Fell So Hard

April 2, 2012
By Logan_Elizabeth28 BRONZE, Willard, Ohio
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Author's note: I was listening to the song "Skyscraper" By Demi Lovato. From listening to that song, i thought of a way to make 2 people fall in love, and a way to make their love become dangerous.

I had once thought you were, you know, the one. The one who would tell me everything is okay. The one who told me you would protect me. The one who would change me….But I was wrong. You just vanished. My whole world fell to pieces. Maybe I was wrong about you…maybe Chance was right. Don’t trust those who will be willing to let you fall…
Emma shot straight up to feel sweat running from her face. She had that dream again. Emma wasn’t sure why she kept having that one dream every night for the past 3 months now. Emma had dreams that continued like a story. First came the plot, then the characters, now it’s the conflict. She dreamt of this boy with hazel eyes, black hair, 5‘9. But Emma knew that it was only illusion and he probably isn’t real. Just another one of those damn dreams, She says to herself. She had never expected for these dreams to be as reoccurring as this one in particular. Emma looked over at her cell phone on the nightstand close to her bed. 2:30 am “Really?” she said in a low voice. Emma laid back down in her bed and wished to fall back asleep. Moments later, she did. “But Emma…” “I don’t wanna hear it.” You were the one I wanted to call my own. But this was a war that you weren’t gong to win. You make me smile, you make me laugh. But was this all a trick, so you could stab me in the back? Just like all those girls at school. Well, everyone except Chance, who was the only girl who treated her kindly, and showed that she really cared. “Emma, don’t please….I don’t wanna lose you.” “Then why did you let me fall as hard as I did?” His expression on his face was dramatic. He seemed as though he acutely wanted me. But I couldn’t trust what he said anymore. He lied, about a lot of things, not only about who he was, but what he was. My heart is telling me ’Give him another chance’ while my gut is overpower my heart and yelling with force ‘let him go.’ Should I follow my intuition, or does my heart prevail in this game of chess? “Emma, please…” He seems as though he is losing a relative that was nearest to his heart. Was I to let this boy with the beautiful hazel eyes and the one that treated me so kind, just slip through my hands? Was he the one who would save me from myself? Or was it my goal to save him from losing the only thing he thought he could keep for a lifetime…Me? This was the question life never answered. He looked at me with those eyes of his that made me feel loved. Was my urge of loving him a feeling that I could never recover again? Before, I felt betrayed. I felt used and abused. But this boy, this hazel eyed boy, was going to be the death of me…literally. I always thought of death as a condition we will all get to at some points in our lives, some may have experienced it now. But I know one thing for sure. I’m not ready yet.
Emma’s phone goes off. She reached for it as she gazed up at her ceiling. It was Chance. “Hello?” Emma said softly. “Emma? What gives? I have tried to call you 10 times now. Why for you not answer?” “Well, Chance, let me think. Oh I know. Because its 6 o’clock in the morning.” “Well excuse me Miss.Bossy if I wanted to call and tell you that school was canceled. But I guess I will hang up now.” “Chance, I’m sorry. I was just having that dream again. You know about that boy?” “Oh, that dream…” Emma stood up and stretched. She yawned and scuffed up her hair. “You say that like it’s a bad thing. Do you think I want this stuff happening to me?” “Well, my opinion is that it’s a medical condition.” “My opinion is that you are stupid.” “Now that’s Emma I know. I hear your wide awake now. Hey I gotta go. Mom is having her new boyfriend over in a bit to meet me” Emma sits there and chuckles to herself “Sounds Fun” “Not Really! Good-bye” Emma hung up her phone and sat it on her dresser. She knew that somewhere, there might be a way to address what keeps happening with her dreams. But She wasn’t really sure if Chance was correct about the whole “medical condition” thing. All she knew was that whatever she had going on in her head to make her have these dreams be continuous, she needed to figure out who this boy was, and how to stop the dreams from becoming reality. Emma wasn’t sure how this would be possible, but she was gonna figure it out somehow, someway.

“Emma, I Love You!” He yelled as I left the room. I didn’t want to stay in the same room as him…I couldn’t stand to be there. I turned back around and reentered the room and just looked at him. ”Then why did you lie to me. Huh? I thought you were going to be completely honest with me. When I needed you the most, what did you do?” He looked at me with shock, but remained silent. “Exactly. You did nothing for me…”My words looked as though they were sharp, sharp like the blade of sword, because every word after ‘Exactly’ made him flinch. “Now, I know your strong, brave, smart, kind, and loving. But, I feel as if you are wanting me to change the way I am to convince you. I love you, but I can’t.” He walked closer to me, head bent down. “Emma, I love you. I know you love me too. What I don’t understand is why you are leaving me? Is it because of what I can do? Because ever since we stared dating a year ago, you now all of a sudden became distant. Don’t leave me Emma because of what I told you about my past..” He bent towards me and kissed my forehead, I felt like a grenade set off in my body when he kissed my forehead. He looked me I the eyes and sighed. “Just think about it.. Please” and without another word, he left.
Emma woke up that morning feeling weird. She felt horrible, she felt like she was being stabbed in the brain by 20 different people. But she still went to school. She walked to the bathroom and sighed. “My hair looks like crap.” she said as she scuffed it up. After almost 30 minutes of getting ready for school, she decided she didn’t want to go. “Daddy, Do I have to go to school?” She whispers into his room as she walked down the hallway. “Yes. This is your last year of high school and I think you should go and enjoy your last few months of school. You’ll never graduate high school again. So, enjoy it while it lasts.” I struck out. She thought to herself. So she walked down the stairs with caution. As soon as she got to the last step of her stairs, her bus pulled up. She picked up her backpack and started walking out the door. “Yay! School! I’m so glad that I’m going!” she yelled upstairs sarcastically. When she walked onto the bus , her bus driver seemed way to happy. “Good Morning Emma! How is your morning?” Emma ignored her and shot her a glare. As she was walking to her seat she sees a boy with black hair was sitting there. “Umm, May I sit next you?” she asked trying to be kind. He nodded his head and gave her a smile. He looked at her while she sat down. “ Where do you live?” He asked her. She was very wearied out on why he asked. “I live in the gray house right there.” She said as they left her house. His expression looked like a little kid’s face on their birthday. “I live in the white house next to yours. I’m new here and I didn’t think anyone lived there.” He said with a grin. The boy kept talking about where he was from and why he came to the town of Davenport. But Emma wasn’t interested on where he was from, all she thought about was his black hair and his stunning smile. Emma wanted to know what his name was, but was to nerves to ask. She couldn’t think of how to word the sentence. “ What is your name? If I may ask?” He asked her with a smile. When is this boy not smiling? She thought to herself. “My name is Emma. Emma Chandler. What is yours if I may ask as well?” She said hoping for him to look her in the eyes. “Kendall. Kendall Wood.” He answered politely. When he said his name, he did look her in the eyes. They were hazel. Kendall? Has the boy from my dreams eyes?!? “Not to be pushy. But what is your height?” She asked. He chuckled to himself and sighed. “I’m 5’9 Emma.” WHOA!!! Is this the boy I have been looking for? Neither of them said another word to each other the rest of the bus ride there. As they walked off the bus to enter the school, Kendall looked over to Emma. Before she could walk away, he quickly grabbed her hand. Emma looked back at him. “ Hey, Umm, Emma? Can you show me around school today? I could use all the guidance I need.” he asked her trying not to intrude on any of her plans. Emma looked at him, then looked at his hand that touched hers. When he grabbed her hand, she felt like something ignited in her body. She couldn’t say no, he was just way to charming to turn down. “Yeah, I will escort you around school.” She replied with a smile. Kendall released her hand and laughed. “Thanks Emma.” He said as they walked into school. Emma took a glance at Kendall, she was the boy from her dreams. He had the eyes, the hair, and the height. All this waiting, for him? She says to herself. She knew her dreams were going to get more interesting through the nights…

Emma hated P.E. She didn’t want to be there, it was a waste of her time to be there. “Emma.” She heard from the row behind her, it was Chance. “What is it Chance?” Emma whispered back to her. “Did you see the new kid up there? He’s gorgeous!” Chance replied. Emma looked up at Chance and smiled. “He’s my neighbor. I met him on the bus this morning. He is really kind and polite. He’s really sweet.” “You met him? What’s his name?” Emma chuckled to herself and smiled. “His name is Kendall.” Chance smiled and looked up at Kendall with a smile. Kendall just sat there. “You call that nice?” Chance said yelling over the bell. Emma laughed at that statement. Kendall looked at Emma, and smiled like he did on the bus. When Emma got to her locker, she entered her combination on her lock and opened it up. As soon as she opened the door, a note flew out, landing on her shoe. Huh? She says to herself. She looked around, hoping no teacher was in site. She then opened up the note and read it to herself: Her smiles like summer, it brightens up my world. I haven’t known her long but I wish to know her more. She is full of life, I just know she is…Your Admirer .
“Whoa.” She said. Her heart was racing a hundred miles an hour. She was in such a shock, she felt like a bomb set off in her. She didn’t know what to think of this. She began to walk out the door to her bus, still in shock from the missive she had retrieved. When she got on the bus, Kendall was on there waiting for her. “Hiya.” He said as she sat down next to him. “Did you write this?” She said recovering the note from her pocket. He took the note from her hand and read it. “Nope, didn’t write it.” He answered. She looked him in the eyes, then put the note back in her pocket. “So…We have about 30 minutes until we get home. What do you wanna talk about?” Kendall asked Emma. Emma just shrugged her shoulders, she didn’t know what to talk about. “ I’m sorry for my friend Chance. She is kind of weird when it comes to new boys.” Emma said apologetically. Kendall shook his head and chuckled. “I honestly don’t find her very attractive. She isn’t, let’s say ‘type’ if you wish.” Emma found that hilarious. For the rest of the ride home, they talked about life in general. They talked about how their parents control everything they do, and just about, everything, everything but Emma’s dreams she’s had. Almost 20 minutes later, they couldn’t think of anything else to talk about, their minds have drawn blanks. “Do you have a Cell Phone?” Kendall asked. Emma nodded and smiled. He handed her his phone, gesturing her to put her number in there. She entered all the information his phone asked for and gave it back. Kendall looked at Emma and smiled. I think he likes me. She thinks to herself. They then arrived to their houses, they both stood up and exited the bus. “Bye Emma, see you in the morning.” Kendall said walking towards his house. “You too, Kendall. Emma walked into her house to notice she was alone. She went up to her room, laid her bag on the floor. She walked over to her desk and pulled a piece of paper and pen out of her drawer. She began to write something down: He makes me feel alive. She folded up the piece of paper and tucked away to where only she could find it. She went to her bed, pulled a book from her bag, and laid on her bed. She then heard her doorbell ring. Really? She says heading downstairs. She went to open up the door when she thought to herself It’s Kendall I Bet. She then turned the door handle. Her prediction was in fact correct, it was Kendall. “Emma, Can you come take a walk with me? I feel like walking.” He says to her. She looked him in the eyes and sighed. “Yeah, I’ll come. Can I go grab my hoodie first?” She asked him nicely. He nodded and she went toward her closet. She knew he was waiting for her, so she grabbed her black hoodie and ran towards the door. She opened it back up and he was smiling. “You ready?” He asked. Emma nodded and they began to walk. “Where are we going?” Emma asked, trying not to sound rude. “We are going to get something to eat. I think I deserve to buy you something to eat since you were kind enough to come with me. Plus, I wanna get to know you better…” He said winking at Emma. “And not the things you told me about on the bus either.” He added. Emma nodded and smiled. “Is this a date?” She asked sarcastically. He looked over to Emma and gave her a look that was supposed to be serious. “Only if you want it to be.” He replied. Emma laughed and sighed. “Then I know where we should go..” She began “It’s cheep too. It’s called ‘The Blu.’ You’ll like it.” Emma answered. Thy then began to walk to The Blu, talking about things that didn’t matter, Emma was falling for Kendall. And Kendall might be falling for her as well. But that was just the beginning.

“Hello, welcome to The Blu. I’m your waiter, Deanna, can I start you off with anything to drink? We have Pepsi products.” Deanna was way to happy about this job, no one should like being a waiter. “I’ll take a Mountain Dew.” Kendall said. “Make that two.” Emma added. “Okay, I will be right back with your Dews.” Kendall faked a smile to keep her happy. As soon as she walked away, Kendall looked at Emma. “She is way to happy.” he whispers to her from across the table. “Agreed.” She replied back. By the time they were done eating, it was almost 8:30. Kendall and Emma have grown a stronger relationship between each other. They knew each other more than they thought they would. They paid the bill and left. On the way back home, Emma wasn’t feeling to well. Her head began to hurt worse than it did that morning. Kendall looked over to Emma to see if she was okay, which he knew, she wasn’t, just by looking at her. “Emma, do you want to sit down. There’s a bench right over there.” He asked her gently, trying not to be loud. She nodded her head slowly. When they got to the bench, they sat down simultaneously. Emma rested her head on his shoulder, hoping he wouldn’t mind, which he didn’t. They sat there for about 15 minutes, until Emma insisted they return home. When they arrived to their houses, Kendall looked at Emma with a silent look. “Well, I gotta go. Thanks for walking with me.” He said to her, again gently. She looked up at Kendall, and tried to manage a smile. He bent his head down, and kissed her forehead lightly. Emma felt like a spark was ignited in her body. “Bye.” He says as he walks towards his door. Emma couldn’t believe what just happened. Did he really just kiss my forehead? Emma thinks to herself. As Emma walks into her house, her dad is standing inside waiting for her. “Where have you been young lady? NO Note? NO Text? You scared the hell out of me. You’re lucky I didn’t call the police. Where were you anyway?” Her dad looked at Emma with an evil glare. “I was with a friend. He asked me to go to dinner with him. He’s new in town and I was just trying to be friendly. Sorry that I didn’t leave any identification on where I was going. Won’t happen again. Now I’m gonna head to bed. My head is killing me and I feel like I’m gonna pass out if I don’t.” Emma said to her dad, hopping he wasn’t mad. “Okay baby. Go to bed I will see you in the morning. I love you.” “Love you too.” Emma slowly made her way up the stairs to her room. Once she got there, she flopped on her bed, and that’s when the dreaming began.
“I thought about what you said..” I said to Kendall. He looked at me with a gleam in his eyes. “I’m sorry if I seem distant. I don’t mean to. I don’t know why I thought of leaving you. I was just saying things at the top of my head. Kendall, I love you, and the last year has been amazing.” I said trying to force a cute and innocent smile. Kendall looked at me with a smirk on his face. He began to walk closer to me, his steps being calm and steady. He looked me directly in the eyes and pulled me close to him. “So you don’t care about my past? About what I am?” He asks me cautiously. I looked up at those hazel eyes of his and smiled. “No, I don’t care. The only thing I care about is you. I love you for who you are, not for what you used to do.” Kendall looked at me with kindness. When I was standing there with Kendall in our apartment, I knew nothing could ruin this moment. We graduated from High School, fell in love, and moved in with each other. Everything was perfect. He loved me, and I loved him. At that moment, I felt unstoppable, Kendall made me feel safe. “Emma, I love you, so much.” He says to me softly. His voice is gentle, just like him. He wouldn’t hurt me. We looked at each other, and without another word , we sat down on our loveseat and watched Cupcake Wars. Not caring about what was happening outside or in the apartment complex in which we lived in, and forgot about the world. He bends down and kisses me, and in that moment, that small split second, I felt safe.

Emma’s phone goes off at 9:00 the next morning. She lifted up her head and noticed it was a text from Kendall. “Good morning beautiful, lol. Just wanted to say good morning and that I hope I get to see you today.” Emma smiled at the sight of the message. She didn’t know why she was in such a giddy mood. Everything she looked at made her smile. She stood up and walked to the bathroom. Luckily, her hair looked really good this morning, so it wouldn’t take long to do her hair. A hour passed and she showered, dressed, written her dad a note on where she was just in case she was to be flipped out on again once she returned home, and went out the door. There, waiting on his doorstep, was Kendall. Emma walked over to his house and sat next to him on the stairs. “Good Morning…” He said giving her a cup with coffee in it. “Didn’t know if you would have wanted a latté or coffee, so I got you a coffee. Is that fine?” He added to his previous statement. “No, That’s awesome. I was gonna head to Starbucks and get one myself. Thank You.” She says taking the cup from him. “It’s all good.” he answered. “How long have you been sitting out here?” She asks him, hoping it wasn’t for an hour or more. “Only about 25 minutes.” he replies. Emma was in such a great mood, the dream she had last night made her view on Kendall change. She was so happy he came into her life. “So what do you want to do today? We can do whatever you want.” He says to her with a huge grin on his face. She takes a sip of her coffee and leans back towards him. “I’m not very good with decisions, Kendall. Are you sure you want me to decide what we do?” Kendall glimpses over at her from the corner of his eye. There wasn’t much to do in Davenport, there were very few stores and locations to go to for enjoyment, even during the winter season, that’s when many of the fun things to do in town are closed. “I have an idea..” Kendall begins. “Do you want to come into my house? Until we decide what we are going to do. Because it’s kind of cold out here.” He ends with a smile. Emma nodded her head and they headed into his house. Once they go in there, Emma saw that his house was very organized. Everything was placed in a certain place and was positioned perfectly. Emma thought she was in the home of royalty. Kendall led her up to his room so she wouldn’t be uncomfortable. “This is my room.” He says. Emma couldn’t believe what she was looking at. She saw pictures of just random items on his wall. “Are you into Photography?” Emma asks him with curiosity. “Sadly no. My dad was a photographer when he lived in New York. But I haven’t seen him but only once my whole life.” He says picking up some things on the floor. “When did you see him last?” She asks him. Kendall sighs. “His funeral.” “Kendall, I’m sorry that I asked. It wasn’t any of my business.” She says trying to make everything better. “Nah, your fine.” Emma felt guilty, she didn’t mean to bring it up, She walks over to Kendall and wrapped her arms around his sides from behind him. “I’m sorry.” She says to him softly. Kendall turned around and looked at Emma. He walked over and sat on the edge of his bed and sat there. “Emma, your fine. I doesn’t bother me. Everyone dies at one point in there life. It was his time to go, God wanted him. That’s what my mom said.” He pats his bed, telling Emma to sit next to him. She followed what he said and sat down next to him. Emma rests her head on his shoulder like she did the night before. Emma lifted her head up and made eye contact with Kendall. They sat there at starred at each other. Kendall leaned foreword and kissed her forehead. “Emma, what’s your full name?” he asks her. “Emma Leann.” She said replying to his question. “Emma Leann? That’s really pretty.” He says with a smile. “I know this girl who is very beautiful. She lives close to me. I met her not to long ago. She is the sweetest girl I know. Do you know who she is? I think you might know who it is..?” Kendall begins to say to Emma. “She has long red hair, green hazel eyes.” Emma sat there and smiled. “Nope, Never heard of her before.” Kendall sits there and chuckles. “Her Name is Emma Leann Chandler.” He says sweetly. Emma looks at him from the corners of her eyes. “I know who your talking about now” She says. They begin to laugh. Then, without warning, Kendall kisses Emma. Emma feels as though a trillion butterflies have entered her stomach. Her heart is racing thousands of miles per hour. Emma wraps her arms around Kendall’s neck , and doesn’t wish to be anywhere else, but where she is right now. Because everything was perfect, just plain perfect.

Emma went home later that day. She was in such a great mood, from the time she woke up this morning to the time Kendall kissed her. She was in love, and was proud of it. It was 12:00 am and Emma couldn’t sleep, even is she was knocked out. Her phone went off at 12:30 am. “Hello?” “Hey. Your sill up I hear.” It was Kendall. “Yeah, I can’t sleep. My dad is out of town and I just miss him, that’s all. What are you doing up still?” “Same thing with you. But I’m thinking of someone different.” Emma laughs “You know, you have made me the happiest person on Earth. I can’t help but smile when I hear your name. I wish you were over here.” “You’ll see me in the morning. It’s not like I live an hour away. You need to get some rest, Okay?” “Okay. Hey..” “Yes?” “ Goodnight..” “Goodnight” When Emma hung her cell phone up, she knew she had to try to sleep. So she flopped herself on her bed and fell to sleep. He looked me and smiled. I didn’t know why he was smiling, or why I had to dress up, for all I knew, we were just going out to eat. Kendall wouldn’t tell me anything about anything else that was going on afterwards. I knew that if I asked him, he’d say nothing. So I asked him anyways. “Kendall, Where are we going?” I asked him hoping for an answer. He looked at me and laughed. “You’ll see when we get there.” Well, that didn’t work out like I wanted it to. I knew that I had to be patient with him. So, I went with the flow of things. Kendall looked over at me from the driver seat. “You want to know what we are doing?” He asks me. I looked over at him and just nodded my head. “Well, we will be there soon, I promise, Okay?” He said with a smile. I looked at him and sighed. “I guess. But tell me again why I had to dress up?” I asks. Once again, he chuckled lightly and smiled. “You are so picky.” He says taking a glimpse of me. After almost 15 minutes later, we arrived somewhere. The sign on the building said ‘Carlo’s Bakery’ I looked at Kendall and gasped. “Hoboken, New Jersey? Is that why it took us almost 5 hours to get here?” He shot me a smile and nodded. My heart was racing. I can’t believe I was here, standing right outside of Carlo’s Bakery, with Kendall. Could tonight get any better? Kendall then looked at me with those eyes of his. He bent down and kissed me. When he looked up from me, I placed my head on his chest. “Happy Birthday Emma.”
Emma woke up at 9:00 the next morning. Again, she was giddy. In just 2 days she has met Kendall, loved him, and kissed him Plus, she had two great dreams about him. Emma couldn’t wait for today. Though her dad was out of town, she got up, got dressed, and called Kendall “Hello?” He said. He sounds wide awake. “Hey.” “What’s up?” “Do you want to come over to my house. My dad’s not gonna be home till tomorrow. I thought we would, you know, hang out or something.” “Yeah I’ll be over in a few.” “Okay Bye.” “Bye” Almost 5 minutes later and Kendall walked over. Emma heard her doorbell ring. She gets to the door and opened it up. “Hey.” She says looking at Kendall. She signals him in to her house, and he enters. “Your house is nice. I like it.” She looked at him and sighed. “ Do you want to watch some T.V?” She asks him. Kendall nodded his head and they walked towards her couch. Kendall was the first to sit down. She looks at Kendall, he seems motionless, he isn’t talking. Emma sits down next to him with curiosity. “Kendall? Are you okay?” She says. H sits up and stares at Emma. “I have something to tell you about me, Emma. If we are gonna, you know, date. You have to know my secret.” Emma sat there. “Kendall, you can tell me anything..” Kendall sits up and sighs. “Are you sure?” He says to Emma. She nodes her head, waiting for him to answer. “Emma, I’m not, normal. I’m the only one in my family that can do this…” He began to say. “Emma, do you promise not to, freak out?” He asks her. “I promise…” She says. Kendall remains silent. “Emma, I, I…” He began to say. Emma didn’t know what she was to not freak out about. “Emma, I’m a werewolf.”

Emma was in shock. “So, you’re a werewolf?” she says. Kendall nodded. “That’s interesting.” she adds. Kendall looked at Emma and sighed. “Yeah.” Emma wasn’t sure if he was happy or worried. She looked at Kendall, who was just sitting there. Emma grabbed his hand that was rested on his lap. “No matter what you are. You’ll always be the boy I fell for. No matter what.” She says to Kendall. Kendall smiles and knows that Emma is kind. He leans in close to her and kisses her, Emma was so happy. She knew that once they returned to school on Monday everyone was going to stare. But she didn’t care, as long as Kendall was with her, she felt safe near him. When he moved away from her, they sat on her couch watching Law and Order: SVU. Kendall bent down and kissed her forehead. Emma was fast asleep on Kendall’s lap, but he didn’t care. I’m in a dark room. I don’t know where I am or how I got here. All I know is that I’m nowhere near Kendall. “Where am I?” I say aloud. I try to stand up, but I feel restrained down to the floor. I hear steps moving closer to me, I sit up straight, wishing I could escape from where ever the hell I was. I hear what sounds like a dog breathing. “Hello?” I say aloud once more. Then, from the corner of the room, appeared a dog. Not just any dog though, his coat was ragged, it was the color of a log, not to mention he was huge comparing to me. I’m 5’4, so it has to be at least 6’0 tall. I then knew that it was a wolf. He looked at me and growled. Then right before my eyes, he had changed into a man, dark skin, black hair, and tall. “So, your Kendall’s little girlfriend huh?” The man said to me callous, his voice sounding deep. “Who are you? What do you want from me? How did I even get here?” I say confused. “My name is Jasper.” He said, he just sat there and began to laugh manically. “Do you find me amusing? I’m friggin’ serious. I want to know where the hell I am!” Jasper just stood there and laughed. He then walked closer to me, each step louder. “You know Emma, I do find you amusing, and I know you aren’t gonna do anything about it. Because your weak. I’m surprised Kendall fell for you.” He said with a grin wider than thread. “How the hell do you know my name?” He pulled my ID out of his pocket, along with a small dagger. I knew I shouldn’t move, but I flinched at the sight of the dagger. “Oh. Does this scare you?” He asks me. I didn’t respond to that statement. He then set the dagger on the ground close to my leg. He then grabbed my arm that wasn’t restrained down. I started squirming, Jasper scared me, but I didn’t want him to think that. “Don’t move or it will hurt worse than it will.” He said loudly. Then I felt pain rush through my body, my arms especially. I then began to scream, from the top of my lungs. My heart must have been running faster than usually. I caught a glimpse at Jasper, who had just wiped his mouth with his sleeve. I looked down at my arm and saw it bleeding. He had bit my wrist. I began to go into a spasm…
“Emma, Emma. Sweetie…“ Emma flinched when Kendall touched her. She looked up and covered her face. “What happened?” She said looking at him. “I don’t know…You fell asleep on me, and I didn’t want to wake you up, but you then start to shake really bad. Then you started screaming. That’s when I tried to wake you up.” Kendall said worriedly. Emma sat up and looked at her arm. She was going to have to tell Kendall about the dreams. But she didn’t know how to word it. “Are you okay?” He asks Emma. Emma looked at him and sighed. “Yeah, I’m fine. Just a bad dream…” She stood up and started wandering around her living room. “Do you want to talk about it?” He says to Emma. She stopped in her foot tracks and looked at Kendall. “Kind of. I mean, I’m not sure” He stood up and walked over to Emma and wrapped his arms around her. “You don’t have to tell me now. When your ready to tell me, you will.” He whispers in her ear. She huddles close to him, Kendall was her protection. A tear then ran down the side of her face, landing on his shirt where her head rested. Kendall leaned down and kissed the top of her head. “What time do you have to be home?” She asks him softly. “Whenever, I have time.” He says back to her. Kendall let go of her and she looked at him. “I have to tell you something…about me that is. You may need to sleep over. It’s kind of long.” She said to him. Kendall walked over to her couch and sat down. Emma sat down next to him. “Have you ever had dreams that continued like a story?” She asks him. He looks at her, very confused. “No. I haven’t” He answers back. Emma looked up at Kendall. “My story is longer than yours was..” She said. “I have dreams that continue like a story. For 3months now, the dreams began when I got into a car accident that almost took my life. I kinda wish it was my life instead of Hailey’s” “Who’s Hailey?” Kendall asked. Emma sighed. “My little sister.”

“I was sitting in the driver’s seat. Hailey was sitting in the passenger seat. She was only 14; I’m 3 years older than she is. She was telling me about her boyfriend named Raven. Hailey wasn’t allowed to date until she was in High School. But I told her she could and that I wouldn‘t tell dad, Raven was her first boyfriend. Raven and Hailey were dating for 8 months. They were the cutest couple I ever saw at the time. She was telling me how Raven had kissed her before I came and got her from school. I swear she was the happiest girl on Earth. Her face was so flushed from it. She then turned the radio up. Me and Hailey’s song came on the radio. Our song was Nobody’s Fool By Avril Lavigne. She and I began to sing it, because we always thought we were cool, which we were. When I stopped at the red light by The Blu, We looked over at each other and began to laugh. When the light turned green on my side, I began to drive. But then, some asshole on the right decided to hit the gas…” Emma stopped and sighed. “He hit the gas of his friggin car, even though his light was red, and…” Emma felt a tear roll down her face; she then took a deep breath. “And hit the passenger side of my car. I heard Hailey screaming in agony. My side was slammed into another car that was driving. I tried to look at Hailey; I tried to reach my hand out to her but couldn’t reach her. I can’t remember what happened after that. I only remember waking up in a hospital bed. I looked everywhere and began to say her name. ‘Hailey’ that’s all I kept saying. I then remember my dad walking into the room. I remember asking him where Hailey was. He just looked down and sobbed. ‘Hailey…’ He began saying. I saw tears roll down his face. ‘Hailey…Hailey…’” Emma began to sob, and breathe heavily. “Dad said ‘Hailey…is dead.’ I couldn’t remain still, I tried to stand up and run out the door. I just remember doctors coming in and holding me down. I looked at my dad, who was in tears. ’It’s all my fault daddy…’ my dad looked at me in tears. ’It wasn’t your fault, Emma. You both had your seatbelts on. You would have died too if your seatbelt wasn’t on’ the doctor told me. I had a broken arm and a sprained ankle. When I got out of the hospital, I went home and couldn’t even go upstairs. Not only because of my arm being broken and sprained ankle, because I couldn’t go near her room…I felt like I needed to end my life. But I didn‘t..” Emma was in tears at this point. “When the funeral came, I had invited Raven. I felt that he needed to go to get things off his shoulders. Raven was in tears when he saw Hailey lying in the casket. I hobbled over to him and managed to hug him without falling. Later that night, I had a dream. In the beginning of that dream, I heard a voice. It was saying ‘I love you Emma. It wasn’t your fault. I like it up here. I feel invincible. Tell Raven I said that I love him, and not to cry for me. Tell daddy the same. I saw God’s face in the car. God whispered to me in the car, He said it was time to come home. ’ and that’s when it all began. Just a month ago, I started going into her room and reminiscing the moments I came in there and helped her. That’s also when I began to have these dreams about this boy. He had black hair, hazel eyes, 5’9, and had a secret. Then you came along, and those dreams became true. You are the boy from my dreams.” She said wippping her face. “Then you moved to town and made me feel, alive, the moment I saw you. Then when you told me about you being a werewolf. I knew that you were diffidently the boy. When I was sleeping on your lap, I had a dream about a figure with a ragged coat, the color of a log. It was a wolf. He turned into a man, named Jasper, right before my eyes and bit my wrist…then I woke up.” Kendall looked at Emma and sighed. Emma had just told him about her dreams and her life. She looked over at the clock. It was 3:00am. “Emma…” He said looking at her. Emma was covering her face so Kendall couldn’t see her crying. He sat up and pulled her close to him. “I will always be here for you. I won’t let anyone lay a finger on you.” He whispers to her while her head was on his chest. “Emma, look at me.” He adds. Emma slowly lifted her head up and looked at him. “I love you…” he says to her as he wipes the tear off her face. “I love you too.” She said back to him. 15 minutes later, Kendall and Emma were asleep on her couch.

The spasm began to ease off. Jasper was standing over me watching me suffer. I tried to yell, but I couldn’t speak. I tried to scream out for Kendall, but I just couldn’t. Once the spasm eased off, I looked at him in pain. “KENDALL!!” I began to scream hoping he could hear me…but he couldn’t. “You think your precious Kendall can hear you?!” He began to laugh. I looked up at him with hatred. I hated this man, but I couldn’t escape from him, even if I tried. He wouldn’t let me go. As he began to leave the room, he laughed. I don’t know how Kendall knows Jasper, but I hope he finds me before it’s too late.
“Emma. Wake up babe.” Kendall said to Emma softly. Emma opened her eyes to see Kendall looking at her. She laid there smiling. She smelled something from the kitchen. “Good morning babe…” He said kissing her forehead. “How did you sleep?” He asks Emma while she stretched. “Not to bad. Had another dream with that Jasper dude, that’s all.” She says standing up. “What did he do in your dream?” He asks. Emma scratched her head and yawned. “He just left me there, wrist still bleeding.” She replies. “I see. Are you hungry? I made you an egg with some bacon. I ran over here from my house, bringing bacon and eggs my fridge.” He said while they were walking into the kitchen. Emma sat down and looked at Kendall. “Thanks.” She says with a smile. Once she was done eating, she excused herself from the table and ran up stairs to take a quick shower. She came back downstairs about 15 minutes later. “While I was over at my house, other than bringing food from my fridge, I took a shower while I was over there. Because, it’s Monday. And we have school today, which sucks.” Emma looked at Kendall and chuckled. “The bus is gonna be here any minute now. I think we should head outside and wait.” Emma said to Kendall while she grabbed her bag. They walked outside and waited for the bus. Kendall grabbed her hand and held it in his. Emma looked up at him and smiled. The bus arrived shortly afterwards. When they got to school, they walked off the bus and stopped as soon as they got to the front door of the school. “I love you.” Kendall said. “I love you too” Emma says back to him. Kendall kisses Emma, and then they enter the building. The date was May 3. 1 more day till seniors get to leave school till graduation. Emma and Kendall have been dating for 5 months now. But little did they know that the longer they dated, bad things were gonna happen. Once they entered the school, Chance ran up to Emma. “Emma, Emma, Emma!” She says to her. “I’ll leave, see you later.” Kendall said as he kissed her cheek and walked away. “What is it Chance?” “Oh my God! We have a problem!” Chance says, shaking Emma. “Okay, what is the problem?” She asks pushing Chance’s hands off of her. “So, you know how Mr.Farley lived in a van down by the river?” “Yeah. What’s your point?” “Well, his ex-wife set his van on fire while he was here. It just happened last night.” “Okay, so how is this our problem?” “It’s our problem because he is gonna be pissed off, meaning we have to watch William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Which in fact is a very long, boring story. So if we don’t leave now we are screwed!!” “Chance, everything is gonna be okay. What‘s the worse he can do?” When Emma, Chance, and Kendall arrived to Mr.Farley’s class, half the class had fallen asleep, while watching, Romeo and Juliet. “I should have trusted you, this is making my head hurt.” Emma whispers to Chance. Chance chuckles quietly. Emma felt a nudge, which was a warm sensation on her skin. She looked over to see that Kendall was trying to get her attention. “Yeah?” she says in a whisper. He leans down to her ear. “Go to sleep. I will wake you up 5 minutes before the movie ends.” He whispers in her ear. She nods her head and lies on his shoulder. “Wake up! I said ‘Wake up!’” I felt a boot collide into my side. The agony was intense. I grabbed my side, holding it in my hand. “Oh, did I hurt you? I’m sorry.” He remarked sarcastically, examining me with a death glare. “Such a pity that a young, appealing girl like yourself, is gonna sit here, giving no sign of defense at all.” Jasper said. I glanced up at him with a glare. “I’m only surviving because I have people that care for me. I have a life, unlike you.” I stated. “Whatever.” He said cackling.
“Emma, the movie is almost over sweetie.” Kendall whispered into her ear. “You were shaking again, what happened?” He added as she gazed up at him. “I was kicked in my side for sleeping by Jasper. But nothing to serious.” He bent down and kissed her forehead. She sat up in her chair and crossed her arms, as she watched the last minute of the movie.

Emma and Kendall walked out of school that day, knowing that tomorrow was their last day as seniors. Before they got on the bus, Kendall glanced over at Emma and smiled. “Hey Emma, can we walk home and grab something to eat on the way?” “Yeah, that would be good to just walk around for a bit.” She says to him. As they began to walk, Kendall looked behind him and grabbed Emma’s hand, and held it tight. “Emma, don’t look behind you. Okay?” He whispers to her. She looked at him with confusion. “Why? What’s wrong?” She replied in a whisper. “Just trust me, okay? If you look and make eye contact with them, it will go from bad to worse in 2.5, so just stay close to me and don’t turn around. Do you trust me?” Kendall whispered angrily. “I trust you.” Emma whispered back as she moved closer to his side. Behind them, Kendall heard 3 boys with a deep voice, talking about Emma. He tensed his hands, resisting the temptation to turn around. Emma noticed that Kendall had tension in his system by how his hand felt. Kendall glanced behind him and saw walking a bit faster to catch up to them. “How fast can you run Emma?” Kendall asked her silently. “I was on cross country and I have the record. Why?” She said nervously. “Because your going have to put your record to work now.” Kendall said. “What?!? Are you crazy? What are you gonna do? I can‘t leave you behind.” She responded, clentching his hand. “Taking care of some assholes. I will catch up to you, I promise” “Kendall, I don’t know about this.” She replied. “Do you trust me?” He repeated. Emma stood there silently. “Emma, do you trust me?” He said, anger and patience rising. “I trust you.” She answered. “As soon as I release your hand, I want you to begin to run without stopping.” She nodded her head and looked foreword. Kendall looked at Emma and kissed her cheek. Then, without warning, he let go of her and she bolted. “Russell! Andre! Go get her!” One of the boys said. Kendall turned around and looked at all three of them with force. “Touch her and I swear you won‘t be alive to see morning!” Kendall hollered as he turned around, striking all three of them at once. Emma stopped as she reached the stop sign, where she could barely see Kendall. One of the boys tried to punch Kendall, but before the boy could touch him, Kendall quickly grabbed the boy’s hand and threw him to the sidewalk. Kendall did the same thing to the others. Emma watched as they hit the sidewalk. Kendall turned around and ran towards Emma. As Kendall reached Emma, he grabbed her hand and they rushed away before the boys could get up. When they slowed down, Emma looked at Kendall and glanced behind her. The boys were almost caught up to them. Emma looked down at Kendall’s hand and squeezed it hard. “Kendall, I love you.” She said as she released his hand and ran towards them. “Emma! What are you doing?!?! Your going to get killed!” Kendall yelled up at Emma. “Russell, Andre, look what we got here! Tinker Bell is coming to save the day!” They all started laughing. Emma, without stopping, ran up to the boy in the middle, and popped him in the mouth. She came to a halt and looked at him. “How did that taste asshole?” She yelled at him. He stood up and wiped his mouth. “You made me bleed. You got a nice right hook little girl.” Emma stood there, locking her eyes on the boy on the right. “Russell, go get her.” Russell nodded his head and ran to Emma. She just stood there, motionless. As Russell reached her, he punched her in the mouth. “Emma!!!” Kendall screamed as he saw her grab her mouth. “How did that taste?” Russell said to Emma, as she is clentching her mouth. “Do you want to know? My grandma could hit harder than that.” She said looking at him. Russell lifted his fist to her and punched her in the mouth again, this time; it made her fall to the sidewalk. “That shut you up didn’t it!” The other two boys ran up to Russell and began to kick her. “EMMA!!” He screamed as he ran towards them. Kendall got up to them and within 30 seconds, they were out cold. He walked over to Emma and knelt down. “Emma? Emma, are you okay? Look at me Emma.” Kendall said shaking Emma. She lifted her head up and smiled. “Oh my God, Emma. You scared the hell out of me.” He stated. Emma slowly sat up and glanced at Kendall. She looked down at the ground at wiped her mouth saw blood. She looked down at her shirt, all clean. Kendall stood up and offered his hand to help her up. She grabbed his and hand and stood up, her head meeting his chest. As they bean to walk, Kendall looked at Emma and laughed. “What’s so funny?” Emma said laughing at Kendall. He looked down at the ground and back at Emma. “You sure don’t fight like a girl do you?” He replied. Emma giggled like a little school girl. Kendall grabbed her hand as they walked away from the 3 boys who were left on the sidewalk.

“Are you still hungry?” Kendall asks Emma. Emma looks at him from across the table and shakes her head. “Did I get the blood off my face; I don’t want my dad to flip out.” He examined her face slowly. “Yeah you got it all.” He said with smile. Once the bill came, Kendall paid Deanna and left. As they walked to their houses, Kendall slowed down. Emma noticed he had slowed down, on purpose it seemed. Emma stopped for a minute, waiting for Kendall to walk by her. “Kendall, what’s wrong?” She asked. Kendall looked at her, faking a smile. “Emma, sit down on that bench please.” He asked her politely. “So, since we are graduating in 4 days. I wanted to ask you something.” He explained. Emma tilted her head sideways. “We’ve been dating for 5 months now, 6 months tomorrow. Is that correct?” He began; Emma nodded her head in agreement and smiled. “And since we are going to graduate, that means we can do what we want with our lives. What I want to know is what is it you want to do from graduation on?” He added, looking into her eyes. She sighed and chuckled. “I want to move out of my dad’s house, get an English bulldog, go to Carlo’s Bakery in Hoboken, New Jersey, get married, have kids, become a baker myself, and live to be a hundred.” He stared at her with delight. “So you want to move out of your dad’s house?” She nodded her head fast. “Funny you should say that. What if I told you I found a really nice looking apartment in town, bought it, and asked you to move in with me after graduation?” Emma’s eyes looked like they were gonna pop out of her head. “I wouldn’t say anything. I would tackle hug you into the grass, giving you some kind of indication that I’m telling you that I said yes.” He looks at Emma pleased. “Well then.” He said with a laugh. “So Emma, do you want to move in with me after graduation?” He asks her with an ecstatic smile on his face. Emma stood up and began to walk away. Kendall stood up and rushed in front of her. Without warning, Emma tackle hugged him into the grass, making him smile. “Okay, it’s settled then.” He said hysterically. Emma leaned foreword and kissed him. Once she moved away, she rolled on to the grass on the right side of him. Kendall stood up, helping Emma up. When the got to their houses, they said their goodnights and walked away. Emma rushed upstairs to her room, knowing her dad was asleep on the couch from watching golf. She grabbed a blank piece of paper and a pen and began to write a note that contained the lyrics to Innocence by Avirl Lavigne:
Waking up I see that everything is okay. The first time in my life now it’s so great, slowing down I look around and I’m so amazed. I think about the little things that make life great. I wouldn’t change a thing about it, this is the best feeling. This innocence is brilliant; I hope that it will stay. This moment is perfect, please don’t go away. I need you now, and I’ll hold on to it, don’t you let it pass you by. I found a place so safe, not a single tear. The first time in my life, now it’s so clear. Feel calm, I belong, I’m so happy here. It’s so strong and now I let myself be sincere. I wouldn’t change a thing about it, this is the best feeling. This innocence is brilliant; I hope that it will stay. This moment is perfect, please don’t go away. I need you now, and I’ll hold on to it, don’t you let it pass you by. It’s the state of bliss you think your dreaming. It’s the happiness inside that your feeling. It’s so beautiful it makes you wanna cry. It’s the state of bliss you think your dreaming. It’s the happiness inside that your feeling. It’s so beautiful it makes you wanna cry. It’s so beautiful it makes you wanna cry. This innocence is brilliant; makes you wanna cry. This innocence is brilliance; please don’t go away. Cause I need you now, and I’ll hold on to it don’t you let it pass you by. This innocence is brilliant; I hope that it will stay. This moment is perfect, please don’t go away. I need you now, and I’ll hold on to it, don’t you let it pass you by.
Emma Leann ©
She folded the note and left her room. She tiptoed down the stairs with caution. When she got to the door, she opened it, left it open, ran to Kendall’s mailbox, put the note in there, and ran back inside before he saw her. She closed the door behind her softly and went back up stairs, this time to go to sleep. But she couldn’t. She was too happy about the fact that she was going to move into an apartment with Kendall after graduation. She knew that once she left her dad’s house, she would be an adult. She was happy that someone had asked her what she wanted to do after school. Kendall was the only person to ever ask her, and the only person she told him. Because everything she told Kendall was everything she wanted to do with Kendall, nobody else. She went to bed that night happy, happier than she’s been in a year. Nothing could ever change how she felt for Kendall….Nothing.

I knew that I would probably die here. I knew that Jasper was going to come back and finish me off. My time was running short. By the time Jasper comes back, I would be ready to see Hailey once again. I don’t know how my life came to this point. Was it because I was dating a werewolf? Was that the reason I’m here? Sitting there in that room, where very little sunlight came into, I begin to think of my dad. How I moved away from him, how he must really hate me for driving the car that killed Hailey. I begin to think of Chance. The only real friend I actually had and I let her slip away from me. Is anyone actually looking for me? Do they even care? I wasn’t going to give up hope just yet, my soul was still at war, and I am determined to win. I will survive.
“So, Emma. What are you doing today?” Her dad asks from across the table. She looked up from her food and starred at her dad. “Emma?” He said a bit louder. “This is the first time in almost nine months that you decide to ask me what I was doing today. Why would you care?” She said to him. “I just wanted to know” He answers. She sighed and looked at him again. “I’m gonna start packing.” She leaned back in her chair. “Excuse me? What do you mean your packing? Where the hell are you going?” “I’m getting an apartment with someone after gradation.” She looked at him as he pounded the table. “With who? Chance?” He asked. “Dad, its Kendall. He asked me last night. Is that okay with you?” She replied angrily. He looked at Emma furiously. His face was as red as blood. “Who the hell gave you permission to do that? I’m not allowing you to move into an apartment with some boy you hardly know. I will not allow this!” He stood up from the table and walked over to Emma. “I know him! More than you know me, you hardly talk to me. Since Hailey died you have basically disowned me for an accident! Why the hell would you care what I do with my life?! Kendall treats me nicer than you do! I’m your daughter, and you hardly know anything about me. He is my boyfriend and he knows me more than I know myself!” Emma stood up from the table and looked at her dad with hate. “I care because I am your father!” “I wish mom was here! She would tell me to follow my heart! She would tell me what to do!” “Well your mom isn’t here! I’m the only one here!” “Now I know why she left you!! You only care about what you think!” Emma and her dad went at each other for almost an hour it seemed. She ran up to her room and quickly packed a few clothes and items and ran down the stairs. “Where the hell do you think your going?!?!” “Wherever I want to” She said as she slammed the door closed. She ran over to Kendall’s house. As she got to the door, she knocked on the door, but then quickly noticed nobody was home. So she went and sat on his front steps. Within 10 minutes she began to cry, she then fell asleep waiting for him. “Emma, do you know why you’re here?” Jasper says to me. I just sat there waiting for him to get to the point of this whole thing. “Kendall is a nice guy. I want the best for him-” “Can you just cut to the chase, Jasper. You are annoying me. I’m tired, I smell like something died. Just save the huge story for someone who cares.” He just stared at me. “Kendall is my best friend. I have known him since 3rd grade. I think he can do better than you.” I just chuckled to myself. Jasper looked at me with evil. His face turned bright red, and his body began to shake. He pulled his dagger out “Don’t….Laugh…..At….Me”
“Emma?” Kendall said as he walked up to her. She looked up at him, tears still in her eyes. “Kendall, who’s there?” A woman said behind Kendall. Emma looked up and saw a girl, long black hair, and bright blue eyes. “Mom, this is my girlfriend, Emma. The one I’m getting an apartment with after graduation. Emma, this is my mom, Justina.” Emma sat up and got a good look at Justina, Emma now knows why Kendall was nice, and good looking. “Emma, I heard so much about you. Kendall you were right about her, she is beautiful.” “Emma, what’s wrong?” Kendall said to her softly. Emma just looked over to her house. “Dad” She whispered to him. He helped Emma up and whipped the tear that was rolling down her cheek. “Emma, Kendall, how about we go inside. I will take her bag to the guest room.” All three of them walked into his house, Justina heading upstairs, Kendall and Emma walking into the living room. “Do you want to talk about it?” He asked her. She just nodded her head and looked at him. “When your ready?” She shook her head. He leaned in and kissed her forehead. “I love you.” He whispered to her. She gazed into his eyes. “I love you too.” Moments later, Justina came downstairs and went into the living room. “Do you want anything to drink, Emma?” Emma nodded softly. She smiled and walked into the kitchen. “I’m sorry to impose Kendall…I just couldn’t be there anymore.” “Emma, your fine. My mom seems to like you. You would have done the same for me.” Emma leaned into Kendall and just sat there, knowing that her dad wouldn’t trust her ever again.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you, Miss. Emma Leann Chandler.” Principle Regan announced as Emma walked up to the podium. “I was thinking about this for a while now. I though that I would want to become a successful baker by winning The Next Great Baker. I thought that if I could become a baker, I would gain more respect. When I was 5, I wanted to become a lawyer, at age 10, a photographer. Today, I am 17 years old, I have a good life, and I’m graduating high school with straight A’s. But there is one question that remains. What do I want to do with my life from today on? If you were to ask me this right now, I would say ‘Hell if I know.’ I don’t know what I want to do. I think most of you don’t know either. If you dream is to become a fashion designer, a hip-hop dancer, a teacher, a professional sport player, that’s great. Having a dream to pursue something is excellent. Walt Disney says “All our dreams can come true...if we have the courage to pursue them.” If I pursue to become a baker, that means I had the courage to. Dr. Seuss said “You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself in any direction you choose. You're on your own. And you know what you know. You are the guy who'll decide where to go.” So go on, make a name for yourself, settle down and have a family. But you decide what you want to do. Thank you, and may the force be with you.” Everyone in the gym applauded. One by one, their names were called to receive their diplomas. “Emma Leann Chandler” Principle Regan said. When Emma stepped back on that stage to receive her diploma, she knew her life as a teenager was closing. Almost 20 minutes later, they get to the W’s, name after name, Emma watched all her classmates receive their diplomas. “Kendall Landon Wood” As Kendall walked up to receive his diploma, Emma clapped along with her classmates. Emma knew that after today she wouldn’t see most of her classmates ever again. When Kendall and Emma returned to their homes, they both knew that come morning light, they would be living together. The next day, Emma said good-bye to her dad, and her home. “Dad, I love you. I’m sorry for what happened a couple of nights ago-” “Emma, it’s my fault. I was just looking for a fight. Now go on…” He said flagging her to Kendall. Kendall did the same thing to his mom but all they did was hug and have Justina cried. When they arrived to the apartment, Emma fell in love with it. 2 bedrooms, a full bathroom and a kitchen, she was one happy girl. “How do you like it, Emma?” Kendall asked. Emma walked over to Kendall and kissed him. “I love it.” She said once she moved away from him. They began to unpack everything, box after box. The first room they got done was their room because they knew they weren’t going to finish packing that day. Emma looked at the clock and groaned. “It’s already 11:30? Where has the time gone?” She said rummaging thorough more boxes. “Let’s stop for the day. I’m tired, your tired. Let’s just call it a day.” Kendall said to her from across the room. She turned around and looked at him. “Fine…” She replied sarcastically. Kendall walked over to Emma and kissed her forehead. As they walked into the bedroom, Emma grabbed pajamas, and walked into the bathroom to change. When she walked back into the room, Kendall was lying on the bed and starring at the ceiling. She walked over to the bed and laid on the side that wasn’t occupied. “Kendall, may I ask what you are doing?” Kendall glanced over at her and smiled. “Nothing, just daydreaming, what are you doing?” “Going to try, and I mean try, to go to sleep with out having a nightmare that doesn’t wake you up in the middle of the night.” She whispered as she pulled covers over her. Kendall turned over unto his side and starred at her. “What?” she said mixed with a laughed. “Nothing…” He pulled the covers on himself as well, smiled, and kissed Emma “Goodnight Emma.” “Goodnight Kendall”
“Emma. He’s coming for you.” A voice whispered to me. “He is coming, he knows where you are. I told him where to find you.” The voice sounded like a girl. “I’m showing him the way Emma.” This voice sounded familiar, it sounded sweet, innocent, sensitive. “Hello? Who’s there?” “You know who this is, Emma. I’m 14 years old. I was born in Davenport. I have a sister. My name is Hailey Elizabeth Chandler.” Was I hearing this correctly? Was the voice Hailey? “Hailey?” I said softly. “Who the hell are you talking to? No one is here but me.” Jasper asked, looking at me deadly. “I thought I heard someone else in the room.” As I sat there in that room with Jasper, I knew the Kendall was coming to get me…Thanks to Hailey Elizabeth Chandler, my loving sister.

Emma rolled onto her side towards the wall. The clock nearest to the bed was blinking red numbers.
“2:30 am” Emma groaned softly. She looked over at Kendall who was lying motionless under the covers. Emma rolled back over, facing him. She examined his face slowly, without making a sound. She looked at his hair; it blended the darkness of the room. She got out of the bed quietly, hoping to not wake him. She managed to leave with out disturbing him. She wants to finish unpacking the boxes before Kendall got up. She tiptoed into the living room and began to unpack the rest of the kitchen materials, she placed the plates in the cupboard on the right side and glass cups on the left. She arranged everything into spots in neat piles. It took almost an hour to arrange everything in the kitchen, but in the end she was glad she had it done. She decided to move onto the bathroom as her next project. When she walked into the bathroom and glanced at the walls. The walls were beige looking, on the north wall she found a mirror with smudges on the rims, the sink looked like it had seen better days due to the fact the metal knobs on it were rusted, and the toilet looked brand new. She went back to the living room and pulled out the towels that Kendall bought before graduation, the towels were navy blue and extremely soft. She placed them in the cabinet in the bathroom above the toilet. Emma didn’t know where Kendall wanted some other things, so she set it aside for later. As Emma walked back into the living room, she yawned and stretched and almost died by tripping over a box. Thud! Emma had hit the floor faster than it takes for smoke to rise from a candle. She looked around the room as she sat up, hoping she didn’t wake Kendall up. She looked at the clock and saw the hand ticking. “6:30” She said. She stood up from the floor and tiptoed into the bedroom to see if she woke him up at all. “Emma?” Kendall whispered as he lifted his head from the pillow.
“Did I wake you, Kendall?” She replied in a whispered.
“No I have been on and off for a while now. What time is it?”
“It’s….” She began. She looked over to the clock and squinted her eyes to make the glare of the blinking red lights disappear. “It’s almost 7”
He groaned and threw the pillow over his head. He lifted the pillow up and rolled out of the bed. He sat up on the edge of the bed and sighed. He stood up and walked up to Emma and smiled. “Good Morning” He says as he kisses her softly. As he moved away from her and walked into the bathroom, Emma turned around and examined him.
“So, I have a job interview at The Blu at 1. Do you want to go eat breakfast at like, a Bob Evans or something?” She said to him quietly.
“That’s up to you babe. I can be done in like, 15 minutes.” He said leaning against the doorway of the bathroom. Emma just smiled while she was staring at Kendall. He looked down at the floor and chuckled. “Since when are you interested for working at The Blu?” She looked at him with a grin as she flung herself onto the bed.
“It’s a job, isn’t it? I mean, we need money for groceries, bathroom supplies, and other things for around the house. I’m gonna be a waitress, getting at least $2.50 an hour, plus tips. I mean I can’t pass it up if I get the job.” She replied to him, sitting up to face him. He looked around the areas of the house he could she and just nodded his head.
“I guess, I mean we did get this apartment to show we have some responsibility.” He said softly. Emma pushed herself off the bed and walked up to him. She wrapped her arms around his neck as he leaned in and kissed her. As the parted, Kendall groaned loudly.
“Damn my wolf instinct. You know, you think that I would have been able to control it by now. I mean, I have been a wolf for almost 6 years now, and still haven’t been able to control it?”
“What do you mean?”
“I mean, I can hear what everyone is thinking. Like, right now the person above us wishes she had 2 Big Macs’ right about now, along with a large chocolate milkshake. The guy to the left of us wants his girlfriend back. Then to our right, this girl pisses me off. She wants to loose weight, have a boyfriend, dye her hair bright red. She wants to go to the mall, she wants on Facebook…” He began
“Sounds kind of stalker-ish” Emma said.
“Then there’s you. All you think about is what would happen if you lost me..” He continued
“How did you-”
“I’m telling you, I can’t control what I hear. You are also saying you want food” Emma laughs quietly about that. Kendall kissed her forehead and sighed. “Let me get done and then we can go.” Emma nodded as Kendall walked into the bathroom.

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xoxox_jazzzz said...
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This is sooo good. I love it. Please write more.

on Jul. 1 2013 at 1:30 pm
theporcelaingirl BRONZE, Austin, Texas
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"Don't point the blame when you can't find nothing, look to yourself and you might find something..." Sleeping With Sirens

This book is AMAZING!!!!! I "fell so hard" for this book and I really think you should continue on or make a sequel as well!!!  Keep on writing!!!

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um... wow!!! i love it!

is that all? because it would be a great place to end, the plot still makes sense, but you could keep writing it or maybe write a sequel?

also, just make sure you don't accidently switch from third person to first person and from present tense to past tense.

but it's great and i love it- well done! :)

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