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A Prohibited Relationship.

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Author's note: I don't really know were this idea came from. It just randomly came to me and I decided to give...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: I don't really know were this idea came from. It just randomly came to me and I decided to give it a bash and create a novel.  « Hide author's note
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Chapter One - Hello Mr Hottie.

It was Wednesday, 1st of September the start of a new year at college. I was in my room looking in the full length mirror. My long blonde hair was straight. My make up was perfect and I was proud of my pink full lips. I had on a brown see through shirt and a vest top on underneath it with a black dress jacket over it, brown skinny jeans with black heels. I grabbed my bag off of my bed and headed into the living room. I was sitting on the couch waiting on Amy and Cole. It was the first day back of
our second year of college. You’d think because it’s the first day back the two of them would actually want to make an effort to turn up on time. Sadly nope I share a flat with two of the loudest, obnoxious, big headed people I know. I looked at the clock and it read 8:25. I groaned inwardly at myself. I was actually thinking about leaving them and letting them get the bus to college or pay for a taxi.

“Will you to move!” I shouted tapping my foot against the coffee table.

“Babe it takes time I can’t always look perfect” Cole shouted from his room in his Essex’s accent.

“Well if you don’t move you will be sporting a nice shinny black eye” I said through gritted teeth.

“Ok ok I’m coming!” He shouted and slammed his door shut behind him and entered my line of view.

“That’s what she said!” Amy shouted in her heavy Irish accent coming into my sight.

I groaned.

“Amy it’s only half 8 please enough with the sexual references” I said pulling my eyebrows together.

She snickered while making her way into the kitchen and came out with an apple. She was leaning against the kitchen door frame while biting into her apple.

“Are you really wearing that?” I asked in disbelieve.

She had on a white and blue baggy stripped shirt with a green scarf around her neck and the shortest denim shorts I have ever seen. The shirt was longer than the shorts to be frank.

“Yeah, I wanna make an impression why?” She giggled.

I shock my head at her as she took another bite out of her apple.

“You should buy longer shorts Amy; I can see your ass cheeks!” I said not amused.

“Funny that, cause I got them from your wardrobe” She said while turning and shaking her ass at me.

“Shake what your mumma gave ya” She sang still shaking her bum from side to side.

“Those are mine?” I asked in disbelieve while making a face.

“Yes love” She said grinning while turning back around to face me.

“I need to invest in longer shorts” I said disgusted then continued. “Are you guys ready?”

“Yes sir” Amy said mocking my Scottish accent.

I rolled my eyes at her and got up from the couch and made my way to the front door. I opened it and shoved the two of them out the door and locked it. We stayed in luxuries apartments in the middle of England. I bet your wonder why a Scottish, Irish and Essex person all live in London in the same flat? Well we all moved to London because the college choice was better. We all met last year which was our first year of college. Amy and Cole were standing arguing over who had better hair, childish I know. I intervened and then we instantly all became friends. We all got stuck with sucky roommates in college campus so we decided to split in 3 ways for the apartment.

I unlocked my mini and climbed in the diver’s seat. None of them were aloud to sit in the front because they have a habit of almost making me crash. So Cole and Amy sat in the back and were arguing over who could pull the most boys. I snorted and started the car.

“What you snorting at piggy?” Amy sang.

“Well first of all you don’t even really like boys and second you guys are so immature making everything a competition”

“Well you’re just …. BORING” Cole said laughing.

I rolled my eyes and pulled out of the parking space and drove to college. All the way there I had to put up with their constant babble. They were talking about celebrities they would and wouldn’t do. The two of them were similar but yet so different. Their personalities clash all the time.

“Ohhhh Hayley!” Amy screams and whacks my shoulder.

I squeal as I lose control of the car and swerve into the other lane. I scream as I almost collide with on coming traffic. I then grip the steering wheel and pulled into the lane I was suppose to be in then hit the breaks. Amy and Cole stopped screaming now and pushed each other away as they were clinging to each other for dear life.

“Amy” I screamed turning around in my seat and glaring at her. “What have I told you about shouting in my ear and physically attacking me, while driving you're going to get us killed one day” I snapped.

I turned the key and the car started up again. I began to drive again and went round a round-a-about.

“I’m sorry Hayley”

I nodded while gripping the steering wheel tighter.

“Ohhh yeah I remember now we have a new assistant lecturer person that’s going to be there this year, apparently next year they’re taking over Johns position” She said happily.

“Wooo” I replied dryly.

“I hope he or she’s a babe” She sang.

“It wouldn’t matter teacher/student rules” I smirked.

“I don’t care I’ll be banging them for good grades” She replied proudly.

“But he or she wouldn’t technically be a teacher just one in training” Cole butt in.

“The same rules apply idiot because he or she would be our lecturer next year and Amy that’s just low” I said rolling my eyes.

“Ohh” Cole said sinking back into the seat.

“Put you're seat belt on!” I snapped.

I seen him rolling his eyes in my mirror but pulled on his belt anyway as did Amy.

“I swear you guys better be on your best behaviour this year I can’t go through all the drama like last year” I sighed.

“Yes mum” They said in sync and giggled.

I rolled my eyes at them and took a sharp left causing Amy to smack her head off the window and Cole to smack his head off of her shoulder. I smiled triumphantly at their groans and apologised while holding in my laughter.

“Hayley you did that on purpose?” Amy groaned.

“OMG! If I get a black eye I’m going to cry and kill you Hayley Hunter!” Cole snapped.

I snorted.

“Please you couldn’t hurt a fly Cole you just don’t have it in you” I snickered.

I could hear him mutter under his breath but I couldn’t make out what he was saying. Around 5 minuets later I pulled into the college car park and circled looking for a parking space. Once I found one I parked and got out the car as did Cole and Amy. I grabbed my bag and shut the door while locking my car. We made our way into the building and saying hello to the passing students we knew. We all went into the canteen and I got a coffee to calm my nerves. Amy got a lucozade and Cole was tanning the red bull as he was out parting last night and hasn’t had much sleep.

“Well my lovely’s I will see you at break or lunch bye” Cole said and skipped off.

“He is so gay!” Amy sang.

“Yeah and you're so bi now lets go” I said annoyed.

“And you're so up tight” She laughed.

“Am not” I snapped.

“Whatever” She sang.

We made our way to the second floor and entered our lecture hall. There were a lot of faces I knew from last year. I walked to the back and sat beside Kelly and Tom with Amy on my right.

“Hi guys!” I smiled.

“Hey” They both replied.

“How was your summer?” I smiled.

“Yeah was good” Kelly replied.

“Excepted she almost killed us both in a car accident” Tom laughed.

I turned to look at Amy knowingly and she giggled.

“Yeah ano the feeling” I said turning back to them.

“So have either of you heard anything about this assistant lecturer then?” Amy asked while leaning over me to look at the twins.

“Nope” Kelly replied popping the P while Tom shook his head.

“Damn” Amy said flinging herself against the back of the chair.

Kelly laughed and raised an eyebrow.

“Amy thinks she can sleep with who ever it is for a better grade” I snickered.

“Aww yeah I forgot all the sweets in the candy shop where open to you” Tom laughed.

I burst out laughing also and I seen Amy blush. It is very rare to get Amy to blush. I looked up at the door and seen Jessica walk in. She was the one that wears the fake tan, hair extensions and what not. The pretty one – The one that’s confident and knows she’s good looking. She’s a really nice girl and would do anything to help you out pretty much like myself. Amy’s the opposite and would do anything to pretty much get you stuck in awkward situations. Jessica smiled at me and waved and I replied with my own smile and wave. She took a seat next to Gareth the sporty one. Everyone in the class was talking until the door opened and in walked the most sexiest’s guy alive and no I wasn’t over exaggerating. What I’d do to kiss him! My mind screamed at me. Hey don’t judge I have some sort of a sex drive like everyone else. I ran my eyes over Mr Hottie and gasped a little when I met his eyes. My jaw was open slightly and I seen Amy rub her hands together. Kelly was fidgeting and most of the other girls where fixing themselves and giggling. We may be in college but trust me when it come’s to guy’s its like being in high school all over again. He took front and centre and smiled brightly looking over everyone. Once his eyes landed on me he smirked, probably because I was totally checking him out. I blushed and looked down at the desk.

“Ok hi everyone my names Evan Gray and I’m the trainee lecturer” I looked up and seen him grinning.

Wohhh hold up! He’s the trainee lecturer he looks- I was pulled out of my thoughts by him talking again.

“Ano what your all thinking he doesn’t look old enough to be a school teacher never mind a college lecturer but it’s all about who you know” His grin still in place.

“So John isn’t joining us today as he is busy with the business school so you will have me all day-”

“Yes I will” Amy whispered under her breath.

I nudged her and rolled my eyes at her sexual needs and looked back to Mr Hottie. He was wearing a white shirt with a few buttons undone which meant everyone got a peek at his well defined chest. He had a black tie on but it wasn’t done all the way up. He had a black smart jacket over it and black dress trousers. His hair was brown/blonde and shortish, his fringe swept to the right and landed just above his amazing blue eyes. My heart beat increased as my eyes met his. He smirked at me again and I looked else where. He was seriously gorgeous. I wasn’t caring about student/teacher rules I’d seriously jump his bones right now. Stop it! I scolded myself. This wasn’t me I didn’t have random meaningless sex like Amy. Not that It’s a bad thing. I shook my head and cleared all thoughts of Mr Hottie.

“First off I’m coming around with your time tables” He smiled pushing himself of the desk walking around handing out white bits of paper. He placed one in front of Tom then Kelly, Me and Amy. He walked back down to the front and leaned against the desk again.

“So as you can see you guys get Thursday off “He spoke with a smile.

“Which means we can go out tonight” I heard Jessica say excitedly.

Evan laughed.

“So I spoke with John and he said that normally the first week is boring and nothing get’s done so today I want to get to know you all better” He smiled and walked around handing out more paper.

I had my eyes on the table at all times even when Amy was nudging me and trying to get my attention. His hand flashed in front of my eyes as he placed a bit of paper in front of me and one in front of Amy. He snickered under his breath and walked off. Does he know the effect he has on me already, how I just seem to want him right now? I looked up and seen his standing front and centre again.

“Ok so pair up with someone anyone you like and I want to know a few facts about your partner so right them down I’m giving you all 10 minuets” He smiled and sat on Johns desk. (A/N: Johns their actual lecturer)

I turned around to Amy who was, eye humping Evan like I practically was earlier on. I nudged her and she turned to me grinning.

“Ohh this is going to be a good year” She sang.

I rolled my eyes at her.

“I thought you said you didn’t like boys as much as girls?” I asked curious.

“I don’t but come on he’s cute I can work with cute” She grinned.

I snorted.

“He’s not cute Amy” I said.

He’s effing handsome my thoughts rushed on ahead and I could feel my face starting to heat up at the inappropriate thoughts of my soon to be lecturer.

“Judging by that very cute blush on your face I’m assuming you think he’s majorly hot?” She laughed.

“Right ok now back to this stupid arse” I laughed.

“Hey! I seen you eyeing him up earlier don’t deny it you want his ass” She laughed.

“Look around Amy every girl in this room wants him probably every girl in the freaking college!” I whispered.

She laughed.

“Admit it even you’d tap that?” She laughed.

“You girls are supposed to be talking about each other and finding out facts not fantasying about me” He smirked.

Amy giggled like actually giggled like a girl, wither as I narrowed my eyes at the cocky jerk.

“Sorry Evan” Amy said fluttering her eye lashes and smiling innocently.

My eyes widened at her behaviour and then turned my eyes to Evan who was looking at me for god knows what. Was he waiting on an apology?

“What?” I snapped.

He laughed and then smirked.

“Nothing now get back to what you’re actually supposed to be doing” He said walking away.

I turned to Amy and narrowed my eyes at her.

“You done that on purpose” I snapped.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about love” She sang while righting things on the bit of paper.

I sipped at my coffee and sighed as the warm liquid ran down my throat. I looked over my coffee cup and seen Evan staring at me with that stupid cocky smirk on his face. How I’d loved to wipe that look clean off of his face. Although he does look amazingly hot still.

I put down my coffee cup and I groaned while smacking my head of the desk. This year was going to be hard if he took up pretty much every thought in my head right now how will it be in months to come? Jesus I’m not even involved with him romantically in anyway and he has me hooked on his amazingly god like looks. If only his personal was equally as amazing. I heard a snicker and knew who it was coming from. I refused to look up. My head still rested on my arm I turned it to the right and started right on the bit of paper.

“Ok guys times up” Evan said.

I slowly raised my head and looked at the front where Evan was standing smiling at everyone.

“Who wants to go first?”

“I do!” I heard Amy scream from next to me.

“Ok well stand up and introduce yourself and your partner” He smiled.

Amy pushed her chair back a little and stood up. She cleared her throat and began to speak unfortunately.

“My names Amy Adams and this” She said pointing to me. “Is my partner Hayley Hunter” She grinned.

“Ok well hello Miss Adams and Miss Hunter” He smirked.

I nodded at him and looked back down at the floor.

“Well Hayley is 18 and is 19 on June 30th. She likes to boss me and our friend Cole around because well we are kind of immature-“

I scoffed.

“Kind of!?” I interrupted her.

“Hayley don’t interrupt you will get your turn” He smirked.

“Yeah Hayley” Amy sang.

I rolled my eyes and had a bad feeling about this.

“Continue Amy” He smiled.

“As I was saying before I was rudely interrupted” She looked down at me giving me a knowing smile. “She likes to boss me and our friend Cole around cause we are kind of immature. Hayley is originally from Scotland as you can tell by her sexy accent. We all stay together in a flat about 20 minuets from here and she’s a nervous driver mostly because of me” She laughed and I rolled my eyes while taking a sip of my coffee.

“She’s awfully shy when it comes to boys so that’s probably why Hayley is well a virgin-“

I spat my coffee out and looked at a smirking Amy.

“Amy!” I cried.

“What there’s nothing wrong with being an 18 year old virgin” She snickered.

“Amy!” I growled.

“Ok so I lied about that one but she wasn’t had it in what-“She paused for effect while trying to think. “Years!” She beamed.

I groaned and slouched down into my chair and blushed. I could hear snickering going on in the class and Evan was one of them. I could feel tears pricking at my eyes from the humiliation. I looked down at my desk and she carried on.

“Hayley likes to sing and dance and she’s surprisingly good at both” She said and then sat back down. I didn’t bother looking up the class or looking at her I just kept my head down and stared at the piece of paper on my desk.

“Hayley?” I heard his mesmerising voice.

I groaned inwardly. This couldn’t get any worse. She’s made me look like a right idiot in front of everyone of our class mates as well at Evan.

“What?” I said still looking at the piece of paper.

“Your turn” He said.

I nodded and stood up still looking down at the piece of paper. I lifted it up and basically put it in my face so no one could see my flushed face and watery eyes. I was pretending to read of the paper but there were just scribbles on it. I cleared my throat.

“Well as you can tell Amy has a big mouth and doesn’t know when to keep it shut. She’s 19 and will be 20 on November 5th even though she acts like a 5 year old. She’s from Ireland and Amy likes sex but can’t make up her mind wither she’s straight or gay so she opts to be bi cause she’s greedy that way. She likes to embarrass people and is loud. She still sleeps with her blanket Mr Snuggles” I put the paper down on the desk and looked Evan right in the eyes.

“And wants to bang Evan for a better grade” I smiled shrugging and sat down.

Evan’s face was one of shock and Amy was blushing like crazy. Evan cleared his throat and smirked then nodded slight and looked around the classroom.

“Who’s next?” He asked as if neither of us said inappropriate things.

“I’m going to kill you” Amy said under her breath.

“Not if I kill you first” I mumbled back.

“Why did you say those things?” She asked her voice full of hurt.

I turned my body to face her and stared at her.

“You started it by saying I was a so called virgin and everything else!” I snapped.

“At least I said you where good at singing and dancing” She said.

I shrugged.

“I said you liked sex that’s a positive?” I said.

She burst out laughed and hugged me. I looked at her confused.

“Aww I love you man!” She beamed.

My face was probably one of confusion. I just got up and publicly embarrassed her by saying all that and it didn’t faze her? When she had me almost crying from embarrassment! What he hell.

Evan was staring at me smirking again and I looked back down at the table. Stupid hot lecturer to be. About an hour and a half later everyone had finished their little talks about one and other.

“Ok that was great very entertaining” He said looking in mines and Amy’s direction. “So it’s only fair that you find out a little about me so everyone have a question ready for me” He beamed.

“Ok Jessica?” He smiled.

“What age are you?”

“24” He smiled.

“Are you single?” Kelly asked.

He looked as if he was thinking long and hard about his answer.

“Yes” He laughed.

“What’s your favourite hobby?” Tom asked.

“Probably going to the gym” Evan replied.

“Amy?” Evan asked.

“Virgin or not?” She beamed and I chocked on the air.

“Not” He laughed.

He turned his attention to me. S***! I didn’t have a question. I started to rack my brain for a question.

“Where are you originally from?” I asked.

“Florida” He smiled.

He looked at the boy beside Amy.

“I’m not really interested in you mate” He said and I burst out laughing.

Evan looked at me with narrowed eyes and I bit my lip to stop myself for laughing all over again.

“Well I wasn’t particularly interested in you but still had to listen but hey who’s next?” He said and looked at a girl in the row in front of us.

“When’s your birthday?” She asked.

“January 1st” He replied.

He turned to another girl who wasn’t here last year and tbh? I couldn’t tell you her name.

“Would you date a student?” She beamed.

My, Amy, Kelly and Tom all gasped out slightly while Jessica chocked on her water and Gareth was laughing his head off. Most of the other students started whispering. Evan just stared blankly at her, once he got himself together he stared around the room and his eyes landed back to the girl that asked the question.

“No I wouldn’t want to get sacked from work now would I or get the student kicked out” He said giving the best grin he could muster.

“So If it was legal, would you?” She continued.

He shifted uncomfortably probably from everyone’s gaze. You could tell all the girls were dying for him to say yes.

“Well If It was legal then probably” He said smirking.

After Q and A we went on a break. I left the room and went to the canteen with Amy by my side. We spotted Cole in the canteen at a table and we sat with him.

“How is your first day back?” Cole asked.

“Eventful. Hayley has a crush on our new trainee lecturer” She giggled.

I groaned.

“I don’t have a crush grow up he’s hot that’s about it!” I snapped.

“Wow someone’s on their bad week” Cole cooed.

I rolled my eyes and stood up from the chair and walked over to the coffee machine. I got another coffee and walked back to the room. I sat at my desk in silence as there was no one in the room thank god. I was sipping at my coffee enjoying the piece and quiet when the door opened and in waked Evan. I groaned inwardly. I kept my eyes on the table and tapped my fingers against my coffee cup. I saw his thigh as he was sitting on my desk. I looked up at him and seen him smirking down at me which caused me to blush slightly.

“What?” I asked.

He laughed and I looked back up at his handsome face.

“You and Amy are rather entertaining to watch especially the way you try to control your anger and your blush” He grinned.

I blushed even deeper now and took a long sip off my coffee so I wouldn’t have to say anything. I nodded slight and then the next words out of my mouth – I would probably regret.

“Are you always so observant with your other students?” I said without thinking.

He looked taken aback and shock filled his face, then it turned to anger. I began to panic s***! But he completely ignored the question. You’d think he never heard me, if his facial expression never changed I would have guessed he never heard me. His facial expression changed again but I couldn’t read it.

“So you’re from Scotland?” He said in his thick American accent.

“Yup” I said popping the p.

“I’ve always wanted to visit Scotland” He said laughing.

I looked up at him.

“Why it’s constantly raining?” I laughed slightly.

“Nice scenery” He smirked.

“Ohh” Was my only reply.

He leaned in slightly.

“You have a very cute accent” He said staring into my eyes.

I blushed hard and looked down at my cup of coffee. Jessica came bursting through the door and Evan didn’t move from the desk. She came up to us and sat on Amy’s seat. Evan’s phone rang; he smiled down at both of us then got up and walked off. He pulled his phone out and looked at the screen. I could see the muscles on his back tensed through his shirt because he complained it was to hot and took off his jacket. He shoved the phone back into the pocket of his trousers not bothering to answer it.

“So we are all going to town tonight to get drunk you know back at college celebration you joining? Amy is ohh and Cole” She said brining me back to reality.

“Sure” I smiled I needed a night out especially after todays antics.

“Great! We are all meeting in the pub sugar cube at 9”She smiled.

“Ok I’ll be there” I smiled.

She nodded and walked back out of the classroom again. I tapped my coffee cup with my fingers again and Evan walked up to me and put his hand over mine. I gasped slightly at his touch. His hand was so warm against mines. I felt my hand begin to sweat slightly at his touch. My tummy was also doing little flips at the sudden contact. I looked up at him and he looked amused.

“Stop with the tapping it’s irritating” He smirked and removed his hand leaving my hand cold.

“Sorry” I replied blushing.

He just chuckled at me and nodded. He leaned in again to say something. The door then opened and he turned around and walked back down to John’s desk. Amy came into my line of view and was grinning like an idiot. She basically skipped her way up the row of tables and plopped down on the seat next to me. She leaned in.

“So you and Evan looked cosy what where you guys talking about?” She smiled.

“We didn’t behave! And he asked how much a coffee was” I lied easily.

“Hmmm sure he did” She laughed.

“He did” I said sipping at my own coffee.

She laughed and shrugged it off thank god. I really couldn’t be arsed with her constant questioning me. I leaned in to her.

“Even if I did like him more than a lecturer which I don’t, I wouldn’t act on it because it’s illegal” I lied again.

Her eyes widened and she turned and her noes brushed off of mines. I didn’t even flinch away from the sudden touch because I’m used to Amy being in my face.

“You like him don’t you” She whispered.

I looked out at the corner of my eye and seen Evan stare at us with wide eyes. I turned my eyes back to Amy and then realised it looked as if we were about to kiss. I snickered under my breath and Amy looked confused. Her face then went a tad red and she giggled, so she clicked on also. She cocked her head to the side and I swear I thought she leaned in further.

“Yeah and I have no idea why he’s a cocky jerk, I think it’s just his looks” I breathed while blushing.

She started jumping up and down on her chair and clapping her hands. I blinked a few times then pulled away from her. What the hell?

I heard a chuckle coming from the front of the room and knew who it was. I heard foot steps and he was standing in front of us.

“What’s got you so happy Amy?” He smiled.

She had that stupid evil glare in her eyes and that evil smirk on her face. She was planning something and I knew it was going to back fire on me.

“I just confessed my love to her and she went to kiss me! I was expecting her to reject me! And well I’m just so happy” She beamed grinning at Evan while squeezing my knee.

His eyes darted to my knee then to my face. Evan’s face was hard to read I thought I saw horror then he composed his facial expression and he was smirking.

“Lesbians? I could work with that” He grinned.

“I bet you could Evan” Amy purred.

I shook my knee and she took her hand off of my knee and slung it on the back on my chair. She was grinning like an idiot and still had that evil look in her eyes. I turned my head around to face her and I plastered a fake grin on my face as she leaned her head in slightly. What the f*** is she doing? I began to panic and I leaned back a bit too much and fell backward off my chair. I screamed and landed on the floor with a dull thud. I heard Evan burst out laughing and Amy was now in my chair leaning down.

“Are you ok?” She asked with fake hurt. She was making a face saying go with it.

I was so confused this girl was totally bi-polar. I swear if she has a thing for me I will have to knock some sense into her.

“Sorry I just don’t think kissing in front of a lecturer is appropriate” It was more of a question. Amy grinned back at me and put a thumb up quickly then turned around to face Evan.

“You don’t mind do you Evan?” She smiled innocently.

I was still on the floor and I didn’t bother moving. Evan’s face was like thunder and he gave a tight nod. He turned on his heels and walked back down to the front. I jumped up and push Amy off of my chair and she plopped down on her own. I snapped my head around to her.

“What the hell is your problem?” I whispered/shouted at her.

She grinned like an idiot.

“He likes you” She said simply sipping at her water.

“Don’t be so stupid” I said fixing my shirt that had ridden up due to the fall.

“I’m not, did you not see his face and his body language when we almost kissed and when you said it was ‘inappropriate’ to kiss in front of him-“

She was interrupted when Evan started to speak. I hadn’t noticed that everyone was back from break. Amy nudged me and I turned to face her.

“What?” I snapped.

“I’m sorry about trying to kiss you and everything but my plan worked-“

“What plan?” I asked nervous.

“I thought he had a thing for you he always smirks at you and when I came in I seen the way you where looking at each other It’s obvious-“

“Woooh there calm down! We’ve only known him what 3 hours? I think he’s hot that’s it stop playing match maker I hate when you do this Amy you done it with Craig and scared him away!” I snapped.

“Hayley?” A new voice said.

My heart picked up speed and I tried to control my blush, tried being the key word.

“Yes?” I said looking up.

“Keep your lovers tiff for outside the classroom” He said.

“Sorry” I mumbled while my cheeks turned red.

The rest of the day past by in a blur. At lunch Amy filled in Cole on what happened and he couldn’t stop laughing at our ‘lesbian moment’ For the rest of the day Amy kept touching me at inappropriate times and you could see the announce on Evan’s face. I was seriously beginning to think he didn’t like gays. Not that I’m actually gay, but Amy and Cole are. So that’s why he was being all moody towards us, because he doesn’t like gays. I was pulled out of my thoughts.

“Ok guys I’ll see you all tomorrow” Evan smiled.

“Evan!” Jessica beamed.

“Yes?” He replied while shoving papers into his bag.

“We are all going out tonight and we were all wondering if you wanted to join us?” She asked.

“I don’t think that would be appropriate” He replied.

“Why not? We are all of age and plus it’s not like you’re a school teacher with under agers lots of lectures do it John does it all the time” She smiled.

He stood there thinking about it for a while then looked up from Jessica to Amy and I then back to Jessica.

“Sure thing” He smiled.

“Great we’re all meeting at Sugar Cube at 9” She smiled.

“The gay bar?” He asked annoyed.

“Yes it’s cheap in there for drinks is that a problem?”

“No not at all see you at 9” He smiled while exiting the classroom.

I groaned. This was going to be the worse night ever. I could hear Amy laugh beside me as we exited the room and made our way out of the building.

“Hey maybe you can make your move when he’s drunk” She smiled.

“Shut up! It’s your fault he practically hates us” I sneered.

“How?” She asked confused.

“Don’t you get it? He’s homophobic” I said in a duh voice.

She burst out laughing.

“That’s why he was annoyed when you tried to kiss me and when he looked annoyed when Jessica told him we were all meeting in sugar cube”

She stopped laughing and was thinking about it I guess. I unlocked the door to my mini and climbed into the driver’s seat while shutting the door. Amy got in the back and we waited for Cole.

“Seriously I don’t think he’s homophobic-“

“Whatever you say we will just agree to disagree” I said.

I could hear her trying to hold in a giggle. I rolled my eyes at her childish behaviour and started drumming my fingers against the steering wheel. About 5 minuets later Cole came running over to the car and climbed in. He huffed out and shoved his hair dressing kit in the front seat next to me where my bag also was.

“Have a good day?” I asked starting the engine.

“Yeah was good you both?” He asked.

“Don’t even get me started after the whole lesbian moment I’m pretty convinced he’s homophobic” I said to Cole while pulling the car out of the parking spot and driving home.

Cole didn’t say anything about the matter but went on to another subject.

“So our class is going out tonight apparently a girl called Jessica knows a lot of the hair dressing girls so we are taking along with the business students i.e. you both” He smiled.

“Yeah and Evan’s tagging along also” Amy grinned.

“The trainee?” Cole asked.

She nodded.

“What about John?” He asked wagging his eyebrows.

Cole had a thing for John. Although John was happily married and not gay. I laughed.

“He wasn’t in today so no invite” I smirked.

“Awww” He whined.

“Trust me Evan’s muuuuuch better looking” Amy laughed.

Cole shrugged.

“I guess I’ll see tonight” He grinned.

“We hitting town then to buy new outfits then?” I asked annoyed knowing the answer.

“Obviously!” They both said.

I nodded and turned left and headed towards the big shopping centre in town. I was planning on dressing to kill tonight not really caring what happens.

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Readobsesion said...
Nov. 17, 2013 at 8:21 pm
Write more!
PeytonLovesHarryPotter said...
Jun. 16, 2013 at 9:14 pm
You had me cracking up most of the time! I love it! Grammar and spelling aren't amazing, but that's ok. The friends Amy's kind of a freak..... But definetly continue, k?! It's awesome!
FallenAngel170198 said...
Apr. 11, 2013 at 7:35 am
Please keep writing. This story has a great plot and the characters are AMAZING! More please?
Nani22 said...
Mar. 20, 2013 at 9:27 pm
I love your story sooo much! Please write some more soon!
Bookworm1998 said...
Dec. 22, 2012 at 6:10 pm
I love the plot, and can't wait to read more. Your characters are very well made, and are absolutely hilarious together! Write on! :)

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