Slaying My Love

May 8, 2012
By TheMorticiansDaughter666, London, England, Other
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TheMorticiansDaughter666, London, England, Other
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Favorite Quote:
People Are Just Like Music. Some Have A Meaning That You Can Relate To. Whilst Others Are Just Noise.

Author's note: I was really inspired by this story from Quizazz called 'My Master, My Lover'. As you can probably guess from the title, it's a love story between a vampire master and his human slave. It's an amazing story and I totally enjoyed reading it.

The author's comments:
This is just a short part of introducing the characters.

Hey there beautiful. I’m Avery, I’m 16 years of age and I’m a vampire slayer. I guess you can call me ‘emo’ because of what I wear, the things I do and the type of hairstyles I have. But no biggy. Anyways, like I said before, I’m a vampire slayer, but I’m different from the rest. I’ve got telepathy powers. How you may ask?? Before my parents were killed, they gave me and my baby sister a dose of “Lamia Sanguis”. I don’t know what it is so don’t ask. When things get out of hand, and I mean REALLY out of hand, I change into my “form”. In my form, I turn paler and my some parts of my hair turn sliver, I don’t know why, it just does .With my powers, it’s obviously easier for me, but I prefer not to use them so I know what to do when I run out on energy and besides, I prefer to have a challenge.

The author's comments:
This is just a short part of introducing the characters.

Sup losers?! I’m Christian Drew, but you can call me Chris or Drew. I’m 16 years old, well, 159 actually but I’m a vampire so I don’t age. I’m a full blood which means I was born as a vampire. According to my slaves, I’m mean, arrogant, selfish and vain. I’m pretty much an asshole because I don’t care about what people think. I’m a player. I like to use girls and then just leave them. But baby, don’t hate the player, hate the game. I have tons of useless slaves, all their blood tastes good but none of them catch my taste. I’ve tried all blood types. All accept one, ABO. People think it’s just a blood myth but I think it is real. And I will have it one day.

The author's comments:
This is just a short part of introducing the characters.

Hello there. I’m Andrew Nate Price but you can call me Andy or Nate. I’m 16 years old like Avery , but I’m older than her by 2 months. I’m 6’1 tall and I’m Avery’s partener in crime. Avery, she’s amazing, she has pure skill and she is just drop dead goregous. She’s smart , talented, caring and just the most perfect girl living. And I think, just think that I might be in love with her.

Avery’s point of view

Maria’s blood was spilt everywhere. She was my partner, my best friend and my sister. She was gone. I checked her pulse in her neck and felt nothing. I swiped her red fiery hair out of her face and ran my cold pale hand along her cheek. I cried real tears of sorrow and pain as I remembered every good and bad memory we shared together. I was only six when the vampires took over and they killed every last slayer including our mom and dad. Or so they thought. Before our parents were ruthlessly killed, they took us to a slayers guild where we would be looked after by the other slayers. We were very popular and well looked after, we were trained pretty well to. But everyone has a weakness. Maria is only 14 years old, but yet, the vampire who killed her showed no mercy. My beautiful baby sister is now dead. Killed by the same clan of vampires that killed our parents, our loved ones and our friends. They are going to pay. Devastated and filled with anger, I lifted up the corps of my sister and left the building. I didn’t care who saw. I signalled the backup troops to do the rest of the work. I dialled Andrew and told him what happened; he came in lighting speed in his black Lamborghini. We reached the guild in no time and they took my sister out of my arms. Andrew told me everything would be OK, but I knew better. It wasn’t going to be OK, and with that I swiftly ran to my room leaving Andrew speechless. I cried and cried until it felt like eyes were going to explode. But I knew crying would get me nowhere. I had to seek my revenge.

Avery's Point Of Veiw

“No Maria. It’s too dangerous.”
“Oh it’s too dangerous is it?? That’s what you said last time!! But look at me Avery, I’M FINE!! I came back alive didn’t I??
Maria flinched with fresh salty tears running down her eyes. I didn’t mean to hurt her. I approached her and gave her a tight hug.
“Maria.. I’m so sor-” I began
“I don’t need protecting Avery.”
She stepped back and disappeared into thin air. What have I done??
I woke up with sweat on my face and tears in my eyes. What’s going on? What’s happening to me? Why would I dream that?
My ringtone rang. I looked at the caller ID, it said unknown number. I picked it up anyway.
“Hello??” I said, pretending I was asleep just in case it was Roger trying to send me to another mission.
“You’re dead B*tch…..”
Then they hung up. What?? Why?? Who?? This is all very confusing now, what the hell is going on? I lay back down burring my face deep into the pillow. “You’re dead b*tch. You’re dead b*tch.” It just kept repeating in my head for what seemed like forever. Eventually, I fell asleep. A calm dreamless sleep.
I woke up with a pounding headache and a sickfeeling in my stomach. It was disgusting. I hated it. I got up and walked to the shower, I turned it on and turned the knob to warm so I wouldn’t burn myself. I stripped and got in, I loved the warm water running down my body, it made me relax. I closed my eyes thinking of how I would live my life now that Maria is gone. It was always us sisters fighting against the world back –to-back. It felt great knowing that I could protect her. But I can’t now. She’s dead. And It’s all my fault. I should of tried harder to convince to stay at the guild. I had a feeling she was going to escape. But why didn’t I listen to my feelings?? Why??

Avery’s Point Of View

It’s been 6 months since Maria’s death and since then I’ve been training extra hard. I must avenge her and my parents. Andrew stuck by me like glue and he is now my new partner, but he can never replace Maria, nobody can. Andrew has bright blue hair and amazing hazel eyes, he is 6’1 and has a very bubbly personality. He acts like a kid and I find it really adorable. But this week, I feel different about him. Some how, I feel… Shy?? Clueless?? Confused?? And overall just warm and tingly inside. What could this mean??
“Avery Hope Simmos and Andrew Nate Price please report to the confrence room. “ Amilia announced.
I wonder what they want. I made my way to the confrence room swiftly ,and there stood Mrs Hedson. Woah I thought. It must have been really important since she’s here. Mrs Hedson is really important person, she has a really high status in this world, nearly as high as the vampiric royals but what were she doing here??
“Hello Miss Simmos. It’s a pleasure to meet you at last.” She smiled and stuck out her right hand for me to shake. I glady shook it but what did she mean by ‘At last.’? Does she know me already??
“The pleasure is mine Ma’am. Forgive me for asking but, what did you mean by ‘at last’? ” I questioned her.
She gave me another one of her warm smiles and led me to a seat, I sat down on the chair then she started explaining.
“I’ve heard of your slaying Miss Simmons and I believe you are ready.”
Ready?? Ready for what??
“Ready for what Ma’am?” I asked politely.
“Lets wait for Mr Price shall we??” She suggested.
I smiled at her and she smiled back. Mrs Hedson was very pretty. Her make up was applied with perfection, the way she walked , talked and stood was very impressive. It was like it came naturally to her. I’d say she was in her late 30s, she was quite slim aswell and very tall, almost as tall as Andrew. Speaking of Andrew, where is he anyway??
“I’M HERE!!!” Andrew exclaimed out of breath.
Ohh. Speak of the devil.
“FINALLY!! It took you 10 years!!” I said with my voice dripping with sarcasm.
“Nice to see you too.” He sarcasticaly greeted me.
I ran up to him and gave him a huge bear hug. I haven’t seen him in a while, I kind of missed him.
“Easy there Avery, I only have one spine.” Andrew laughed.
I laughed with him and let him go. We walked to the chairs where Mrs Hedson was and sat down. She looked up from her laptop and smiled at Andrew.
“Nice to know you could make it Mr Price.” Mrs Hedson Greeted.
I nudged Andrew and said.
“Yeah Mr Price”
Andrew shot me a death glare but I could only laugh. I found it so hilarious when he was trying to act serious when he’s in a joky mood.
“Mr Price and Miss Simmons, I’ve called you here today to assign you a very important mission. Now berfore I go into details, I would like no further inturruptions so please turn off your phones if nessesary and please stay focused on what I’m about to say.”
Boy. She’s totally serious now. She’s not even smiling anymore. She connected her laptop to the big screen and put on the powerpoint presntation, then she started talking.
“This is Christian Drew Anderson. Otherwise known as Prince Christian. In the vampiric law column 7 sub section B it says that all Princes must be married to by the age of 18. The Prince will be having his 17th birthday in 7 days and in that 7 days we will be organising for you to work at the castle. Now your mission , should you choose to accpet it , is to slay the prince . You’ll be going undercover as slaves, you’ll be known as Sharina and Dylan Hanson, brother and sister, we’ll sell you to a slave trade so they won’t suspect anything. Avery, you’re going to have work hard as this mission depends on you. You need to get the prince to buy you, but with your beauty, that won’t be a problem. You have the main priority to slay the prince, you have telepathy powers which no one else poseses asides from your sister. But with tragic loss we’ve had, we needed a new recrute. That’s where you come in Andrew, your part of the mission is to protect Avery , you must keep her away from danger until she is ready to slay the prince. The prince is an expirienced warroir so even with your telepathy powers, he is still going to provide you a challenge. Do you have any questions??”
I raised my hand.
“Forgive me Ma’am but, isn’t there another way to sort this out?? I mean it is just a law, they can change it.”
“I agree with Avery Ma’am” Andrew scrapped in.
Mrs Hedson sucked in a deep breath and sighed.
“Avery, are you familiar with the ‘ Blood Warriors?? ’ ”
My head jerked up as I was very familiar with that name. I stood up whilst my anger built up inside of me, I scrunched my fist up in a ball, my face began to get red and hot with furryas I rememberd the name of the vampire clan who killed my family. I spoke through my gritted teeth.
“Do you mean those jerks who killed mom,dad and Maria?? Oh yes I a very familiar with those idiots alright. Very VERY familiar.”
“Well, the prince is the clan leader. I’m sorry we didn’t tell you about this earlier. It felt like the right thing to do at the time.” Mrs Hedson sighed.
I was furious, I felt myself about to attack , suddenly, I felt something warm and muscular pressed against my back,arms wrapped around my waist, a chin on my shoulder and a voice whisphering in my ear.
“Calm Down Ave.” I looked back to see Andrew with a serious look on his face. I nodded and he unwrapped his arms. We looked at Mrs Hedson.
“ Do you accept?? ”

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