mama,” He whispered and I quickly watched him, “You want to stay here for a little while longer.”
Kairi bopped him on the head, “Akito, humans don’t need to know. Even though this is your first time around humans, you still should keep yourself in check.”

The author's comments:
This chapter is not finished.

“My king!” A man suddenly yelled but I was surprised to see a fully grown Messene run into the room, “We have located the wielder you sent us to find!” He concluded but nearly fell back when he realized Kairi and I inhabited the room, “My god…”
“Who is this boy, mama?” Akito asked as he moved from Kairi and tugged on my pants.
“He helped your sister and I out a long time ago.”
“Kairi,” He paused, “Lady Eva,” Words seemed impossible for him to form, “How?”
The king cleared his throat, “Eva, the man you injured has been captured by my soldiers. What do you believe should be done with him? It is your call.”
I slowly walked over to the door, “Messene, show me to the wielder.”
“But mom!”
I turned back to Kairi with strength, “It is alright, Kairi,” My face turned to sadness, “These humans deserve to see what I have become,” I looked to the man I wanted to shield from the truth, “Gonen, be my witness. Let me show you the true capabilities of those you hate.” I turned away and let Messene lead me outside to the training field where the bleeding wielder was being forced to the ground by a group of soldiers, “Release him!”

The king and the others followed me out, “Do as she says!”
The soldiers let go of the man as the king ordered them to come to his side for their own safety. I watched the angry man stand up and stare me down with pure hate, “The skin of a human certainly suits you better than that of a wielder, Queen Eva!”
I pulled off my earring and the gold ring on my wrist in order to show my long, black hair, pure white skin, and nearly black looking red eyes, “Do you realized the punishments that are due from the crimes you committed?”
He laughed, “Do you realized the punishments that are due from your conception?”
My blood boiled, but everyone stopped, even breathing, in shock as they saw a spike made of my blood, from my wound, stuck in the ground behind the man while his face started to pour blood from the large cut it inflicted, “This city is off limits to all wielders other than my children and myself!” I hissed as my eyes turned black, “And you dare to attack an innocent human child! That is unforgivable!” The man screamed as spikes of my blood came from the ground and pierced the man through his back in at least 100 different places even though I had yet to raise a finger, “Humans are just food to you, right? They are just a lower species on the food chain!” More spikes came from the ground as the man hollered in pain. Everyone watched as I walked over to the man, “Let your death be a lesson to anyone who dares enter the only place I can call home! I will use you to show the entire world of wielder what I will do to those who defy my only rule!” I finally lifted my hand towards the sky and as I threw it towards the ground a hammer of blood the size of a room came down on the man and demolished him in a scream of horror. After a moment I felt the weight of my blood loss and kneeled to the ground as my legs shook.
“Mom!” Kairi hollered as she ran over to me and embraced me tightly. Akito quickly followed suit, but he stopped halfway as he saw me slump into Kairi’s arms as she softly laid me in the grass of the training field, “You used too much blood…”
“Eva!” Asher yelled as he and his father ran over to us.
“Please Prince Asher!” Kairi yelled as she squeezed my hand in between hers, “Take everyone inside!”
“Kairi?” I asked and she looked down to me with unspeakable worry.
“Mom you have to call for father,” She whispered with a face that showed how sorry she was that it would come down to this, “You can’t heal on your own with this much blood loss!”
“He hates this place, Kairi. We must go to him.”
“No!” Kairi yelled as I saw her almost start to cry, “I know you can’t be moving, mom! You could die if we try to move you before father can help you!”
“Is what Kairi says true?” The king whispered to me.
I looked to my wound, “There is a very high probability I would not make it, yes.”
“Don’t take a risk with your life on our behalf, Eva,” The king said as he turned to look to the rest of the group, “Call for Kana.”
“I can’t do that!” I argued, “He will surely attack one of you!”
The king sighed, “Kairi can protect us, Eva, don’t doubt her power. She was strong when she left us before so I am sure she is almost unstoppable now.”
“Mom,” Kairi whispered and I looked up to her, “Father won’t hurt them,” she stated with pure assurance, “He may hate these humans, but he would never go against your will.”
“Alright,” I whispered, “Take Akito and guard the others over there. I will call for him.” Kairi quickly took Akito, the king, and Asher over to the others as I connected my mind with Kana’s. Kana? Can you hear me? I need your help. I am heavily wounded and I cannot get to you. I am still at the home of the human royal family. I felt a chill go down my back, so I knew he was already on his way without him replying. We all waited in silence until I heard a guard running towards us.
“My king! There is a powerful wielder approaching!”
“Do not harm him or confront him!” The king ordered and the guard ran away to spread the order. Silence filled us, but was broken soon after.
“Eva!” Kana yelled as I saw him drop from the sky and run over to my aid. I sat up to greet him, but he stopped before reaching my side, “What has happened?” He asked in shock as he saw my blood covering the ground. He turned angrily for an explanation from Kairi.
“Kana,” I whispered and he quickly came to my side and embraced me, “It’s alright.”
He looked to my face, “How can it be alright when I come to find you nearly dead?” He yelled with tears lingering in his eyes, “Who hurt you?”
I gestured to the area behind me, “The man who killed your parents,” I stated, “I lost control of my emotions and used too much of my blood.”
“Can you make it back home?”
“King Kana!” Someone yelled over me and I was shocked to see Shari running over to us.
“Don’t!” I hissed and she stopped a few feet away as I wrapped my arms around Kana’s arm, “Kana, please don’t hurt them!”
Kana’s anger surged as he realized Asher was among the group, “Why are you with these people, Eva?”
I put my hands on either side of his face so that he looked at me, “Kana,” I whispered, “I love you, you don’t have to worry! I did not come here to defy your wishes! I never planned to come here, but Akito got hurt by a military horse and we were brought here so he could be healed!” All of the humans seemed to freeze as I sweetly kissed Kana’s lips and then kneeled so that I hugged him back.
Kana started to calm back down and then picked me up. He carried me gently as I held on by putting my arms around his neck, but I was as shocked as the others when Kana walked over to the king, “Father, don’t hurt him!” Kairi begged.
Kana suddenly lightly bowed his head, “Please aid my wife,” He whispered and everyone was stunned, “She needs to be bandaged up before I can help her.”
The king smiled towards Kana, “You did not have to ask this of me, King Kana,” The king looked down to me, “Eva is like family, so we will do all in our power to help her.”
Akito suddenly came and grabbed onto Kana’s pant leg, “Daddy! The doctor here is really nice and will definitely help Mama!”
Kana smiled towards the boy, “Did he bandage up your wound, Akito?” and Akito nodded vigorously.
“King Kana,” The queen whispered before brushing some hair out of my face, “follow me. I will lead you to the doctor’s room.” Kana quickly followed after the woman until we reached the doctor and Kana was asked to set me down on a bed.
He hesitated, but looked to me as I kissed his cheek, “It’s alright. The doctor and I are good friends, so you can trust him.”
“Eva,” The doctor started, “I will need to sew up your wound.” Kana placed me on a bed and took my hand in his, but looked behind him when a hand was placed on his shoulder.
“Father,” Kairi whispered, “You should wait outside with us. Otherwise we may get in the doctor’s way of helping mom.”
“You think I will let this human touch Eva without my watch?”
I squeezed his hand in mine, “I’m sure Akito will become worried if he is out there without either of us. Please, go to him. I will be fine.” With hesitation, Kana followed Kairi out of the room.

I woke up the next morning and noticed Kana held me against his chest as he slept in the bed of the guest room I always inhabited when I used to come here. I tried to get out of his hold, but was startled when Kana latched onto me for dear life, “Kana?”
He sighed with relief, “Sorry. You startled me.”
I smiled towards him, “I fell asleep?”
He nodded, “You fell asleep while the doctor was helping you, so I brought you here and aided in treating you.”
“Where are Akito and Kairi?” I asked as I sat up.
Kana got out of bed and came over to the other side where I let my feet hang off, “They are in the room next door.”
I looked up to his deep red eyes, “Did anything happen while you were with the others?”
He sighed and kneeled in front of me, “I did not hurt them.”
I sadly glanced at our hands, “They don’t mean us any ill fortune, Kana.”
Kana squeezed my hands, “That man, the older one with green eyes, tried to attack me while you were with the doctor,” My eyes shot to meet his that were filled with sadness, “He said that if you died from this he would kill me,” I tried to talk but he shook his head, “I ignored him, but the queen spoke with wisdom. She said that you should stay here until you give birth because she fears you will be attacked again since you are at a weakened state. I informed Hiroshi that I will not be back for a few days so that I can be sure you are better and are settling here. I will go back home in a few days to keep everything in order and will come back here whenever I can in order to see you and the children.”
I looked to the floor, “No, I will go back with you.”
Kana took one of his hands from mine and put it on my cheek so that I would look back to his face, “It is alright, Eva, I agree with the queen. I am not mad,” He kissed me; “This is the safest place for you to be and I cannot guarantee your safety when I will not be at your side at all times if you came home.” He stood and helped me do the same, “Now let’s go find Kairi and Akito. I am sure they want to see you.”
I quickly embraced Kana, “Thank you.” I whispered before kissing him and allowing him to lead me out of the room by our joined hands. I had to aid Kana to find his way to the dining room where he guessed the children would be, but when we came into the room everyone stopped and looked to us, “Good morning.”
“Mama, Daddy!” Akito gasped as he jumped out of his chair and embraced my waist before going and hugging Kana. Kairi came over and examined me before taking my free hand in his.
“How are you feeling?”
I pulled her towards me and kissed her cheek, “Much better now that all of us are together.” Kana kissed Kairi’s head before we all came and sat at the table. I sat between Kana and Kairi while Akito sat between Kairi and the queen. The king sat at the head of the table while to his other side sat Noah, Shari, Asher, and Gonen.
“You seem much better, Eva.” Shari commented.
“Yes, I am surprised you are walking so easily!” the queen stated with a smile, “Kana’s help must have been very substantial.”
“Indeed,” I replied, “the former king taught us many ways to revive someone of my powers.”
Kana looked to the queen, “My father was the strongest wielder of blood until Eva became a full blooded wielder.”
Gonen stared me down, “You are a full blodded wielder now?” He hissed, “How dare you come into this home with that knowledge!”
“How dare you talk to mom like that!” Kairi hissed as she stood, “She has done everything in her power to keep this city safe! She gave up her friends, her family, and even her body for all of you!” Tears started welling in her eyes, “Mom is still the same woman you treated like a daughter!”
Gonen threw his napkin as though it was his fist trying to break the table, “She is nothing more than a traitor that has given into you demons and your evil ways!”
As Kana started to stand to defend me, we all froze when the queen stood, “Silence yourself, Gonen!” She hissed as she walked over to me. I quickly let go of Kana and stood to the woman, “We can never forget all Eva has done for us! She is a loyal woman that has done nothing to deserve this hatred!”
I smiled towards the queen before bowing towards her, “Queen, your general’s anger is justified.”
“Eva…” Kana whispered as he knew I held back tears.
“In his eyes, I have betrayed all of you because I have become a full fledged wielder and have married the man I am supposed to hate,” I looked to the ground, “And I do not expect anything more from him. I would not forgive anyone who had done so to me.”
Kana stood and embraced me as I began to lose control of my emotions, “Please forgive my wife for showing such weakness in front of others,” He whispered as he glanced towards the queen, “pregnancy makes her emotions overwhelming.” I felt everyone watching with intensity as Kana led me out of the room by our joined hands.

The next morning, I was surprised when the queen and Asher came into the music room. Akito grabbed my arm as I stopped playing the piano, “Mama, keep going!”
“I thought you might be here,” The queen said as she came closer, “Kana is leaving soon and requested that you meet him in front of the house.”
“Akito, stay here. I will be back soon.” I quickly rushed out of the room and heard Asher and the queen following me. When I exited the building, Kana and Kairi stopped talking and looked to me.
“You should not be running yet, my love.”
I smiled to Kana, “I am alright. I just did not want to miss you.” As I reached Kana he pulled me into him and kissed me deeply. I felt myself blush as I realized the royal family, Gonen, and Noah all watched us. When he finally released me slightly he held me closely and whispered a reminder into my ear. I nodded before insisting on him leaving. He kissed Kairi’s cheek before taking my hand in his.
“I will be back in a few days and will be sure to contact you every day to check on your recovery,” He looked over to Kairi, “Take care of her while I am away,” he glanced to the group of humans, “and be sure to keep the pests in their place.” With that he left and Kairi claimed my hand as her own.
“You are pale, mom. Maybe you should lie down.”
I shook my head, “I am just worried, Kairi, I will be okay.”
Kairi watched me sadly, “What are you referring to? Worry about the humans, wielders, or us?”
“All of them.” I whispered.
“Is it because of whatever he whispered to you?”
I smiled towards Kairi, “We should go inside.”
“Mom!” Kairi yelled as she pulled me back, “Did he threaten you?”
“Threaten?” The queen asked as both of us froze, “What do you mean? Has he threatened you before?”
I pulled away from Kairi and took a few steps from the queen, “Please do not make me say something I will regret, my queen.”
“Is he threatening to kill us if you do anything?” She demanded as she moved closer to me.
“Please,” I whispered as I looked to the queen in horror, “please don’t make me say.”
“If he is threatening you, Eva, how can I allow you to go back with him?”
I looked to the ground, “Either way we have no choice,” I whispered as I felt tears fill my eyes, “We will always just be pawns in his game.”
“How weak have you become?” Gonen hissed as I felt his hand strangle my arm.
I looked to Gonen with a smile as I started crying, “No, I have just been put in my place, sir,” I looked to the ground, “and you need to be put in yours before you end up getting hurt.”

I brushed Akito’s hair out of his face as his eyes stayed close. The sun was finally setting after our first day here in the capital of the humans without Kana around. I looked up from the window sill as the door opened to the music room, “Sorry, I did not realize anyone needed this room. We will vacate.”
Before I could get up the door opened again as Gonen held open the door as if he could not enter a room I occupied while the king came towards me. He stood near me, “There has been a Wielder spotted coming towards the city. He claims to know you and that he was sent by Kana.” He whispered and looked to a maid as she came in. She gestured for me to give my sleeping child to her.
“Please bring him to his sister in my room.” I asked before she left with Akito and I looked back to the king after I stood, “I will see who it is and decide where to go from there. The person could be here for me, but he also could be deceiving you to try to get to my children.”
“Follow me.” The king said and I quickly went with him into the hall but tried to keep my gaze from Gonen. As we came to the front of the home the door was opened for us. Three guards stood at the front gate and held back a wielder who did not fight them. I looked over to see the queen, prince, princess, and Noah standing to the side of the front entrance I had just exited out of.
“Eva!” Someone called and I looked to the wielder before looking to the king.
“Pleas e let him in. He is not here to harm anyone.” I whispered before rushing towards the wielder as the guards moved out of the way.
“Don’t run, Eva, please. You are injured,” the man said as he ran to stop me, “Kana told me what happened and I asked to come visit you. He thought it was a good idea.”
“Eva,” the king called and I quickly brought the wielder to the stairway that led to the front entrance, “He is a friend of yours?”
I smiled up to the wielder, “These are the people I have told you about. They are the ones who took care of me,” I looked to the king as the wielder hugged me lightly, “King, this…” I took a moment and looked away from Gonen’s gaze, “…this is my biological father. He is also the head of the army for the wielders and one of my husband’s closest comrades.”
“Your father?” The princess asked in shock.
“Thank you for taking care of my precious daughter for so long,” Father put his hand on my stomach, “a woman nearly giving birth should not be out here and being exposed to the elements. Let’s go inside.” I nodded before leading the group in, “Where are my grandchildren?” He asked me with curiosity.
“They are sleeping. But I should formally introduce all of you.”
Father interrupted me, “Let me try to guess who each person is. After the stories told to me by you, Kairi, and Kana, I believe I can tell who each person is,” He looked over to the group and pointed to the king and queen,” This must be the king and queen that the three of you spoke so fondly about,” He pointed to the princess, “this must be the princess that attacked you before,” He moved to another person, “This must be the boy you admitted to having relations with long ago, who I believed was named Noah,” He paused and his face changed, “that must be the boy Kana used to feel so threatened by since he stole your heart long ago.” Father looked to me for confirmation and I slightly nodded, but knew who he would talk about next and was worried about the outcome. “And this man trying to kill both of us with his gaze must be the man that found and raised you,” He let out an angry breath, “He is the one who believes you and Kairi should be killed and tried to attack you before,” Father stared down Gonen, “this petty human needs to learn his place and realize that we are on a completely different imperial plane than him.”
I grabbed his arm and squeezed slightly, “Please, father, do not bring it up. There is enough tension here.”
Father put his hand on my head, “You are running a fever?” He asked me and I nodded, “You should be resting.”
I shook my head, “I am too tense to rest.”
“Let us all go to the tea room. It seems we have a lot to talk about.” The king suggested and we all followed him. Father and I took one of the two small couches, across from the small table Asher and Shari took the twin of the couch we sat on. On the two other sides of the table, the king and queen sat in two chairs to the right of my father as Gonen and Noah occupied other mirrored chairs to my left. Tea was brought out by the maids as father looked to me curiously.
“It is tea, a human drink that is considered sophisticated.”
“Such strange habits human have,” He commented before clearing his throat, “I assume you all have questions for me.”
The king agreed, “We have been told by Eva that you are King Kana’s right hand man.”
“Yes, I used to be the head of the military. When Kana announced that he planned to marry my daughter his father asked me to become his personal body guard. Now I am the personal body guard of Kana and Eva.”
“What about Kairi?” Asher insisted.
Father chuckled, “Kairi would never need a body guard. Other than Kana, no one can surpass her in power. Akito is the only one who needs protection, but I am sure once he gains his powers and trains with his mother he will not need a guard either.”
I nodded, “He may even surpass Kana.”
“Is it true you attacked Eva before she left this place?” Gonen demanded as he stared down father.
“Of course,” Father replied with power, “She tried to attack Kana. Regardless of our blood bond, Eva attacked the man I was protecting so I had to fight her,” Father stared down Gonen, “Much like you had to audacity to attack the girl you raised when she was accused of being a Wielder even though she never hurt anyone.”
“That is not the same!” Gonen hollered as he stood, “Don’t you dare compare me to a monster like you!”
Father started to stand but stopped as I grabbed his arm, “That man saved my life, Father. He would not hurt me if he didn’t have to just as you wouldn’t.”
“But he had the audacity to try to kill Kairi!”
I frowned, “I asked him to!”
“He wants to kill your husband!”
“As if he could!” I hissed, “He has no chance of taking on Kana!”
“Then put this pest in his place.” He demanded.
“We are not here to fight each other, father!” I argued, “Please! Can we not sit and have a civil conversation?”
“You’re right,” He said with a sigh as he sat beside me, “These people are following the rules of our King so I should not bother them.”
“Eva! I nearly forgot to tell you! I have something for you!” The queen gestured for a maid to go get something. When the maid came back the Queen brought the box over to me and handed me a stack of photos. I took them and viewed the first one as my father leaned into me to see.
“Where in the world did you get these photos, my queen?” I asked in amazement as I stared at the top one of my previous life.
“I had Aric and Meron go back to Lakes view and retrieve a few items from your home. I knew you would come back here someday so I held onto them for you.”
“They really did look alike,” Father whispered with a sigh, “Your aunt did look identical to your mother.”
I looked up with a nod, “Now you should understand why I had no idea that they were not my parents.”
He smiled sadly as he touched the photo, “It’s like seeing a ghost.”
“Sir…” Asher started to say but was stopped by father.
“Please call me Erick.”
“Sir Erick,” Asher started again, “If you do not mind my asking, what happened to Eva’s biological mother?”
Father looked from the photo to Asher, “She did not make it through the night after giving birth to Eva,” He sighed, “It was for the best since she would have been hunted if she had been able to stay at Eva’s side.”
“Then how did Eva end up living with her Aunt when you never met her?”
“When I found out Jessica had given birth to Eva, I immediately went to the hospital she was staying at. By the time I got there, Jessica’s parents and relatives had buried her and left with Eva.” I flipped to the next photo and felt guilt flow within me. Father let out a laugh when he saw it, “Asher, you look almost identical to yourself as a child.” He commented before I went to the next photograph, “When were you part of the military, Eva?”
“I wasn’t. I just put on a uniform when I trained with the soldiers of the capital.” As I looked to the next photo I felt tears rim my eyes. Father looked to Gonen with anger.
“That man really did raise you like his child.” He growled as he looked to the photo of Gonen tucking me into bed. I turned to the next photo that was very different from the rest, “The officer uniform you wore did hide your beauty.”
I let out a laugh, “That was the very first thing Kairi told me when we met again.”
As I flipped to the last photo I felt warmth in my heart, “Kairi was very shy around these humans when she first came here, wasn’t she?” Father asked as he looked to the photo of Kairi hiding behind me.
“She was very shy and did not have any manners.”
“Well that certainly is not the case anymore.”
“Grandfather?” Kairi asked as she came into the room and we all looked up to see her and Akito.
“Grandfather!” Akito hollered before sprinting over and latching onto the man, “What are you doing here?”
Father hugged the boy before setting him between the two of us on the couch, “I offered to come assist your mother until the baby is born. This way your father will not worry as much about her.”
Kairi came over and sat on the ground beside me and leaned on my legs as she looked up to me, “How are you feeling, mom?”
I smiled before brushing some of her hair out of her face, “I am alright.”
“What is that in your lap?” She asked and I handed her the stack of photos. She flipped through them and stopped at the picture of me in my officer uniform, “This is what you looked like when we met,” Kairi stood with the photo and brought it to the queen, “Was I right, my queen? Mother’s beauty was hidden by this uniform.”
The queen turned the photo to Shari and they both agreed, but Kairi and I were startled when we heard and old, familiar voice, “Eva was like a completely different person in regular clothing.”
I stood with surprise and rushed to the man’s open arms, “Arick!” I exclaimed as he hugged me, “It has been so long!”
Kairi ran over and hugged him also, “We heard you retired!”
As we let go of him he smiled and I noticed how much his hair had grayed, “I have, but I insisted on coming to visit when I was informed that the two of you were staying here.”
“Akito!” I insisted and he came to my side while taking my hand as his hostage, “This is a man that helped your sister and I a long time ago,” I looked to Arick, “Arick, this is my son Akito.”
He smiled towards Kairi, “You are a big sister now?” He asked with a laugh, “And you will soon have another sibling.”
I nodded with a smile, “I am due in the next week.”
Father stood and I felt my heart sink with the fear of what his next action would be, but felt relief flood over me as he put his hand out to Arick with a smile on his face. “Eva has told me about your assistance in her journey to this city. I must thank you for taking care of my daughter and granddaughter.”
Arick smiled also and shook Father’s hand, “It is a pleasure to meet the father and grandfather of such amazing women as Eva and Kairi.”
Kairi suddenly turned to Father, “Grandfather,” She started so that he, and everyone else, looked to her, “Since it is so rare for all of us to have free time together, would you mind sparring with me? I don’t want my abilities to weaken at such a crucial time or I might not be able to protect Mom if something happens.”
Father nodded before looking to me, “Eva, is there a training field at this home?”
The King stood, “Eva, they may use to field you battled Kairi on so long ago.”
I nodded before picking up Akito, “Arick, would you mind staying for a little while longer? I would like you to see how powerful my child has become since we were last with you.”
He smiled to me, “I am sure she is nothing short of spectacular and would love to watch.” I led the entire group out to the field but for the first time, I stayed at the sidelines with the humans and Akito.
“Eva,” Someone announced and I turned to see Noah setting down a chair a few feet behind me, “You should sit. A woman so close to giving birth should not be standing for a long period of time.”
I smiled sweetly to Noah, “You are too kind, Noah.” I stated before sitting and putting Akito so that he lay on my chest as he dozed off. Maids brought out chairs for everyone else and I was relieved to be between the King and Arick so that Gonen or Asher were not near me.
“So you are now a full blooded wielder?” Arick asked with a smile and I nodded, “I would have never guessed in a million years that you would marry Kana.”
I looked to the field as Kairi started sparring with Father, “At first, living with Kana and the rest of the royal wielder family was difficult for Kairi especially. It took her a few years to even speak directly to Kana, but when she saw how much he truly cared for us she came around.”
“So you are happy with this marriage.”
I sighed, “Kana seemed vicious and evil to me for so long that it took me a long time to see through his rough exterior. Once you see past that, there is a very caring and gentle man that loves me without limit.”
“So he has stopped using us as bargaining chips?”
I sighed as I pulled Akito closer into my chest, “He doesn’t need to, even though we both know he still can. After all of the things he has given me, regardless of how selfish my requests were, I cannot oppose him,” I looked to Arick with a sad smile, “He has let me stay at Kairi and Akito’s side ever since we left this place and has kept me alive long enough to see Kairi grow up into such an amazing woman.”
“What do you mean he has kept you alive?” The king asked.
I went back to watching Kairi and Father, “There were a lot of complications that appeared after I became a full blooded wielder,” I took a moment to calm myself, “The worst side effect was the strain it took on my body. It has created it so that I am slowly losing the control of my body. My muscles are deteriorating daily and if it was not for Kana’s treatments, I would not be able to stand by now. “
“Does Kairi know about this?”
I smiled to Arick, “You know me too well,” I sighed and looked down to the child in my arms, “I have asked Kana to not let anyone else know. It would be very dangerous for any of my attackers to find this out because they would deduce that if they keep me away from Kana long enough, I will be bedridden and vulnerable.”
“Does your father know?”
I shook my head as I looked to the King, “He would not leave me alone if he knew and I would be kept in our home without escape.”
“Will your body be able to handle the strain of child birth?”
I looked down as I felt Akito moving in his sleep, “We are not sure. My body was not this badly affected when I gave birth to Akito. Even though he never said it, Kana’s key reason for wanting me to stay here until I have my child is to make sure I am with people I care for just in case these are my last days of life.”
“I cannot believe you are staying so calm in this situation.”
I let out a small laugh, “If I did not act calmly Kairi and Father would realize what is going on and possibly take away my last few days of freedom.”
“Kairi would be furious if she found out.”
“I know.” I replied to the king, but stood as Kairi and Father finished their sparring.
“Kairi certainly has improved.” Father commented and I smiled.
“As of recently it is difficult for me to keep up with her.”
Kairi came over to my side and I automatically held Akito with only one arm and took Kairi’s hand in my now open one, “Mom is lying, Grandfather. She always holds back when sparring with me.”
Father looked to me with worry before taking Akito from my embrace and into his own, “I will watch over Kairi and Akito, so please go and rest Eva. You have become very pale.”
I kissed Kairi’s forehead, “Watch over your brother for me. Please come get me when it is time for dinner.”

By the time Akito came to wake me up, my headache had worsened and so had the tingling in my left hand. My legs shook underneath me as we went to the dining room, but stopped when I sat down between Father and Kairi as Akito sat between Father and the Queen. I tried my best to hide the pain I felt when using my left hand, but felt my heart stop when the knife suddenly dropped from my hand and fell to the table. I knew the King, who was the only person in the home that knew of my illness since Arick had left, stopped breathing with worry. Kairi picked up the knife and handed it back to me with curiosity, “Are you alright Mom?”
I smiled to her, “I guess I am still not completely awake. Sorry about that.” For a large part of dinner I sat quietly and listened to Father describe the military training of the Wielder army. I did not look up until Father mentioned my name, “….when he is gone I have the trainees battle Eva, well that is when she was not pregnant with Akito or this new child.”
“Is Eva that powerful?”
Father looked to Shari, “She is one of the strongest Wielders out there, but the fact that she possesses the rarest ability in the Wielder world makes it nearly impossible to stop her. The only people that surpass her are Kana and the new head of the military.”
“And yourself, Father.” I added, but that was the last time I spoke the entire night, since I went back to my room to rest afterward.

I ripped off the sheets that covered me as I covered my mouth so my scream would not escape me. I tried to calm down my breathing, but it seemed impossible, so I quietly left the room with a blanket in hand and locked the door so that no one could reach my sleeping children. I walked the dark, quiet halls of the royal home until I reached the large window with a sill that allowed me to view the entire city that was located in front of the house. I sat down and wrapped the blanket around my cold body, even though it was covered with sweat. My breathing finally started to slow, but tears still rolled down my cheeks. I ignored them and rested my head on the window and looked to the sky. It was calming to not see wielders in the sky, but what scared me more than that was that there were no wielders to protect us. I jumped slightly when I heard someone close a door around the corner of the hall I was in. I met Asher with as much shock in my eyes as was in his, but I realized why and quickly wiped the tears off of my face while forcing tears to stop before they could follow. By the time I looked back, Asher was right in front of me and quickly embraced me. My body froze with horror, but I quickly pushed him off of me.
“You should not get so close to me, Prince Asher.”
He looked to me with sadness, “Am I Prince Asher to you now?”
I didn’t know how to respond, so I ignored the question, “What are you doing up so late at night?”
He gave me a sad smile, “I should be the one asking that.”
I looked to my lap, “I was woken up by a nightmare and left my room so that I would not wake up my children.”
He nodded, “My mother told me that women can experience odd dreams while pregnant.”
I shook my head and rested my head back on the window, “I have had this nightmare countless times before.”
“Did it start after you left this house?”
I felt my heart squeeze, “I have not had this dream since I left this house. I always have this nightmare when I am here.”
“Are myself and my parents the cause?”
I shook my head, “It occurs whenever I am in the presence of humans. Humans always make me remember my previous life.”
Asher suddenly sat down beside me on the window sill, “What is the dream about?”
I hugged myself, “It is of the toddler who I thought was my sister burning alive in front of me.”
“You mean it is of what happened before you came here?”
I sighed, “Not exactly,” I looked up to Asher, “The experience is the same, but the person burning to death is different.”
“Who is it that you see burning?”
“The last time I had the dream, Kana’s parents burned alive in front of me,” I looked to my legs, “They died a week later.”
“So you see who is going to die?”
“I’m not sure. I only saw it once before that and it was of a friend of mine when I lived in Lakeview dying. She died about three days later.”
“Who did you see this time?”
I felt tears welling in my eyes as I looked up to Asher with horror, “I saw Kairi.”
Asher froze as he saw me cry, “Is there anything you can do?”
I brushed my tears away and stopped more from falling so that I could answer, “Usually I wouldn’t know who would kill her, but for the first time I saw the face of the killer.”
“Was it a Wielder?”
I hugged myself tighter, “It was a human.”
“Who was it?”
I shook my head and could not answer. I looked to Asher after a few minutes of composure, “I have already sent for Kana,” I whispered and Asher seemed shocked, “Kairi is not safe if she stays here.”
“It was one of us?”
I closed my eyes, “Please,” I whispered, “Please don’t ask me anymore.”
He was silent for a moment, “Was it me?”
I shot my gaze up to him with surprise, “Of course not. How could you possibly hurt Kairi?”
Asher looked to me sadly, “I’m glad you know that.”
I looked to my legs again, “Are you excited to become a father?”
He sighed, “Somewhat,” He crossed his arms, “I am just worried.”
I nodded, “That is understandable. Parenthood is very stressful.”
“You make it look easy.”
We were silent for a few minutes, “You should get back to your wife’s side. I will be fine.” With sadness Asher left after a minute or so.

I brought food into Kairi and Akito so that they would not have to go near the humans, but jumped when there was a knock at the locked door to our room. I quickly rushed to the door and did not allow my Father into the room. I gestured for him to stay in the hall and I met him before locking the door behind me, “What in the world is going on, Eva? The three of you were not a breakfast and have not left your room. What happened?”
I gave my Father a sad look, “I had that dream again.”
He watched me intensely, “The dream that tells you if someone will die soon?” I nodded, “Who was the victim?”
I grabbed onto my Father’s shirt sleeve while holding back tears, “Kairi,” I whispered and his eyes doubled in size, “But I saw her killer. It is one of the humans here.”
“Which human?”
I shook my head, “Kana will be here soon. You should get changed.”
“Why is Kana coming?”
I squeezed his sleeve tighter, “I will have him take Kairi with him. He will be able to protect her.”
“Are you saying you will allow Kairi to die so that you do not have to kill one of these humans?”
I shot an angry glare to him, “I would kill anyone to keep my family safe.”
I heard the sound of heels on the tiles and looked up to see the queen hurrying towards me, “Eva, we were told a large platoon of Wielders are on their way here. What is this about?”
I looked to the ground, “I have called them, my queen.”
“Are you not feeling well?”
I shook my head but my head shot back up when I heard a soldier holler that Wielders were approaching. I quickly unlocked and opened the bedroom door, “Kairi! Akito!” I hollered and they quickly rushed to them, “Your Father has arrived to see you.” I quickly grabbed their hands and hurried outside as Father and the Queen followed. As we exited the home, I saw the King talking with Kana as a large amount of the Wielder royal army waited outside the gates of the home. When he looked up to me I suddenly felt my emotions flood over me and I quickly went to him. He automatically embraced me tightly as I allowed my tears to flow freely.
“Eva, what happened?” He asked with worry, “You suddenly sent for me and you are now crying. Kairi! What has happened?”
I heard Kairi and Akito come closer, “I don’t know. Mom has been acting weird since this morning.”
I finally gained enough composure to look up to Kana, “Please! Please take her with you!” I begged.
“What do you mean Eva?”
I pulled closer to him, “I had that dream again!”
He tensed, “The dream of the future?” I nodded, “Who in the world could frighten you this badly, Eva?”
I buried my face into his shirt, “Kairi might die!”
“What?” Kairi whispered.
“Why would it matter if she is with you or not?”
I looked to the ground, “A human will lead to her death!” I yelled as I shook, “She cannot stay here!”
“What in the world are you talking about, Eva!” The king demanded.
“Eva has a reoccurring dream that tells her if someone she knows will die soon,” Asher suddenly announced as he came outside with Shari and Noah, “She saw the death of Kana’s parents and now she has seen the death of Kairi.”
Kana’s body tensed, “How does he know this, Eva?”
I shook my head, “He just conversed with me after I was woken up by this nightmare.”
Asher came closer, “Eva said that this nightmare was different. She saw the face of the killer. It is apparently someone in this house.”
Kairi grabbed my arm as I looked to her, “Mom, is that why you locked us in your room?”
“Who was the killer?” The king demanded, but I froze as a voice filled my ears.
“My King, why is this demon at your home?”
I looked to Gonen with pure horror before letting go of Kana and standing in front of Kairi. He suddenly tried to come closer and I felt my powers take over, “Don’t come any closer!” I hollered as spears of blood shot from the ground and made it so he could not come any closer, “I will not let you near Kairi!”
“Gonen is the person who is going to kill Kairi?” Father gasped but all of us looked to Kana as he came over to me.
“Just kill this pest of a human, Eva,” He hissed, “He is a threat to all of us.”
Kairi grabbed my right arm, “Don’t hurt him, mom!”
Kairi hissed towards Kana, “You did not see the relationship they shared before all of this, Father!” She yelled as she held me tighter, “Mom loves that man, regardless of how much he hates her! I would never want to make her hurt him!”
“First, this man keeps both of you from me, then he tries to attack both of you, and now he might kill you, Kairi! How can we let him live!”
Kairi stared me down, “Mom, you’re over thinking this! It was probably just a dream of before!”
I shook my head as I quickly pulled Kairi’s face into my chest, “He said you had to pay for my sins, Kairi!” I started shaking, “Besides, I was the one who tried to take your life before! Gonen did nothing other than watch!”
“Wait!” The king yelled as he came closer, “This can all be cleared up right now!” Everyone looked to him with confusion, “Gonen! Just tell Eva that you do not intend to hurt any of her family and this will all be over!”
Gonen looked to the ground in deep thought before sighing, “I’m sorry my King,” He whispered as he looked away, “I cannot deny that statement. I refuse to lie to you!”
“Father! Stop!” I hollered and Father stopped with a sword only a few inches from Gonen’s neck. Gonen fell backwards and to the ground with shock.
“How can I allow this man to live when he plans to take the life of the future ruler of the Wielders!”
I squeezed Kairi in my arms, “Don’t kill him!”
“He must face the consequences of his crime! Planning to kill a royal family member is punishable by death!”
I grabbed Kana’s shirt, “When we made our deal so long ago, I took on the responsibilities of any actions of the humans in this city! In effect of that, I will take the punishment for this humans’ crime!”
Kana frowned, “You cannot be serious, Eva!”
I frowned, “I am dead serious.”
Kana sighed before looking to Father, “Do not harm that human.” He turned back to me with regret, “As punishment, you shall be banned from speaking to the human prince and brother of the princess.”
“You cannot be serious!” Asher yelled but I ignored him and looked to Kana.
“Alright, I will not speak to Asher or Noah.”
“For how long?” Noah asked.
“For as long as she is staying here.”
I turned and was about to assure Noah that it would be alright, but I quickly looked to the ground before looking up to Kana and kissing him, “Kairi will be alright with you and the army?”
Kana hugged me, “She needs some experience on the battle field and will have over 300 men looking out for her. It will be great.” He then kissed my forehead, “Will you be alright here with just Akito and Father at your side?”
“I will be fine, since I only have three days left before my due date.”
“Just in case, I will send Julie here by tonight to help you.”
“I will be waiting for her arrival.”
Kanna kissed me sweetly, “Send for us when you are near having the baby. We will both want to be here for it.”
Kairi pulled my body into hers and shook while trying to hold back tears. “Send for me if anything happens. Even if you just get lonely, please call for me.”
I kissed her forehead and steadied my breath, “Do not worry about me, my dear, I will be fine as long as you both come back to me safe and sound.” I looked her in the eyes, “Do not do anything crazy,” I looked up to Kana, “Please keep her powers in check. She doesn’t know how to use all of her powers yet.”
He smiled, “I will.”
I grabbed Kana’s hand and put Kairi’s hand into it, “Go, before I become more emotional.” They quickly went to the army, but not without Kana giving a dark look to Gonen. I turned and took Akito’s hand in mine, “Father,” Everyone seemed to watch us, “could you train with Akito?”
He smiled before kissing my cheek, “Of course.” He then took Akito towards the training field as the Queen came to me.
“Will you really follow Kana’s orders, Eva?”
I smiled to her, “It is a punishment for the actions of the humans of this city which I have chosen to protect so I must do as told.”
We started walking towards the training field, “It is not fair that you are punished for another’s horrific mistake in judgment.” She said as she gave Gonen a harsh look as he quietly followed behind us along with everyone else.
“My queen,” I whispered, “could you help me with something?”
“Anything my dear.”
“Could you help me choose a husband for Kairi?”
“A husband? She will have an arranged marriage?”
I nodded, “Much like in this family, it is expected of the royal family to have a person chosen for them.”
“But Kana did not have this.”
I sighed, “He was supposed to,” I looked down to my stomach, “he was betrothed to a woman of high regard and power, but broke off the marriage when he found out that I had bore his child.”
“And his family was alright with this?”
“Of course not!” I laughed, “The prince of their world planned to marry a pregnant, supposedly human woman. It is still highly fought about and is what Kana believes has started the attempts on my life.”
“Why would Kana marry you if he knew you would be in harm’s way?”
I looked to the queen, “He planned to leave the royal family to keep us protected, but...” I looked to Akito as we stopped to watch him try to attack my father, “Kana’s younger brother died during one of the first attempts on my life when I came into the Wielder world.”
“Oh heavens!” She gasped.
“He was a very kind man and believed that I would make a good queen for the Wielders. When a Wielder used his powers to throw knives at my heart, he got in the way and died to save me.”
“He fell for your charm.”
I looked to the sky, “He shouldn’t have saved me.”
“Are you saying you wanted to die Eva?” The King gasped, but made sure to not be loud enough to be heard by Akito and Father.
I looked to him with a sad smile, “No, but I do not want to live at the price of others’ lives,” I felt tears rim my eyes; “Kana’s brother was about to be a father but never got to meet his child. But I did. I got to meet Kairi, after everything, even though I tried to kill her to protect myself.”
“You did that to try to protect her.”
I closed my eyes and looked over to the wall of blood that formed between Father and Akito. I looked to them, “Father, you cannot use your powers against Akito. He doesn’t have his yet.”
Father sighed, “This boy’s naturally too strong!”
Akito skipped over to me and hugged my arm, “Mom taught me!”
I smiled to him, “But Akito is naturally talented.”
“My King!” A soldier hollered as he ran over, “There is a woman asking for the Queen, but she seems to have something wrong with her.”
“Show me to her.” He stated, before walking off.

“Are you expecting someone, Mother?” Asher asked.
She shook her head, “Not that I know of.”
The king came over with a worried look, “Eva, the woman is here for you.”
I looked to the king, “For me? A human woman?”
He nodded, “She says she has a problem that only you can help with.”
I looked to father, “Do you think it is safe?”
He nodded, “No human could harm you, my dear.”
“Alright, please bring her to me.” I said and the soldier ran off with the news. He came back with a woman who was covered with a large amount of clothes and seemed on the verge of tears.
“Thank god I finally found you!”
I watched the very young woman who was about Kairi’s age with worry, “My lady, I do not believe you have the right person. I am not human and have not had any connection to humans in a long time.”
The woman suddenly grabbed my hands, “You are the half human Wielder, correct?”
She burst into tears, “You are the only one who can help me!” She pulled a bundle of cloth from her clothing, “I cannot raise this half-bred child!”
I felt myself tremble with horror, “This child is half Wielder?”
She nodded, “I was raped by a wielder!” She cried out with horror, “How can I raise a demon child when I myself am still a child?”
Tears started down my face as I looked down to the small face of a little boy who slept quietly, “Dear god,” I felt myself becoming weak, “Father!” I cried and he quickly rushed to grab me as I started to fall. My body ached and my mind throbbed, “This cannot happen,” I looked up to Gonen, “Not again.”
The woman watched me with shock, “Please! You must tell me what to do! Will I be able to keep this child?”
I shut my eyes tightly, “Akito! Hurry inside!”
“But Mommy…”
“Do as I say!” I hollered and with shock he ran inside. I looked to the young woman again, “How old are you, my lady?”
“Only 17, Queen.”
I slowly stood back up, “I’m sorry for my sudden reaction. Please, come inside so we can talk properly.”
“Eva, please let me help you. You are due in less than two days and should not be up, let alone rushing around.” Father begged, so I allowed him to help as we all went to the tea room. I sat on a couch and the girl sat beside me with the child as everyone else took the single chairs nearby except for the king and Queen who sat on the other couch.
“Now how old is the child?”
She did not look up from the child in her lap, “He will be six weeks tomorrow.”
“So you were 16 when it happened?”
She started crying, “How can I possibly face my family after this?” I felt myself overcome with sadness; this girl was just like me.
I took the child and handed it to the queen before sitting closer to the girl and embracing her as tightly as I could, “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.” I cried as I shook, “I know how you feel and I wish I could tell you it gets better,” I let go of her slighting so that I could look to her face and she seemed shocked by my tears, “But it doesn’t. You just have to try to not think about it.”
She seemed horrified, “You have experienced this also?”
I cried while nodding, “When I was twelve.”
She grabbed my shoulders, “How can you bare to look at the child? Every time I see him that is all I can think about!”
I let go of her and covered my face as I cried harder, “I tried to escape it!” I looked to the child with horror, “I tried to kill my baby,” I shook my head, “But she was saved!” I looked to the woman, “And I would not trade that child for the world! When I finally met her she became my best friend and my reason for living!”
The girl took my hand in hers, “But she was a full blooded Wielder! It is not the same!”
I looked up to my father as he stood and came to me. He put his hand on my shoulder, “But Eva’s mother went through what you are going through right now.”
“Is she here?”
I grabbed father’s hand, “She passed away a few hours after the birth. Her body could not handle the birth of such a child. You must be a very strong woman.”
“Then did you raise her?”
I shook my head as father became silent, “No, we did not meet until a few years ago,” I sadly smiled to the ground, “I was raised by humans of this city.”
“And they were alright with the fact that you were a half breed?”
I froze, “No,” I whispered before looking back up to the woman, “Neither Wielders nor humans will ever accept your child once they know what he is.”
She started crying, “Are you saying he will never be accepted?”
I looked to the girl sadly, “He will be alright as long as people do not know.”
“But how long will it be until his powers start?”
“Around 10 years.”
“What should I do then?”
I took the girls hands in mine and squeezed them, “Then you will come to see me again.”
I smiled sadly, “And if something happens to me before that time, my daughter will take him.”
“But she isn’t like you and him!”
“Yes, but she knows what he will go through because she was at my side when I experienced it,” I stood and went to the Queen before taking the child from her arms and rocking him in mine. I felt tears run down my face as I looked to the beautiful child so I turned away from the others, “Little one, from now on, things will be very hard for you. You will never have a normal life and will have to suffer through many hard times,” I lifted the child and kissed his forehead before hugging him against me lightly, “But you will always have your mother with you, and when the time comes, I will help you become strong enough to protect her. And no matter what others tell you or say about you, always remember that you are not alone. Because we are the same,” I looked down to the child as he opened his eyes to see a dark, beautiful purple, “You have the same mesmerizing eyes as my daughter.” I laughed slightly before bringing him back to his mother, “Treasure this child because you are all he has in this world,” I smiled through the tears, “and always let him know that no matter what, he is loved by you.”
She looked up to me, “How will I contact you when he gets his powers?”
I bit the tip of my finger, but before I touched the girl, father stopped me by grabbing my hand, “You are going to bond with her?”
I nodded, “This woman and her child need me,” I whispered, “How can I not want to help the only other person like me?”
“But this human will never be the same if you bond with her!”
I watched him with shock, “This woman can never be the same after what one of our people has done to her. Unlike with mother, this poor girl does not even know the father of her child and will not have any type of support,” I clenched my jaw, “As the Queen of this felon and as the only other half breed I feel inclined to help her.”
“What is blood bonding?”
I look to the woman with wisdom, “If I share my blood with you, then if you think of me you can contact me, no matter where either of us are. Just hold still,” I placed my finger on her forehead and made a circle with it. I focused on the blood and it quickly disappeared, “Now just think of me and say something.” The girl closed her eyes and I felt a tingling in my mind. I smiled at the thought, “Her name is Kairi.”
The girl gasped, “How did you do that?”
I laughed lightly, “You asked what my first child’s name is.”

I went to eat breakfast with the royal family, Father, Akito, and Jessica, the new mother of Peter, the half breed. I was holding Peter when suddenly the doors of the room were thrown open with force. “Jessica!” A man hollered.
“Daddy!” She gasped.
We all looked up as Jessica stood to the man, “Well! Chief Evans, it certainly been a while!” The king commented and I was shocked.
“Chief Evans?” I asked as I stood and he looked to me with disgust.
“Who is this Wielder who dares to speak directly to me!”
“Father,” I insisted and he sat back down before I focused back on Chief Evans, “How long has it been? Eight years?”
“Who are you? I believe I would remember such a rude Wielder!”
I chuckled, “Maybe this form will help you remember,” I placed the gold earring that was in my pocket and put it on. I felt my skin, eyes, and hair change back to their human form, “Do you recognize me now, sir?”
“Lieutenant Grove!” He gasped, “You are a wielder?”
I smiled, “I am indeed, sir,” I looked to Jessica, “You have a beautiful daughter.”
He frowned, “You always had an attitude problem, Grove, but I never expected you to be a monster!”
I sighed as I looked away from him and to Peter, “I am not a complete monster, sir, I am just like your grandchild. A halfbreed.”
“How do you know this?”
Jessica came to my side, “She is the Queen I told you about, Daddy!”
“Yes, I am the Queen of the Wielder world.”
“Then you married Kana?”
I nodded with a smile, “Yes, I did when I found out the wielder I transported to this city was my and Kana’s daughter,” I then gestured to Akito, “And that is our son Akito,” I put my hand on my stomach, “And this is our second daughter.”
“You are a disgrace to the police!” He hollered and I smiled.
“I’m sorry you feel that way, sir,” I took off my earring and returned to my normal form, “but you need to try to start to coming to terms with the fact that you are now connected to us monsters.”
“I will never accept that!”
Father stood, “How self centered can you be?”
Evans frowned towards Father, “Who the hell are you?”
Father watched him, “I am Eva’s father.”
“Then you have no room to criticize me! I’m sure your parents reacted the same way when they knew about the demon you created!”
“Father! Do not fight!” I yelled and he stopped before attacking Evans, “He is just angry.”
“How can you allow him to talk about you in this way?”
I smiled to him, “He has the right to feel the way he does, Father. I’m sure it took time for everyone of our family to come to terms.”
“But it does not matter what he thinks! He should support his child no matter what!”
We all stopped when the King stood, “Mr. Evans!” He hissed, “You are in my home right now and I will not permit you to raise your voice towards your daughter or talk poorly of Eva!”
“But my King, she is a monster!”
“She may be a monster, Mr. Evans, but she is a very important friend to my family. Either you must apologize to her or leave my house immediately!”
Evans stormed out of the room and Jessica started to cry, so I quickly handed Peter to Father and embraced the woman, “It is all going to be okay, Jessica.”
“But my father hates my child!”
I smiled sadly towards her, “Yes and you must either ignore his remarks or stand up to him. He will likely hate this child for the rest of his life, but you must decide whether you will permit his foul words or fight for your child.”
She let go of me, “I want to keep this child so I will fight for him.” With that she rushed off to talk to her father with her child in her arms. The rest of us went back to eating quietly, but looked up when a soldier entered the room.
“What do you need?” Gonen hissed to the man.
“General! There are two children here that insist to see the queen!” He reported in a tense way, “They said that they are good friends of the Queen.”
“I do not know many young children,” The Queen replied curiously, “I can’t think of who it could be. Did you recognize the children?”
He shook his head, “I believe I would remember a child with such a look. It is like nothing I have seen before.”
“Well bring them here. We will see what they need.” The King ordered and the soldier quickly left. When he came back, everyone seemed shocked by the two pre-teen children in ragged clothing that was splotched with dirt. The boy stood tall and strong as the girl hid behind him where only the side of her could be seen.
“What can I help you with, children?” The Queen asked kindly.
The boy tensed, “As if we would come to see such horrible people such as you!” He hissed and Gonen stood to defend her, but was stopped when the boy’s face suddenly shifted. It changed from anger to relief and happiness.
“My Queen!” He said with relief as he looked towards me. I stood as I realized who these children were.
“Do you know these children, Eva?” The Queen asked.
“Taylor, Tyler! What are you doing here?” I asked but was surprised when Taylor unlatched from her brother’s back and rushed over to me. She squeezed herself against me as I held her tightly while she shook. She started crying and I held her tighter, “I have missed you too, Taylor.”
Tyler came towards me and I took one arm away from Taylor. Tyler quickly came to me and hugged me tightly with my arm around him, “We were worried when we came to the royal home and you weren’t there.”
“Why would humans go near the Wielder’s royal home?” Asher asked as he looked to the children that clung to me.
Tyler stared down Asher, “Why are you in such a horrible place, my Queen?”
“Horrible place?” The king argued, “What do you mean? This is the royal home of your royal family.”
Tyler let go of my body, but did not leave my side. “My royal family does not live here, sir.”

I suddenly felt weird and my legs gave out under me. I sat on the ground as the world seemed to spin around me.
“Mommy!” Akito hollered.
“Eva!” The queen gasped as she rushed to my side, “What’s the matter?”
“I’m not sure. Suddenly I feel weird.”
“Someone get the doctor!” The king yelled as father picked me up. Father ran to the medical room and quickly got me onto a small bed before the doctor could come in. The king, queen, Asher, Sherrie, and Noah quickly followed but I felt Gonen quietly standing at the door way along with Akito.
“Can I do anything to help you, Eva?”
I looked to Father as tears fell down my face, “Call for Kana.” Father rushed out of the room to do so, but I looked to the king when he came to my side.
“Are you going into labor, Eva?”
I shook my head as I looked to my shaking legs and hands, “I wish it was that.”
The king’s eyes widened, “Is it your body? It is giving out?”
I cried harder, “I can’t feel my hands or legs anymore!”
Father rushed back into the room, “Kana is in the middle of battle right now, so I cannot reach him.”
“Where is Akito?”
“He is outside, as I requested of him.”
“Please bring him here.”
Father left and once he spoke outside the door, Akito rushed to me. I embraced the small child as tightly as I could, “Mama, what is going on?”
I buried my face into his clothes, “The baby is just making my body hurt.” I let go of him slightly and looked to his face, “Why don’t you go outside with Grandfather? I’m sure you want to go visit around town.”
“Okay!” He suddenly tapped my stomach with his finger, “Little sister, please stop hurting Mama!” He sang before rushing over to Father, who gave me a sad look before taking the child away.
“Why did you lie to him, Eva?” The king asked as he sat on the bed next to mine.
I smiled and laughed quietly, “As if I could tell my young child that I am dying.”
“Dying!” The queen gasped, “What are you talking about?”
The king sighed, “Eva confided in me that she is very unhealthy right now. There is a high chance that having this child will kill her or that her body will give out before she even delivers.”
“Why did you not tell us, Eva?”
I looked to her with sadness, “I could not handle making you sad, my queen.”
“Does Kana know this?”
I nodded, “That is the main reason he wanted me to stay here until I had my child. He knows that if I am to die very soon, I should spend my last few moments of life with the people I care for.”
“Does your father know?” Sherrie asked as she moved from Asher’s side and came closer to me.
“No, he would not leave me alone if he knew.”
“Kairi does not know about this either,” The king stated, “Otherwise she would never have left Eva’s side.”
I looked to Sherrie, “Would you be against me passing on some motherly advice to you Princess? I had planned to wait to tell you these things, but I am not sure how long I will remain here.”
She nodded before coming over, sitting down on the edge of the bed I was on, and taking my hand in hers. I could not feel her touch, “I would appreciate it.”
I looked to her eyes, “As soon as your child is born, your life will become hectic, but be sure to always leave time for just you and Asher,” I paused as pain rushed over me, “and love your children unconditionally. Do not hide how much you love them, but do not let them abuse your love to get their way.”
“Thank you, Eva.”
I nodded before lying down on the bed, “If you would not mind, I would like some time to sleep.”

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