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Hot Like Brazil

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Hot Like Brazil (7)

Hazel clutched onto her blanket tightly, shutting her eyes as she did so. Just as she had done when first encountering Alfonso, Hazel waited for the gunshot. Instead, she could hear the roar of the wind, and an eerie silence.

"Please don't hurt me", Hazel said , surprising herself. No response. She opened an eye, and looked up, to see that the figure was crouching down to pick up the ball that had hit her.

"I so sorry about ball ", the man said, in a deep gruff voice. He picked up the ball, and began to walk away. Hazel shocked herself once more, by getting up and running after him. Usually, she would walk away as well, pretending that nothing had happened.

She didn't care that he could have killed her, maybe he knew how to get out from here. "Wait!" Hazel called out. The man stopped suddenly and turned to face her.

At this point, Hazel didn't know what exactly to say. Should she start off right away by asking him how to leave this place? Or should she ask about his day? Questions roamed in and out of her head as she stood , looking at him .

In the darkness, Hazel could see that he was frowning at her. He probably thought she was an idiot, judging by the way she was staring at him, mouth wide open. He waved his arms in her face, clearly annoyed.

"Um, sorry", Hazel muttered, gathering her thoughts. The man still waited for her to say whatever it was she needed to say.

"I was just wondering if you know how to get out of here . I was --- well, I was running away from someone, and then I ended up --- -". The man put up a hand, and gestured for Hazel to follow him. She considered running back and grabbing her blanket and other items, but quickly changed her mind once she saw how much farther ahead the man already was.

He lead her through a prickly bush, and a large gate. "You not supposed to play in forests like this. Very dangerous". The man called out sternly, from behind him. Hazel could almost feel her cheeks redden instantly. How much more embarrassing could this be?

"I wasn't playing. I told you, I was running from someone", Hazel said quietly, hoping he didn't hear her. Her own words sounded stupid to her . He grunted in response, and pushed his way though another thick bush, Hazel following closely behind.

She almost fainted when she saw the familiar houses, and of course the mall . She was back. She was alive.

Hazel wanted to give the man who had helped her a big hug , and kiss him! However, when she looked beside her, he was gone.

She slowly made her way towards the apartment she shares with Yasmin, unsure of what to say or do once she got there. She was still fed up with her friend, and really wanted nothing to do with her.

Hazel dug her key into the keyhole, and found Yasmin sitting on the couch, watching television, as if nothing had happened.

She closed the door behind her and eyed Yasmin. Yasmin finally recognized her presence and stood up. "Hey", she said casually. "What's up?" Hazel did all that she could to not slap her. What's up? Of all the things to say or ask, she says : 'what's up?'

Yasmin watched Hazel, waiting for a response. "You wanna know what's up? I was lost for 95 hours, in the wilderness, and you didn't even bother to help. That' what up", Hazel snapped.

Yasmin rolled her eyes. "Hazel, it was your choice to run away. We tried to tell you, but clearly you wouldn't listen. And it was only 5 hours, relax".

Hazel's jaw dropped. Any other best friend would be worried out of her mind , but Yasmin was in fact, blaming her for her own disappearance. Hazel looked around the room, and realized something ; she was the one who was paying rent. She was the one responsible for the apartment. Which means, she could do exactly what she was about to do.

Hazel pointed to the door. "Get out", she said with confidence. Yasmin gaped at her wildly. "What?" She whimpered, slowly rising from her seat. She looked so sad and innocent, but Hazel wouldn't let that get to her.

"I said, get out!" She repeated firmly, hands now on her hips. Yasmin looked back from Hazel to the door, confused. "What?" she said once again. Hazel breathed deeply. She didn't want to do this to her own best friend,but she had no choice. She had had enough of her.

Yasmin gave her a death glare, before slowly heading into their shared bedroom. Hazel could hear as she zipped up her many suitcases and packed items into it. Was she really doing this? Was this right? Where would Yasmin live? Would she be out on the street? Hazel considered all these questions, and was about to call off her whole ' kick Yasmin out of the apartment' idea, until her best friend was in front of her, smiling evilly.

"What?" Hazel snapped. "This is about Alfonso, isn't it?" Yasmin replied, that same smile etched on her face. Before Hazel could respond, Yasmin spoke again. "If it is, you just made a very bad choice". Hazel frowned, trying to piece together what Yasmin was saying. "It's not like he ever liked you. You can keep telling yourself that, but you know it's not true. Just look at you, Hazel. You're just like every other girl. You're boring, okay? You have no beauty. "

Hazel gasped. It would be much easier to take this from someone else, but her own best friend? How could she say these things? Hot tears began to pour from her eyes. "No, no! This has nothing to do with Alfonso!" Hazel cried, literally. Yasmin crossed her arms . "Didn't you always say that we should never get in a fight over a boy? That was you, Hazel! Now, you're just gonna throw me out over fricking Alfonso?! You're a bitch. I don't need you anyways."

With that, Yasmin left, and slammed the door behind her.

Hazel stared at the door, still teary-eyed. What the heck just happened?
Chapters:   « Previous 1 ... 5 6 7

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