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Hot Like Brazil

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Hot Like Brazil (4)

"Hazel! Wait up!" Yasmin called out, running after her friend. Hazel was already too far up ahead to hear her. "Hazel!" Yasmin called out once more. The stop light had just turned red, giving Yasmin the opportunity to catch up with her.

Hazel stood , arms folded as Yasmin approached her. "Where were you that whole time in the mall?" She demanded. Yasmin shrugged. "I went with Julio, I told you , right?" Julio? Oh, right! The hairy guy, Hazel remembered. "No, actually you didn't tell me. You just walked off. Do you know how lost I was? Keep in mind, I've never been to this country before!"

Yasmin sighed. "Look, Hazel. I'm not a kid. I get to do the things I want to do. Why are you even getting angry? You should be grateful I gave you that time to chat to Mr. Handsome back at the bench," Yasmin said, talking about Alfonso.

Luckily , before Hazel needed to respond, the light turned green, and the familiar white walking sign appeared. She marched down the road, Yasmin not far behind.


The next week was a bore. Hazel found herself at home everyday, eating bars of chocolate and watching continuous episodes of Brazilian telenovelas. Yasmin had been hitting up bars with her hairy Brazilian companion.

Oddly, Hazel felt a little lonely. She was used to it. She actually preferred being alone,but for some reason, things felt different for her in this whole new country.The girls were not in much of a talking mood lately, especially ever since the whole mall issue. Hazel hadn't seen Alfonso around either.

Today, Hazel would do something. She was compelled to go out and see the rest of Brazil, whether that was with Yasmin or without her. She had had enough of staying home, while Yasmin got to soak up all the fun.

Hazel threw on an FC Barcelona jersey, and a pair of white denim shorts, and was out the door. She was going to ask Yasmin to come along with her, but realized that she was gone (as usual).

It didn't matter. It was probably better that she went alone. Hazel walked past parks, smiled at small children kicking soccer balls around, and helped elderly people cross the street. She was in a great mood, and felt good about the rest of her day. She realized that she still had one thing to cross off her list. See Alfonso.

Expecting to see him inside, Hazel walked into the mall. She looked everywhere for a familiar blue shirt and name tag, but found none. She asked several workers, but they all had no idea where he was. Since she was already there, Hazel decided to do a bit of grocery shopping while she was at it. She bought some cereal, some bread, and a delicious-looking cake, kind of an apology gift for Yasmin, (she did sort of miss her best friend) , and stuffed it in a white bag.

I'll come back later. He'll probably be there then, she thought to herself as she exited through the double doors of the mall. From the side of the building, Hazel heard muffled voices ; one female, one male. Worried that somebody might have been getting mugged, Hazel rushed over to see.

She dropped her grocery bag at the sight of the two people.....

Yasmin and Alfonso.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Next »

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ForThoseWhoHaveHeart said...
Jun. 28, 2012 at 11:22 pm
Keep it going. It isn't bad.(:

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