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Broken Butterflies

Author's note: My mother suffers from Lupus which is why I chose this disease for Wynter's character. The other...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: My mother suffers from Lupus which is why I chose this disease for Wynter's character. The other part of Wynter, apart from her disease is based around me. Even the name, Wynter is my pen name and it fits her character quite perfectly. She has the self esteem problems I do and has the same yearning for love that I do.  « Hide author's note
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Chapter 3

The drive to school is long and agnonizing like usual. I look out my window and see the blackened goth kids standing on the corner smoking their cigarettes. Their eyeliner eyes stare back at me as of they're daring me to question their badassness. I wouldn't dare. I know they are stronger than me, in more ways than one. They're so able to be different and be who they want to be, and not care if anyone thinks them weak or cowards.

Because they know they're not.

Because they're
Wynter's friends are based completely one four of my friends. Natalie is really Jessica, Alexandra is really Brittney, Elijah is really Lesly, and Hudson is really Kyle. The name Natalie came from Natalie Royal who is a recorded songwriter that my songwriting friend Jessica truly admires. Hudson is the last name of Slash's real name, Saul Hudson. Slash is my friend, Kyle's, favorite guitarist of all time. And the routine that they all go through is the exact routine I go through, except my mother drives me in the morning. My actual brother is only 7. :D
not disgusting, they're just strong. There's a difference between the two and unfortunatley I'm the latter. I tear my eyes away from them as they continue to inhale the smoke. I wish I could be as careless with my health. Although I have indulged in my sparce marijuana joint, an old bad influence of mine used to slip me some back when my lupus was real bad. It would soothe the pain and I couldn't feel anything. It was so blissful to be able to float on that green, stinky cloud. I would light some incense and float away, I'd be gone to somewhere where my skin was flawless.

I was flawless and smooth and angelic.

I was perfect.

But then my mom caught me and completley went haywire. I was never allowed to talk to that bad influence again and since then I have even touched a small taste of pot.

F*** I miss it.

I turn back to the front of the car where I finally the music Spencer has been playing all this time. I think it's Nirvana because I can hear Kurt Cobain's ribbon gravely voice screaming and grunting. The guitar itself doesn't sound that bad, but I can't understand a damn thing he's saying.

"Spencer what the hell are you playing?"

"It's Endless Nameless, it's off the Nevermind album. It's a good song." he replies turning it up.

Now the screaming is more intense, it seems to go on forever...


It has an identity but then it doesn't. It has it's own name but that name is nothing, because it's lost in the endlessness of the song.

Spencer's right, this is a pretty good song.

Just then his Beetle pulls up to the school and I grab my backpack and climb out of the car. When I open the door the music explodes from the vehicle and it screams out into the open air. Some of my classmates begin to stare at me but I just shrug and shut the door. Spencer drives off and I swear I hear the music get louder before he leaves the parking lot. Only my brother.

I look around for my friends and I spot them hanging out by an old picnic table. They see me too and smile and one of them, Natalie, runs towards me with her twisted curls flying behind her. She hugs me gently and tells me all about this new song that she's working on. Her brown eyes sparkle as she explains the awesome new piano riff she came up with the previous night. I walk with her to our three other friends who are waiting for the bell to ring. Alexandra has this spaced out look in her eyes and I can see why. Her earphones are in her ears, hiding just slightly behind her shortish blonde hair. Her blue eyes are staring into the sky, probably thinking of a new story to write. Another one that she'll probably get halfway through and then get another idea, happens all too often. Elijah is dancing around and saying the normal things that no one understands, making his bro Hudson laugh hysterically. Hudson is once again dressed like he woke up on the beach, the thin white shirt gracefully drapes over his muscles. And they flex each time he laughs at one of Elijah's jokes. When they spy us, they greet us with the normal words.

"Oh god it's those weirdos." Hudson says with that sarcastic annoyance dancing in his eyes. He smiles quickly afterward to make sure we know it's a joke.

Elijah just stands there, waiting for a hug which I gladly go and give him. He wraps me tightly in his dark arms and I rest my face against his comforting chest. Although Elijah can be pretty damn annoying, I know he loves all of us. He's a very special friend to me.

I manage to capture Alexandra's attention and she smiles and then grabs my arm and hugs onto it with her little hands. Despite the fact that her shortness makes us look three years apart, she's actually a year older than me. But as I tell her all the time, who looks older?

We spend the last few minutes before the bell exchanging the normal conversation. I keep noticing Hudson's eyes landing on Natalie and then warming at her sight. It doesn't surprise me, Natalie has always been rather beautiful. Even though she won't admit it, she's quite an envious beauty. I always had wish I could look like her.

Without the butterflies and glass bones. I wanted the golden aura she always seems to carry around. I wanted the imperfect perfection that always seemed to attract people to her. But despite all that, she's one of my best friends, along with Alexandra.

Then the bell rings and we all head inside to our lockers. I feel a sense of elderness as I go towards my locker and see all the underclassmen who have finally gotten used to being in a whole new situation. It's been a month since we went back to school and I'm still not used to being a senior. I'm a senior. This is the last year for everything.

I reach my locker and dial in my combination on my purple lock and see the messy stack of books and bewildered papers looking back at me. I grab my College Algebra book and head off to Art with Natalie and Alex. We say bye to Hudson and Elijah and walk back outside to brave the cold. I turn my head so it won't be slapped by the wind and walk bravely with my arms linked between my friends' warm ones. We cling together until we reach the building that houses the Art and Band room. This is where Alexandra departs as she heads into the door with the flutes and drums and music.

"Bye band geek." Natalie and I bid her.

"Bye art geeks." she says as the door closes.

We keep walking a little and then into the Art room. Mrs. Forman sits behind her desk with her reddish hair glaring under the falsified light. Natalie and I find our conjoined seats and sit just before the announcements come on demanding us to stand again for the pledge. Afterwards we and the rest of the art students sit down and begin to work on our projects. Natalie and I work in silence for awhile until Natalie gasps.

"What is it?" I ask her.

"Shooooot, I spilled some red paint on the wrong part of the painting." she groans in reply and begins to use some artistic tricks to remove the paint. I watch her as she gracefully and almost irresponsibly strokes the paper and effortlessly creates a beautiful picture. Of course she can still find an error, something she should've done differently. After she finishes, she looks at it and works it over with her gaze.

"You know you kicked ass on it." I say.

She chuckles in undecided agreement. "Yea..." her eyes grow and twirl.

Before I can convince her more, the door is knocked on. Mrs. Forman goes to answer it and behind it stands a student ambassador and a boy whom I've never seen before. He's tall and extremely tan with dark ebon hair and piercing green eyes to match. He's dressed in a white shirt with a black vest laid on top of dark jeans. My heart immediatley gets excited, I hope he's in here for this period. Natalie spots me staring and touches my hand. I look at her and she winks, I chuckle her softly and wink back.

Mrs. Forman whispers with the ambassador for a few moments and then says "Thank you" and gestures for the boy to come inside the class. The ambassador leaves and the boy looks almost scared to see the first person he knows here leaving him in a room of strangers. Mrs. Forman walks him to the front of the room and he bashfully meets our piercing gaze. Then our teacher speaks, breaking the thick ice.

"Class this is our foreign exchange student. His name is Zane Harvick and he comes to us all the way from where dear?" Mrs. Forman looks at him, lost for words.

"Umm, Australia." he mumbles in response.

"Well, g'day mate!" hollers Ethan from across the room. Lillian next to him chuckles along with him and Zane's cheeks burn red. I feel sorry for him as his eyes hide behind his hair as they drop their gaze to the floor.

"Now Ethan, don't tease him." Mrs. Forman warns.

Ethan doesn't learn any lesson but decides to spare Zane some mercy and turns back to his project.

"Well, Zane you can take any empty seat you like. Welcome to America son." Mrs. Forman hugs his shoulders with her warm hands and he nods smiling. Mrs. Forman returns to her desk and Zane looks bewildered around the room. Natalie looks beside us where there's another set of pair desks.

"You can sit in one of these if you like." she offers pointing to the pair.

He looks at her gratefully and nods in accordance. He walks over to them and chooses the one next to me. I turn my head away so he won't see my crimson cheeks. When they've calmed down, I look back and see him pulling out an old art journal. He opens it and I see some very close to perfection sketches. I'm amazed by his talent, and I'm drawn into the swirling watery colors and images. Soon I feel him looking at me and I catch his gaze. I'm immediatley ashamed.

"Oh, umm sorry." I apologize.

"No, it's alright." he says, I can taste his delicious accent. I'm butter.

"It's just that...you're really good." I say starstruck.

He smiles, the half circle lines curving perfectly around the corner of his lips. His starch white teeth shine at me and I melt. "Thanks, I try my best."

I hear Natalie softly chuckle to herself. "I wish I was half that good." she says.

"Well, don't base your talent solely off mine. Everyone has their own kind of talent." he says.

"Still..." I say looking back at the journal.

Zane chuckles, "Well maybe sometime I could give you some pointers."

I laugh nervously, "I would love that."

And out of the corner of my eye, I see Natalie softly chuckle and smile.
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MissEmilyDickinson This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Sept. 23, 2014 at 12:07 pm
This is absolutely, amazing. I hope you continue it, but if not, that's fine. It's just your story is amazing. It's wonderful. It has so much emotion and it's full of you and the people you care for. It's wonderful. I hope you continue, because you have such a talent and I enjoyed reading it. You do have a talent and greatness in you; bealieve that, please. Thank you for sharing this, so much. 
albaschirinzi said...
Apr. 22, 2014 at 9:09 am
In my opinion, this story is a masterpiece! I really enjoyed it and the knowledge you have about the disease and the fact that the story is also very personal to you makes it more meaningful and realistic. Keep up the good work!
PeytonLovesHarryPotter said...
May 5, 2013 at 10:00 pm
Hmmmm...... it's really good. However, here's a few pointers: Maybe slow the pace down a little bit with Zane, it's going too fast to be believable. Work on grammar and punctuation a bit, but it's not that bad. And last of all: CONTINUE IT! It's really good! I want more. :)
FallenAngel170198 said...
May 5, 2013 at 6:22 am
You should write some more :3 it's amazing :D
nanamay said...
Mar. 22, 2013 at 3:04 pm
so cool wright more.......it is peaceful...... :P
KJAngelAuthor said...
Jun. 28, 2012 at 6:51 pm
I agree with "nemish23"!!! You sound so knowledgeable about Lupis and it has a very personal feel to it. Please continue writing it!!!
nemish23 said...
May 31, 2012 at 5:41 pm

This is a great start to a really good sounding story. I'd love to read more.

I love it when people write books that mean something to them because it brings so much meaning to a story so good job!


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