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Hot Like Brazil

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Hot Like Brazil (3)

Hazel allowed herself to look up into the man's eyes. He was still looking at her weirdly, but grinning at the same time. She eased into her seat comfortably , now that she knew she wasn't about to get killed.

" Você está bem?" The man asked , in what sounded like Portuguese to Hazel. She looked closely and saw that their was a name tag -- the name Alfonso on it, and the word : volunteer attached to his blue shirt.

Hazel was just watching him, unsure of what to say next. He looked at her as well, until it finally occurred to him that she didn't understand what he had said.

In surprisingly good English, Alfonso spoke up. "Are you okay?" Hazel's eyes widened. She had not expected him to speak a word of English. "Yeah, I'm fine," she responded, rubbing her head.

"Sure? You looked a little startled when I came up to you", Alfonso said, grinning. He sat down next to her and picked up the newspaper she had once been reading. Alfonso was sitting so close to her, she felt almost violated. She had embarrassed herself in front of this guy--- this really cute guy.

Hazel only noticed how attractive he was when he sat down next to her. Yasmin would love him, Hazel thought to herself as she watched him read the newspaper. He suddenly looked up. "This yours?" He asked. "No, I found it here", Hazel replied. He nodded and kept flipping through the pages of the newspaper.

It was awkward. She felt uncomfortable sitting next to a stranger, while he read silently to himself. Hazel wanted to do or say something, to break the ice a little. She went for the name tag. "Alfonso. That's a nice name". He looked up once more from the newspaper and smiled at her. His teeth were shiny and white.

"Thank you. I'm sure yours is just as nice". Hazel shook her head. "It's actually quite boring". "Oh? Well, what is it?" Alfonso asked. "Hazel".

"Hazel", Alfonso repeated, looking off dreamily. "I like that. It's beautiful. Very American." Hazel shrugged. "How do you know I'm American? What if I'm like from Canada or something?" Alfonso smiled, steadying his grey cat-eyes on her. She had to look away. He made her so nervous!

"I just know", he winked. Hazel's heart began to beat rapidly. She pointed to the part on his name tag that said 'volunteer'. He answered before she even asked the question. "I spend most of my time volunteering around the mall when I'm not at school". Hazel nodded. "Is it fun?" She asked. She had wanted to ask something more serious, but that was all that came to her. He chuckled softly. "Yes! I see a lot of my friends from childhood walking around. We stop for chats, eat, you know, the usual. But mostly, I just love helping". Hazel was interested. The way he talked made her want to stick around. She almost forgot about the butterflies in her stomach when she talked to him. She liked that. He made her feel at ease. Hazel never met a guy who's done that.


Hazel and Alfonso were deep in conversation. They had been talking for about an hour, covering every subject. She discovered that Alfonso had been born in Brazil, but raised for the most part in Canada. That was why he was so fluent in English.He had a semi-professional soccer career going on, that originally started in Brazil, then led him to play in different parts of the world. He would soon be playing in an upcoming World Cup. Hazel made note of that, to tell her brother that she had met a rising athlete. He would be impressed. He spends most of his time during the summer in Brazil, to help out some of the poorer folks of his native region, Sao Paulo. Hazel surprisingly let herself open up to him, and she told him about her life and her family. He seemed genuinely intrigued about her American lifestyle. Hazel didn't want the conversation to end. Things were going so well, until She appeared.

Horrible timing was Yasmin's specialty. "Missed me?" Hazel's best friend said as she rushed toward her. Yasmin had barely noticed Alfonso sitting down next to Hazel. She slowed down as soon as she saw him. Hazel knew she would like him. "Well , hello there", Yasmin said flirtatiously.

Hazel gave her friend's arm a good yank, shutting her up. "Ouch!" Yasmin yelped. Hazel gave her a look. She turned to a confused Alfonso. "Uh, this is my best friend , Yasmin." Yasmin waved , and winked seductively. Alfonso just smiled politely and waved back. "We need to go", Hazel said suddenly. She knew deep down that she wanted to stay and keep talking to Alfonso. That was all she wanted to do at that moment, really. To be honest, Hazel was not very excited to see her friend at this moment. Alfonso looked a little upset that his new friend was leaving so suddenly, after having such a deep conversation with her. Yasmin looked angry that they were leaving almost as soon as she saw Alfonso. She was clearly attracted, and wanted to use her natural flirtatious charm on him.

Alfonso stood up, and hugged Hazel. She hugged back. Yasmin waited for her hug, but instead got a friendly little smile. Why is he so into Hazel? I mean, I love the girl, but look who else is standing right in front of him! Yasmin thought , as Alfonso slowly turned and walked away.

If looks could kill, Yasmin would have been dead long ago. The anger Hazel felt towards her best friend 1. for leaving her alone in a crowded, huge mall in a foreign country . And 2. for ruining the one and only good part of her day. For interrupting such a good discussion with a nice, good-looking guy. Hazel turned, and marched towards the exit, not waiting up for her best friend.
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