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Forever & Always

Author's note: Another book inspired me to write this book. In the book a boy and a girl are best friends, but I...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: Another book inspired me to write this book. In the book a boy and a girl are best friends, but I decided to make my characters fall in love. My best friend has encouraged me to continue with this book and but my heart and soul into it! Thank you Amber! I hope that people discover from this novel that sometimes the greatest sacrifices you make, whether or not they are good outcomes or bad, there could be consequences and you'll never know they are right around the corner.  « Hide author's note
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The Explosion

The tears ran down my cheek and the wind blew back my hair and dried each tear in its path. Yankee was galloping through the field. I had my hat on and my sneakers but no saddle. I was riding bareback. I felt free, yet only in certain ways. Mother and Father were two of the most important people in my life and in my heart, but they can be so unfair. Miranda got grounded from seeing her friends and no computer or phone for two weeks. Daddy made her give me an apology but I was out of there before she even had the chance to turn around and look at me. I was running out to the barn and untying Yankee. He can be my only friend sometimes. I even left Toto at home. He had to rest. Then I saw someone in the distance. A boy with his dog. It was Carter! And Scotty, his golden retriever. Yankee trotted over towards him and I stopped. I hopped off of Yankee and tied his leading rope to a tree.
“Hey there, what are you doing out here so late in the day?” Carter asked. He smiled.
“Oh just getting away for a bit that’s all,” I muttered trying not to cry. “Why aren’t you in school?”
“I knew you wouldn’t be in school, so I skipped. My Pops said it was okay as long as I don’t get into mischief. Plus, I have things to think about myself.”
Carter looked at me and saw the tears forming in my eyes.
“Annie, what’s wrong? Did something happen to you?” Carter scooted toward me. We both were sitting on the ground.
“Nothing, don’t worry about it I’ll be okay. But thank you,” I said as I wiped the tears from my cheek. I appreciated his friendliness. He moved closer towards my face. I couldn’t look into his blue-green eyes.
“Annie, you have been so quiet since you got home. Really, what’s wrong?” Carter said. This time it wasn’t a question, it was a demand.
“I don’t need to worry you about my problems. Trust me,” I replied, motioning to get up and leave.
“Annie wait,” Carter said quickly. “Please don’t go, you don’t need to go. Just let me show you why you shouldn’t leave,” Carter held out his hand to me. I took a minute to think about whether I should take his hand or not.
“Okay.” I reached out and grabbed his hand. Carter walked over to Yankee. He stroked his mane and said ‘good boy’ to him. Yankee loved him. Everyone loved Carter, how could you not. He is gorgeous and smart, funny, caring, sweet, and his heart is warm with love. I don’t know how to describe the last adjective. It’s a feeling that only I have I think. But I don’t know the word. We’re just great friends I guess.
Carter walked back over to me and said “Hop on.” I didn’t know how to react to this. He grabbed my waist as I hesitated, getting the wrong impression.
“On the count of three, jump. 1...2...3!” I jumped as Carter said to and he flung me on Yankee, but not violently, with care. Then Carter put his foot in the stirrup and lifted himself on in front of me as I made room. Oh God, he has amazing strength! Why can’t I stop thinking about the things that make Carter special? I put that weird thought out of my mind as he grabbed the reins.
“Yaw!” Carter screamed as Yankee dashed into the empty field even further. The wind blew back the strands of golden curly hairs back out of my face. I wasn’t necessarily ready for the ride so I quickly grabbed onto Carter, making sure I didn’t let go. Still, holding on with one hand around his waist, I reached back and untied my ponytail, the hair flew around my face and the curls got into my eyes. I swung my head around Carter’s body and the wind hit me. This is everything I have ever wanted. I had something most other girls my age don’t have a lot of: freedom. I was free. No matter what others told me I should do or what I have to do. Doing work is a part of being free. I knew that I was living a dream, and that someday I would have to wake up. I rested my head on Carter’s shoulder and closed my eyes. This dream could last a lifetime, but I would have to work to keep it that way.
Carter pulled up to a short and hidden entry that I had never seen before. He hopped off Yankee and held out his arms to me. I slid carefully into his arms and he lifted me onto the ground. I was oddly surprised that Carter could lift me. I don’t know why I was so surprised by this. He was very tall, taller than me, and he was very strong. He was probably almost as strong as my dad.
He kept his hands on my waist even after I was standing on the ground. He looked me in the eye and I turned away. He removed his hands after that. I don’t know why I was being so foolish and hard-to-get. He grabbed my hand and led me into the forest. He lifted some tree leaves and branches and we both ducked under.
“Here we are,” Carter said.
“Wow, how’d you know this was here,” I said with my voice still in the wow-moment.
“I found it, and I come here when I want to be alone. So, I thought, maybe you’d wanna come here and be alone too. Ya know, you told me you wanted to be left alone, so, somehow I knew this place would make you feel better.” Carter said that with such care and love. “Scotty and I can walk home from here; it’s only a few miles. Have a good night,” Carter started to pull back the branches again and turn to leave.
“Wait,’ I said quickly. “Stay.” I reached out for his hand. It was silent for a minute, then Carter let go of the branches and Scotty sat down.
“Okay,” He said with a smile while reaching out for my hand. I knew he was happy that I wanted him to stay, but, being alone without Carter isn’t being alone. It’s only being alone in your heart. Being alone with him is like being surrounded by the only thing that matters at times like this: a smile.
Carter stepped down in front of me. The look in his eyes said something I didn’t even want to think. They said love. All my life I had loved Carter as a friend, but, maybe now, even more than a friend. I didn’t want to make everything stop completely just so I could think about this. No, I wasn’t going to let that happen.
“Let’s sit,” Carter said as I nodded in agreement. We walked down to the edge of the beautiful creek and sat up against a log.
“So, do you like it here?” Carter asked, making it sound kind of stupid.
“Carter, it’s gorgeous. That’s why I wanted you to stay here with me. This will be our place.” There was silence for just a moment when Carter said, “Annie, thank you.”
“For what?” I asked.
“For being my friend,” Carter was super gorgeous and he was tall, with short brown hair that was cut in a buzz, and he has the biggest green eyes you will ever see in your life. He is so handsome, even his parents don’t understand why I’m his only friend.
I turned my head to look at Carter again, but he had been staring at me the whole time we were talking. Did he have feelings for me? Yes! He has to! He just has to! How can he not. Do I have feelings for him? Uh, Heck yeah! Why would I even ask myself all these questions? Oh well, whatever was about to happen next in this love story, that’s what’s going to happen no matter what. No matter how bad it is. Or how dumb we will be.
Carter leaned in…and in…and so close I could feel his breath. I could barely breath because I was so nervous. But then again, I wasn’t nervous. The feeling I had right now, was want.
Our lips came so close. And then, it happened. Our lips touched, Carter’s mouth tasted like mint. My head started pounding. It was smooth and gentle. It was like Carter. His kissing told you everything about his personality.
Our lips moved closer together. Our faces were pressed together. I turned to face him and he angled his body to the right direction. His hands reached out for my waist, but I leaned in further making it so his hands would get there faster. I was now sitting on his lap, when I retreated a bit so I could catch a breath. The motions I used this time, showed him I didn’t want to over-do-it so fast and that I wanted to go slow. This was very overwhelming. Everything became a blur and so special at the same time. His hands were around my waist and mine were over his shoulders. One, on the back of his neck. He pulled me in closer, and squished my body against his.
We kept kissing as all the actions replayed in my head. How could this be happening? All of a sudden everything felt wrong.
And it only took one thought to ruin everything. Miranda. She was standing outside looking for us. For God’s sake, how could I have forgotten to bring Yankee in here! Now she’d know we were around. She was running her hand along the side of the wall, cause I could hear it. She always does that. She found the entrance. Great. Just great. Carter and I were too shocked to do anything about it. We just sat there with me on his lap and his hands around my waist, with both of our shirts unbuttoned. Miranda stepped into the cave saying “Hello? Helloooo?” Carter and I were just wide-eyed. Miranda got past the branches and stood at the top of the log-stairs staring down at us with her jaw dropped to the floor.
“What the Hell.”
Chapters:   « Previous 1 ... 5 6 7

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FallenAngel170198 said...
Apr. 10, 2013 at 10:18 pm
This is great so keep writing it please :D <3
MariaLee3 said...
Jan. 30, 2013 at 6:32 pm
Thank you so much! I am going to try to post some more of my work so you guys can enjoy it! Also just to let you know, the beginning of the book has changed a little but nothing major so I might update it if I can figure it out :)
Freckles3 replied...
Jan. 31, 2013 at 11:08 am
Goooooood, because I need to read more of this. Update quickly!!! :)
Freckles3 said...
Sept. 22, 2012 at 8:22 am
This is a really good book! :) You should post the other chapters!  ~Amber
hannymaki replied...
Dec. 21, 2012 at 7:19 am
She is right, I loved your story. Please post the rest of it. I am really curious to know what happens at the end. 
Freckles3 replied...
Jan. 12, 2013 at 7:10 pm
She has a bunch more chapters but she's been really busy lately. She's been working on this thing since sixth grade!!!!! These are just the beginning. It gets a whole lot more romancey, trust me.

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